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How to Choose an Inexpensive Laptop for Home

How to choose an inexpensive laptop for the office?

Office work involves the active use of the Internet and text editors. In addition, if the work is associated with the introduction of heavy graphics packages and video editing, then you will need a powerful computer with a high monitor resolution.

When buying a laptop for work, remember the following rules:

1) the battery must have a capacity of at least 4200 mAh, which will allow you to use a laptop without a power supply for more than 2 hours without recharging;

2) Recommended connectors: USB (3 ports), LAN, 3.5 mm jack, memory card slot (SDHC)

3) processor with a frequency of at least 2 MHz;

4) RAM at least 4 GB.

With such parameters, it is possible to guarantee the trouble-free operation of the system for at least 5 years without the need for repair.

Choosing an inexpensive laptop for home, office or study

It is worth choosing a laptop for its purpose. work, study or home rest. The installed programs will depend on the technical characteristics of the laptop. In turn, the filling of the device has a direct impact on the cost of the product. In order not to be mistaken with the model, it will be useful to know how to choose a laptop for various purposes.

How to Pick a Good Laptop for Study?

Students more often choose practical models that are reliable in work and provide all the functionality for writing work and searching for information.

Laptops are suitable for training, which differ in the following parameters:

  • RAM not less than 4 GB;
  • 2.4 MHz processor;
  • Integrated graphics adapter;
  • Lightness of the device;
  • Manufacturer’s reputation;
  • Batteries with good capacity. from 4200 mAh;
  • Wi-Fi adapter that allows you to connect to the global network without wires.

It is important for students and students to have an installed operating system, the necessary office programs, as well as antivirus to protect information.

Thus, the choice of a laptop for different purposes has its own characteristics. Laptops for work Must have high functionality, for home. pleasant design and reliability, for study. brand and high performance.

How to choose a laptop for home?

When choosing a laptop for your home, you need to consider the following characteristics:

  • Purpose of the device. Internet access, video games, multimedia viewing;
  • Screen diagonal not less than 15 inches;
  • The presence of a floppy drive;
  • Attractive design;
  • Ability to connect a stereo headset;
  • Hard drive capacity above 500 GB.

It is preferable to choose laptops with a preinstalled operating system and a minimum list of programs.

Choosing a laptop for home in 2019

Many people are asking questions about how to choose a laptop for home in 2019, inexpensive but good. This technique has been acquired for many years. There are not so many requirements for a smartphone or player, they are changed often, and a laptop can last from five to ten years.

Features of choosing a laptop in different price categories

Before choosing a laptop for home in 2019, inexpensive but good, you should decide on the price, but be prepared for the fact that if you are on a budget, you will NOT get the perfect model you want.

Some people advise buying a used laptop, which in principle is a good enough idea. But it can be considered if the previous owner carefully handled the equipment, kept it for a short time, but, for some reason not related to defects in the laptop itself, wants to sell it.

choose, inexpensive, laptop, home

What cost should you focus on in 2019

In addition to questions of how to choose a laptop for home in 2019, inexpensive, but good, you need to decide on the amount that you are ready to pay for a new laptop in proportion to its characteristics and certain functions.

Once you start looking for the perfect model, you may be surprised at how wide the range of can be and how great the variety of models can be. Therefore, always study the laptop market using the appropriate sites, which will immediately give you a list of interesting models and their characteristics.

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But if you take a closer look, you will notice that even in the latest generation notebooks you can find clear gradations, which will become a good reference for you. Such frames can be quite rigid, so that choosing the right laptop model is easier.

For example, if you are looking for a good gaming, but at the same time inexpensive laptop, then you should focus on the amount of 70 thousand rubles, since if you start looking in the range between 30 and 60 thousand rubles, then such models that would combine quality and affordable price, you will not find. A similar situation is with the ultrabook, so if you want a good ultrabook, but are NOT ready to pay more than 30 thousand rubles for it, then you should refuse such an undertaking.

Which type is better to give your preference

Before choosing a laptop for home in 2019, inexpensive but good, you need to decide on the type of gadget that will suit you best.

Among the many varieties, there are several main types of laptops:

  • Desktop laptop. Such devices are distinguished by a large screen diagonal and rather heavy weight, so this type of gadget is difficult to transfer from one place to another, and often the owners install it where they most often use it. In this category you can find inexpensive models or full-fledged powerful machines on which you can not only work, but also play the latest generation games. Such a laptop will help you process large amounts of information, as well as perform complex calculations.
  • Transformers. Manufacturers of such laptops are constantly experimenting with the combination of a monitor and a keyboard, so the result is a cross between a standard laptop and a tablet. It is quite easy to distinguish a transformer, since it is controlled not only by the keyboard, but also by the touch screen. Often such laptops are equipped with the latest generation operating system, however, some models may be found on “Android”.
  • Ultrabooks. They got this name due to the fact that their thickness is minimal, and they weigh very little, therefore such models are the most mobile. They can be easily transported with you in a briefcase or specially designed case, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, at the same time in such laptops the average performance is NOT too high. If you compare them with desktop models, then they definitely will not compete with the second. With the desktop type of laptop, you can only compete with expensive ultrabooks, which have the latest newfangled functions.

Determining the type of laptop with which it will be most convenient for you to contact and work is not an easy task, but it is necessary to start the choice with this. Before choosing a laptop for home in 2019, inexpensive, but good, you should study a lot of characteristics and find the perfect combination for yourself.

In the process of studying, it is important to pay attention to some compromise elements so that the gadget combines several functions that are most suitable for you. For example, if you need a desktop or gaming laptop, then you need to take a closer look at the cooling system, since equipment tends to heat up during operation, especially if it works with a large amount of information. And if you need an ultrabook, you need to start with its weight and screen characteristics.

By the way, be sure to check the operation of the touchpad and the quality of the mouse connection. However, the touchpad needs to be given more attention, since you will not be able to carry a mouse with you everywhere and it is NOT convenient to work with it in all places.

Laptops from 15 to 30 thousand rubles

In this price category, a potential buyer can count on the following characteristics:

  • Laptops of this type use the Intel Pentium processor. This approach is used by manufacturers to make laptops with good functionality, and at the same time, their cost will be lower than analogues.
  • In terms of RAM, you can only count on 4 GB, but if you look well, you can get a laptop with 8 GB of memory.
  • In this segment, you can find screens with a resolution of 1920 × 1080. However, this is a rarity, so you can mostly count on the quality of 1366×768.
  • The graphics do not allow the use of high-quality games, however, it is quite enough for watching movies and videos on video hosting platforms.
  • There is no discrete graphics card. In addition, potential buyers should be wary if the laptop is cheap, and the filling is declared powerful enough. In this case, it is highly likely that the manufacturer could save on something else.
  • The Acer ASPIRE 3 laptop is recognized as the best in this segment. It combines all the necessary functions and is inexpensive at the same time.
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If you are interested in a transformer in this price range, then it is best to choose the ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 TP401MA. its.

If you want an ultrabook, then it is better to pay attention to the transformer, since you will not find good ultrabooks in this price category.

Laptops from 30 to 60 thousand rubles

Before choosing a laptop for home in 2019, inexpensive but good, you should refer to their characteristics in this price range:

  • Most of the laptops up to 60 thousand rubles are equipped with an Intel Core processor, which is more powerful than the previous one. For 2019, this is not quite a fresh option, but it will work like a clock.
  • If you try hard, you can find a laptop with 16 GB of RAM, but basically you will be offered models with 8 GB of RAM.
  • Most of the laptops in this section are equipped with excellent resolution, mostly you will be offered a 2K matrix.
  • It becomes possible to use discrete video cards.
  • However, you may not count on the latest ray-tracing chips.

The best notebook model in this category is ASUS FX553VE, its average. If you are closer to a transformer, then in this case we can recommend Acer Spin 3, which can be found on the primary market for 36 thousand rubles.

If you need an ultrabook, then in this price category you can find the most optimal option in the ASUS ZenBook UX330UA. Such an ultrabook can be used both for working in various programs and for video games. He can pull both.

The most important thing is NOT to overload the system with unnecessary files. Leave what you really work with all the time.


From all of the above, several fundamental conclusions can be drawn:

  • If you are aiming at buying an ultrabook, then focus on the price from 30-40 thousand rubles, since there are no cheaper models.
  • Before you go shopping, it is worthwhile to study the characteristics of a particular model in advance in order to be aimed at a particular gadget.
  • Choosing the type of laptop is the very first step you must take, as this will affect the specs and price range.

Raising system performance

Potentially not worth it, the buyer is also chasing the speed of the hard drive, being in search of an answer to the question of how to choose an inexpensive but good laptop. The experts’ reviews here boil down to one thing. the hard drive still needs to be changed after purchasing a mobile device to a solid-state SSD. Otherwise, the high performance of the platform can be forgotten forever.

Alternatively, you can initially purchase a laptop with such a disc, but the overpriced price of such devices may frighten even a seasoned buyer. Such a question It is better not to trust the manufacturers of mobile equipment, but to take the process under your own control.

Constant in laptop

When wondering how to choose an inexpensive but good laptop for work, many potential buyers find in the media some rather strange advice and recommendations regarding purchasing a mobile device with a weak processor. In the future, the user is offered to use the usual overclocking with the help of Special utilities.

In fact, this is nonsense. the laptop is simply not able to work continuously at maximum. The standard cooling system will fail at any time, and the mobile device will burn out. Repair and restoration are not covered by the warranty.

It is better to choose the processor that is the most affordable for the price, albeit at the expense of the amount of RAM and hard disk. In fact, this is the only component in the system that cannot be replaced or duplicated.

Ready solutions for players

Fans of games, before choosing a laptop that is inexpensive, but good, need to pay attention to the presence of a gaming video adapter. It is this device that determines the purpose of mobile technology on the market. AMD products must be in the “R9” series, and Nvidia solutions are classified by the second digit in the marking, which must be at least five.

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The second criterion when choosing a gaming solution is the presence of a powerful central processor with 4 physical cores: Intel Core i5 / i7 or AMD A4. You shouldn’t even look at platforms with a class below. they are NOT adapted for resource-intensive games.

As for the RAM and hard disk, here it is already worth looking at finances, of course, the larger the volume, the better for efficient work. In the gaming segment, Asus N752 and ROG series laptops, Acer Aspire Nitro and Predator, MSI GE72 and Dell Precision and Alienware have proven themselves.

Physical dimensions above all

  • Devices with a diagonal of 8-11 inches are designed for entertainment on the Internet and are aimed at active people who always want to stay in touch;
  • Diagonal 12-13 inches Occupies the corporate segment (business, business trips, conferences, trainings);
  • The niche of 14-16 inch devices is given to consumer notebooks;
  • For fans of resource-intensive games, as well as for creative individuals, a specialized niche has been created, which includes laptops with a diagonal of 17-20 inches.

Minimum RAM Requirements

The weak link in all portable systems in the domestic market is the small amount of RAM, on which many device manufacturers are trying to save money. Before choosing an inexpensive but good gaming laptop, the user needs to know that for the full operation of one Windows operating system (8 or 10), 1.5-2 gigabytes of memory are needed. Accordingly, to run even office applications, the laptop must have 2 times more memory installed. For games, the multiplicity is four.

Do not forget about the possibility of increasing productivity. a mobile device must have at least one slot for installing additional memory modules. By the way, the laptop motherboard must also support an increase in the amount of RAM.

Here’s the simple to the complex

The cheapest devices on the mobile market that have a physical keyboard are netbooks with a diagonal of 8-11 inches. When choosing, it is better to focus not on performance, but on the autonomy of work on a single battery charge. Ideally, such a device should work on one charge for about 6-8 hours.

For those wondering how to pick a good, inexpensive netbook, consider paying attention to the display of your mobile device. It should be of high quality (IPS matrix), have a high resolution (at least 1366×768 dpi) and have decent brightness. The bonus here is the presence of a multi-touch sensor. In the domestic market, Asus Transformer, Acer One, Lenovo IdeaPad and HP Stream netbooks have proven themselves well.

Inexpensive home solution

The cheapest notebooks of the 14-inch form factor are in the price range under 25,000 rubles. The task of such devices is to provide the user with access to the Internet and the ability to work with multimedia. And before choosing a laptop that is inexpensive, but good for home, in this segment, you should get used to the idea that a mobile device will not be capable of more. No resource-intensive games, convenient transportation or long battery life should be expected.

Segment of elite devices

Among users looking for information on how to choose an inexpensive but good laptop for play and work, there will certainly be fans of Apple products. On the mobile technology market, under the logo of this brand, there are devices for combining work with leisure, equipped with 11-13 inch screens. Even if the manufacturer does NOT please potential buyers with a large assortment, but there are identical devices in the product line. it is quite easy to find the necessary gadget in terms of performance and price.

In the inexpensive segment (from 80,000 rubles), you can take a closer look at MacBook and MacBook Air laptops, which will cope with any office tasks and multimedia work. But game lovers should give preference to the more advanced MacBook Pro devices in terms of performance. Mobile equipment of this class will cope with any resource-intensive games, it does not speak about complex tasks invented by the user.