How To Choose A Wireless Laptop Mouse

Rating of the best wireless mice

There are some of the most popular wireless laptop mice.

Logitech M 525

It has 3 buttons, which are enough for the majority of users. But it was a well-worked wheel. So the time of its operation increased, the option of horizontal scrolling was added.

Resolution. 1000 dpi. Power supply is provided by 2 AA batteries, which are enough for 1-2 months. Operation requires a USB connector.

  • The presence of horizontal scrolling;
  • Small radio receiver;
  • Long operating time on a single charge;
  • Long operating time of the mouse;
  • Can be used for storage in a bag;
  • Quality housing.
  • Very sensitive wheel;
  • Doesn’t work on certain surfaces;
  • Only 3 buttons.

How To Choose A Wireless Laptop Mouse

Microsoft 3000 V2

There are 4 buttons, but the fourth key is located in an inconvenient place, so it is practically NOT used. A switch is also installed, which allows you to save battery power if the mouse will not be used for a long time.

  • Long working time;
  • A small radio receiver hides in the mouse case;
  • The set contains a battery;
  • Low price;
  • One battery required.
  • The signal is afraid of obstacles;
  • Small size.

How to choose a wireless laptop mouse

For quite a long time, computer mice were connected to a laptop or stationary computer using a wire. But today technology has reached such a level that the need for wires has SIMply disappeared. Now a wired mouse is most often chosen only by those who like to “save money” or, conversely, by gamers who need a minimum response time.

Logitech G 700s Rechargeable

Quite expensive, but very high quality computer mouse. Great for users who constantly complain about the lack of installed keys. In this case, there are as many as 15 of them, only two are non-programmable. Sensor resolution 200-8200 dpi.

The device uses optical laser technology, which has certain disadvantages. The mouse does not work for long after one charge. Compensates for the situation by the possibility of recharging the battery directly in the device case.

  • Maximum of buttons;
  • Ergonomic shape;
  • Reliability of work;
  • Almost all keys are programmable;
  • A high resolution;
  • Response. 1000 Hz;
  • 2 modes of wheel operation;
  • The battery does not need to be removed for charging.
  • Large weight and dimensions;
  • Fast discharge;
  • Suitable for right-handers only.

Wireless laptop mouse: selection criteria

When choosing a wireless pointing device, consider the following criteria:

  • Dimensions. The devices are manufactured in various sizes. For stationary PCs. long and weighty with 2 elements of the “AA” type, and for laptops small manipulators are made with an “AAA” battery. Ergonomics is subjective.
  • Wireless connection method. Today there are 2 types of wireless devices: with their own receiver, which is installed in a USB-connector, and Bluetooth mice, and not requiring a radio receiver, respectively, the USB connector will be free for other devices. Bluetooth is installed in any modern laptop. This mouse can be connected to a TV, tablet, phone. For some people, this opportunity is important. The advantages of manipulators with your own radio are lower price. It easily connects to any PC.
  • Sensor type. There are 2 types of sensors: laser or optical. The latter is cheaper and requires less power, but can operate on confined surfaces. For example, it will NOT work on glass. The laser sensor has a high resolution, while it can work on any surface.
  • Price. The mouse can cost in the range of 450-6500 rubles. The devices differ in the quality of the case, the operating time of the switches under the buttons, the duration of operation. If the gadget is a constant companion for work, do not skimp on quality. Budget mice quickly break down, react poorly to movement on different surfaces, with the exception of the rug, the battery runs out faster. In this case, it is not necessary to overpay much. Since work, as a rule, takes place on the road, and it is difficult to ensure the safety of the device in THESE conditions.

Which mouse model to choose

Today there are many wireless mice, which is better, it’s hard to say. Some are economical, some are very expensive. The best budget options include Logitech M 235, Logitech M 525, Microsoft 3000 V2, A4Tech BloodyR 8. A4Tech manipulators are suitable for novice gamers, the Microsoft product pleases with SIMplicity, and Logitech devices are an intermediate option.

11. Kits keyboard and mouse

Such kits primarily pursue the goal of saving, and secondly. a single design. This is true for both office cheap wired options and wireless kits for home computers and media centers.

Consider one peculiarity. Often the wireless kit is connected with one receiver, which is quite convenient, but excludes the possibility of separate use of the keyboard and mouse on different devices.

Of course, the choice of such kits is less than that of SEPARATE devices, but I myself purchased such a kit for a TV for only 25. Separately, it would cost 40% more.

13. Manufacturers and warranty

Mice are produced by a huge number of manufacturers. Here I will mention the most high-quality, optimal price / quality ratio and popular.

The best gaming mice come from Razer, SteelSeries, Roccat, Mad Catz.

Hama gaming mice have a fairly good price / quality ratio, like the Hama uRage Evo that we reviewed.

Of high-quality wireless mice, I can recommend Logitech and Microsoft.

A4Tech wired mice have a good price / quality ratio, in all their widest range. from office to gaming.

Of the inexpensive office options, you can also consider Genius, in which you can only say that they work.

Here are the acquisitions of mice of these budgetary and other unpopular brands, I would recommend refraining.

As for the warranty, for an ordinary inexpensive mouse, it is desirable that the warranty is at least 1 year, for more expensive gaming mice. at least 2 years.

Recommended models

For those who do not have time to read the entire article, I immediately give the recommended mouse models with a short explanation.

For an office computer (documents, the Internet), the SIMplest A4Tech mouse will be enough, which, even in the lower price range, have good quality.
Mouse A4Tech OP-620D Black USB

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For long-term work with documents, the Internet, it is better to take an ergonomic mouse. It is also good if there is a wide wheel, a double-click button and an additional “Office” key to help you work. Such mice should be looked for primarily among the brands Logitech and Microsoft, but there may also be interesting models among the more budgetary brands A4Tech, Sven and Genius.
Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse Black USB

For tasks such as design, architecture, three-dimensional modeling, there are specialized mice with increased positioning accuracy and additional controls (wheels, trackballs). Some of the best mice for THESE tasks are Logitech mice. But they can not always be found on sale and they are not cheap, so for THESE purposes you can use any convenient laser mouse.
Mouse Logitech M500

For a laptop, a wireless mouse is the best option. Optimal in terms of price / quality ratio are wireless mice from Logitech and Microsoft. I do not recommend purchasing a wireless mouse from cheaper brands (A4Tech, Genius, etc.), as they mostly malfunction (buggy).
Logitech Wireless Mouse M235 Gray-Black USB

If you want to understand why I recommend these particular models, to understand the design and features of mice, then read the article further.

Sensor type

Modern mice have an optical sensor, which can be LED and laser. In this case, mice with an LED sensor are called optical, and with a laser. laser.

Optical mice are cheaper, but they DO NOT have high cursor positioning accuracy, since the LED sensor is less sensitive than the laser sensor and works ambiguously on different surfaces (table or rug). Inexpensive optical mouse is well suited for SIMple office work.

Laser mice are more sensitive, more precisely positioned and work well on various surfaces, but they cost several times more than optical ones. If you love games or do graphics, then I recommend purchasing a laser mouse.

Keys and wheels

Left and right mouse buttons can be either separate structural elements or a continuation of the body. It doesn’t really matter, the main thing is that they have a distinct pressure.

The wheel is an important control element. It is desirable that it be rubberized and have small notches. When scrolling, divisions should be clearly felt. Pressing on it should be moderately tight and distinct. For an office mouse, a wider wheel may be convenient. Some mice may have an additional scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling, which can be useful if you are working with large documents or drawings.

Double-click key. present on some office models, allows you to double-click by pressing one special key, which in some cases can be quite convenient.

Triple click key. present on many game models and allows you to triple click by pressing one special key, which is used in games. Sometimes it’s so nice to fire a burst of grenade launcher at the enemy

Side keys. for gaming mice it is highly desirable to have additional side buttons on which you can set some actions.

Office key. designed to call a special menu with a shortcut to launch the main office applications and is used in conjunction with a special program for the mouse. NOT necessary, but can be useful in office work if you often start and close many programs.

The key for changing the sensitivity is found on most gaming mice. With its help, you can quickly change the speed of movement of the cursor, which is very useful in games. Usually mice have 4-5 sensitivity levels. If there is only one such button, then the sensitivity changes only upwards and is reset to a minimum after reaching the highest value. If there are two such buttons, then the sensitivity can be changed both up and down, which is more convenient.

Programmable Keys. Some mice have additional keys to which you can assign different combinations using special software. But this is more necessary for avid gamers, who know exactly what they want.

Additional functions

Some, mainly gaming models, have backlighting and programmable or duplicate keyboard keys. This is again for those who know why (MMO-RPG).

Some gaming mice (for example, A4Tech Oscar) have the ability, using a special program, to program keys to perform any keyboard combinations, which may be required in games with a complex control system (MMO-RPG). In addition, they can save profiles for different games and quickly switch between them. Since these settings are stored directly in the internal memory of the mouse, by connecting it to a second computer, you can immediately use all the specified combinations.

Some expensive models may have an adjustable design, which gamers with very straight arms will probably appreciate

But for players with little experience, I do not recommend such solutions.

Mouse shape

Asymmetrical. may have a comfortable, ergonomic shape, but not suitable for left-handers.

Symmetrical. suitable for all users, both right-handed and left-handed. In the latter case, the purpose of the left and right buttons can be easily changed in the operating system settings.

How to choose a mouse for a computer in 2020: a detailed guide

Do you need a “home” mouse for working with documents and surfing the Internet? Or maybe you are an avid gamer and want a bright, backlit gadget with tons of buttons? We tell you what mice are and how to choose the best.

There are not so many parameters to consider when choosing a mouse. The main thing is to decide what you will use it for: for games or mainly for work. Please note that some stats are critical and some stats can be ignored.

Important parameters

  • Body shape and weight. Perhaps, the key parameter, from which it is worth starting from the very beginning. No matter how expensive and sophisticated the mouse is, all this will NOT matter if the device does not fit well in your hand. The shape, like weight, is selected purely individually. Therefore, before buying, it is advisable to hold the device in your hand, so that you can roughly understand whether you will be comfortable using it. It is worth noting that there are mice whose weight is adjustable. And the shape can be SYMMETRICAL or suitable only for right-handers or left-handers.
  • Sensor type. There are optical and laser mice. Outwardly, they can be distinguished by looking under the manipulator. There is usually a red LED at the bottom of laser manipulators. The main advantage of a laser over optics is that the laser is unpretentious to the surface. It is also more sensitive to sensor movement. Therefore, laser rodents are better suited for both gaming and office.
  • Connection type. You are probably wondering which mouse is better: wired or wireless. The wired connection is more reliable. With it, the mouse will NOT be discharged and will NOT turn off at the wrong time. Wireless. convenient due to the fact that the mouse will be easily carried within the workplace, and not get tangled in the wires. Thus, wired manipulators are suitable for gamers, wireless. for office tasks and connecting to laptops.
  • Button type. In 2009, Apple introduced the first touch-sensitive Magic Mouse that did not include mechanical buttons. Instead, the manipulator used multitouch technology. that is, a capacitive touchpad. The scroll wheel and standard keys in this model have replaced gestures and tapes on the body. Today, touch mice are also produced, but due to the lack of recoil, they are not suitable for gaming. Therefore, if you want a “fashionable” mouse without buttons. take this only for the office. When choosing a gaming device, pay attention to the resource of switches so that you don’t have to use a mouse every year.
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Razer Naga Trinity

The Razer Naga Trinity is a convertible mouse that brings the best from other Razer models. She has three interchangeable panels. with two, seven and twelve buttons. To be fair, the mouse is suitable for all genres of games: the ability to customize and save five different profiles makes it versatile. However, please note that the mouse is only suitable for right-handed users. And also pay attention to the rather large weight (120 grams).

Advanced RPG gaming mice

We decided to single out role-playing mice in a separate category, because they differ in a large number of additional keys, which can be used for macros. If you are actually NOT an office clerk, but a wizard with a large arsenal of spells, pay attention to these models.

Gaming mice

Gaming mice have extra keys, bright backlighting and fast, high-resolution sensors. We offer models that are suitable for games of shooters, MOBA, action and strategy.

Logitech G G102 Prodigy Black USB

Logitech is famous for its high quality and low you get a rodent at your disposal with excellent switches and a precise optical sensor. The device weighs only 85 grams! There is a backlight that is configured in the proprietary junk. Despite the symmetrical shape, the mouse is only suitable for right-handers, as there are two side keys on the left side.

Mice for home and office

Office mice have a SIMple and austere design. As a rule, such models have additional keys and some interesting backlighting, and the DPI resolution cannot be adjusted.

Hyperx Pulsefire Surge

Unlike the previous model, here you will find a more accurate Pixart 3389 sensor and almost indestructible switches rated for 50 million clicks. This resource will be enough for you for many years. These two factors account for such a difference in price (the mouse will cost you 4,500 rubles). The rest of the devices are very SIMilar. symmetrical shape, backlighting and side keys are located on the left side. It is also worth noting the weight, which is 100 grams here.

Razer DeathAdder Essential Black USB

Razer mice have always distinguished themselves from competitors in their ergonomics. The device has an asymmetrical shape, which is made along the lines of the palm, thanks to which the device fits snugly in the hand. True, only right-handers can appreciate all the delights of ergonomics. On the left side, according to the traditions of the genre, there are two side keys, and all the mouse is 96 grams. The functionality of this model is comparable to the more expensive accessories of this company. And don’t be confused by 6400 DPI.

Logitech M180

Has one AA battery and.

Logitech G602

This model can be considered the best for gamers. It works for 250 hours without recharging. The Delzta Zero sensor available on this manipulator can reduce the reaction speed to two milliseconds.

11 built-in buttons allow you to significantly expand its functionality. A durable case will also be a definite plus in favor of choosing a model.

start at 4,700, which is one of the best value for money among the top mice.

Choosing a mouse depending on the manufacturer

The most common and very popular models of the following manufacturers of computer mice:

  • A4tech;
  • Canon;
  • Defender;
  • DEXP;
  • Genius;
  • Logitech;
  • Microsoft;
  • Oklick;
  • SVEN;
  • Smartbuy;
  • Razer.

Depending on the functional purpose, the price also changes.

In such models, as a rule, a high DPI. an indicator of the number of dots per inch, an expanded number of buttons that allow you to maximize control of the course of the game, as well as the best interface. such models have the ability to connect to a large number of devices.

Computer mice for office use have much more modest functionality and low cost. Their main purpose is to provide a standard mouse manipulator without using wires.

If you just need a mouse to do some work on your computer, or if you want to minimize the clutter of wires at the workplace, you should take a closer look at the Most budgetary options.

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Defender MM-965

Has 6 buttons and a small one, 2 AAA batteries, 1600 DPI extension.

Apple magic mouse 2

This mouse should be especially highlighted, since it is designed directly for Apple products, it can work with devices that have touch controls. Built-in battery can work up to a month without recharging, charged using a USB cable.

Logitech MX Master

This mouse is undoubtedly one of the best options. It can work up to 40 hours on a single battery charge, while the charging speed is only 4 minutes. Agree, it’s very convenient. 5-button 1600 DPI gaming mouse with enhanced ergonomics.


Defender NetSprinter MM-545

Compact three-button mouse with one AA battery.

To connect an external card to your PC yourself, read our tips.

Our article will tell you in detail what programs can be used to defragment your hard drive.

There are many magnetic phone chargers. Find out which option to choose here.


This mouse has increased sensitivity, as a result of which during the game you have the ability to control the process without any delay. It has 5 buttons, the resolution of the optical sensor is 7200 DPI, but there is a certain disadvantage. instead of a battery, batteries are used, although someone considers this a plus.

Razer Mamba Wireless

It is an innovative model. Resolution. 5600 DPI. The software supplied with this device allows the consumer to customize the mouse at will and program the buttons, of which there are 7 pieces. Battery charge allows the mouse to function for 12 hours without interruption.

Thus, manufacturers have now provided a fairly wide selection of optical manipulators for every taste.

Avoid buying a top-end gaming mouse if you intend to use it on a laptop.

Oklick 485MW

Bright wireless mouse in a symmetrical red and black design. Powered by two AAA batteries. It is connected via radio channel. Minimum keys: left, right and wheels. There are no additional functions, but for 390 rubles it would be strange to expect something different.

Logitech G703 (910-005093)

Game mouse with a higher class and. Right-handed design. The battery is built-in, it is charged via the USB cable. the mouse can be used at this time. When the RGB backlight is on, the charge will last for a day of continuous operation. Supports Logitech G POWERPLAY wireless charging. Sensor with a resolution from 200 to 12000 dpi and a polling rate of 1000 Hz. Comes with a 10 gram weighting compound. For this price, there are not enough additional keys: only “forward” and “back”. Fortunately, the keys can be programmed for any function through a proprietary application.

8. Sven RX-400W

Almost complete twin of the previous model. Symmetrical case, two AAA batteries, connection via nano receiver. Is that this mouse additions with a dpi switch button (600 or 1000 dpi) and costs a little more. 500 rubles.

Additional keys

Most inexpensive mice have only two keys and a scroll wheel of all controls. For me personally, this is incredibly little. After the wireless Razer Naga, I only buy mice with at least a dozen programmable additional keys. It is convenient both in games and in work, just to control multimedia and surf the Internet. Of course, such models are usually much more expensive, and not everyone needs two dozen buttons, but at least a couple of additional keys for the thumb an ideal wireless mouse SIMply must have.

Best Wireless Mice: Independent Top 8

Updated June 13, 2020

Wired mice are already the last century. Enough to get confused in cables, it’s time to get a wireless manipulator. About how to choose them, what is worth paying attention to, and which 8 wireless mice are worthy of the title of the best, I will now tell you.

  • Independent Top 8 Best Wireless Mice
  • 1. Logitech MX Ergo (910-005179)
  • 2. Logitech G703 (910-005093)
  • 3. HP Z5000 Black Gold (W2Q00AA)
  • 4. Trust GXT 130 WIRELESS (20687)
  • 6. Logitech MX Master 2S (910-005139)
  • 6. Trust Evo Advanced (19829)
  • 7. Oklick 485MW
  • 8. Sven RX-400W

Best wireless laser mice

Logitech MX Ergo (910-005179)

Quite large and very comfortable wireless mouse with trackball. Of course, you need to get used to it, but after a couple of days any other manipulator will seem terribly NOT ergonomic. Its feature is that you don’t need to crawl around the table with the mouse. just rotate the ball with your thumb. Just like in old mechanical mice, just the opposite: it is very convenient if the space on the desktop is limited. Supports several connection methods at once: USB cable, radio channel through a proprietary receiver with Unifying technology and via Bluetooth. This joy costs almost 8,000 rubles, but it’s worth it.

Principle of operation

Mechanical mice are not on sale now. The ball is ruled by laser models and the receding optical manipulators. Laser mice are more expensive, but differ in a number of advantages: they have lower power consumption, higher sensor resolution (in gaming models it can reach 12000-15000 dpi, while in optical it is usually about 1200 dots), and they can work on almost any surfaces, while optical mice need special mats. Working in the office, you will hardly notice the fundamental difference between laser and optical mice, but pro gamers do not have to choose. only lasers, only hardcore!

Logitech MX Master 2S (910-005139)

Wireless mouse in a strict but very cute design. The body is asymmetrical. under the right hand, with a pad under the thumb. As many as two wheels: the main one with an adjustable scrolling speed and an additional one for the thumb. An additional gesture button can be programmed in the firmware. A full charge of the built-in battery lasts up to 2 months.