How To Choose A Laptop Bag

How to choose a laptop bag?

Of course, a laptop bag cannot be called an integral part of this device. It is quite possible to do without it. In some situations, her absence is even justified. However, the comfort of using a mobile computer often suffers. Therefore, most laptop users, oddly enough, have this accessory. If it becomes necessary to choose the right model for your computer, this action becomes a continuous problem. A laptop, which is transported in a bag, will be protected from drops, mechanical stress, abrasions, scratches, and moisture. Because of this, you need to responsibly approach her choice.

Before you buy this laptop accessory, you need to read some rules. First, decide on a suitable shape. For example, briefcase, backpack, folder, briefcase, vertical bag. A case or a briefcase will be convenient for people who, on duty, attend business meetings and negotiate. This versatile accessory makes it easy to carry your laptop to the office. The matching design will not stand out from the garment. Compartment for papers, disks, pens in a briefcase or briefcase, the owner of a laptop will allow significantly additional convenience.

Oddly enough, men buy a separate laptop bag. In this case, the goal is to ensure the safety and security of the transportation of your “iron friend”.

A backpack is a suitable solution for young people and IT workers. Here, in addition to a laptop, you can remove a large number of necessary things. Thus, the hands are constantly unoccupied. Students or schoolchildren also prefer backpacks. In general, for active people, this is the best choice. With a backpack, you can move with maximum comfort.

How To Choose A Laptop Bag

Vertical laptop bags are available in both solid and color. Additionally, fittings can be decorated very stylishly, bright patterns can be present. These laptop bags are in great demand among young people. There are models with solid construction. Crafted from tough, waterproof fabrics, they feature a variety of compartments, s and different compartments. The main thing is that these bags are very comfortable and functional. For young people, one might say, the best choice. They can be taken in any weather without worrying about damage. The advantages are obvious over other options.

Folder-shaped laptop bags are usually of interest to men. So these people like SIMplicity and minimalism. In this case, you need to know that, with the exception of a laptop, nothing can be removed here.

When choosing the right shape for your mobile computer bag, look at its size. It’s good if the device fits freely and DOES NOT dangle inside. Having determined the size of your own computer screen, you can easily select the appropriate bag size. There are three main sizes in total: for ultrabooks. 8-13 inches, for standard laptops. 14-15 inches, for huge laptops. 17-19 inches.

The range of laptop transport bags features a variety of colors, designs, creativity and high quality materials.

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The size

The dimensions of a laptop bag are determined primarily by the screen diagonal of the device that this bag model is designed to accommodate, and secondly, by the presence of additional compartments.

In most cases, the laptop inside the bag is fastened with special straps, as a result of which the corners of the case are evenly removed from the edges, which creates a certain margin of deformation in the event of a fall. It should be borne in mind that the internal dimensions generally have a certain margin, and in a model designed for a laptop, for example, 16 inches, you can easily accommodate both a device with a diagonal of 15 and 17 inches. Only the margin around the perimeter of the case inside the bag will depend on the size of the device.

In addition to this parameter, a laptop bag may have a number of additional compartments designed to accommodate the second devices and accessories available to the user. Of course, this affects both the external dimensions and the weight and price of the product. For example, briefcase bags are mainly equipped with an organizer and a compartment for papers, a mount for a mobile phone and a tablet.

Equipment and materials

Products from various manufacturers may differ in both the configuration (availability of additional compartments, luggage mounts, etc.) and the materials used, which determines the appearance, functionality and durability of the product.

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Most of the bag models are made from synthetic materials that provide an optimal balance between appearance and durability on the one hand, and cost. With another.

Genuine leather is mainly used as a material for portfolios. Due to a certain high cost, this option is aimed at creating a prestigious appearance of the product rather than any technical aspects. Laptop bag perfectly fits into the strict business style of its owner.

Bags made from the second types of materials can differ in the following ways:

  • Waterproofness

DO NOT permeate metal, nylon and polyester products.

The fabric of the bag can be stitched with metallized thread to increase durability. It is mainly applied to nylon products.

There are many differences in the internal structure of various bags:

  • Additional wall sealing

The increased layer of sealing fabric can additionally protect the laptop not only from shocks and falls, but also slow down the device cooling down in the cold.

  • Hardware material

In most cases, a sure sign of sufficient strength is the use of metal to make joints and carabiners. At the moment, there are also polymer substitutes for metal, and not inferior to it in strength, but with a much lower weight. However, if there is no skill in distinguishing plastic by strength, it is better to take a model with metal fittings.

  • The presence of a rigid frame

For models made of soft materials (natural and artificial leather, nylon, polyester), a rigid frame is used to increase the strength of the product and give it the required shape. Depending on the shape and material of manufacture (mainly plastic), the weight and degree of protection of the laptop will vary.

  • Density of fabric

This parameter is applicable to products made of synthetic materials. Here the level of density of the fabric will primarily depend on the durability of the product.

Types of laptop bags

Depending on the design, size, configuration and materials used, laptop bags can be divided into the following groups:

How to choose a laptop bag

Today it is difficult to imagine life without laptop computers. Smartphones, tablets and laptops have become the constant companions of modern man. The rhythm of Today’s life requires us to constantly stay in touch and be able to access the necessary information at any time. Since a smartphone or tablet does not have high computing power, a laptop is the preferred option for a number of tasks. Slightly surpassing the size of full-size tablets, this type of computer can have a performance that surpasses budget desktop computers. And given their mobility, this type of device can be called indispensable for a number of tasks that require access to a computer outside the office or at home.

In turn, you need a laptop bag to carry this device comfortably.

To choose a product that exactly suits your needs, you need to study the types of bag models that exist today, get acquainted with their advantages and disadvantages.

A type

In this category, we can distinguish: cases (provide minimal protection for the device), classic bags and briefcases (designed to be carried by the handle or on a belt on the side), cases (have hard walls for increased protection of the device from damage and unauthorized access), backpacks and suitcases.

The first type is the most common. With a fairly wide range of prices, covers are available in various configuration options, allowing the buyer to choose the model that meets his needs. The laptop placed inside is protected to a certain extent by the walls of the cover from dust, scratches and minor impacts. Compact dimensions, which slightly increase the external dimensions of the device, allow you to place a laptop in it, for example, in a work case.

Laptop bags and briefcases provide more protection from external influences, and also have compartments for additional accessories and business papers. A laptop fastened to the inside with straps is much better protected from impacts due to the gaps in the corners of the bag, the presence of a gap between the outer wall and the surface of the laptop. The paper compartments available on most models can help you transform this bag into a mobile office.

The advantage of a laptop backpack is that it fits behind your back, leaving your hands free. This option is preferable for young people who often have to use public transport.

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A large laptop bag, made in the form of a suitcase or a bag on wheels, will allow you to take with you a full set of office equipment: laptop, power supply, printer, set of business papers and CDs, organizer. In addition, such models are equipped with places for attaching a mobile phone and accessories. The laptop compartment is fully shockproof to keep it safe during travel. The main disadvantage of this option is its considerable dimensions, so the everyday use of such a product for transporting a laptop is impossible.

Which laptop bag to choose

Initially, it is worth determining how important it is for you to match the purchased bag with your style of clothing. If this accessory must fit into the overall ensemble, it is advisable to pay attention to the line of designer bags (for example, Pierre Cardin). A cheaper solution would be to SIMply select a male or female model of a bag from a specialized manufacturer of SIMilar products.

A men’s laptop bag can be presented in several solutions, both in the form of a classic bag, and in the form of a stylish briefcase or case.

Women’s laptop bags, in addition to the main purpose, will complement any style of the owner. A huge number of options for execution, ranging from classic cases and ending with elegant bags, will be able to satisfy the most sophisticated taste.

If the correspondence of the appearance of the bag to the style of clothing is not very important, it is advisable to make a choice from the existing classic models of covers and bags.

One of the most profitable choices is the case. Having rigid walls, it will sufficiently protect your laptop from mechanical damage, and dense fabric will prevent dust or light rain from entering. Compact dimensions will NOT create any inconvenience in transport, and the presence of internal compartments will allow you to carry the necessary minimum of additional equipment (for example, a power supply unit, a GSM modem, several disks and flash drives). This option is mainly suitable for those who use a laptop for personal purposes and do NOT have to carry work documents with them in addition to a mobile computer.

If a laptop is NOT a pastime, but a work necessity, a classic bag will be the best choice. It is advisable to choose a model made of waterproof fabric, with sufficiently thick side walls that can protect the laptop from cold and side impacts, a rigid frame and straps to protect it from falls. A fairly wide range of sizes will allow you to choose a model individually for yourself. If you wish, you can find both a product with a minimum set of additional compartments (for example, one compartment for papers and one for accessories), as well as an option with the ability to accommodate all the necessary documentation, an organizer, a mobile phone and a small tablet. A more stylish option is a genuine leather laptop bag. Having NO external differences with a regular portfolio, such a thing will be a good addition to the style of a business person.

Active people will love the backpacks. A number of companies (for example, Lowepro) produce models of photo backpacks with a laptop compartment. This option is able to fully accommodate the necessary equipment for outdoor activities: a camera, a set of lenses and accessories, as well as a laptop for viewing footage on site.

Other types of laptop bags are much less common. For example, metal cases Provide excellent protection for the device, but are small and quite expensive. Bags made in the form of a suitcase or bags on wheels have considerable capacity, but for this reason they are bulky, not suitable for everyday wear and are used only for transporting a significant list of office equipment over long distances.

It is advisable to first of all pay attention to the products of well-known manufacturers, since in this case you can be sure of the level of materials used and the quality of performance. In the event that a laptop bag is rarely required, you can pay attention to inexpensive laptop bags. Their reliability is likely to be significantly lower than in the products of specialized manufacturers, but due to automotive use, this disadvantage will NOT appear.

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Summing up, we can say that when choosing a bag, you must first take into account the likelihood of exposure to adverse environmental factors (cold, rain), susceptibility to mechanical damage (impacts, falling scratches), the need to place additional items with a laptop (working documents, accessories for laptop), requirements for meeting certain criteria for appearance.

By answering this checklist and considering the above information, you will be able to choose the laptop bag that best suits your needs.

How to choose a laptop bag. Frame

A soft bag is not capable of saving equipment in the event of a fall or impact, therefore, for reliable protection, it must have a rigid frame made of metal or plastic. Sometimes the role of the frame is played by solid polypropylene inserts. At the same time, inside the laptop storage compartment should be soft, with dense shock-absorbing walls.

This feature is very useful for people who travel by public transport or who are often at Razzd. The frame reliably protects the laptop during transport.


Nylon is one of the most popular materials used for sewing laptop bags. It belongs to the synthetic type, has high strength, wear resistance and light weight. Nylon bags are smooth, with a slight metallic sheen.

Polyester is another popular synthetic material. In terms of properties, it is NOT inferior to nylon: it is just as strong, durable and unpretentious in care.

Bags are often made from a combination of two or three different materials. For example, to enhance the protective properties of nylon or polyester, they are coated with polyurethane. This polymer synthetic material is also called artificial leather. It does not allow moisture to pass through, so in such a bag the equipment will be reliably protected from precipitation. Polyurethane accessories are durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. dirt can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. In addition, such bags look solid and will be a good addition to the image of a business person.

Sometimes laptop accessories are also made of genuine leather. Such models are quite expensive, so they are usually chosen by those who want to emphasize their status.

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that is durable, durable and has moisture-repellent properties. The neoprene bag is easy to care for: it can also be washed with soap.

Some bags are made from a fabric called Oxford. Such material can consist of any fiber: nylon or polyester. Its characteristic feature is the interlacing of threads in a checkerboard pattern, the so-called “matting”. Bags from “Oxford” have an original look and at the same time are durable, moisture resistant and can withstand high loads.

Shoulder strap

To carry the bag in the palm of your hand, two medium-sized handles are usually sewn into its top. Many accessories additionally include a long, detachable shoulder strap that allows the bag to be carried over the shoulder. This design is convenient when you have a long journey or if you need to keep your hands free.

Maximum supported diagonal

The maximum diagonal supported indicates which laptop size the bag is intended for. Manufacturers produce accessories in different sizes: the smallest are designed for devices with a diagonal of 10-13 inches and are suitable for netbooks and compact ultrabooks. Large bags can carry laptops up to 18 ”.

Of course, you can put a small laptop in a spacious bag, but it is still better to choose the model exactly in size: for reliable protection, the equipment must be well fixed inside the accessory.

Number of branches

In the SIMplest models, there is only one internal compartment. it is this compartment that is used to store a laptop. Such a bag is suitable for cases when you need to cover a short distance, but is not very convenient for travel. To put a mouse, a network cable, documents, wallets and other necessary little things, you will have to take another bag with you.

It is much more practical when the accessory has additional inner and outer s. The latter option is optimal for traveling by public transport: you can always quickly get a ticket or money without opening the main compartment.