How To Check Your Laptop Camcorder

Lenovo Laptop WEB Camera Drivers

Lenovo laptop camera drivers are almost always correct when installing Windows.

If you get into an exception, then write in the google search engine “Lenovo support” and follow the link shown in the figure below.

Next, click on the link quick search.

A floating window will appear in front of you.

Enter your lenovo laptop number in it. It is on the bottom.

Now search, download and install the driver for your laptop’s built-in camera.

I want to note right away that lenovo support is the worst of all laptops produced. For example, for hp pavilion everything is much SIMpler.

However, if there are no necessary drivers, you will not be able to turn on the camera in any way.

As a fallback, you can use the DriverPack Solution program, only it is very large, you will definitely need high-speed Internet to download.

Lenovo laptop built-in camera software

As I wrote above without specials. Programs will turn on the camera on your lenovo laptop, you also fail.

To download and install, go to the free program for the built-in camera page and follow the instructions available there.

That’s all. If your operating system is preinstalled, then look on the keyboard for a key with a drawn camera.

Usually in lenovo F1. When you find it, while holding the fn button (bottom left), press it, or rather two together. the camera should turn on.

If it didn’t work out. write in the comments. we’ll definitely figure out the reasons. Good luck.

How to enable the built-in webcam on a lenovo laptop

Today, almost every mini computer is equipped with a camera, including lenovo laptops: g570, b560, z570, g550, g575, b570e, g580, z575, z580, g560e, g550.

The above are the most common (purchased) models on which you can turn on the camera and take pictures.

Only there is a problem, “beginners” do not know how to enable the built-in WEB-camera on a lenovo laptop. I think in this article I can help them.

How To Check Your Laptop Camcorder

The first thing you should understand is that in order to turn on the camera on your lenovo laptop, a special program must be installed.

The camera itself will never turn on without a program, except in skype or alternatively in the application.

If you bought your Lenovo laptop with preinstalled Windows 7, Windows 8 or already with the new windows10, then the program should be.

If you installed it yourself (friends), then you will have to install it yourself. Now let’s go in order.


Thank you so much. Two buttons helped me a lot.

It does not turn on, the firewood is standing, everything is ok in the dispatcher. (Vin7) By the way, when there was xp, the camera was in “my computer”

Drivers may be displayed in the manager, but if you install Windows yourself, they are downloaded from the Microsoft website, and not from the official one, even if you try to update them through the device manager, it is unlikely that the “native” ones will be installed.

DO NOT get the mood CAMERA! HELP please

I had Lenovo desktop 7, the camera was on the desktop right now, xp I don’t know how to put it on the desktop so that it turns on without problems

The program downloaded (Live WebCam) is not active “Take a picture” and “Start”, and the “screen” says “capture device is not available! Connect the camera and restart the program. What to do ?! Thanks in advance for any help.

And how Skype behaves, you see yourself in it, if there is no direct indication of the lack of drivers or the inoperability of the camera itself.

Help urgently! I have g570. The youcam program was originally installed. Everything worked fine for 2 years. Suddenly, the webcam suddenly became only with a black image! What should I do and how do I return the color? In the settings of the program itself This is not configurable, I cannot find the answer on the Internet.

The easiest option is to use recovery

My device is working normally, but in fact I turn it on to check it writes there is a problem with the camera (what kind of garbage tell me how to do it?

When you turn on Skype, a green light comes on next to the camera, but does not show. Tell me what to do?

I press F1 and fn the laptop goes into standby mode! What to do? Notelenovo G580

I do not have such a key, Drava is worth everything is win7

An outdated driver was installed on my Lenovo V580c model. Updated at
And the webcam is working

A huge thank you, the new Lenovo laptop could not turn on the camera and helped a lot

Oleg. are you really waiting for any advice? Wrote one word “not getting it”. usually they add something else.

How can you speed up the activation of brain cells when Conquering a laptop for the first time?

Help, I press the Fn and Esc button from the bottom, the window lights up that the camera is turned on, but nobody’s use Lenovo B570e win7

How do you know what’s the use of zero? Do you see yourself on skype? You have installed the program for the WEB-camera?

Lenovo G580 laptop, caught a virus, reinstalled Windows in the workshop, now I can not find where the program for the camera is, I see everything in Skype, but I can’t find the program itself. Before that, there was some kind of jokes right on the desktop.

And where did you get the idea that you have a program for a WEB-camera. The original version of Windows definitely has it. There is a link in the article. download and install the program yourself.

I can not turn on the WEB-camera laptop B570 win7 maximum

Are you sure that the program for the WEB-camera is installed. you cannot turn on the WEB-camera without the program.

Hello! Help me please) I have a lenovo g 560 laptop I used to have a camera. Then several times my system administrator rummaged through my computer, what he did I don’t know. There is an opportunity to contact him. In general, I recently discovered that the camera does not work. I couldn’t find it on my computer. Reinstall via the disk that came with the kit. Now I launch the cyberlink youcam program, it says, “no webcam detected, Try now to connect the webcam to the computer. If using the built-in camera, make sure it is turned on. ” I press the fnesc keys, the situation does not change. I look in the device manager, there is a lenovo easy camera, (as I understand this is it?) There is a yellow exclamation mark on it, I go to the properties, there in the window the state of the device is written. “This device cannot be started. (Code 10) “. Help please aaaaaaa. If it’s not difficult, you can write in detail what I need to do to meriakre2007@rambler.Ru I really hope for you!

The system does not see the WEB-camera. A yellow exclamation mark most likely indicates that a driver is missing. It should be on the disk, if not, download from the manufacturer’s website.
You should definitely get rid of the yellow badge.
The WEB-camera itself may also deteriorate, but this is unlikely.
In skype, I think, too, not all types of myself.
You can also use recovery. in the comments there is a link to the page where it is described how to do this.

Downloaded sense NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Initially, the camera worked, took pictures and then switched to mode. And I can’t go back to the photo. They ask to turn on the camera. What to do?

If she just isn’t incl. Press EscFn keys
if the brightness is not the same, or too cloudy, go to skype and click Tools-Options-Options-Webcam settings-by default
and that’s it)

Thank you very much for the help

How to turn on the camera on Lenovo G780? Tell me please

Artyom. the article clearly says that to enable you need drivers for a WEB-camera, and a program for a WEB-camera, you can’t do without them, and you need to do this yourself.

Hello! All great success in solving your problems! I got into this category with my problem! I was presented with a new laptop; Lenovo Idea Pad G500G; But since before that I had nothing, and I’m just far from this, as they say, BEGINNER! And I want to know EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING at once! ASK! Be so kind as to help! I have VIND.-8! What are the key combinations to turn on and off the camera that is at the top of the screen? Ie does it work at all? And also check if the driver is installed on the webcam? And how can we make a CALL or via Skype in the future? Thanks in advance to ALL! GOOD LUCK!!

First, download and institutions the program from the link in the article and try to take a photo or register a login on Skype (institutions program). During the installation process, you will be asked to take a photo from your WEB-camera. if it works, then the drivers are in order.

Thank you for the information! GOOD LUCK.

When I press the fnf1 keys, I have a computer. Turns off.

Then press another combination, it all depends Not only on the name of the laptop, but also on the model.

I pressed 2 buttons, the fotik icon lit up in the lower right corner, but the camera does not work. The product number is not readable, I’m in shock. It costs Windows 7 maximum, help the idiot

If there is, then it can be seen at the very top of the screen in the center. an eye like in a phone. You can learn more about this here

Hello, help me in my laptop, nowhere is there even a word camera, I don’t even know whether there is Camra in the laptop or not

Thanks, I got it, only the keys are NOT Fn-F1, but Fn-Esc, F1 I have a sleep mode

Thanks. Everything is working.

THANKS. Finally it worked.


Thank you so much. It was about two buttons)))

I have Lenovo v580c, it costs 8k, the camera used to work, now there is a crossed-out camera instead of photos! What to do?

Install / update the driver for the WEB-camera and roll back the system by the time the WEB-camera was working.

If there is a built-in camera in the laptop and you have installed the “native” driver (the standard one from Microsoft may NOT fit). the camera will work without fail, except for technical damage (moved away, contact, loop, etc.), provided that there is a program for WEB cameras. The easiest way to check is via skype or online service. there are other options.
If the camera is not connected, it means either it is technically damaged or is missing Required driver.

However, the camera can be turned off. Enter Device Manager.
Almost at the very bottom there is a line “imaging device”.
Click on the small triangle opposite it. the menu will expand and your WEB-camera will appear. Click on it with the right mouse.
The second item from the top will be to enable or disable.
It is not necessary to explain further: if you see “turn on”, then it is disabled. turn it on (for the WEB-camera to work, you need to “turn off”)

Hi, my Lenovo G780, as I bought the beech, the webcam did not work initially. Yukkami writes that the camera is not connected, that is, her supposedly just comments. What to do in this situation?

Looked, it’s not at all CLEAR. PRESSED AND NOT WRITTEN ABOUT the webcam NOTHING. WORTH Windows 8. Skin links to PLIZ drivers

And what model is the laptop, not all the same WEB-camera is installed.

I had 7th Windows, and now I installed 8-ku, everything works fine, only the WEB-camera does not turn on, I tried to install the driver from the website on the webcam on Windows 8. But it is not installed. What to do?

HELLO HELP ME I HAVE LAPTOP Lenovo G575 I press the F1 button AND THE CAMERA does not turn on HELP TO GET UP

In the settings of the built-in camera on the laptop, read here.

Guys tell me how to set up the camera

Thank you very much you helped me a lot

I don’t know what your cat has done, so as NOT to experiment for a long time, try to rollback. if there is a suitable save point.

Hello. My cat walked over the keyboard and the webcam did not turn on. Still I can’t transfer pictures from a flash drive through an adapter. (adapter) laptop-emachins d732zg. Help-what to press to make everything work again!

Buttons may not be there, look here, maybe turn it on.

I can’t find the button where the camera is drawn! Help! I suffer for a very long time without a camera! I have a lenovo B590 laptop

Thank you very much for the help)

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Thanks. A button with yellow text Fn and Esc. and everything turned on)))))) A friend put the operating system to me after the purchase himself. For almost a year I thought that the camera did not work))))) THANKS from the Bear to you))))))

Thank you very much

Hello. I have a brand new Lenovo 575. I bought it right away with the program, it had Windows8, the camera worked well. But after I reinstalled Windows7, the camera does not turn on. I went into the device dispatcher settings, everything is fine there, the camera is on and the drivers are working. But I can’t find where to turn it on? The buttons on the keyboard do NOT react at all. And yes, the camera works, I checked it on the website alone, it turned on. In general, please tell me how they will turn on the camera?

Thanks for the advice. Good luck!

Thanks! Helped pressing Fn Esc (with the image of the crossed out fotik)!

thanks for the help!

I can not find in 8k how to allow using the camera

Not quite clear. What prevents you from using the WEB-camera in Windows 8?

I can’t understand. I have 7 wines I go to the official site Lenovo. 580 there and in sight of comments.

And the Lenovo 580 laptop is not. There must be a letter in front of 580. Here’s an example for lenovo B580:

Tell me please! I use the Lenovo s110 netbook in the device manager, the computer does not see the webcam, there is an image in skype. There is a pre-installed OS7. The fnesc button does NOT include. Installing drivers may help or hardware problem?

Help, I suffer the second day.
Lenovo IdeaPad z500 laptop, win 8.1
The camera does not work (it worked before). in YouCam it says “Webcam is not detected blabla Make sure it is turned on”.
Fnesc does not work, there is no camera at all in the device manager, the driver from the Lenovo website was installed.
Yesterday it turned on for a couple of minutes, and again stopped working. The LED next to the camera has stopped burning (it used to be on)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, TWO BUTTONS turned out to be MAGICAL. I lost a lot of TIME AND NERVES before.

Yes, I installed your program. it didn’t help in my case! I generally cannot find it to control functions, although all checks show that it “works” normally, this is the trick.

Guys, help Lenovo g 575 laptop. I turn on the camera I launch the YouCam application 3 Pour out the window in it says YouCam cannot be connected to the web. Camera (Lenovo EasyCamera). Select another capture device in the settings and or close all applications that can use this web camera, then restart the camera.Choose another capture device restarts the computer 5 times and nichrina is always the same inscription and the applications that use the camera in me and are not on except skype

And you will remove unnecessary ones from autorun. You reboot, and they automatically turn on again, or Turn them off in the task manager and then launch YouCam 3 (it may even be advisable to delete unnecessary ones).

Hello! Lenovo G550 Win 7, the camera worked fine, but after reinstalling Win 7 on Win 7 (there were problems opening programs, the programmer was reinstalled at work), the camera button disappeared from the screen, and I can’t find a way to turn on the camera. In the device manager, the camera is shown. it works fine, the drivers were updated. it also says that everything is normal, but I don’t know how to turn on the camera. The shortcuts don’t work, and there’s no camera icon on any of the buttons! Help!

To turn on the camera, there must be a program for the WEB-camera. You have it?

Camera turns on images available

I generally can’t find where my camera turns on, but it works fine in skype, help.

I have a Lenovo B570e model

I have model B570e

To turn on the built-in WEB-camera in a laptop, you need to download and install the program for it. We start the program, the camera turns on, without the program it will NOT work.

Can’t download a WEB-camera on a laptop Lenovo Y560p, help who knows.

I don’t know how to help

Thank you very much. What I didn’t do. But it turned out to be much easier. it’s all about 2 buttons.

Kind time of the day. I have a Lenovo b570 laptop. The problem is the same: I can’t turn on the webcam, I press the fn esc key, the camera on icon lights up. I launch the lenovo youcam program: it says that the camera is disabled. In the device manager, it says that the camera is working properly. Also, the camera does not turn on when skype starts. Help advice

Look here. maybe the camera is just turned off, it happens sometimes.

-The program “Easycapture” is not intended for a WEB-camera, but for screenshots. there are many other SIMilar ones on the network, free, in Russian. All Windows have their own standard. “scissors”
– EasyCapture on Windows 8 may NOT work. Try running in compatibility mode for Windows 7.
– To take photos from the built-in WEB-camera, download the program located in this article.

Help me please! Camera driver for Windows 7 32-bit. Lenovo B570e installed, writes: This program has known compatibility issues. Easycapture software incompatible with this version of Windows. Searching for solutions on the Internet did not give anything. The program itself starts, but writes that it cannot open the camera. How to be and what to do next.

And there are cameras in the device manager. (((

Natalya. if there are cameras in the device manager, then the driver is not installed specifically for your built-in WEB-camera.

Where to download the driver if it is not on the official website of the manufacturer, you can find out here or download it from the website: driver.Ru. there it is.

Frenk, “Camera driver for Windows 7 32-bit. Lenovo B570e” from the official site. not a driver.

I have Windows 7

I don’t have a camera key. On F1. mute. Camera won’t turn on.

Please tell me, you can see me on the camera in Skype, but the photo is not taken, what to do in this situation?

I forgot to add. I updated the driver, I found the camera in the device manager. everything is in order. I downloaded the easy capture program. writes that only for lenovo, as you understand, I have lenovo, i.e. Glitch. Help me to understand

Lenovo G505s DOES NOT find the camera, on the F1 button mute. The application does not find the camera, help me figure it out. How to turn on the camera? I worked for this. a month ago I talked on Skype.

Hello, help me please, I bought a Lenovo G700 laptop, I wanted to take a picture, but I can’t find the camera, I cut off the whole computer. I didn’t find the camera, what should I do ?! On skype I speak excellent beautiful, help

Do you have a program for a laptop WEB-camera installed? Do not launch the WEB-camera without it.

My camera is working. But only my profile is in a dark color, although the lighting and the room are visible. I tried to set it up. Nothing works.
Thank you for your help.

Hello, I just can’t turn on the camera on the Lenovo S110 netbook, it’s windows 7. The second day I’m suffering. The driver, as written here, was updated, on the lenovo.Support site there was only this “Realtek USB 2.0 CardReader Driver for 32-bit Windows”. When you press Fn Esc, the message “no camera is installed on this computer” appears, but it has been working recently. I don’t even find it in the device manager.

ANSWER: Realtek USB 2.0 CardReader Driver for 32-bit Windows. they have nothing to do with a WEB-camera. If everything worked before, do a rollback.

Probably this is not the same driver, but I did not find any second one, I also looked at driver.Ru.

Then look for the driver by hardware ID. How. see here.

Thank you, Frenk, but I have already followed this link, but the problem is that there is an image device (cameras) section in the device manager, so I cannot see the hardware ID that is not in the manager. If you follow the link, then 20.11. Alena already had such a problem, but no one answered that question. Why is there no image device section in the manager and how then to find the driver?

Only one solution. look for a driver or write directly to those. Support

My camera stopped working on a Lenovo B590 laptop. In the device manager, it is found, the device writes it works fine. When I try to update the drivers, I get a message: “The system has determined that the drivers for this device DO NOT need updating.” The FN and Esc keys did not help. When you call the mail agent, the green camera light comes on, but there is an image. Please help me figure it out and fix the camera.

Download from office. Site driver (if not) and enable. if disabled.


I have a lenovo g550, the camera worked, reset. Wind and the icon disappeared. I installed the drivers, everything is ok in skype, there is no bisoncap, but how the photo disappeared?

One WEB-camera is not enough to take a photo. you also need a program. The article has a link to the free one. Works on all computers.

Thank you. Like many, 2 buttons helped.

I have Lenovo470. Everything works, but I can not look at the photo-archive sends to desktop themes, what else is Dalat? Help me please!

How to understand a photo archive? This is a folder with files or still an archive?

Please help me reconfigure the Windows 8 program on Windows 7 and I have a good camera icon and I don’t understand this at all

If you cannot on your own, tell the person who reinstalled. You need to download and install a driver for a WEB-camera from the manufacturer’s website and this program. How to download the driver is written in the article. There is nothing more to remotely help.

Hello Yaroslav. I have such a problem. I flew a hard drive on Lenovo Z580, after replacing it, the camera and touch panel stopped working because the factory settings remained on the non-working hard drive. I tried to download from Lenovo support site but they DO NOT work. Help. Thanks in advance!

I have a Lenovo G580. In Skype, I see my image. And so, not in Skype, how can I use the camera just to take my photo or?

Download the program from the link in the article and take a photo. When you go to the page with the photo program, there will be a link to another program. for. Both programs are free and in Russian.

Hello, please help me figure it out. Acquired a second-hand Lenovo B320A1 monoblock. The WEB-camera does not work, or rather writes that it is disabled or not installed. I tried all the previous comments, and the buttons, and everything else. I reinstalled the driver several times, the standard program is Youcam, I tried Skype, no result. Windows costs 64 as it should, Directx11. In the task manager, it is defined as an unidentified usb, which cannot be enabled (code 10). ID codes are given like this:
USB \ VID_0AC8PID_C412REV_1006
In general, I do not know where else to climb. Help out)

May God grant health to the author. I suffered for two days, Until it came and everything worked out)))))

Thank you! Two magic buttons saved me from rolling back the system to factory settings)))

My camera does not work (it says this application requires permission to use the camera. It can be assigned in the application settings!
Thank you I will wait for an answer

Skype works

And in the Lenovo b590 application comments

And which application is it in? Look in the settings for the item “camera parameters”.
If you have Windows 8, then I will move the cursor to the upper right corner of the screen to call the settings, then Permissions.
In the Webcam and Microphone section, check the settings. If they are off. turn on with the slider.

What exactly did you install: a program or a driver? To enable the camera in the G580 laptop, like everyone else, you must install these two components. Restart the laptop after installing the driver. How to set up a WEB-camera read here.

I have a G580 laptop, installed but does not turn on, what should I do? Help.

I can’t turn on the webcam on my laptop.

How do you turn it on?

It helped, everything is easy and fast. To the author

Good afternoon! The camera stopped working on Lenovo G500. At first, it started to turn off even with the slightest movement of the lid, you had to fix the lid and it turned on, then it completely disappeared. The program is worth it. In Device Manager, there is a term “Image Processing Device”. I tried to restore the system with an earlier date, it did not help. The BIOS has Advanced tabs to see if the camera is turned off. I searched everything in the BIOS, there is no camera at all. Well, and, accordingly, “FnF1” does not help. What to do?

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It looks like a problem with the loop. This is a hardware problem. I think you need to contact the service.

Hello, my camera does not work. It does not turn on with the keys, does not show in skype. The driver downloaded. When it worked about a year ago. Then we reinstalled Windows, now it does not work. There are cameras in the task manager. What should I do? Rollback does not work TC Windows reinstallation almost half a year ago, and there the dates rollback 3 days ago.

So after reinstalling Windows, did you install the driver or not?

Hello! I had Lenovo в590 After the purchase, the camera worked. Then I handed over the laptop to the workshop under warranty. There the motherboard was replaced. After a while I decided to take a picture and saw that the screen shows a crossed-out camera. The green eye is on. There is a click. does too. But on them, respectively, only this camera with a stripe is depicted. Maybe, in addition to the board, something else was replaced there, for example, a camera?

Yes, I do not think that the camera will be replaced, it costs a penny, but it could damage something. for example, a train.

He brought a laptop from repair. They said that the camera did not work and it was changed. Now he takes pictures, but if he used to take it with a resolution of 1280 720, now it is 640 320, so there is no clarity. Tomorrow I will carry it again. Maybe somehow this resolution is switched in the device itself?

Good afternoon! Please tell me there was a problem with the web. Camera (laptop model Lenovo в590). The screen shows a crossed-out camera. The laptop has not been repaired.

Changed the camera again. Now it shoots correctly. There is one nuance, which may be interesting to someone. When the camera resolution is 640 480, a white light is on next to the camera, at 1280 720 it is green. I also had a crossed-out camera.

Good afternoon. Please help me. I had a Lenovo G 575, initially VIN 7, two cameras worked, one in Skype and the other good with different devices, I took good photos on it, then I installed Vin.10 (which I regret) And then I rebooted from scratch with all the files deleted And everything was gone from me, all programs. The wizard installed the Win 7 program for me, but without reinstalling (it was already impossible) The camera on Skype works and a small peephole lights up, but the big one does not light up and the good camera disappeared. So I don’t understand it was one or two? There are two eyes. And which now works fuzzy. Please, if you understood anything, write me stupid. Thank you in advance.

There are laptops with two WEB cameras for 3D recording. But in Lenovo G 575, as far as I know, there is only one. This laptop comes with a driver disc. if there is, run it, if not, download the Lenovo Easy Capture program and find it on the official website. Then specify the version of your operating system, including the bit depth and parameter camera and card reader, then download and install the driver. everything should work as provided by the developers.

Regarding. two eyes are not entirely clear to me, maybe one from the microphone?

How to turn on the camera on Lenovo N 580 laptop? Or how to install drivers on a laptop?

If everything worked recently, then the easiest option will restore everything. do a rollback.

Lenovo G505s DOES NOT find the camera, on the F1 button mute. The application does not find the camera, help me figure it out. How to turn on the camera? I worked for this. a week ago I talked on Skype.

I have already reinstalled the system, it is not visible even in the dispatcher

To enable the WEB-camera, reinstalling the system will not help. The camera needs a driver. it will NOT work without it. If it is not visible in the task manager, then the problem in the camera itself or the loop is not excluded.

Notebook G555, Can’t find and turn on the camera (

And the driver and the program are installed?

Hello. The trouble with the camera, like everyone else who left their comments here. Lenovo g570 laptop, bought in 2013 with Windows 7 preinstalled. After the Trojan was caught, which I got in the mail with its smelly Amigo and other nasty things, Windows had to be reinstalled because Neither Kaspersky nor System Restore solved the problem with the Trojan. But more to the point: initially the camera worked, as in all laptops there was a working icon for the camera in “my computer”, but after reinstalling Windows it stupidly disappeared. At first I thought that the matter was in Windows itself, but I was mistaken. none of the “Seven” installed by me displayed the camera menu in “my computer” (although everything was in iksps right after installation). new ones did not give any result. In the device manager, the camera is displayed, everything works through skype. I forgot to mention that when installing the bison cap, an error came out of what type of camera Tenders (but what about Tenders if it works in Skype?). Weekly search in Yandex did NOT give any results. many have this problem, but no one has found a solution to it, the only thing you can see is “there are drivers, reinstall the drivers” and the like. Maybe someone here knows how to solve this problem without installing any prog to work with the camera. Thanks in advance

It’s not entirely clear what the problem is. Without a program for a WEB-camera, a WEB-camera cannot work in any way. There is a program specially created by Lenovo developers for g570

Hello, I tried many of the above and did NOT work, so here it is! To begin with, I recently purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 100 15IBD model 80QQ laptop.
I bought a laptop without a system, put Win 7 there the maximum speed of 64.
On the manufacturer’s website, he entered the model, he confirmed and determined everything, then downloaded all the necessary drivers and all the functional buttons, and the brightness, etc., BUT not the camera.
It never worked. For the 2nd day now I have been looking for a solution to this problem, maybe you have already encountered a SIMilar one and will prompt?
Yes, I will say in advance that the Esc button has a hint of the camera icon and the function keys work without pressing Fn, while pressing the usual F1 F2, etc. Maybe the information about turning on or testing the WEB-camera looks like that in the command line?

From the 5th reinstallation of Windows (since when searching for drivers and the necessary information, the virgin system was infected with viruses) and after reinstalling all the drivers (sometimes even for the second time from the list provided), the webcam started working. It seems that the firewood was connected to USB, but this is inaccurate. In short, the camera works, but the brightness and volume widgets are not. I will look further.

Is the WEB-camera displayed in the device manager or not? Some notebooks of the same model are manufactured with WEB-cameras from different companies. You can try to remove all drivers for the camera and install using the device ID.
Sometimes everything can be correctly installed on the WEB-camera itself is turned off. How to enable read here.

Regarding programs, that is, to enable and disable, for example, Secure Webcam or Webcam On-Off. For parameter settings. ECTcamera

In skype, the camera works. It also detects, but when the camera is turned on, it immediately turns off.

Not quite clear. What turns off skype or camera?

It turned out Thanks to the Author of FNesc

Hello, how to enable the vapka on Lenovo z710

As well as the rest. Install the driver and program. I don’t know about Lenovo z710, but on some models the camera is drawn on the key (usually in blue). Then to run you need to press this key in combination with the fn key.

Drava installed keys are not included only in skype

Not quite clear. What is included in skype? If the camera on Skype works, then what else do you want?

Good afternoon, installed BlueStacks 2 on PC, downloaded the MSQRD application, the indicator lights up, and the image is there.
I downloaded MSQRD from another source, there is, but the image was returned 90 g, to get the effect you need to rotate the beech.
How to control a WEB-camera on a laptop and Synchronize with the program.
And this is how the camera works on social networks.

If the WEB-camera in other applications shows the images correctly, then the problem is definitely in the MSQRD itself. I did NOT use it, maybe there is a need to change something in the settings.

To use this combination please install thinkvantage
communications utility version 1.40 or above this one knocks out when I press (ESC Fn) a crossed-out camera is drawn on ESC. Another error knocks out in the Movavi application when I turn on the camera. And before that (that is) 15-20 minutes before that everything worked. Then it began to knock out the error “could not be viewed. Check if it is connected correctly. And if it is being used by a second application or user. ”What to do?

First you need to install ThinkVantage Utility version 1.40 or higher

The rabola camera in skype is normal. One day an advertisement popped up, possibly Windows.10 and turned on something wrong with the mouse and the camera stopped working. According to the prompts, I can’t turn it on Tell me how to turn it on correctly email address tolya135@mail.Ua Thank you in advance!

I don’t know what happened there, see if this can help.

Good evening. I have a problem on the Lenovo Ideapad miix10 tablet, Windows 8, The camera does not turn on, writes: Connect the camera or update the driver, in the manager of the camera driver there is a yellow triangle and does not update. It happened after I reset it to factory settings. And most importantly, the webcam light is constantly on and does not go out, previously it only burned during a Skype conversation or zyomka.

Where there is a yellow triangle, try to install the driver in this way, and about the fact that the light is constantly on, then perhaps some program or process is gaining access to the camera. There may also be a configuration error.

What to do now, I accidentally deleted the driver where the yellow triangle was, the sensor camera wrote there, what to do?

Try to rollback if possible, everything can be restored.

Can you please tell me, I also have a Lenovo laptop, in Skype, the camera and microphone work. And how to separately turn on the camera without Skype?

What is a webcam and where is it located?

Most modern laptops are discreetly equipped with a built-in webcam. This is very convenient, since there is no need to additionally look for a suitable device and install it on a laptop.

The camera is right above the screen. Outwardly, it looks like a small circle, SIMilar to a cell phone camera. This device offers many benefits. It will help ensure communication with anyone, regardless of their location. If only a voice is heard during a telephone conversation, then here the interlocutors see each other.

Modern laptop models have cameras with built-in indicators. They light up when turned on. This provides additional security. The Lenovo laptop has the same functions. How to turn on the camera if you are NOT an advanced user?

How to find the camera in the software

How to enable camera on Lenovo laptop? It can be found in software in two ways. One of them will certainly open the webcam for further configuration.

  • Open the “Start” menu. We choose the term “Search”. The word “camera” should be entered here. After the operation, you must choose the appropriate option.
  • Click on the “Start” menu, where we select the “Control Panel” item. Next, select the sub-item “Equipment and Sound”. Then, in the “Devices and Printers” section, click on “Device Manager”. The line “Imaging devices” will display a webcam.
  • The easiest way is to download the program for which the camera is required, and directly configure it in it.
  • We are looking for a button with a camera image on the keyboard. Some laptop models have this hotkey. Press the button and Fn at the same time.
  • Just invite a knowledgeable person to connect and configure everything. Yet sooner or later you will have to learn how to do it yourself.
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After completing one of the points, the question of how to turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop, but will not arise.

Installing a separate camera

In cases where the laptop does not have a built-in camera, but you want to chat on Skype, it is quite possible to resort to using a separate device. Most webcams come with drivers for installation. It is the presence of the driver that will help turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop. If the laptop cannot detect the driver, the camera will not work.

What is a driver

Proper camera setup on a Lenovo laptop depends on the driver available. Why do you need a laptop driver and camera?

It is a necessary link between the laptop and the devices that are connected to it. Most standard devices are automatically recognized by the computer and does not require driver installation. However, for a friend not provided by the manufacturer, it is necessary to install a special program that will detect the type of object and install it correctly. SIMply put, a laptop using this program gets access to device management.

Lenovo laptop camera drivers are disks with a special program. Usually, they are loaded and installed in a semi-automatic mode. All the user needs to do is click on the necessary buttons and wait for the installation.

It should be noted here that for standard devices such as a mouse and keyboard, drivers are pre-installed in the laptop software. Therefore, they do not need to be configured.

How to use the driver

How to enable camera on Lenovo laptop using driver? This question will inevitably arise for any novice user.

For example, a user bought a camera and connected it to their laptop. The computer has recognized the device, but there is an image. Right now is the time to look into the box where the camera was. There should be a driver disk there. It must be inserted into the drive. Wait for download and follow the instructions. Most external devices have detailed instructions on how and what to do. In addition, there are also recommendations for eliminating errors.

The laptop will automatically install the drivers for the camera to the system files folder. In addition, he prudently displays a shortcut on the desktop and in the Start menu. This is very convenient, as a novice user may accidentally delete a Required Program. And thanks to copying into several folders, he can always find a shortcut to the camera and use it. Even if all shortcuts are completely lost, the installed program will certainly remain. It should be located in closed system files.

How to turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop. Camera setup on Lenovo laptop

Our computer age is developing rapidly. Almost every family has a computer or laptop. Many advanced users are familiar with technology. However, there is someone who can not always figure out what and how to include. In most cases, the question arises of how to enable the camera on a Lenovo laptop. It is NOT worth getting into a stupor. You just need to follow the tips below.

Where to get and install drivers

What to do if you have an installation disk or it is lost? This is where many users start to panic and get upset. And everything is quite SIMple if you have access to the Internet. All the programs you need can be found on the net. over, with the correct request, you can download them absolutely free.

How to turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop using the downloaded program? Here you need to do the following:

  • Find file downloads in dad;
  • If this is an archive “rav”, then open the “setup” file (it is he who is responsible for the installation and subsequent operation of the camera)
  • Install strictly following the instructions.

It is worth noting that the search for the required programs. A very useful skill for all users. After all, everything can fail. For example, the installation disk is broken, and the camera refuses to turn on. You need to find the name of the camera and search the network on the official sites for the necessary drivers. Then download them to your laptop and install.

To work and communicate on the network using a webcam, you must be able to install and configure it. These skills will also come in handy in troubleshooting problems that may arise. This complexity does not have to arise, since by default, all laptop operation is intuitive and does not require special skills.

How to check the camera on a laptop

The device is available on any laptop, but this does NOT exclude the possibility of installing additional equipment by connecting to it via a USB cable. To check if it works, you can do it in several ways.

The first is a check using the Start menu:

  • In the lower left corner of the screen, click on “Start” and select “Control Panel”.
  • Choose “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Click on “Dispatcher” and find the item “Imaging Devices”.
  • Click on the camera and right-click on “Enable”.
  • The last thing that remains to be done is to click on “Properties” and the broadcast picture should appear in front of you.

The second method, which can be said to be universal and easy to use for any computer, which is to check the equipment using Skype, Mail Agent and second communication services, where communication is possible.


When using a computer, it is worth updating the drivers periodically, especially if you plan to use the device. When installing the camera, if your driver is outdated, a system window will pop up with a proposal to update it.

Just follow the prompts and the program will be updated. If the update fails, you can use the program to scan and install the missing drivers DriverFinder.

Also, if the equipment does not work, and it will not be superfluous to perform a deep scan by the antivirus installed on your computer for the presence of malicious programs and cleaning it from them.

Sometimes the USB connector becomes inoperative, which is also a prerequisite for the inoperability of the camera. Therefore, if you experience problems when you turn it on to one USB port, then try turning it on in another.

From all this it follows that there are many different ways to test the camera for operability, as well as troubleshooting methods that you can do yourself.

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Device check

As an example, I will give the Most common Skype program in use, go to “Tools”.

In this case, you can check the camera for operability through the “Settings” section in the “Settings”.

Thus, the question is solved, how to check the camera on the computer, whether it works or not. However, if, after the above verification options, the device did NOT work, then you should try to install it on another computer to make sure it is working properly.

If it works, then look for the cause of the problem on your computer, otherwise, you should contact the service or exchange it for a new WEB-camera.

Why is the webcam not working

It may happen that you installed everything and the camera did not work when checking the connection. Such situations are possible for several reasons:

  • When connecting the USB cable, you can SIMply insert it into the connector not completely. So check this point right away;
  • It is required to install additional drivers for the correct operation of the device. To do this, you need to download additional programs from the manufacturer’s website;
  • The cord is frayed. Accordingly, you will have to buy a new webcam;
  • Disable Device Manager. To do this, through the control panel, make a permit for the operation of the device;
  • Use by a second service. The point is that the camera can only work when using one resource;
  • The browser denies device access. To remove the lock, perhaps I clicked on the window where information was provided about this.

Here are some reasons and solutions if your device is not working.

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How to check the camera on a computer

How to check the camera on the computer if it works or not

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Most programs and services created for communication between people provide for the possibility of communication. To do this, you must use a WEB-camera.

over, if the camera is built-in on a laptop initially, then on a stationary computer, as a rule, it is absent. In this case, to use the connection, an additional purchase of a WEB-camera and its installation is required.

In principle, any processors are equipped with a special USB connector that allows you to connect a flash drive, keyboard, as well as any devices with the same connector.

Therefore, there will be no problems with connecting a WEB-camera. However, I want to understand how to check the camera on a computer, whether it works or not. This is exactly what will be discussed in this article.

How to check the camera on a computer

Before using the device that transmits the image, you must connect it to your computer via a USB cable.

Then, a pop-up window will appear in the lower right corner of the personal computer, indicating that the drivers are being installed. After that, depending on the operating system, the device can be checked in different ways.

For example, on the Windows XP operating system, the drivers are installed automatically, after which you can go to the “Start” menu and select “Control Panel”.

Then find “Scanners and Cameras” from the list and click on “USB device”. After that, if everything was installed correctly, the image transmitted from the camera will appear on the monitor.

For other operating systems, additional driver downloads are required from the websites of webcam manufacturers. As for the verification, then for this you will need to go to the program where there is a possibility of communication and carry out with its help.

How to check a camera on a computer on the Internet

Currently, there are quite a few services that allow you to check your WEB-camera online.

List of sites where it is possible to check the camera online:

  • Testcam.Ru;
  • Toolster.Ru;
  • Webcamtest.Ru.

Go to these sites, you are required to click on the “check camera” button and allow access to your camera. If everything is in order, you will immediately see the image from your camera. If there are problems, then you will be informed about it.

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