How to choose a laptop for home and study


Since the laptop will be actively used during study (for presentations, frequent work in various programs, going out and regularly surfing the Internet), it is important to choose a model with an optimal set of interfaces. The minimum required kit includes USB 3.0, 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth and DVI / HDMI to connect to the projector.

How to choose a laptop for study: expert opinion

A good study laptop doesn’t come with a fancy, expensive model, but an ultra-simple laptop isn’t the best option either. How to choose the best option that will not hit your wallet hard and at the same time make the learning process more comfortable and productive? Honor has enough nuances.


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Intel. If you need a technique for accessing the Internet and mainly working with text documents, you can get by with an Intel Pentium processor. If you plan to perform complex tasks, it is better to rely on more powerful processors. i3 or i5.

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AMD. For simple actions, a “lightweight” version like the Ryzen 3 2200U is quite suitable. Such a processor can handle many basic tasks without any problems. If performance is a priority without regard to price, feel free to choose the Ryzen 7 2700U. It’s a complete yet compact workstation.

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The storage type is also important. A classic hard drive is not very expensive and quite loud. SSDs are quieter and more expensive. When working with documents and online programs, 256 GB is enough. If you want to save money and not reduce the performance of your device for study, you should pay attention to laptops equipped with both HDD and SSD.


A laptop designed for use while studying involves regularly carrying it with you to college. This means that the product will be subjected to constant stress (including mechanical). The best option would be a compact, lightweight laptop model, but at the same time quite durable. It is worth paying attention to the build quality and the material from which the product is made.

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Aluminum models are quite sturdy, often well assembled. Plastic is a common option. The quality of such laptops directly depends on the thickness of the material. Carbon fiber isn’t the cheapest option, but definitely super tough.