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How to brighten the screen on a Lenovo laptop

How to adjust brightness on a laptop

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If you are sure that your monitor is too dim, there are options on how to increase the screen brightness on a laptop. Each manufacturer has left the opportunity for users to adjust the levels of contrast, color rendering, etc. You can change the power of the screen backlight in the following ways:

  • through the power menu;
  • built-in Windows program;
  • using hot keys;
  • through additional applications.

Windows Mobility Center

A little more action will require a user who wants to decrease or increase the brightness of the laptop screen on Windows 7, the second method will be required, which is associated with launching a service utility.

To configure a monitor parameter without using the function keys, you should:

  • Open the “Start” menu by clicking the left mouse button on the checkbox located in the lower left corner.
  • And from here launch the Windows Mobility Center application.
  • In the window that opens, the user can, by moving the slider, adjust the brightness of the screen, and then proceed to further system settings. for example, free up space on the C drive.

Important: you can also find the “Windows Mobility Center” by entering the corresponding query in the search bar of the “Start” menu and selecting the very first item in the list of found.

How to increase the brightness on a laptop through a special program

Another option on how to increase the brightness of the screen on a laptop is to use additional programs and system functions. Manufacturers, along with drivers, offer to install software for their products. For example, Intel suggests using a special utility called Intel HD Graphics, which can usually be found on the taskbar next to the clock. At AMD, these functions are performed by the Catalyst Center, which provides a wide range of options for making changes to display settings.

If you want to easily, quickly add power to the backlight on the monitor, you can use the built-in menu from Windows. For this:

  • Right click on the battery image.
  • Select “Widnows Mobility Center”.
  • In the window that opens, use the slider to increase the required indicator.

On Windows 7

There are three simple ways to add or remove the brightness of the laptop screen on Windows 7; all of them are completely safe for the device and can be mastered literally within a couple of minutes. or even faster.

What to do if the brightness on a laptop does not change

Sometimes adjusting the brightness of the laptop screen does not have the desired effect. This is not a reason to immediately go to the service center, sometimes the problem lies elsewhere. First, you should check the availability of drivers for the video card, their relevance. It is likely that the graphics driver simply does not know how to respond to your actions. You should also check for keyboard drivers and the functionality of the Fn key. Try using it to increase or decrease the volume of the speakers.

In the worst case, it is not possible to increase the power of the lamps due to a hardware problem. Over time, the backlight element of the monitor may break down, the resource of the part may be exhausted, the cable may fray or come off. In such cases, you should contact the service department to find out the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it. Before taking your computer for repair, try all of the above methods.

Summing up

There are several ways to increase or decrease the brightness on a laptop running Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, or 10. The easiest is with the function keys. The rest involve working with system options: “Windows Settings”, “Mobility Center” or “Power Supply”.

The main power consumption of a laptop PC comes from backlight lamps. Manufacturers specifically set them to low power to maximize battery life. For many people, such brightness becomes unacceptable, so it will be useful to know how to make the screen brighter, adjust the image.

With a keyboard shortcut

The easiest way to increase the brightness of the laptop screen is a combination of buttons. All global laptop manufacturers (Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer) have hotkeys by default via the Fn function button. It is located on the very bottom line of the keyboard, usually between Ctrl and Win. Instructions on how to change the brightness of the screen on a laptop through the function keys:

  • Find the key on the keyboard that depicts the sun or a light bulb. On different models, it can be either arrows or one of the F1, F2, F8 buttons.
  • Hold Fn, then you need to press the sun key several times. The backlight should change gradually, set the required level.
  • The reverse procedure can be done in exactly the same way. There should be a button with the sun next to it, but not painted over inside, which means the ability to reduce the intensity of the backlight.

Through power settings

Computer options are programmed to darken the screen when the PC is unplugged to conserve battery. If desired, you can configure different modes of operation so that the monitor does not become dim even when disconnected from the network. For this you need:

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Go to the “Control Panel”.
  • Find the item “Power supply”, click on it.
  • Use the “Setting the display to turn off” section.

This menu has two options for setting: on battery and on mains. You can set specific metrics for these two states. You will be prompted to set values ​​for the time after which the monitor will turn off, go into sleep mode, the brightness level of the screen. Some models of laptop PCs may have several modes of operation, for example, ASUS offers to use Performance, Quite Office, Movie and you can make changes to each of them.

How to brighten the screen on a Windows 10 laptop?

Change Windows 10 screen brightness in the Settings app

  • Open Windows Settings by pressing the Win I key combination or click on the gear icon in the Start menu
  • Go to System → Display
  • On the right, adjust the “Brightness Change” slider to set the desired screen backlight level.
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How to shrink the screen on an HP laptop?

To zoom out the screen on a laptop using the keyboard in the browser, hold down Ctrl and press the minus, to zoom in, press the plus. To return to default scale press Ctrl 0.

How to make a laptop monitor screen brighter?

How to make the screen brighter on a laptop through settings

Open the “Start” menu and go to the “Control Panel” section. It can be found in the side menu or simply set in the search bar. Here open the “Power supply” menu and click on the “Select a power plan” block. In it you will find the item “Screen brightness”.

How to increase contrast in Windows 10?

Click the Start button. and then select Options Accessibility High Contrast. To turn on high contrast mode, click the toggle under Turn on high contrast.

How to make a bright computer screen?

The screen brightness settings can be found in the Windows 10 settings. Go to “Start” = Settings = System = Screen = in the “Brightness level setting” field, move the slider, thereby increasing or decreasing the brightness. In Windows 7 and 8, you can change the brightness of the screen through the control panel in the power supply.

How to brighten the screen on an ASUS laptop?

In order to adjust the brightness of the laptop screen according to your requirements, find the “Fn” key on the laptop keyboard. After that, press it and while holding it down press the “F5” key, which is located at the top of the keyboard panel.

How to make a monitor brighter on a laptop?

If all else fails

Everything described earlier is done, and not the bright laptop screen remained? In this case, it’s all about the hardware resources of the PC. This may be a problem with the loop (the contact has moved away or it is frayed), the backlight bulb has burned out, or something else. In any case, you need to disassemble it and find out the cause of the malfunction. It is difficult to do this on your own, especially for a novice user. Therefore, you will have to contact the service center, where this issue must be resolved.

How to make the screen brighter on a laptop

Increasing screen brightness increases power consumption and shortens battery life.


If the Screen Brightness slider is unavailable, the laptop might not be able to adjust the brightness or the monitor drivers need to be updated. For more information, see Updating Drivers: Recommended Links.

To conserve power and extend the battery life before recharging, the Windows operating system automatically dims the screen after a while. To change this setting, follow these steps.

Using the keyboard

The easiest way to solve the problem of how to brighten the screen on a laptop is using the keyboard. To do this, we need a function key labeled “Fn” and those that depict the “sun”. The first one is located in the lowest row between “Ctrl” and “Win” (it shows the logo of the operating system “Windows”). In turn, there should be two keys with the “sun”. They differ in the direction of the arrow. In one case, it is turned up (towards the screen), in the other down (towards the touchpad). We are interested in the first of them. After finding all the keys of interest to us, hold down “Fn” and, without releasing it, press the second. In this case, the brightness of the screen should begin to increase. This is the simplest answer to how to make your laptop screen brighter. But this key combination does not always work. If the desired result is not obtained, then proceed to the next stage.

Video card drivers

Now let’s figure out how to brighten the screen on a laptop using drivers for a video card. Open the control panel for the graphics adapter by double-clicking the right mouse button on the right side of the taskbar on its logo. It could be a black and blue screen for Intel, a green icon for Nvidia, or a red shortcut for AMD. Let us dwell on the first of them, since at the moment they can be most often found. For other manufacturers, the procedure is similar. If we don’t find something, look at the documentation. After a double click, a menu will open. In it we select “Graphic characteristics”. Next, go to the “Display” section and find the item “Improving the quality of color” in it. The Brightness slider appears on the right. By changing its position, we achieve the desired result. If there is no such panel, then you need to install the driver from the disk that came with the laptop. Another option where such software can be found is the official website of the graphics adapter manufacturer. In addition, video card drivers allow more flexible PC settings. For example, with the help of them you can reduce the resolution of the laptop screen or change its orientation.

How to brighten the screen in any laptop model?

Greetings friends! How are you, health? In this article, you will learn how to make a laptop screen brighter. Those times when we were told and we believed that working at a computer can negatively affect vision are already in the distant past! No, well, of course, there is harm from the screen, but it is not as significant as it might seem. It consists mainly of the need to strain your eyes in order to see some details on the screen. But, do not strain yourself especially when working on a laptop.!

For safe operation, it is enough to know the correct sequence of several manipulations to adjust the image on the screen. Today I will show you how to quickly adjust the brightness of the image on the screen.

It is foolish to look for adjustment buttons on the monitor. Even if you had a computer before the laptop, and you adjusted the image using the buttons on the monitor, know that this is simply impossible in a laptop. To open and adjust these parameters, you should use several methods.

Change the amount of time after which the laptop screen dims

Open the Power Options section. To do this, click the Start button. select successively the components Control Panel. System & Security & Power Supply.

On the Select a Power Plan page, next to the scheme you want to change, click Configure Power Plan.

On the Power Plan Setup page, next to Screen Blanking, change the time for On Battery or Plugged in (or both), and then click Save Changes.

Let’s summarize

This article provides a step-by-step answer on how to brighten the screen on a laptop. First, we use the keyboard shortcut. In most cases, this is a solution to the issue. Then we check for all the drivers on the PC and adjust the settings of this program for the graphics adapter. Another place where the answer to this question may be hiding is in the energy saving plan, which can be changed in the “Control Panel”. If everything is done, but the result is not achieved, then you need to contact the service center for help.

If all else fails

Everything described earlier is done, and not the bright laptop screen remained? In this case, it’s all about the hardware resources of the PC. This may be a problem with the loop (the contact has moved away or it is frayed), the backlight bulb has burned out, or something else. In any case, you need to disassemble it and find out the cause of the malfunction. It is difficult to do this on your own, especially for a novice user. Therefore, you will have to contact the service center, where this issue must be resolved.

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Energy plan

The second way to brighten the screen on a laptop is to change the power plan. To do this, open “Start”, then go to the “Control Panel”. After opening it, you need to find an icon that says “Power supply”. We make a double click on it with the left mouse button. A window with the installed power plans will open. Here you need to choose a plan that provides high performance (it is called that). Opposite it, you need to set the appropriate checkbox, while the screen should become brighter. If this did not happen, then we return to the “Control Panel” and go to the “Device Manager”. In the window that opens, check for all the necessary drivers. If they are not installed on some device, then a question or exclamation mark is installed opposite it. In this case, we launch the disk that came with the laptop in the kit, and install them. As a last resort, if the disc is lost or was not there, download them from the manufacturer’s official website. After that we repeat everything again. If there are no problems with the drivers, then it is better to take the laptop to a service center.

Using the keyboard

The easiest way to brighten your laptop screen?

Often, new owners of mobile PCs have such a question as how to make the screen on a laptop brighter. There are no standard buttons, as on a regular monitor, and this fact is misleading for most users. But everything is not so complicated as it seems at first glance. In most cases, it is sufficient to use a key combination to solve this problem. If this does not help, then look at the energy plan. If nothing happened, you need to check the correct installation of the drivers and repeat it all over again. And only then it makes sense to contact the service center for help. Most likely, his malfunction is at the hardware level.


Within the framework of this material, it was described how to brighten the screen on a laptop in various ways. The easiest way to do this is with the keyboard. It is enough to hold down two keys. and the desired result will be achieved in most cases. It’s a little more difficult to change the power plan. If none of the above methods worked, then you need to check for the presence of all the necessary drivers. If necessary, install them and repeat everything again. And only after all the manipulations have been carried out, it makes sense to contact the service center for help. Most likely, problems are at the hardware level, and they can only be solved with the use of special equipment.

How to brighten the screen on a laptop

The screen is one of the main consumers of energy on a laptop. Therefore, laptop manufacturers and software developers come up with a variety of ways to save the energy wasted by the screen. The easiest way to save money is to lower the screen brightness on your laptop. It is not uncommon for the screen brightness to dim automatically (for example, when the battery level is low), which confuses the user. Since most inexperienced users simply do not know how to return the screen to its normal brightness level.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, then this article should help you. Here we will show you how to brighten the screen on a laptop with Windows 7 operating system.

Increasing the screen brightness through the “Control Panel

Also on Windows 7, you can make the screen on a laptop brighter through the “Control Panel”. To do this, open the “Control Panel” and go to the “System and Security. Power supply. Setting the display off”.

Here you can increase the screen brightness level that will be used when running on battery and mains power. But, you need to remember that these settings will only be applied to the current power plan. And in the Windows operating system there are three such plans. It is high performance, energy saving and balanced.

In order for the automatic screen brightness change on a laptop to work as predictably as possible, you need to adjust the brightness for all three power plans.

Increase screen brightness through Windows Mobility Center

Windows 7 has a small utility called Windows Mobility Center. It is designed to manage functions that affect the power consumption of the notebook.

In order to open the “Windows Mobility Center” you need to right-click on the battery icon (it is located at the bottom right, next to the system clock) and select “Windows Mobility Center”.

After that, the “Windows Mobility Center” window should open in front of you. In order to brighten the screen on a laptop, you just need to move the brightness slider to the right. Reducing brightness is performed in a similar way.

In addition to dimming and increasing the brightness, the Windows Mobility Center window has access to other functions. For example, here you can control the volume, enable or disable battery saver mode, and manage wireless connections.

Increasing screen brightness using keys

Most laptop manufacturers provide the ability to control the brightness of the screen using keyboard shortcuts. Pay attention to your keyboard, there are most likely keys on which, in addition to the usual characters, there is an image in the form of a sun.

These keys are used to decrease and increase the screen brightness on a laptop. But, they need to be pressed together with the Fn key, which is usually located in the lower left part of the keyboard.

Using these keys, you can quickly change the screen brightness on your laptop. At the same time, you do not need to open any additional windows or programs.

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Thank! When I was playing one game, I pressed an incomprehensible button and the screen became very dark. There was nothing I could do. But thanks to you I can see everything well now =)

Thank you. A clear and clear, professional answer. Unlike other “specialists” who do not understand this at all, but give advice!

Thank you very much! I am an adult and not very advanced in technology. Thanks again. Very clear information.

7 ways to change brightness on Windows 10

Users of this operating system can adjust the display parameters in several ways.

Via the video card driver

Readers who have read these lines will probably ask themselves: why they do not have such sliders, and the brightness is not regulated in any way. All of the above methods with “hotkeys” and power plans concerned only laptops due to their technical features. But desktops also have their own ways of changing image parameters. The most important of them is the setting through the menu of the video adapter driver.

Let’s consider this method using the example of AMD Radeon software.

  • Right-click on a free area of ​​the desktop and select “AMD Radeon Setting”.
  • In the upper part of the window there are tabs of menu sections, among which we need “Display”.
  • Here you can find information about the monitor, connection interface and video adapter installed on board. Do not go into the detailed monitor settings, but click on the icon with the caption “Color”.
  • The developers have placed everything necessary for adjusting the screen parameters in this window. From here you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature and hue offset.
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Control samples used for tuning are located on the right side. To save the setting, no additional confirmation with the button is required here. If you want to roll back everything to the default value. click “Reset” in the upper right corner of the window.

For owners of video cards and graphics chips Nvidia and Intel have their own programs. “Nvidia Panel” and “Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel”, respectively, in which the principle of setting the screen is very similar to the above driver from AMD.


It is very easy to change the brightness level on a laptop. On the keyboard, you need to find the Fn button and arrow keys. To increase the brightness of the screen, you need to hold down “FN” to the right. To make the screen darker, you need a reverse arrow.

When you press the described keys, an indicator bar will appear on the desktop, displaying the percentage of the set brightness. In laptops, this indicator may not be available. The thing is that they lack the Hotkey Features program responsible for it.

Note! On some Samsung devices, to lighten the screen, you need to press the “FnF3 / F2” buttons.

How to reduce screen brightness on Windows 7

Standard Windows tools allow you to quickly change screen brightness settings. For Windows 7, follow a few simple steps:

  • Control Panel
  • system and safety
  • Power supply
  • Change plan parameters

Here you will see several parameters and at the very bottom there are sliders with setting the brightness of the plan. They are divided into brightness from battery and from mains. Select the desired brightness level. Optionally, you can set the display dimming, shutdown and transition to sleep mode. After that, click “Save Changes” and exit.

Battery indicator

A very simple and quick way to change the brightness of the screen. In the taskbar, you need to click on the battery icon and open a pop-up window. You will see an adjustment button. Set the slider to the desired level and close the menu.

Action Center

We change the screen backlight parameters in several steps:

  • On the taskbar, we find the “Action Center” icon
  • We use the “Expand” function
  • Find the brightness icon and make adjustments by touching LMB.

How to reduce brightness in Windows 7

Start. Control Panel. Hardware and Sound. Power Options. Adjusting with a scroller.

Windows settings

Changing the brightness level of the screen takes several steps:

  • Open the menu on the desktop with the right mouse button
  • Go to. Screen Options
  • Move the slider forward or backward to adjust the brightness

At the bottom of the scale for changing the brightness there is a parameter. Night light. Enter the parameters. Here you can change the setting time for the night light. This function can be left or disabled. When switching to night time, the brightness of the monitor decreases. The light level is set on a scale called. Color temperature at night. Next, we set the time parameters. In addition, the geolocation function helps to determine the time of sunset and sunrise.

Change display resolution

If you need to make the screen resolution on a laptop larger, for example, for comfortable display of a picture in a video game, or return to the standard mode after a monitor settings crash or a driver malfunction, follow these steps:

  • Hover the cursor over a free part of the display and right-click or right-click on the TouchPad.
  • In the list that appears, click “Screen Resolution” or “Properties”, and then the required item. It all depends on the version of Windows installed on the laptop.
  • Use the slider to set the resolution that suits you for comfortable PC operation.

In the same section of the settings, it is possible to stretch the desktop, increase the scale of the displayed text, change the screen orientation (expand or narrow it), etc.

If, after a system failure or exposure to malware, images and applications do not open in full screen, the problem may be due to improper operation of the drivers for the video card. To bring the monitor’s functioning mode to normal and stretch the picture, you need to do the following:

  • Update drivers and download software to the video card installed on the laptop. You can find the required software on the disk that comes with the laptop, or download it from the official website of your PC manufacturer.
  • Launch the downloaded application and set the required resolution in the display settings. Here you can also select full screen mode, adjust monitor brightness, frequency and some other parameters.

Using Magnifier

Windows has a built-in tool that allows you to zoom in on the entire screen or a specific part of it for a while. This is very convenient when reading any information written in small print. This feature is called Magnifier. To call it you need:

  • Log in on the laptop to the “Control Panel”.
  • Select the section “Accessibility”.
  • Go to the “Image Optimization” tab and check the box next to “Enable Magnifier”.
  • Configure the information display mode and the scale of the picture on the screen at your discretion.

Expanding the screen on a laptop and entering full screen mode

Almost all modern software for Windows is equipped with a graphical interface. When launched, it automatically selects the window resolution that is recommended for a particular laptop model. However, fans of video games, and ordinary users, are often faced with the need to change the standard scale of the monitor or even switch to full-screen mode. Consider how to increase the screen resolution on a laptop and make the picture size larger.

Ways to change image parameters on a laptop

There are several ways to change the screen scale on a laptop:

  • increase (decrease) display resolution;
  • use the “Screen Magnifier” function;
  • change the information display parameters in the settings of the required application.

Which option to use depends on how and where you want to increase the screen size on your laptop.

Change application settings

The need to change the parameters of the picture often arises when surfing the Internet, because the small scale of some pages makes you strain your eyes, which makes your eyes get tired quickly. Fortunately, browser developers have provided the ability to change the size of the displayed information.

To stretch a page in the Yandex browser, you need:

  • Enter the settings of this application by clicking the corresponding icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Use the “” and “-” buttons to make the image wider or narrower to your liking.
  • If you need to set full screen mode, click the button in the form of two arrows.

In the Internet browsers Mozilla and Google Chrome, the scale and full screen mode are set in much the same way. When the mode of displaying information in full screen is activated, the upper and lower panels with all the tools disappear. To return the browser window to the standard form, press the F11 function key or the FunctionF11 key combination on the keyboard.

You can stretch a picture on a laptop in almost any application using the keyboard. To do this, hold down Ctrl “”. The same can be done using the TouchPad. It is enough to put two fingers on the touchpad and pull them slightly in different directions.