How to choose the right laptop for work

Quality display

If the laptop is used for study, work, watching movies or playing games, then the user can be behind it for hours. In this case, the model should have a good comfortable display. Usually attention is paid to devices with MVA, PVA, IPS matrices. They perfectly reproduce color and create a comfortable overview.

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Some modern models are available with LED backlighting. Thus, it became possible to produce devices with an ultra-thin top cover and low power consumption. The display image becomes brighter, but the LED backlight is tiring on the eyes. However, this disadvantage is not so significant, most of the advantages outweigh in the direction of the choice of LED backlighting.

Another important question when choosing a laptop with a high-quality display: should the display be matte or glossy? Many people choose glossy because of its clear picture and external beauty. But in practical terms, it is not very convenient: there are fingerprints, and specularity, reflecting all glare and light sources, is very disturbing.

How to choose a laptop for home, work, study and play

To make the right choice of a laptop, you need to determine for yourself what requirements it should meet. The best option is good quality at a low price. You should not take a very cheap thing, because in this case there will be problems with the quality of work and the performance of many functions. A laptop worth several hundred thousand is also impractical to buy. For home use, a lot will simply not be needed.

A laptop is an independent mobile one-piece computer, so you need to choose it carefully. It will not be easy to replace an unsuitable part, as in a stationary computer.

What should you look for when choosing the right model? How to choose the right laptop without overpaying for unnecessary features?

Main settings

Mobile computer can be selected for different use cases.

  • For office and business trips. Such a product should contain several important characteristics: long work without recharging, without overheating, high-quality display, strength, durability, increased opportunities for communication and communication and compactness.
  • For home use. If you plan to use a laptop as a home stationary computer, then you should choose a product with an enlarged display, a large number of USB ports, a comfortable keyboard, a powerful processor, an improved video card and a large amount of RAM.
  • As a multimedia center. A model of this type should have a wide high-quality display, a particularly efficient processor, good speakers and a spacious hard drive.
  • All in one (all in one). Rare models that contain all the qualities of laptops. They usually have two video cards. built-in and discrete. The processor of the model is a modern advanced device that can save energy. A powerful multi-section high-capacity battery helps him in this. A laptop of this type has a large display, many ports, and even a special system for exhausting hot air. The only drawback of universal models is the very high price.

Internal filling

You should choose a powerful, multi-core processor with high operating speed and capable of running multiple applications at once. For work and play, it is always better to choose not a netbook, but a laptop. Even the simplest and most inexpensive, it will be more powerful and more efficient than the most powerful and expensive netbook.

HP 15s-eq0002ur sample build model

By default, the laptop is installed with the Windows 10 operating system. It has reliable parameters and good operating speed.

Also, the laptop is characterized by a neat external design and quite an impressive set of decent equipment, therefore, ideal for work and study.

  • small thickness;
  • light weight;
  • holds charge well;
  • RAM. 4 GB;
  • processor (variations): AMD Ryzen 3, AMD Ryzen 5, AMD Ryzen 7, AMD Athlon;
  • storage capacity: from 128 to 512 GB.

The advantages of this unit are considered to be a convenient keyboard, which is suitable for multiple typing.

Important! Under increased load on the processor, the laptop starts to make noise. In this case, it is better to turn off unused applications. If this is ignored, the system may overheat.

On a note! Do not strive for too expensive laptop models, if, except for work, the device is not required.

In the following sections, we will take a closer look at the options for laptops that meet various requirements. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the existing range of devices required for various types of activities.

Sensor presence

This is a small screen that is designed not only for displaying any information, but also for the ability to interact with it.

In other words, a small contact monitor will be useful for demonstrating text documents, presentations or spreadsheets, as well as for minor corrections without leaving the main program in which you are currently working.

How to Choose a Laptop for Work: Tips from a Laptop Expert

In today’s article, we will talk about how to choose a laptop for work. After all, this device is considered an excellent alternative to a personal computer. It is easy to transport, no portable system unit required.

That is, you can take a compact unit with you anywhere, and if you purchase additional accessories and necessary equipment for it, then a laptop can easily replace a huge PC.


Even if you need a computer in order to work with text or spreadsheet documents, you still need to focus on this parameter. We draw your attention to the fact that the newer the version of the CPU (central processing unit), the better it will work, the faster it will respond to requests.

over, the new processor stabilizes heating and controls it within the permissible range, significantly reducing power consumption. Pention and Core i3 variants are a good filling for a laptop that will perform simple tasks: typing, surfing the Internet and social networks, and so on.

Models with the i5 and i7 markings are suitable for devices experiencing heavy loads: working with graphics, creating design projects, launching complex software.


If you always need to carry a laptop with you, then the charger should be compact and convenient. The less its weight, the more convenient it is to transport it in a bag along with a laptop.

However, the characteristics of the mass are not enough, you still need to take into account the power. If traditionally it is 60-90 W, then for a quick charge it is better to use adapters up to 120 W.

The listed characteristics play an important role, therefore, when choosing a laptop, you should focus on them first of all, and only then decide on the brand and model of the device.

Premium Series Laptops Designed for Heavy Duty Applications

Often, to work on a laptop, we may need software of a different nature and complexity. You need powerful premium laptops to open them.

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Having figured out how to choose the right budget classification model, we propose to consider the TOP-3 demanded options for the Premium category.

Storage volume and type

There is an internal memory that allows you to install various applications to work. over, the programs are suitable for installation on the system disk and local. Therefore, when choosing a laptop, you must take into account the parameters of each of them.

Traditionally, laptops have two types of storage: solid or hard drive. The latter is more often installed by default. The model with the first storage option is best used in case you plan to improve the system in the future (make an update).

If it is necessary for the storage to have a high speed of data transfer or copying, then it is better to give preference to devices labeled M2.

But the HDD option will be characterized by a large amount of memory, so you can store data on a disk of different formats without worrying about running out of useful megabytes. M2 is great for document storage.

HP EliteBook x360 1000. a new standard of work

This hybrid laptop from the American manufacturer will delight any technocrat. Responsible for the speed is the Intel i7 8 revision chip and a solid-state drive. The display supports 4K video playback and provides premium color reproduction. A special anti-glare coating helps to penetrate bright colors even better in any environment.

Convenience of working with the keyboard emphasizes the status of the device. white button illumination and soft stroke are designed for easy work with text in any conditions for 9 hours without additional recharging. Document security is ensured by a proprietary data protection function.

– Decent performance
– Autonomy
– Fast charging function
– Keyboard
– Solid aluminum body
– Additional security solutions
– Cooling fans make excessive noise under load
Price from 190 680 RUR.

Asus ZenBook 13. long-lasting style in a metal case

On the very border of the classrooms is the work of Taiwanese engineers who know how to choose a laptop for work. Some of the model’s varieties in terms of their qualities are already difficult to attribute to the budget niche, but even the simplest designs will leave the user satisfied.

The metal body is lightweight and durable, hiding modern iron in it:

  • 8th Gen Intel processor with built-in utility overclocking capability;
  • responsiveness thanks to SSD.

The nearly bezel-less 13.3-inch screen works in wide format. Mobility provides a long battery life of over 11 hours. The number of different peripheral ports will leave few people indifferent. everything that a middle manager might need is provided. Among the advantages of a computer, it is worth highlighting a multifunctional touchpad: in addition to standard functions, it is possible to display a numeric keypad on it.

– Long battery life
– Power
– Top-end appearance
– Lots of ports and connectors
– Customizable touchpad
– The screen is dim
– Not the most comfortable keyboard for owners of large hands
Price from 64 900 RUR.

Acer Aspire 5. the universal soldier

Thanks to its configuration options, the laptop appears to be a versatile work tool that can be optimized for any office task.

The younger version is equipped with a decent Core i3 chip from Intel, with 128 GB physical memory based on SSD and 4 GB of RAM. Indicators will provide high-quality viewing of streaming video in wide resolution and fast work with all options of office infrastructure.

Performance is complemented by an autonomy of up to 9 hours. The 15.6-inch widescreen display with excellent color reproduction allows you to edit documents or browse the Internet in comfort. The body of the device is slim and comfortable. All necessary connectors are provided, including USB 3.1 and Type-C.

– Autonomy
– High-quality image
– Lightweight body
– Appearance
– The best choice for this price
– Build leaves a lot to be desired
Price from 36 670 RUR.

Apple MacBook Air. Endless Performance

A budget solution in the line of Apple laptops. Has performance, stability and reliable playback when working with any office program. Top-of-the-line features an Intel Core i5 processor, ultra-fast SSD and 16GB of RAM.

The advantage in deciding how to choose a laptop for work will be a full-fledged 13.3-inch Retina display with proprietary color transfer technology and image adjustment. The device has a sturdy aluminum housing. A fingerprint scanner is used to log in quickly and safely.

– Balanced autonomy
– Sharp image
– Unique body
– Corporate design
– Uncompromising build quality
– Stylish look in a slim body.
– Few peripheral connectors
– Ill-conceived keyboard
– For Apple fans.
Price from 93990 RUR.

Acer Swift 5. lighter than light

The device is rightfully considered the lightest solution in the world among 15 inch notebooks for work. Weight less than 1 kilogram allows you to take it with you not only home, but also on vacation, to work even on the beach. Autonomy in almost 9 hours of continuous work will allow you to make edits, write text or reduce income with an expense without keeping the outlet in sight.

A 10th generation Intel processor and 16GB of memory can close the question: how to choose a laptop for work and not worry about the wrong choice. A solid state SSD with a capacity of 0.5 TB and a luscious Full HD screen can reinforce your confidence. One of two video card configurations is responsible for the graphics: integrated Intel; discrete NVIDIA.

– Powerful CPU
– Bright display
– Acceptable autonomy
– Almost weightless
– Stylish appearance
– SSD drive
– The display is glare in the sun.
Price from 65700 RUR.

How to satisfy your needs by buying a laptop correctly

Each program has its own system requirements for its operation. If we want to run the well-known program Adobe Photoshop, then we will need a video card not lower than nVidia GeForce GTX 1050. Between the first and second more than 10 years difference from the moment of their release. For complex graphics tasks, it is better to use 8 GB of RAM.

What is an operating system (OS) for ?

It allows you to be a buffer (intermediary between) the user and the laptop. For the most part, each laptop has an operating system of the Windows family. Mac OS is a competitor.

Windows advantages:
free professional software for work;

Advantages of Mac OS:
Stable work;
No viruses;

Installed only on Apple equipment;
Laptops are more expensive than competitors;

Ideal laptop (display) diagonal

15 ”- for work in the office, at home. It is the most common species among all. Contains more information in itself. Due to the size, it is difficult to carry and take on business trips.

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13 “- lightweight, fits easily in a bag;

Anything less than 13 ”is completely silent cars. They have the highest autonomy due to less battery consumption. The downside is low performance

When choosing a display diagonal, you need to focus on your tasks and feelings during work. The smaller the laptop, the smaller the font on it.

How to choose a laptop for work

In an era of progress, you always need an assistant in work, in business, in school, or just in entertainment nearby. Computers have become such assistants in the last century. And the most comfortable are laptops. How to choose it correctly, and not overpay too much?

The laptop is chosen for a long period of use. Its “iron” filling should be enough for several years.

What to focus on when buying?

Processor. is responsible for the speed of operations. They are manufactured by Intel and AMD. The first is better for calculations, the second for graphics. On the other hand, the same programs can work in different ways;

Random access memory. remembers the current number of operations at a given time. It, like the processor, affects the speed of the system;

Hard disk. remembers and stores user information. There are two types. HDD and SSD, the second works many times faster than the first;

Video card. a device responsible for working with graphic programs “Card” is discrete (external). better than Integrated (built-in). The latter is installed in the processor itself;

Types of microprocessors from Intel:
Celeron (the youngest model);
Core I3;
Core i5;
Core i7 (the most powerful of all);

AMD options:
Ryzen 3, 5, 7;

Index “A” means that the processor is outdated. AMD Raisen surpassed it in terms of speed and efficiency.

Why a laptop is not suitable for computer games?
The laptop was originally created as a device on which you can do part of your office work on a trip. This mainly concerned printing, sending letters, etc.

Differences between a laptop and a PC:
The processor and video card are slower than their computer counterparts;
You cannot make improvements, and change the components of the system (upgrade);
Small screen;
Heats up while performing serious tasks;
Battery life

Important when choosing:
Screen (matte, glossy). The first will not create glare in the light.
How convenient is it to type on the keyboard;
Is there a cooling system;
How many USB ports;
What are the outputs for the monitor;

You can buy an inexpensive laptop, but why do you need it? It is better to purchase a “worthy” model at once to solve more problems. An excellent version of such a laptop is offered by the Chinese company Xiaomi. this is the model of the Pro version of 2020. Powerful Intel Core i7 10510U processor does the trick!

When choosing, you should not focus on cheapness. Progress is going on, and cheap laptops dissolve in the market, they are occupied by more modernized brothers. Taking a cheap laptop, after a year it will no longer produce full power, or simply will not be able to support new plugins or software.

Don’t take used, used, or broken laptops with the hope that you can fix it cheaply and it will work. No, it’s not like that. Many laptop components are simply not produced, and the analogue will not fully understand whether everything is normal.

To simplify the purchase, contact the consultants who are ready to tell and show the device in detail. Remember, do not stop your choice on 2-3 laptops, find out about all that they have.

Hard drive or SSD

This is the built-in memory of your laptop. this is where you save photos, videos, term papers, and other documents from your studies. This is where the operating system, programs, etc. are located.

HDDs are slower than SSDs, but they are cheaper. They are also afraid of strong blows and even shaking. Therefore, if you plan to carry a laptop to study and work, it is better to pay attention to models with an SSD drive. They are not afraid of a slight “thrashing” and work very quickly, although they are more expensive.

RAM is important for laptop operation

Speaking about which laptop to choose for studying at the institute or for work after graduation, one cannot fail to mention RAM. The volume recommended by modern realities. from 4 GB for simple programs, media / audio, surfing the network, from 8 GB for video games, from 16 GB for working in complex technical programs.


So, we’ve covered how to choose a good laptop for study or work in terms of internal components. Now let’s talk about external nuances. The size of the case depends on the diagonal of the display. As a rule, the more expensive a PC is, the thinner and lighter it is, and vice versa. However, a very powerful device a priori will be in a thick casing, because it will need to introduce a good cooling system there, which requires additional space.

How to choose a laptop for study or work

If compactness and portability are more important to you, let’s take a look at how to choose the right quality laptop for your study. We will tell you what nuances you really need to pay attention to, and which ones it is better to dismiss (taking marketing from the manufacturer for useless marketing).


Many parents don’t know which laptop is the best for school, desperately trying to figure out the complex technical specifications. In fact, it is enough for a young student to have a high-quality screen of a normal size. The screen is important for both students and adult workers, because if it is small or with an unclear image, they will not get any pleasure from their work.

The optimal diagonal size is from 13.3 to 17.3 inches, depending on the desired compactness and convenience (the larger the display, the more convenient it is to work with it). The optimal resolution is from 1366×768 (HD) to 2560×1440 (2K). At the same time, the larger the diagonal, the higher the resolution should be, so that the screen has good clarity, which even on relatively large screens is achieved already at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (Full HD), so you should not chase higher performance.

Also, screens are glossy and matte, but we recommend choosing the latter, they are less glare.

Body material

If you are looking for information on how to choose an inexpensive laptop for university studies, be aware that metal and aluminum in the case significantly affect the price tag. Yes, they look much more solid, but no better than standard rough plastic.

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We do not recommend gloss. you can see fingerprints on it, it is easily scratched and gets dirty quickly. In general, you can choose the material according to your personal preference.

Now it’s time for the intricacies of choosing a video card, which is built-in in most laptops. Due to the small amount of space inside the device, it is difficult to fit powerful video here, but there are also models with a separate (discrete) video card. The two main global brands in the field of discrete cards. Nvidia and AMD, where the former is the undisputed leader.

Here we also advise you to choose the latest or penultimate generation hardware (this will also be sufficient). Then it all depends on what games and on what settings you want to play, as well as on the budget. The choice of a model of an initial, middle or high class will depend on this. For most work and study tasks, a discrete card is not needed, but if you plan to do video editing, be sure to check the system requirements of your software in advance.

Wireless Modules and Connectors Important for Operation

When buying, make sure that the case has all the necessary ports (USB, HDMI, audio, etc.) and wireless modules of modern standards (Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0).

Surely you know how to turn on and configure Wi-Fi on a laptop. If not, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the website (copy the address into the browser line).

If you do not want your laptop to connect to some kind of access point, it will be useful to learn how to forget the WI-FI network on Windows 7, 8 or 10. This is important if you plan to often take your device with you to school or work. After all, many public networks are potentially dangerous. you can grab a virus or face a malicious attack.

How to choose the right RAM for your computer: 10 recommendations

The component needed to keep your PC running fast and efficiently is random access memory (RAM). Where to start if you want to update the RAM yourself? To understand how to choose the right RAM, you need to know the parameters on which the efficiency of RAM depends:

  • from the maximum frequency that the processor can support;
  • from timing. the number of pulses required for the operation;
  • on the compatibility of RAM with the processor;
  • on the compatibility of the RAM connector with the board connector;
  • from bus bandwidth.

How to quickly select the right RAM module for your computer? With the help of the filter block on the website, you can get suitable slat configurations.


Older PCs use 32-bit operating systems that support a maximum of 4GB of RAM. Therefore, it makes no sense to increase the number of planks in them.
For 64-bit systems, the supported memory sizes are described in the resources of the PC component manufacturers. One of the most popular Windows 10 operating systems supports up to 512 gigabytes of RAM. In household systems, such volumes are not yet used, so there is no need to worry about this.


Cooling for memory sticks is necessary in many cases. In case of overheating during operation, the microcircuit can produce errors or even “burn out”. To cool the bars, special built-in heatsinks can be used, as in the Predator RGB DDR4 2933 16G model, which take away heat.

Timing (latency)

Timing is the moment of delay that occurs between the opening of the line and the beginning of reading the bits of information. It is measured in nanoseconds and ticks. The lower the indicator, the higher the memory performance.

Timing values, as a rule, are written in the form of several digital values ​​separated by a hyphen, while each of the values ​​has its own marking and they are located in a certain sequence:

  • CL is the period until the RAM response;
  • RCD. period of finding the line;
  • RP. the period between closing a line and opening a new line;
  • RAS. the minimum interval between teams, roughly corresponds to the sum of the three previous values.

It is desirable that the timings of additional memory sticks, if they are added to the already installed ones, match.


The RAM frequency shows how many operations are performed to transfer information per second over the channel. When choosing, you need to carefully look at the frequency that is supported by the motherboard and processor, otherwise you will overpay for memory, which will work slower than it could.
The overall performance of the entire system depends on the bandwidth of the RAM. This characteristic is calculated by multiplying the clock frequency by 2 and 8. That is, in DDR4-1600 the bandwidth will be 800 MHz 2 8 = 12800 MB / s. 800 MHz. bus clock speed.

The table shows how the bus frequency affects the speed of the modules.


Memory modes can be single-channel and multi-channel. The more channels, the higher the performance. The most common now is the two-channel mode. To activate it, two identical in characteristics (or the most similar) modules are installed in slots of different colors. If the slots are not two, but four, then the first works in parallel with the third, and the second. with the fourth.


It is a complex measure of RAM capacity and is calculated as the product of the amount of data transferred per clock cycle by the frequency of the system bus. To find out the throughput, you need to look at the labeling of the module. For example, a DDR4-3200 chip corresponds to a PC4-25600 module (table). 25600 is the bandwidth of this RAM. The higher it is, the faster the whole assembly works.

XMP support increases performance. This is one of Intel’s new technologies. Supports XMP computer models, which are mainly used for professional activities.