How To Clean Trash From Laptop

Steam Cleaner

The application is intended for gamers. Games from Steam, Origin, Uplay, Battle.Net and GOG can leave trash on your Hard Drive even if you’ve already deleted them. Despite the name of the tool, it does a great job of cleaning up junk files from each of the listed services, not just Steam.

How to Clean Windows Junk 5 Free Tools

Remove unnecessary files and applications in no time.

When a lot of useless applications accumulate on a computer, and the hard disk is filled to capacity with unnecessary files, the computer starts to work significantly slower and resembles a dump. Fortunately, there are free programs that can give the system a fresh look. Each of them can be run on Windows 7 and higher.

Disk cleanup

The first application to look out for is the standard Disk Cleanup tool. You can find it by entering the word “Cleanup” in Windows search. Select the section you want to do and click “OK”.

When the program finishes scanning, it will show you which files you can safely get rid of. This could be the Edge browser cache, files in the recycle bin, or temporary app files.

You can use the “Clean up system files” button. The application, among other things, will detect OS installation log files and remnants of previous Windows versions, which can take up gigabytes of valuable space.

When you choose what you want to delete, click “OK” and then. “Delete files”.

The PC Decrapifier

The application is useful primarily for those who want to check a new computer for unnecessary built-in programs. But if you have never performed such a check, then the program will be useful to you.

The application does not require installation: just launch it and analyze the system. It will divide the found programs into three categories: Recommended for removal, questionable and all the rest.

You will find out if this or that application starts at system startup and what percentage of users deleted it after checking. Select everything you want to get rid of and click on the blue Remove Selected button at the bottom left.


Additional toolbars and adware can render the operating system virtually unusable. Typically, such software gets to the computer when installing non-suspicious applications.

A small tool from Malwarebytes does a great job of finding such programs. It does not need to be installed and effectively cleans Windows from junk. The main thing is NOT to pay attention to advertising of premium features in the application itself. you hardly need them.


It is not very convenient to minimize all programs to get to the desktop and view the basket. Of course, you can delete files using the Delete key or Shift Delete, but it’s still convenient to have the trash at hand.

This little program places a special icon in the system tray. With it, you can quickly open the basket and empty it.

How to clean up Windows 10 PC junk using an app

The bad feature of the Temp folder is that it only stores files that the system has estimated as temporary. And Windows 10 is not omnipotent and it does NOT consider a large amount of system garbage as such and leaves it in place. You can, of course, delete all this stuff manually, carefully looking for the dark corners of your system, but it will be much easier and more practical to download a special application that can clean everything in just a couple of clicks.

System cleaning using a third-party application, we will consider using the example of the CCleaner program, which is the SIMplest and most powerful among all its analogues.

Run search for problems

Click “Fix Selected”

When finished, restart your computer and delete the backups

How to clean

I got into the Temp folder, I don’t have to go through anything. Press the “CtrlA” key combination and feel free to delete everything.

You can delete everything indiscriminately

When deleting, you can hold down the Shift key so that you do not have to empty the trash later. All files contained here do not have any uniqueness, and even after deleting those in use, all the necessary ones will SIMply be created anew. If some files are NOT deleted, most likely they are active at the moment and you can forget about them or restart your computer to untie them and try to delete them again.

How to transfer

If you are tired of looking for the Temp folder every time, then you can move it to an arbitrary place where it will go closer.

    First you need to create a folder to store temporary files. Select a place on the computer where you want to see system junk and create it there with any name (preferably in English). Copy the path to the folder in advance.

Select the place on the computer where you want to see the system junk and create there with any name

You can get through the search

Go to the “System and Security” tab

Open the “System” section

Click on “Advanced system settings”

Open “Environment Variables.”

Select TEMP and click “Change”

Specify the path to the folder you created here

Repeat with TMP

After rebooting, don’t forget to delete the old folder

Through parameters

One of the most pertinent innovations in Windows 10 is bringing temporary file cleanup to the user level. Now, in order to get rid of the ill-fated garbage, it is not at all necessary to look for specially designated places for it, but it is enough just to use standard services.

Cleaning Temp

This time you won’t have to go far and it will be enough just to climb into the “Parameters” tab.

    Right click on “Start” and select “Settings”.

Open to the “System” section

Go to the “Storage” tab and select the disk with your system

Go to temp file

Check “Temporary files” and delete them

Enabling Auto Clear Temp

In order not to repeat this procedure, you can put the automatic deletion of temporary files.

    All in the same tab “Storage” we activate memory control.

Enabling memory monitoring

Make sure deleting temporary files is checked here

How to find

The easiest way is NOT to go uphill, but use the search.

    Left-click on “Start”, enter “% temp%” (the search will be applied automatically) and go to the found folder.

Enter “% temp%” and go to the found folder

In the address bar you can see its location

If you are using a limited version of Windows, you may NOT be able to find this folder as it is located in “AppData”, which is hidden. Due to the same stealthiness, you can find it directly by means of it.It also won’t work and you have to climb into the control panel.

    Right click on “Start” and go to Control Panel.

Go to control panel

It does NOT find it through the start, go through the search

Go to “Design and Personalization”

Go to “Show hidden files and folders”

Check “Show hidden files, folders and drives” and click “OK”


The other side of the coin of the new Windows functionality has become its limitations, as a result of which many users vehemently dislike the same Mention of the “Options” tab. over, in some cases, cleaning temporary files using standard tools may fail, may be unavailable, or does nothing at all. If, for one reason or another, the above methods do not suit you, you can always use the old methods of removing system garbage.

How to clean up Windows 10 junk: popular ways

Windows 10, like its predecessors, has an amazing property to accumulate a bunch of junk files and leftovers from long-deleted applications. To a heap, all this can be aggravated by viruses that accumulate in the process. And despite the fact that the operating system has its own resources for automatic garbage removal, they still need to be activated, and for complete faith in cleanliness and order, it periodically cleans the computer manually.

Clean up trash in the C: \ Windows \ Prefetch folder

  • Press the key combination Ctrl R to run the command run.
  • Type prefetch and hit Enter.
  • Delete all files in this folder.

Cleaning up trash with the built-in Windows program

  • Open File Explorer.
  • Select your local drive, right click on it and select Properties.

Click Disk Cleanup.

Disk analysis starts.

  • Check all the boxes.
  • Click OK.
  • Confirm file deletion.
  • Disk cleanup will start
  • Go back to Disk Cleanup again, but this time click Clean up system files. This is where the temporary Windows update files are stored.

    So, we got rid of temporary files, not successfully downloaded updated files and any other garbage. Now you need to uninstall unnecessary programs and applications.

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    Removing unnecessary programs

    • Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl R
    • Enter appwiz.Cpl and press Enter.
    • The uninstallation window will open.
    • In the list, we are looking for programs that you DO NOT use or that you see for the first time and Uninstall.

    Note. It is advisable NOT to uninstall programs in which the publisher is indicated: Nvidia, Microsoft, Intel, AMD.

    Cleaning up temporary files in the C: \ Windows \ Temp folder

    • Press the Windows R key combination to run the command run.
    • Type Temp and hit Enter.
  • Perhaps not all of them are deleted, an information window will appear indicating that the files are in use, just click skip.
  • Cleaning up trash in the AppData \ Local \ Temp folder

    • Press the key combination Ctrl R to run the command run.
    • Type% temp% and hit Enter
  • Further actions are SIMilar to the previous step. Select all files. Pressed the keyboard shortcut Ctrl A.
  • After selection, you can delete all files by pressing the Delete key, or by selecting Delete from the context menu.
  • Perhaps not all of them are deleted, an information window will appear indicating that the files are in use, just click skip.
  • Cleaning up trash with Ccleaner

    • Download the program on the official website:
    • Install the program
    • The garbage cleaning tab will open.
  • I usually leave everything as default.
  • Push analysis.
  • The program will start looking for junk on your computer. After completion, it will show the analysis of the search for files that can be deleted.

    Click the Clean button

  • Cleanup of trash and temporary files completed.
  • How to clean your computer from junk, unnecessary files

    If you have little space on the local disks of your computer, or want to free up memory, then cleaning your computer from junk files can help. Usually these are temporary files that are left behind by running programs, according to the second cache. Cleaning your computer can also help with freezing.

    How To Clean Trash From Laptop

    By the way, it is not necessary to download various programs for cleaning your computer, which are mostly paid, or with advertising, moreover, they take up extra space and load the system, you can get rid of garbage manually. Below are the steps for cleaning your computer from debris.

    Cleaning up garbage in the registry using CCleaner

    • Open the CCleaner program
    • Go to the Registry tab
    • Press the button Search for problems, which is located at the very bottom in the left side.
    • After the end of the search, click Fix.

    That’s all, we cleaned the computer of garbage, all this can be done in 10 minutes, and not by buying paid programs. It is advisable to perform these procedures once a quarter so that the computer does NOT clog up and does NOT start to slow down.

    Removing old programs and games from a laptop, PC.

    To clean your computer or laptop from garbage, you also need to go to the program control panel and see if there are programs that have not been used for a long time. The user must know for sure that they do not affect the operation of the system. It is necessary to select a program and click on the “Delete / Change” button. As a result, free space of a certain amount will appear on the local drive C.

    Removing temporary files from the Temp folder.

    While the software is running, the OS creates temporary files. They are always recorded by the system, even if the user is SIMply on the Internet. Over time, the temporary files folder fills up and takes up a lot of hard disk space, resulting in errors. To delete THESE files, go to the following address: My Computer / Local Disk C / Windows / Temp. There are no system files that affect the operation of the OS.

    How to clean your PC of unnecessary garbage and remove unnecessary programs to free up disk space.

    Has your computer or laptop become suspended or slows down a lot immediately after starting? Removing unnecessary programs, files and garbage from your laptop and computer should help you, we speed up the Windows operating system.

    Users who are faced with a lack of free space or slow operation of the operating system come to the conclusion that it is necessary to clean a laptop or PC from garbage, unnecessary programs and components. This procedure is required if there is too little free space on the computer.

    As a result, the system starts to run slower, and it is also impossible to install new software. Your computer requires 10% free hard disk space to function optimally.

    Let’s imagine how to effectively and quickly clean a computer or laptop from rubbish. In the process of cleaning the computer from unnecessary files and programs, they take a set of actions:

    1. Clean up on disk D. Delete old information that takes up a lot of space and is no longer relevant).

    2. Cleaning files to hard drive:

    • Tidy up the Desktop (there should be only shortcuts and no folders with information);
    • Delete all files from the Trash;
    • Clean up the system from temporary files;
    • Eliminate outdated programs, games that have not been used for a long time either by the OS or by the user itself;
    • Clean up the OS using various utilities.

    How to clean a laptop, computer from debris and unnecessary programs.

    Windows built-in system cleaning.

    OS developers have included in the system the ability to SIMplify cleaning of local disks. It should be noted that this method does not always give the desired result, however, it takes a minimum of time. You just need to click on the local disk and select “Properties”, in the window they will call it “Clean up disk”. After a while, a program will open in which you need to check the boxes to clear SEPARATE partitions of the disk.

    Using CCleaner to clean your computer and laptop.

    The automatic cleaning program Ccleaner can be downloaded for free on the Internet. You need to install and run it, select the cleaning section, then the Windows heading and click on the “Analysis” button. The utility will analyze and display all files that can be deleted without harming the OS, and will also determine the amount of memory that will be released after cleaning the system. Then you should click “Clear” and confirm the deletion. Using this utility, you can clean the registry, etc.

    For professional cleaning of a computer or laptop, it is recommended to use the multifunctional program Total Commander.

    Why is it needed?

    • Useless software not only takes up space on the drive, but can also negatively affect the operation of the system as a whole, especially when there is too much of it. The consequences of the appearance of such programs on a laptop can be varied:
    • Decreased productivity;
    • Overheat;
    • System errors occur;
    • Unplanned overloads and other failures.

    How to remove unwanted apps from laptop. 2 ways

    The article tells what the accumulation of unnecessary programs and files on a laptop can lead to. It also provides detailed and SIMple instructions for removing them.

    Removal with third-party software

    You can remove irrelevant software with the help of various software. It can be Revo Uninstaller or a SIMilar utility at the user’s discretion. The article deals specifically with this.

    Removal by system means

    Uninstalling unnecessary applications is a method that does not require the installation of third-party software to remove unnecessary files from the computer.

    Recommendation: regardless of the removal method or OS version, only those utilities should be deleted that the user is sure of, otherwise vital system files may be mistakenly deleted, due to which the operation of the operating system will be disrupted.

    How to clean a laptop in Windows 7, 10:

    • Through “Start” you need to go to the control panel.
    • Select “Remove Programs”.
    • Mark unnecessary applications and erase them in turn by clicking on the line with the left mouse button (LMB) and marking “Delete”.

    In different Windows versions, the item names may differ slightly, but the scheme is almost identical.

    Removing temporary files

    They accumulate as you use your laptop and are completely useless. The accumulation of such trifles can significantly affect the speed of a computer system. This task can be dealt with using OS tools.

    Instructions for cleaning a PC in Windows:

    • “My computer”.
    • In the list of disks, find the one that needs to be cleaned, put the cursor on it, and press the right key of the computer mouse / touchpad.
    • In the menu that opens, select “Properties”.
    • General tab → Disk Cleanup. Wait until the process of estimating the volume of files that can be deleted is completed.
    • View the list of files provided by the tool, and if none are needed, click OK. If you DO NOT want to delete something. you can just uncheck the box.
    • Confirm actions.
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    In addition to the classic tools, you can use a third-party utility, for example, the free CCleaner.

    How to clean a laptop from temporary files:

    • Run the software, after which the “Cleaning” tab will open by default.
    • If necessary, adjust the settings by unchecking unnecessary items in the list on the left, for example, if the user does NOT want to delete the search history.
    • Click “Analysis”, wait for the scan to end and click “Cleanup”.

    Also in the program you can clean the registry, set up autostart. Absorbed unnecessary applications from automatic download, you can also speed up the laptop.

    Recommendation: when choosing applications that need to be removed from AUTORUN, you should be more careful and remove only files that are NOT related to the operating system.

    Erasing unused files, utilities is not difficult, and the performance of the laptop after that can increase. You can solve the problem both with classical, embedded in the operating system, means, and with the help of third-party software.


    Ccleaner is also a fairly popular system cleaning and optimization program.
    To remove garbage using CCleaner, you need to follow these steps.

    • Run CKliner by pre-installing it from the official website.
    • In the “Cleaning” section on the “Windows” tab, check the box next to the items that can be removed. These can be objects from the category “Temporary Files”, “Empty Trash“, “Recent Documents”, “Thumbnail Cache” and the like (everything that is no longer useful for you in your work).
  • Click the “Analysis” button, and after collecting data on the deleted elements, the “Cleanup” button.
  • In the same way, you can clear the Internet cache, download history and cookies of installed browsers.

    Another advantage of CCleaner over Wise Disk Cleaner is the ability to check the registry for integrity and fix problems found in its entries.

    For more details on how you can optimize the system performance using CKliner, read a separate article:

    Cleaning Windows 10 from trash

    In the process of working on a PC, the free space on the system disk gradually decreases, which leads to the fact that the operating system cannot install new programs and begins to respond more slowly to user commands. This happens due to the accumulation of unnecessary, temporary files, objects downloaded from the Internet, installation files, an overflowing Recycle Bin, and a number of other reasons. Since this garbage is not needed by either the user or the OS, it is worth taking care to clean the system of such elements.

    Wise Disk Cleaner

    Wise Disk Cleaner is a powerful and fast utility with which you can easily optimize a cluttered system. Its disadvantage is the presence of ads in the application.

    To clean the PC in this way, you must perform the following sequence of actions.

    • Download the program from the official site and install it.
    • Open the utility. In the main menu, select the “System Cleanup”.
    • Click the “Delete” button.

    Ways to clean Windows 10 from junk

    You can clean Windows 10 from garbage using a variety of programs and utilities, as well as using standard operating system tools. Both methods are quite effective, so the method of cleaning the system depends only on the individual preferences of the user.


    You can clean your PC of unnecessary objects without using additional software, as Windows 10 allows you to get rid of garbage using a built-in tool like “Storage”. Here’s how to clean up with this method.

    • Click “Start”. “Options” or the key combination “WinI”
    • Then select “System”.

    Click on the item “Storage”.

    In the “Storage” window Click on the disk, which you want to clear of debris. It can be either the system drive C or other drives.

    Wait for the analysis to complete. Find the section “Temporary files” and click it.

  • Check the box next to “Temporary files”, “Downloads” and “Empty Trash“.
  • Click on the “Delete files” button
  • Disk cleanup

    You can also free the disk from garbage with the built-in utility of the Windows operating system to clean the system disk. This powerful tool allows you to delete temporary files and other unused objects in the OS. To start it, you need to do the following.

    • Open “File Explorer”.
    • In the “This PC” window, right-click on the system drive (usually drive C) and select “Properties”.
    • Next Click on the “Disk Cleanup” button.

    Wait while the utility evaluates objects that can be optimized.

    Check the items that can be deleted and click “OK”.

  • Click the “Delete files” button and wait until the system clears the disk from garbage.
  • Cleaning the system is the key to its normal functioning. In addition to the above methods, there are many more programs and utilities that perform a SIMilar role. So always delete unused files.

    Defragment your hard drive

    This measure not only increases the performance of the system, but also extends the life of the equipment. Users are constantly copying, moving and deleting files. This leaves a serious imprint on the functioning of the hard drive.

    The fact is that during the above manipulations with the object, data is written to free memory cells. If the file is too large and does NOT fit in a certain area, it is divided (fragmented) and recorded on different parts of the HDD. This, in turn, increases the response time of the hard drive to the provision of information and causes “slowdowns”.

    To perform data redistribution, you need to do the following:

    • Go to “Control Panel”. “Defragment and Optimize Drives”.
    • We activate the desired device.
    • Click the “Optimize” button and wait for the operation to end.
    • Repeat this step for all local drives and logical volumes.

    Types of computer cleaning

    To solve this problem, you need to apply all known methods to increase PC performance. Completing only one of the steps does NOT guarantee successful resolution of the problem.

    We clean the computer without reinstalling Windows

    Over time, the performance of your computer decreases. And this is primarily due to the “cluttering” of the operating system with temporary files, logs, etc. The best solution in this situation is to reinstall the OS. But what if it’s scary to do this on your own, or there is SIMply not enough time to configure the primary parameters and unpack the software? Read our article. She will tell you how to completely clean your computer, rather than uninstall Windows.

    Removing garbage with CCleaner

    This software cleans up all the tails after uninstalling programs, surfing the Internet and deleting files. Therefore, there is no better application for the initial cleaning stage. So, do the following:

    • Download CCleaner from this link if you have one.
    • Install on your computer following the “Installation Wizard”.
    • Open the application and go to the tab “Cleaning”. “Windows”.
    • In the list that appears, check the box next to the fields you want to run.

    Freeing up RAM

    Full RAM is one of the most important factors. There are no short instructions for cleaning it; the issue must be approached with all seriousness. Therefore, with the article “How to free up RAM on a computer?”

    Formatting the hard drive

    If you decide to go to the extreme, why not reinstall Windows at the same time? But in the case of a fundamental decision to save the OS, perform the following steps:

    • Go to “My Computer”.
    • Right click on the local disk you need and select “Format”.
    • Install the NTFS file system, check the box next to “Quick (clear the table of contents)” and click the “Start” button.
    • Confirm your intention to delete all contents of the local disk.

    On this I will end. Now you know how to completely clean your computer DO NOT uninstall Windows. Be careful with formatting and keep your computer software clean. Good luck!

    Cleaning the laptop from unnecessary programs

    When we buy a new computer with a freshly installed operating system, we are surprised at how fast and accurate it works. All programs are installed and opened instantly, the system tray is not clogged with a notification, no system errors and sudden reboots.

    But it is worth inadvertently downloading and installing unknown software, as all this disappears somewhere. Advertisements pop up everywhere, the start page of all browsers changes, and application shortcuts appear on the desktop that have nothing to do with what we downloaded.

    Therefore, you should be extremely careful about any content downloaded from the network. Particular attention should be paid to free applications. During their installation, do not rush to click “next” and “done”, but carefully read what is written and remove the check boxes from unnecessary options.

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    But over time, a computer or laptop inevitably becomes overgrown with a large number of software and files, which lie dead weight and only eat up system resources. Therefore, from time to time, it is necessary to carry out a scheduled cleaning of the OS.

    Windows Uninstall Wizards

    To use these wizards in Windows 7 or 8, you need:

    • Log in to the control panel;
    • Go to the “Programs” / “Uninstallation” section. A list of all software installed on the laptop will open;

    The disadvantage of this method is that there is no possibility of batch uninstalling software. For example, when installing iTunes, several products are installed along the way: “bonjour”, a compatibility utility. But they are all deleted separately. With a heavily clogged system, this process can take a couple of hours.

    In addition, parts of the programs remain on the disk, and there are corresponding entries in the registry. Therefore, it makes sense to use software specially developed for THESE tasks.

    Cleaning HDD

    After launching the utility, you can immediately start cleaning up garbage from the hard drive. There are two tabs on the left side of the window, with a wide range of Windows options. Here you can select and add for deletion items that are included in or generated by the operating system itself. In order for users NOT to delete anything important, the utility itself selects the recommended options.

    By default, it will remove:

    • All Saved data of the built-in Internet Explorer browser, which can take up more than one gigabyte of disk space and significantly slows down the laptop;
    • Recent Document Shortcuts, Thumbnail Cache and Quick Lists
    • Recycle Bin and Clipboard Contents, Temporary Files, Log Data.

    Do you need to install Ubuntu from a USB stick? How to install here.

    Applications. On this tab, you can not be afraid to put a checkmark in front of any option, since this will NOT damage the operation of the system.

    To start cleaning it is recommended:

    • Close all running browsers and click the Analyze button. The system scan will pass quickly (just a few seconds), after which a list of all useless items that can be destroyed will be displayed;
    • To do this, you need to click the “Cleanup” button. This process takes 2-3 seconds.

    You’re done cleaning up the hard drive, you can proceed to the next step.

    How to clean a laptop from unnecessary programs with the Ccleaner utility

    The free Ccleaner cleaning utility is also useful for cleaning your laptop from junk. It is very SIMple and effective. It also has built-in malware protection.

    The utility stands out for its high speed and can scan installed applications for unused data. However, you should use it with extreme caution, since if you lack experience, you can erase important components of the operating system, such as drivers.

    The utility has the following features:

    • Deletion of data saved by browsers (cookies, history, temporary files);
    • Clearing the contents of the clipboard, system log, the contents of the Recycle Bin;
    • Registry cleaning function;
    • Destruction of files created and no longer used by other programs;
    • Uninstall software;
    • Autostart control.

    After a SIMple installation, a message will pop up in the system tray stating that Ccleaner will monitor the status of the PC in real time and notify you if cleaning is necessary.

    What cleaning gives

    First of all, cleaning frees up space on the hard drive. It removes unnecessary and unused files that clog up the system and slow it down. In addition, removing unnecessary software frees up some of the RAM.

    Each application takes up a certain amount of space in RAM, and if its volume is no longer enough to start a new process, the data of some processes is transferred to virtual memory on the hard disk. Naturally, this makes it more difficult to access this data, and this leads to a slowdown in work. Thanks to cleaning in RAM, only the necessary processes will be executed.

    Cleaning is possible both in manual and automatic modes:

    • Manual mode. In order to clean the laptop of unnecessary programs and files manually, you can use the tools built into the OS, for example, the Windows uninstall wizard. There is a built-in editor for cleaning the registry. The manual approach allows you to approach the cleaning process with care, carefully examining the debris before removing it.
    • Auto mode. In order to carry out cleaning by pressing one button, you need specialized software.

    The advantage of such tools is the thorough and complete removal of unnecessary data. So, you can fix the registry in one fell swoop, uninstall programs and clear browsers from the cache.

    Registry fix

    Many novice PC users get scared when they hear the expression “fix the registry”. And this is NOT accidental, since it is a very complex tree, with many branches and even more parameters. Made a mistake with manual editing, you can lose the entire operating system.

    But with the utility, all procedures are completely safe and do NOT require deep knowledge from the laptop owner.

    All that is required of him is:

    • Launches the program;
    • Go to the “register” item;
    • Click on the “Search for problems” button;
    • Click on the “Fix” button;
    • Confirm correction.

    The program will create a backup, and in case of any problems, you can roll back the changes. But in 99.9% of cases, problems do not arise.

    Help of second programs

    On the Internet, you can find many utilities for cleaning garbage from a laptop or stationary PC. The most convenient of these are Revo Uninstaller. This utility comes in two versions: a limited free version and a professional version, which has limitations.

    However, the second one also works free of charge for 30 days. It is fully compatible with all Windows operating systems starting from XP. Its interface is quite SIMple and straightforward.

    After starting, a list of installed software will open immediately. You can select any unnecessary, or several at once (hold down the Ctrl key) and click on the “delete” or “quick delete”.

    In the “Tools” section you can use the most advanced cleaning products:

    • Browser cleaner;
    • Startup manager;
    • Office Cleaner;
    • Junk software cleaner and much more.

    Advanced Uninstaller This utility has a SIMilar functionality to Revo and allows you to clean the OS efficiently.

    The following functions are available in the General Tools section:

    • Uninstall software;
    • Startup management;
    • Fast cleaning;
    • Cleaning the Start Menu.

    In the section “Internet Browser Tools” you can clean all browsers from unnecessary elements, unused add-ons and temporary files.
    The section “Registry Tools” deserves special attention.

    Here you can optimize the registry, clean it up or restore it (if necessary). It is possible to delete duplicate and temporary files.

    There is also an automatic check button. It is enough to click on it and the utility will do everything itself.

    A clean system disk. Service and customization

    Apart from deleting files and optimizing the registry, ccleaner can:

    • Remove software;
    • Manage startup;
    • Erase local drives;
    • Search and destroy duplicate files.

    These functions are available in the “Service” section.

    In the last section, “Settings”, you can control the utility itself:

    • Manage the schedule and mode of cleaning;
    • Will update;
    • Select the files you need, add them to the exclusions, so as not to accidentally delete them;
    • Monitor system operation and automatically clean up it.

    All this is more than enough to keep the laptop in good condition.

    Cleans a laptop or desktop computer from unused data and junk software Not only possible, but also necessary. Which method to choose: manual or automatic is up to you. Fortunately, it does NOT take a long time, thanks to free special utilities that do their job quickly and accurately.

    Installing and configuring a program for distributing Wi-Fi from a laptop. Here.

    Self-configuration of Zyxel Keenetic Omni. Located further.

    The most convenient of these is Ccleaner. Its interface is clear and SIMple. She has tremendous opportunities: both cleaning and tuning. Any operation, whether it is searching for items or deleting them, is done quickly, in a matter of seconds.

    Also worth praising is Advanced Uninstaller for its handy Daily Health Check. It works discreetly, but effectively.