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How To Choose A Stylus Pen For Your Tablet

Storage size

The amount of storage determines the amount of data that the tablet can hold. If you buy a device for web surfing, communication and streaming of multimedia content, then 16 GB of internal memory is enough for you.

But in order to store music and movies on the gadget, install games and many programs, you will need much more free space. The required size depends only on your appetite.

Storage size significantly affects the cost of a tablet. To save money, you can choose a device with a small amount of built-in memory, but with a slot for a capacious SD card. It is convenient for storing music and files, as well as data from some programs. But keep in mind that iOS devices have support for memory cards.

Decide on the display size

Based on the length of the screen diagonal, tablets can be conditionally divided into three categories: compact (7-8 inches), medium (9-10 inches) and large (11-12 inches).

  • Compact tablets are great for chatting, most gaming, reading books and surfing the web outside the home. For THESE tasks, they are more convenient than smartphones when you are not on the go. But still the diagonal of the display is 7-8 inches long is not always enough to view PDF-documents or enjoy TV series and movies.
  • Medium tablets are the perfect balance between mobility and affordable features. These devices DO NOT fit into your. but they are often more powerful than their smaller counterparts and more convenient for viewing multimedia content and playing games. They also really work when a laptop is at hand.
  • There are not so many large tablets yet. They are the most productive and also best suited for business tasks thanks to their screen size and accessories. But at the same time, it is already difficult to call them portable. Besides, such devices are the most expensive.
How To Choose A Stylus Pen For Your Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Think about what you need a tablet for

Tablets are well suited for the following tasks: online communication, mobile games and content consumption (reading books, watching websites,s, TV shows and films). Some devices are also quite convenient for office work.

The best tablet is the one that best suits your needs. From them, and you need to build on, so as not to prog. Think about what exactly you are going to do on your tablet. This will help you choose the right characteristics of your future gadget.

Screen resolution and matrix

Screen resolution is measured by the number of pixels it consists of. The higher this parameter, the sharper the image. Therefore, it is very important for the tablet.

You should definitely not take a device with a resolution of less than 1920 × 1080 (or Full HD) pixels. And if you are interested in tablets with a display diagonal of 9 inches or more, then it is highly advisable to choose an even higher resolution. But remember that the cost of the gadget strongly depends on this indicator.

The matrix is ​​the technology on which the screen is based. The overall quality of the image depends on it, so it is better not to neglect this parameter. Take a closer look at tablets with IPS (PLS) or OLED (AMOLED, Super AMOLED) matrices. They provide the best picture. The rest of the options are cheaper, but lose much in quality.

The pixels of a working OLED display can be turned off completely. Thus, they render an image with true black color. In this regard, the OLED matrix is ​​equal, and in addition, it consumes less power than IPS. On the other hand, OLED displays are more expensive.

The best way to choose between IPS and OLED is to put two tablets side by side and view the same images on them. If you notice a difference, choose the type of matrix that, in your opinion, will do the job better.


Among Android devices, it is easiest to find an inexpensive, but at the same time productive and high-quality tablet. In addition, a huge number of services, games and programs for a variety of tasks are available to users. And enthusiasts have a lot of opportunities to customize the system for themselves.

However, most gadgets on this platform DO NOT receive timely updates. As a result, the latest features and bug fixes appear on devices with a delay or not at all.

All new iOS devices are in the high end. But these are always premium-class devices with up-to-date characteristics and design that sets fashion. Owners of iOS tablets, to put it mildly, are NOT deprived of programs, games and services. Devices on this system receive regular updates for several years after entering the market.

How to choose a tablet: instructions for those who don’t want to be wrong

Here is the operating system for the battery capacity: life hackers disassemble the main details that you should pay attention to when choosing a tablet.

Pick a form factor

Classic tablets are monolithic devices with no moving parts. Many of them can be connected to accessories like keyboards and mice. A case in point is the iPad Pro on iOS, which sells a keyboard case with a stand. Bought such a device, you can use it for most business tasks.

In addition, there are hybrids of tablets and laptops. They are also called transformers. An example is the Lenovo Yoga Book on Windows 10 or Android. The device looks like an ultrabook. But if you take the panel with the keys to the back of the screen. and the gadget becomes a tablet.

Lenovo Yoga Book

Hybrid owners can easily switch between work and entertainment, but classic tablets tend to be cheaper.

Select your operating system

Windows 10 Android

There are also such tablets on which two operating systems are installed at once. Bought one of them, you can switch between Windows 10 and Android at any time.

operating system

The following operating systems are installed on modern tablets:

Buyers who have experience using Apple technology should prefer a gadget with iOS, for beginners it is better to take a device with a “green robot”. A tablet with Windows 10 is still an “amateur” option; such a device can be advised by “hard-core” geeks. to expand horizons.

What else is worth Pay attention?

When choosing a tablet, a buyer should also pay attention to such minor points:

    Body material. Metal tablets are considered more reliable and look much more solid than plastic ones, but they catch Wi-Fi worse. Therefore, if the buyer intends to take a metal tablet, he should take care of 3G support. OTG support. If the tablet is equipped with the On-The-Go (OTG) function, the user can connect a USB flash drive to it and import / export documents on the go. Stylus support. Using the stylus, the user will be much more comfortable and pleasant to work with graphics. The best tablets with a stylus tell this material. Expandable memory. The amount of internal memory of the device is not so important if the memory can be expanded with a MicroSD flash drive. It is NOT difficult to buy such a flash drive now. they are sold for next to nothing. GPS / GLONASS support. If the tablet is able to receive information from satellite systems, the car navigator is just right to upload to Avito. the mobile device will cope with laying the route no worse.
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Display: size and resolution

Tablets are available in the following form factors: 7 “, 8” and 10 “. The 7-inch device is compact and can even fit in the lining of a jacket. It is convenient to use it as an e-book, but for watching movies. Not quite.

A 10-inch tablet is more suitable for working with multimedia files. However, it is not recommended to buy a budget gadget with a large screen. for 2 reasons: firstly, such a tablet can turn out to be very bulky and heavy, and secondly, graininess will probably be noticeable on the display of a cheap device.

8-inch gadgets are not very common. This is the Borderline option, which in fact is deprived of the advantages of both of the above. It is worth refraining from buying an 8-inch gadget. especially in view of the fact that accessories for such a form-factor “the cat cried”.

As for the screen resolution, the best option for a 7-inch device is HD (1280 × 720), for a 10-inch FullHD (1920 × 1080). It is pointless to buy tablets with high resolution: the user will NOT notice the difference in the quality of the picture, but he will suffer from the fact that the gadget is quickly discharged.

3G availability

It will NOT be possible to put a SIM card into a tablet like a Plasma 3G SIM card. it will be possible to access the Internet from such a gadget only if there is a connection to a Wi-Fi network. Generally, Wi-Fi tablets are much cheaper than 3G counterparts. Therefore, for a buyer who intends to use the device mainly at home, it is more profitable to purchase a device without a SIM slot.

If you can put a SIM card in the tablet, this does NOT mean that it will be possible to call from it. in iPad devices, for example, there is no call function. Whether a specific tablet model supports the call function, you need to clarify immediately before purchasing.


Here the capacity of the battery depends on how long the tablet will last without recharging. This parameter should only be considered in conjunction with the performance and display characteristics of the device. A gadget with a premium filling and a FullHD display, of course, will consume energy much faster than a budget model. For an inexpensive gadget, on the contrary, a large battery is an unnecessary luxury.

For those who are waiting for specifics, let’s clarify: a gadget with a 7-inch screen will have enough battery with a capacity of 3500. 4000 mAh, a 10-inch tablet needs 5000. 7000 mAh. The 7340 mAh battery of the iPad Air 2 was enough for 10 hours of continuous Internet surfing.

How to choose a tablet: basic criteria

You should not count on the help of a consultant in choosing a tablet. salon employees sell what is beneficial to them. It is better to go for a tablet, clearly understanding which device you want to buy.

I will not forgive choosing a tablet than a smartphone. On the tablet market, the leaders are also 2 “giants”, Samsung and Apple. while there are a lot of companies from Asia, which DO NOT claim the throne, but produce quality products worthy of the attention of buyers.

Which tablet to choose and what should you look at first of all? You will find out about this, read this article to the end.


It is naive to expect professional-quality pictures from a tablet. Tablets take pictures worse than smartphones. this is NOT their main function. The peculiarity of tablets is that their front cameras, as a rule, are not worse than the rear ones. The image quality from the front camera is important. because the user, due to the possible lack of a call function on the tablet, will probably chat on Skype.

If the rear and front cameras of the tablet are capable of boasting a resolution of 5 megapixels, this is more than enough.

How to choose a tablet by parameters?

The choice of a tablet must be approached a little differently than the choice of a smartphone. nevertheless, these 2 devices have different purposes. A smartphone is needed primarily for calls; the main function of the tablet is to provide the user with access to the Internet. Therefore, when choosing a tablet, a priority should be given to the criteria that affect the convenience of Internet surfing. overall performance and display size.


Here are the models of the chipset, the number of cores, the clock speed, the graphics accelerator, the amount of RAM, the speed of the tablet depends on the performance of the tablet while searching for information on the network, watching movies and. especially. the gameplay. An ordinary user, and not expecting “miracles” from a tablet, should purchase a device with the following minimum performance characteristics:

    The number of cores is 4. 2 cores are now enough only for tablets from Apple, which uses processors of its own production. It is worth buying a 2-core device with Android OS only in case of an acute shortage of money. The clock frequency is from 1.4 GHz. You can watch movies and work on the Internet at 600 MHz, but for resource-intensive games and applications this frequency is clearly not enough. The amount of RAM. from 2 GB. The buyer needs to remember that when the tablet is launched, the installed processes instantly take about 600 MB of “RAM”. If the tablet has 1 GB of RAM, then only 400 MB is left for user processes. this is enough only for solving the SIMplest tasks.

For games, it is best to take a gadget with an NVIDIA Tegra line processor. for example, Asus Transformer Prime.

How to choose a stylus for your tablet

Graphics tablet. Professional device for manual rendering of any kind of images, animations, graphics. It is a great assistant for artists, illustrator, animators and other professionals whose profession is directly related to the creation and processing of graphics. The only comfortable way to control such a device is with a stylus. The special pen largely SIMulates the control of the device with a hand or pencil. The modern pen for your graphics tablet is hard to replace. Without it, you are not subject to clear lines, schematic sketches, project sketches, quick sketches.

Styluses for Apple

Adonit Note. The latest line for iPad Pro 3/4 generation 11 “and 12.9”. An ultra-technological device that keeps up with the times and meets all the needs and desires of a modern specialist in artistic graphics. Today, there are four models of this line, each of the subsequent ones to make significant additions to its functionality and work. When choosing, it strongly recommends choosing Close attention to them and making a decision based on personal needs in work.

Model Adonit Note. Easy to use, SIMple to connect: just press the power button and start your first sketch. After the first few hours of use, you notice how sensitive the pen is, you don’t even need control or help with your hand to adjust. This allows artists to accurately and clearly draw lines on the creative canvas. Palm Rejection keeps your palm resting comfortably on the tablet while you create. It is impossible NOT to note the overwhelming performance of the pen. It can work non-stop for 12 hours. Then Charge 4 minutes and it is back in operation for a whole time. This comes in handy when you need to finish an urgent, ongoing project. Lack of accessory. Charging via micro-USB. Outgoing fashion. But the modern stylish appearance pleases. The brushed aluminum body is pleasant to hold. A blue light on the side of the case signals power on and adds a touch of flavor to the design.

Adonit Note Plus. It is an active stylus with a function to prevent accidental operation of the touch panel. The model is super sensitive to pressure. Unlike its predecessor, the manufacturer added an additional button to the body, which gives access to the functions you use most, for example, such as Eraser, Redo, Undo. This addition to the functionality greatly SIMplifies the work and minimizes the artist’s actions. A more modern Type-C charger is already built into the Adonit Note. Manufacturing materials have been selected for SIMplicity and ease. Plastic (PCABS), metal. The device can work for about 10 hours without stopping to rest. So you are guaranteed comfort and reliability during working hours.

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Adonit Note UVC. The world’s first stylus approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that by purchasing this pen model, you are protecting your health and the environment. And this is done thanks to the UVC function. These are built-in germicidal lamps that provide disinfection of your tablet, which is important in our time. While the function is on, the handle flip control sensor is activated and the eyes are protected from radiation. The pen itself works with many applications, and you can also take notes directly in PDF files. As with all models in this range, the pen is extremely sensitive to pressure and writing. With pixel precision, you can sketch on the smallest pictures. Production material. Aluminum. Drawing time 12 hours. Built-in Type-C charger allows you to charge without any difficulty.

The manufacturer recently introduced the new Adonit Note M. This is the first mouse stylus with dual functionality (left and right buttons). Together with the touch panel, it functions as a touch scroll wheel. In addition, it can work on any devices with Bluetooth, such as a smartphone, laptop, computer. Another super feature. Magnetic mount on any metal surface and you can easily and conveniently carry the device. Like the entire range, the accessory is pressure sensitive. The lighter the pressure, the thinner the line, which is convenient for handwriting. Two hot buttons quickly switch between the most requested tasks (Eraser / Shutdown / Right-click). You can also use a screen lock for hand placement. The device is charged using the USB-C cable. A full charge of the pen allows you to work with the tablet for up to 30 hours of continuous drawing.

Styluses for Android

For Android devices, the brand has also created reliable devices. The Adonit Dash 3 model with a super fine nib for precise freehand writing, sketching. If your profession requires the execution of such graphic work. The product will suit you. The appearance is attractive: anodized aluminum smooth body, a fixing clip on the body of the device and an on / off button on top. It looks like a ballpoint pen that you can hide in your and take to meetings with your tablet. The stylus provides up to 14 hours of continuous use. Then pause, charge for 15 minutes and back to work.

If you need a stylus for SIMple sketches or notes, then the Adonit Droid is worth mentioning here. It is specially designed for Android devices with high resolution screens. Compatible with all devices released after 2018.

Styluses for Windows

It is impossible not to mention the Adonit Ink-M model for Windows with a mouse function. Two buttons (right / left click) on the body of the device in combination with the touch panel provide a scroll function of the touch wheel. The built-in multi-angle sensor detects the mouse within 5 mm of the surface and ensures accurate operation of the device. Magnetic fastening to metal objects securely fixes this accessory and prevents it from being lost. Two hot buttons allow you to use frequently used Eraser / Shutdown / Right-click tasks. To prevent accidental operation of the touch panel, you can use a special additional function. With it, you can comfortably place your hand on the screen while writing. This unit is charged using a USB-C cable.

How to connect the stylus correctly

The action does NOT take long and is as follows:

  • Will charge the stylus;
  • Turn it on (just return the pen around the axis or press the button on the stylus body)
  • Open the settings on the digitizer and turn on Bluetooth;
  • Go to general settings and disable the “Gestures” option;
  • Download drawing application;
  • Open the settings menu in the application;
  • Synchronize the stylus and the application (select the desired device in the program).

Nuance: the order of actions may vary depending on the manufacturer (for example, GENIUS), the connection details can be found in the instructions for the device or on the network.

How to use the stylus?

The accessory can be used as a pen, making handwritten notes on the tablet, and using drawing programs as a paintbrush.

Some models of the accessory have programmable buttons. Physical keys can be used, for example, to undo an action while drawing, or to switch the brush to the eraser.

You can also exchange tips for accessories. For example, use soft and hard to SIMulate the process of working with paper writing.

A stylus for a graphics tablet: how necessary an accessory is?

The digital pen is not just an imitation of a pencil or brush. Most often, it is already included in the kit with the purchase of a digitizer, but you can also purchase this accessory separately. But is it needed during work? Maybe it’s easier to do without it altogether.?

Meanwhile, a pen for drawing on numbers is a very useful thing:

  • Helps the artist, animator, designer easily switch between work modes.
  • Allows you to create precise lines, shapes, vary the thickness of the stroke, create smooth transitions. This is almost impossible to achieve with gestures or a touchpad.
  • Allows you to 100% use all the capabilities of a graphics tablet (draw on a “canvas”, make diagrams, graphs, projects, handwritten notes, Process pictures, etc.).

The versatile pen capabilities make a digitizer (such as the EasyPen I405X) a unique tool for accurately converting an artist’s creative intent into digital drawing.

Graphic tablet stylus: 6 tips for choosing, setting, using

The stylus looks like a thin stick with a pointed end, and resembles an ordinary pen. With its help, you can draw on the touch surface, make sketches, manage all the options of the device to which the stylus is connected. To work correctly and comfortably with the pen, you need to learn how to select and configure the correct stylus on a graphics tablet. Will it be useful for work? How to charge it? All information about this is in the article.

Features and tips for choosing

Key points to look out for when buying an accessory:

  • The stylus in the form of a pen is quite comfortable to use. Additional convenience. attachment to the digitizer covers.
  • The nib of the pen should be made of soft materials so as not to scratch the screen while drawing.
  • Some units are equipped with programmable buttons, on the second you can adjust the degree of pressing. all this increases the cost of the device, but also affects the convenience and speed of work.
  • Pen sensitivity. the stronger the pressure, the thicker the line. Professional devices recognize 2048 or more pressure levels (for example, the PTH-860-R pen has 8192 sensitivity levels). It helps to imitate natural painting.
  • The presence of a soft touch coating. contributes to the fact that the stylus does NOT slip out of the hand during operation.
  • Pen Height. indicates the distance at which the stylus is perceived by the digitizer rather than touching it.

The nibs are equipped with several types of nibs. The table contains the most basic ones:

Conventional Rigid Spring Loaded C Elastic Rod
Made of soft plastic, ideal for artists. With the effect of drawing with a wooden stick With a small spring in the middle of the tip. The rod is recessed inward with each press. In operation, they are SIMilar to conventional rods, but slightly more flexible and resilient.

What the device is made of?

Styluses are constructed from conductive materials (eg aluminum) and there are also plastic models. Accessories equipped with nibs that touch the surface of digitizers (e.g. Intuos M), allowing you to draw or write on them.

The pen device depends on the type of device screen:

  • The resistor display responds to pressing itself. The nib of a digital pen should here have a tapered nib and be made of silicone or Teflon. This helps the touch pen NOT to scratch the display.
  • A capacitive display will no longer react to a metal stick. Accessories for this type of surface have a tip, which has an electrical capacity. The stylus is equipped with a rubber or silicone tip, inside it there is a coil, metal filings and a magnetically conductive ring.
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Most styluses now support digitizers like the PTH-660P-R without the extra wires.

How to customize the pen on a graphics tablet

Stylus options can be customized, changed for different tasks, adjust the pen sensitivity and nib pressure.

What do I need to do:

  • Open the “Properties” tab on the digitizer;
  • Go to the “Pen” section;
  • For each of the pen keys, select the desired option from the drop-down menu.

In this tab, you can change the pen sensitivity from soft to hard, move the slider to the desired side. The tilt of the pen also changes (from normal to high), the pressure when using the stylus. The number of functions in the setup depends on the model and manufacturer of the fixture. The settings are checked very SIMply. in practice, adjusting the parameters for yourself.

A nuance: in accessories from Wacom, for example, Intuos Art Black PT S, you can always return to the factory settings by choosing “Pen” tab. “Default”.

How to customize the pen of a graphics tablet in Photoshop? Here you need to refer to the brush panel in the Adobe Photoshop program. There are a number of settings in which you can find the required brush size, hardness, diameter, pressure.

How to choose a stylus: a review of the best

The pen should be comfortable to use, fit well in the hand, and fit the user in size and weight. A few examples:

Model Weight (g Buttons Tip Power Supply Body Material
Bamboo Fineline 3 by Wacom 19 1 side switch, app programmable thin and hard built-in battery, charging via USB cable plastic
Wacom Bamboo Solo Green 3rd Generation ten no replaceable, carbon fiber built-in battery, charging via USB cable plastic

How to charge the pen (pen) of a graphics tablet?

To replenish the energy reserve of the device, you need to connect it to a PC, laptop or charger. For this, a standard USB cable is used, one end of which is inserted into the pen connector, the other into the device, which will be charged.

In a stylus, the USB connector is usually located at the top end of the pen, under the cap. To determine that the device is charged, you can use the shade of the indicator: red. charging is in progress, blue / green. the process is complete.

A nuance: In some Wacom tablets, for example, from the Intuos series (CTL-4100WLE-N), there are no batteries or rechargeable batteries. the pen is powered by a digitizer using electromagnetic resonance technology. The stylus contains a receiver and a converter, which uses the energy of electromagnetic waves and powers the chip in the pen.

A digital pen for a digitizer is a useful and convenient accessory that SIMplifies and speeds up the work with the gadget. Thanks to this device, drawing on a number is a bit like the standard drawing on paper. You can customize the pen at your own discretion, adjusting the parameters for specific tasks. There will be no problems with connecting and charging the accessory. It is worth trying the stylus once to understand: this is a worthwhile accessory, and not just a newfangled thing.

How to choose a stylus for your tablet?

Are you lucky enough to own a tablet and want to choose a convenient stylus? This is a laudable desire, because a properly selected device can greatly facilitate the work with the device. So how to make a choice?

You should know some facts about the operation of this small accessory. For example, styluses can vary in pressure. Rather, by sensitivity to this very force. In addition, stylus pens vary in weight, which can also play a prominent role in its management. You should choose one that is convenient for you to hold in your hand! Worth Pay attention to the tip: size and shape can affect performance. If the owner of the device does NOT want to use the virtual keyboard, then choose a stylus for the tablet, which is able to work as quickly as possible, and the accuracy of which is very high.

Why “stylus”?

Where did this word come from? “Stylus”? It has Greek roots and originally meant a small stick that has a pointed end. It is these small “sticks” that help users of high-tech devices to manage today. In addition, with their help, it is very convenient to draw drawings on a graphics tablet.

Curiously, some time ago, experts predicted the end of the era of stylus. However, you can observe a picture where a stylus is still required in the work of the latest devices. This is especially true of the high-tech brainchild of Samsung: Styluses for Samsung tablets are in demand.

With the history sorted out. Let’s continue. It was noticed that a large number of users complain about fragility: they say, the stylus for the tablet quickly deteriorates. It is also noted that they are SIMply easy to lose. Special programs came to the rescue: some of them notify the owner that the stylus is at a remote distance from the device, such as a tablet.

For graphics

The Bamboo stylus is a good choice for drawing graphics. This pen tablet stylus allows you to sketch lightly and has a proven track record. Yes, it is not without its drawbacks: for example, its tip is made of rubber. This means that you will have to push harder on the screen, and the tip itself tends to slide along the surface at times.

If there are no budget restrictions, then you can choose the Pogo Connect model, which has as many as 4 tips in its arsenal. It was noticed, however, that with new devices Apple does not work very correctly.

A stylus for a tablet: how necessary an accessory?

A large number of users of modern high-tech devices decide to abandon the keyboard and mouse. Such trends have given rise to the emergence of touch screens, which are able to respond to the touch of your fingers, or a special convenient accessory, which is called a stylus. A stylus for a tablet is a kind of thin pen that allows you to control a device equipped with a touch interface. This includes tablets as well as Tablet computers. The stylus can be observed in the hand of the user of PDA, smartphones.

DIY stylus for tablet

Among the users of high-tech devices, there will certainly be someone who loves to craft with their own hands. It is to these people that the next part of the article is devoted. how to make a stylus for a tablet with your own hands.

However, this shape is not well suited for a capacitive screen. Users concluded that such a screen is focused on contact with an object, which has a larger contact area than a pencil shaft. How could this problem be solved?

The solution was found: the ring-shaped form is well perceived by the sensor. In addition, you can easily view the center, see where you point the stylus.

Summing up all the conclusions, you can make such a stylus: take an aluminum rod (conductor), a steel washer and a skein of thread.

The pen needs to be soldered to the washer at an angle convenient for the future stylus. You ask: “Why did you need a skein of thread?” In order not to scratch the screen. As noted, the ring-shaped edge allows you to aim in the center. And wind the threads on it. Not a problem.

Someone might argue that the threads worsen the level of sensitivity. In practice, everything works out very well, because the sensor does not require absolute contact with the object to determine the touch. It was noticed that even by pressing with a finger, it was possible NOT to touch the screen closely.