How to capture the screen of a Samsung a50 phone

Manual for phones with Samsung Experience and One UI shells

Note that until 2018, Samsung’s branded shell was called Samsung Experience (for example, the popular budget phone J7 runs on it). Later models began to appear on One UI. In general, this includes many smartphones of the A-series: A10, A30, A40, A50, A51, A71 and S-series: S8 / S8, S9 / S9 / Note9, S10 / S10, S20 and others.

First, you need to start by opening the Settings app. This can be done by tapping on the corresponding icon on the home screen.

In the “Settings” select the “Notifications” section. Blocking, permission, adding to priority “.

This section contains a set of options. Find among them the “Status bar” and click on this item with the mouse.

A menu will open in which you will see “Show charge percentage”. To activate this option, just slide the slider to the right.

Now, if you look at the top panel of your phone, which is the status bar, you will see that percentage is displayed next to the charge indicator.

If you see only the battery icon on the phone screen (say, Galaxy S9 or S9), then you can enable charging percentages on Samsung like this:

  • swipe down on the home screen to open the notification shade;
  • on the open notification curtain, find the settings icon. It is drawn in the form of a gear. Tap on this gear;
  • Scroll down the settings menu and find the Battery section. It can be located under the “Notifications” section (it all depends on the firmware version that is installed on your Samsung);
  • find and select “Show battery level in percent”;
  • set the switch next to this item to the “On” position.

As you can see, just a few simple steps, and you were able to put the charging percentages on Samsung.

Manual for phones with TouchWiz shell

Tachwiz firmware is the oldest version of the proprietary shell / launcher created for Samsung smartphones. It appeared back in 2008 and lasted until 2016. TouchWiz interface is installed on such models as Galaxy S3 or J3.

In general, if you have a phone with TouchWiz, then in order to set the charging percentage for Samsung in the same way as in the “Method one”, which is described above, you will need to go to the status bar settings: application “Settings” “Display” ” Status bar”.

By clicking on this item, we enter the menu and put the slider opposite the option “Show charge percentage” to the on position.

How to enable charging percentages on Samsung phone screen

One of the most important components of a mobile device is the rechargeable battery. It depends on its state how long we can use our phone without connecting it to a charger. Without a doubt, when choosing a smartphone for yourself, you must first of all pay attention to the capacity of the built-in rechargeable battery. When the battery has a higher capacity, less often you have to think about charging.

The ability to display battery percentage is essential for any phone, regardless of model or brand. However, the problem is that on many out-of-the-box devices, this function is often inactive. For example, on Samsung smartphones, the user has to configure it manually. The step-by-step steps may differ from model to model. We will tell you how this is done in more detail.

Battery Checker Apps

If you are more serious about always being aware of the state of the battery of your mobile device, we recommend downloading and installing one of the following applications on your phone:

  • Battery HD Pro,
  • AccuBattery,
  • Nova Battery Tester,
  • Power battery,
  • Ampere,
  • GSam Battery Monitor,
  • 3C Battery Monitor Widget.

These programs will help you get a complete picture of the degree of battery wear (Nova Battery Tester), show you how many minutes of phone calls, surfing the net and watching videos (Battery HD Pro) the battery will last. Battery Life, for example, will provide detailed data on battery temperature, charge level, capacity and number of cycles. The most comprehensive in terms of diagnosing and fixing battery problems is the Power Battery app. Some of its functions can work in automatic mode. GSam Battery Monitor and 3C Battery Monitor Widget also provide very decent monitoring of the battery condition.

In general, third-party applications can provide additional capabilities for tracking the battery life of a smartphone. For example, to give an accurate analysis of its condition in the form of graphs and tables. Or display, for example, information about the percentage of charging on the main screen when locked, and much more.

Second way

Samsung manufacturers have provided the ability to hard reset the phone using a combination of buttons if the sensor does not work.

You need to simultaneously hold down the power button and the “quieter” volume control. After that, the control parameters necessary for the user will appear.

If the device is frozen

Frequent installation of applications, surfing the Internet, saving photos, multimedia files and other information clog up the phone’s memory over time, the operating system starts to crash, up to a complete freeze. There is an old proven method for this case.

If the phone is frozen, then just open the back cover and remove the battery for a few seconds. Such a measure will not eliminate the cause of the failures, but will allow the device to resume operation, and will also provide an opportunity to clean up the system or perform other manipulations with the software.

If the freeze has become systematic, then you should establish the root cause of the problem. An effective measure is to remove questionable or unused programs and applications.

If you want to radically clean your phone, then you need to transfer all the saved information to the PC, and then reset the settings to the factory values.

If the smartphone does not turn on

Sometimes a forced restart of the smartphone is required, which, being charged, still refuses to start. To restart and fix a software crash of the system, for example, Android 10, you need:

  • hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time;
  • keep the buttons pressed for 5-7 seconds.

The phone should respond to the emergency reboot command with the buttons and display the Samsung start-up screen.

If the described problem recurs periodically, it is recommended to perform a full reset of the device, even after the update. This will fix system problems.

Model Information

Samsung Galaxy A50 is a budget model in the line of smartphones of the South Korean group of companies, but this did not prevent it from becoming in demand among users.

Technical characteristics that are not inferior in parameters to top-end models, including thanks to the function of detecting face contours and fingerprints, which prevent access to the device by unauthorized persons, this is why the model was liked by the consumers of the company’s product.

In addition, the Galaxy A50 is equipped with 2 microphones and noise canceling system. Economical battery consumption, as well as fast charging with an original charger, were appreciated by the owners of this gadget.

The functions of custom settings can hardly surprise modern smartphone owners, but the presence of a balanced night shooting mode allows you to take excellent photos, shoot tolerable video even in complete darkness.

Regardless of the model, manufacturer and cost of the device, each device can start to fail over time, and it is better to know how to restart Samsung A50 if this particular phone is in use.

The first way

You can force restart your phone without the side button. To do this, just hook your finger on the top of the screen and swipe down to open the built-in quick control panel for settings.

The traditional power icon will be displayed there, allowing you to do the planned manipulations.

Smartphone reboot methods

You can forcibly restart the phone if it freezes or the screen does not respond by performing several sequential actions:

  • hold down 3 buttons simultaneously: power, volume down, screen activation;
  • wait until the system offers the reboot function in the selection menu.

The screen will turn off, and after a short period of time, the screen saver will light up, followed by entering the operating mode.

What to do if the restart button does not work after the update

Software developers are constantly making updates, which are subsequently installed on smartphones. Some users prefer not to do this, while others, as a rule, leave their devices overnight to install new software.

For example, the smartphone has installed an updated version of Android 10, after which the phone stops responding to pressing the power button in the correct way, does not restart and starts an unnecessary daily (typical for A51).

Naturally, the user wants to return everything as it was before. There are several ways to do this, even if the restart button does not work.

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How to restart Samsung a50 phone if it freezes after update

Restarting Samsung A50 is one of the measures to return the device to normal operation, especially when the device began to malfunction, freeze, or does not respond at all to touching the screen, as well as control buttons.

Google login for older Samsung devices (Android 4.4 or below)

Old Samsung devices have the ability to bypass the lock if you forgot the access code to your gadget.

If you are the owner of a device based on Android 4.4 or earlier versions of Android, then do the following:

  • Go to the password entry screen;
  • Enter the wrong code five times;
  • After that the message “Forgot your password? “;

Method to Unlock Samsung Using ADB

The method below will work if you have previously activated the “USB Debugging” option on your gadget, and your computer can connect via ADB.

To unlock your Samsung phone if you lost your password, the following will help:

  • Connect your Samsung to PC with a USB cable;
  • Run Command Prompt in ADB directory;
  • Enter the command:

Reboot your device and the lock screen should disappear.

How to unlock a Samsung gadget with the “Find My Mobile” option

Most Samsung gadgets support Find My Mobile. If the locked phone has Internet access and has a Samsung account added to it, you can try to unlock it using the function we mentioned.

If you have forgotten your password, follow these steps:

    Log in and log in to Samsung;

Using the Back Button to Unlock Samsung

In some cases, the old tried and tested method to remove the Samsung screen lock may work.

  • Take a phone from a loved one and call your blocked device;
  • Accept the call on the blocked device, and without disconnecting, click on the “Back” button;
  • You will be able to access the locked device without a password;
  • Go to the security settings of your gadget, and try to delete the current password.

Effective program “Dr.fone” to reset Samsung password

Functionality of the professional tool “Dr.fone” allows you to quickly and conveniently unlock a password on a Samsung mobile phone.

If you accidentally forget your access code, do the following:

  • Download, install and run the “Dr.fone” program on your PC;
  • Select “Unlock”;

How to Unlock Samsung via Safe Mode

In some cases, various third-party applications can cause the Samsung screen to lock. To get rid of their functionality, we need to boot our device in safe mode.

Proceed as follows if you forgot your password:

  • While on the lock screen, hold down the power button. The shutdown menu will appear;
  • Press and hold the “Shutdown” button;
  • The phone will ask if you want to boot into Safe Mode. Tap on “Ok” or on the inscription “Safe Mode”;

Factory reset if you lost your Samsung password

Resetting the device to factory settings will help in a situation when the above methods did not work for some reason. Please be aware that when performing this operation, your files and data on Samsung will be lost.

The method for performing such a reset if you forget your passcode is different for each specific Samsung phone model.

Follow the steps below to unlock your gadget:

  • Turn off your Samsung;
  • Press and hold the power and volume buttons at the same time. The “Bootloader” menu will start;
  • Press twice on the “Volume Down” button to set the cursor to “Recovery Mode”. Then press the Power button to select it;
  • Then press and hold the power button, then press the “Volume up” button once to launch Recovery Mode;
  • Using the volume buttons in the menu that opens, move the cursor to the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option. It remains to press the power button to select it;

How to take a screenshot on Samsung. How to take screenshot of Samsung Galaxy and on other Samsung androids. Screenshots Samsung.

Let’s see how to take a screenshot on Samsung. For those who do not know what Screenshots is and how it is done, we will try to briefly explain. The screenshot function allows you to save as a picture everything that is displayed on the screen of your phone, smartphone, android, iPhone, tablet, computer and other devices. You can also say that when making a screen we are photographing the screen of a phone, computer, tablet. Of course, we do not use a camera for this, this function is provided on most devices, and in some devices, additional applications and programs can be installed to take a screenshot. To save a screenshot, you need to press a couple of buttons on the phone, and on the computer, you also need to press certain keys on the keyboard. I hope you learned at least a little what a screenshot is and how it is done.

Now let’s see how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung smartphones on Android. There are three options that allow you to save a screenshot on Samsung, below you can see all three ways and try which method is suitable for taking a screenshot on your Android Samsung. a big request that you write down in the comments which of the three options came to your device, please indicate the model of your android Samsung so that other users will have useful information from you on the site.

The first way to take a screenshot on Samsung is to press the “Home” button which is located at the bottom of the screen in the center and the “Power” (lock) button simultaneously for a couple of seconds. If everything went well, you will see a notification on the screen that the screenshot has been saved. Screenshots made by Samsung can be viewed in the gallery or open the Pictures / ScreenCapture pack or the Pictures / Screenshots folder and find a screenshot in it.

The second method just as easily allows you to save a screenshot of the Samsung screen, for this you need to press two buttons at once, the “volume down” button and the “lock” (on / off) button and hold for a couple of seconds. If you successfully take a photo from the Samsung screen, you will see a notification that the screenshot has been saved. As in the first version, the screenshot taken on Samsung Galaxy can be seen in the gallery or open the Pictures / ScreenCapture pack or the Pictures / Screenshots folder.

If none of the above methods helped you, then try the third option. To make a screenshot on a Samsung smartphone, press and hold the home button and the back button for a couple of seconds. Both of these buttons are located under the screen, basically this method of taking a screenshot of Samsung is used on Android 2.3 version. You probably already know where the screenshot is saved on Samsung, the screenshot is located in the Pictures / ScreenCapture folder or in the Pictures / Screenshots folder, you can also watch the screen in the gallery.


Recordable has another name. Easy Screen Recorder No Root. In the case of use without a PC, it requires the Superuser rights. There is a paid version with advanced functionality.

Disadvantages that prevent the full use of the application:

  • The free version of Recordable does not allow you to record video with a frame rate of more than 8 frames per second.
  • The program inserts its logo into every post made by the user.
  • Incorrect orientation when recording video. the captured video, when the screen is rotated during recording, “falls on its side” by 90 degrees.
  • Send Videos Directly to Skype. Selecting this Send menu item will launch the Skype app.

To start recording, switch to any other application by minimizing Recordable. To stop recording, go back to the Recordable app.

You can view the footage by opening the tab with saved recordings.

You can transfer any of the videos to another smartphone or tablet with Android, upload to YouTube, social networks, save in the cloud service or send by mail and Skype, add to notes.

Possible problems

The obstacles to screen capture of Android devices are as follows:

  • The earliest versions of Android are up to 2.x, released in early 2010. They simply will not “pull” almost any of the above applications.
  • The first models of smartphones with Android, having too low performance. they were only suitable for shooting video with a resolution not higher than 640 480, in most applications for shooting video from the screen there are no such “weak” video modes.
  • No support for large memory cards. The captured video should be saved to the SD card, and not to the internal memory of the gadget. if Android suddenly completely freezes, you will lose everything, since you will need to completely reset or reinstall Android. You need at least 8 GB on a memory card to start. a smaller SD card will fill up quickly: a second of 15 Mbps video recording requires about 120 MB of memory for every minute of such shooting.
  • Any video shooting consumes a lot of energy. you need a battery of the largest possible capacity. If it is shabby, replace it. Choose a gadget not only for the characteristics of the “filling”. pay attention to the battery capacity.
  • Modern gadgets rarely record video in MKV (Matroska Video) format. even if you convert a high-quality video into MKV recording on a computer, it will still “eat up” a lot of space on the memory card, despite the fact that compression in MKV is almost the best. without loss of frame quality.
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Screen Recorder is easy to set up. nothing more. But the full functionality is available only after purchasing the paid version.

Press the Start button to start shooting. Minimize the application. After 5 seconds, the recording of all your actions from the device screen will begin.

Screen Recorder functionality is the same for smartphones and tablets. At the first start, the program will ask for Root access.

By clicking on “Submit”, you will have access to the application settings and video recording.

Screen Recorder controls the bitrate, allows you to record sound, overlay an inscription on the video, minimizes without stopping recording, stops recording when the screen turns off, selects the codec (by default. AVI) and performs other equally important functions.

Recording is started by pressing the record key. You can view the recorded video by going to the saved videos tab.

Before viewing, you are prompted to select a player from the list of installed ones that support this video format.

Select any of the installed apps to view recordings

What ways are there

The first version of Android to support full-fledged video recording directly from the screen. 4.4.2 KitKat.

How to Record Android Screen Videos with Other Tools

There are other applications for recording video from the screen of Android gadgets. among them Screen Capture, Mobizen Screen Recorder, REC, RecMe Screen Recorder, Game Screen Recorder, etc.

Comparison of apps for capturing video from the screen

The main parameters of each of the five programs described above, which are worth paying attention to, are shown in the table.

AZ Screen RecorderSCR Screen RecorderScreen RecorderRecordableScreencast Video Recorder
Bitrate settingYesYesYesYesYes
Frame rate selectionYesYesYesYesYes
Microphone sound recordingYesYesYesYesYes
Optimizing the recording time (Time Lapse)NotNotNotNotYes
Delay before recording startsYesYesYesYesYes
“Sharing” records (function “Share video”)YesYesYesYesYes
Control buttons bar on the Android desktopYesYesNotNotNot
The need for Root privileges on the deviceAndroid versions prior to 5.xYesYesYesYes
Extended functionality availabilityEverything you need for freePaidPaidPaidPaid

SCR Screen Recorder

The application supports Tegra and Nexus 7 gadgets. It uses the original FFmpeg 1.2 software code under the LGPL license.

  • Limiting one video to no more than three minutes.
  • Developer logo in your posts.

To remove these restrictions, buy the paid version. The application works with Android version 4.0.3 or higher.

    After installing SCR Screen Recorder, the panel with buttons on the Android desktop consists of only three buttons: “record”, “settings” and “exit the application”. In earlier versions of SCR, instead of settings, there was only a button “turn on / off the sound”. Start with the application settings by clicking on the “gear”.

Check the settings before recording.

Scrolling down this menu, you can get to all of its items. check everything. Resolution, video stream speed, processing method, frame rate, choice of video codec for shooting, sound quality, folder for saving videos, stop recording, lock screen, etc all this is available from the main menu of SCR Screen Recorder.

Include the desired number according to the capabilities of the gadget

Choose how the captured video will be processed

AZ Screen Recorder

Since Android 5.0, the application does not require Root rights.

    After installing AZ Screen Recorder app, a small horizontal toolbar appears on your Android desktop, making it much easier to record videos. It is noteworthy that the image of this panel may not be included in the video recording and may not be displayed in it when viewing the recorded recording. The panel has 4 buttons: recording, program settings, viewing saved videos and closing the application.

First, go to the settings by clicking on the wheel

They allow you to customize the program for your device.

Adjust bitrate, video orientation, and more

Open this tab to view your videos

Set the delay before shooting, screen tapping, etc.

The Stop Options submenu gives the following. When shooting, it is convenient to have the recording start / stop button at hand. It can be useful to stop recording when the screen turns off, the maximum length of one movie. Use all these tools for easy shooting.

You can process video (cut out bad moments) without a PC and special video editing programs. video cropping is available in the AZ Screen Recorder application directly on your gadget.

Process videos right on your gadget

How to increase the sensitivity of the sensor on Samsung a50

Samsung a50, like other a10, a51, s8, a30, have a function that allows you to control the sensitivity of the screen sensor.

This feature can be useful for people with dexterity problems. You can set the screen sensitivity lower or higher.

If you need a softer touch, set the sensitivity higher. Although on the Samsung a50, in fact, it is large and cannot be compared with the a3 (as on the a5, I had no experience).

If you want to customize, you need to open “General settings” and select “Language and input”. Scroll to the very end of these settings and tap the speed indicator. Figure at the beginning of the recording.

Increase the slider to make the touchscreen more responsive and tab-friendly.

Decrease the slider to make the touchscreen less responsive and harder to press. Click OK and then experiment with the results.

How to increase the sensitivity of the sensor on a Samsung a50 on a screen with a film

If you are bothered by a protective film or glass, and this happens due to the poor quality of these products, then Samsung a50 provides another option.

It is designed specifically to increase the sensitivity of a sensor covered with film or glass. To do this, open “Settings” and tap the category “Display”.

Here you have to scroll the screen almost to the bottom until you see the “Sensitivity” parameter.

Once you find it, move the slider to the right. These are all settings regarding the reaction of the display to finger touches.

If they did not suit you and the sensor does not continue to work as you would like it to, then there is another way.

This function is not in the Samsung a50 phone itself. It is called “Calibrating the Sensor”. You can find out how to do it here. Success.


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Help I bought the phone A21s I cant find this function it was removed ?

A must have for all Samsung with Android 10.

Also Samsung A 21 s with glass, but no settings

the same story with the A 21 s. write how to fix it if you know

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3 Proven Ways to Enable Screen Recording on Samsung A50 Phone

I do not know why, but most of all they ask me if there is a built-in screen recording on Samsung a50 and if so, where.

There is and no. Why is there and not? Find out about this below. In Samsung a50, you definitely need them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. They allow, among other things, to choose the image quality, file name or save path.

Samsung’s A 50 has a built-in screen recording function. Not everyone can know about this, because this feature is heavily hidden.

Screen recording can be placed in a pop-up menu from the notification bar at the top of the screen.

capture, screen, samsung, phone

You will see how to do this in the pictures below. Once the screen recording goes to the Quick Access Toolbar, it only takes a few seconds to launch the function.

Whoever the built-in method does not satisfy, but I am sure such will be, then for them I will provide other methods below. more effective.

The first way to enable screen recording on Samsung a50. without extraneous applications

Can a phone, in our case the Galaxy a50, take over the desktop? The phone does not have a desktop recording function, but with a little trick you can do it for some applications.

This is useful when you want to demonstrate a work or method of setting up an application. You don’t need any external applications for this.

To record anything we need one of the functions already built into the Samsung a50 software.

Almost every phone can take notes using the Game Tools feature available in the Game Launcher app.

The system has a built-in recorder of games installed on the phone. The app will automatically inform you about the game tools when you first start the game.

In the Game Launcher window, you will not see the icon in any other application, except those that you added yourself.

To do this, follow the procedure below. You need to activate the “Game Launcher” in the “Additional functions” section of the settings and also activate the icon on the desktop. It’s easy to do.

Next, launch Game Launcher, click on the 3-dot menu (drag the bottom panel up) and then select the “Add Applications” option.

A list of third-party applications installed on our device will appear. We add the ones we want to record.

Please note that this option does not work for applications built into the phone such as Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

After adding the necessary applications from the panel, it launches the one that we want to record. The Game Tool icon will appear in the lower left corner or in the navigation bar.

Click the icon or, expanding the notification window, click the notification and then the Record icon to start.

After this action, the process of recording the screen and the actions performed on it begins. Follow the reverse direction to finish. After completion, we receive information about the possibility of viewing the saved record.

How to take screenshot in Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70

You should also be aware that you can customize the recording method. To customize an app, just click the gear icon in its window.

In the settings, we can select the format. MPEG or GIF, select the video quality (maximum 1080p, by default 720p), adjust the bit rate and aspect ratio.

You can also choose between your own voice and the voice of the game. The choice of voice (microphone) will allow us to record external sound using the microphone of the phone.

This option is useful when we want to add our comment about the actions performed. The setting for the game will record the sound in the application itself and will allow you to record system sounds from the phone.

The recordings we have made can be found as standard in the Gallery application. You need to know that for every application added to the Game Launcher in which we use this feature, a separate folder will be created automatically.

It will contain all the recordings for this application, which can be easily and standardly edited and distributed like any other video file.

What do you think of this method? Can it replace external applications? In my opinion, the service is not complicated, it is rather a matter of getting used to and the ability to use it.

The second is to record the screen on Samsung a50. “AZ Screen Recorder”.

We already have the opportunity to enable screen recording on Samsung a50, and now we will consider another one. through the “AZ Screen Recorder” application.

Installing applications is a free solution, unlike buying an external device.

One of them is AZ Screen Recorder. a free application that not only does not take up a lot of memory (only a few megabytes), but also does not require ROOT rights.

The program offers a large number of configuration options for video recording. you can choose the resolution (maximum QHD), the number of frames (up to 60 frames per second) or screen orientation.

Interesting is the simultaneous recording of a camera image or sound from a microphone built into the device, as well as the ability to stop, resume and combine these files into one.

The important thing is that the functions are available for free. the manufacturer allows you to purchase additional options, but they are not as necessary as those listed above. these are effects such as converting GIFs, the possibility of using the front camera or cropping video files.

I have to admit that the program works very well on Samsung a50. AZ Screen Recorder has no problem with it.

The situation looks a little worse in the case of games. here TekuHonor is not so good, but it is worth remembering that it depends mainly on the technical characteristics of the game.

You can also note problems with recording sound. it is muffled and can sometimes break. The main solution, however, is a program that can be safely recommended.

The third way to record screen on Samsung a 50 is “Unlimited Screen Recorder

An interesting (and completely free) program is Unlimited Screen Recorder. an application that (as the name suggests) allows you to record an unlimited and unlimited number of video materials, in addition, absolutely free.

This is a good suggestion, although unfortunately it causes huge problems when recording audio inside an app or game.

Unfortunately, we can regularly encounter problems with the audio track, but it is possible that at the time of reading the manufacturer has already fixed this bug.

In this case, you have the opportunity to record our voice from the microphone along with the gameplay of the selected title or when using the system.

It is a very easy-to-use application that offers a number of configuration options such as determining the frame rate or choosing a video codec between H.264 or MPEG-4.

It is important to note that the program copes well with landscape mode, which is especially important in games.

So if you don’t really need audio from the app or selected production, then Unlimited Screen Recorder is definitely a good choice considering the fact that the recording quality is definitely satisfying.

Personally, I prefer to use the method shown in the video below and here is the link to the application. Success.