How to back up WhatsApp to iPhone

What is a WhatsApp data backup for and how to make it?

than ten billion different messages are sent and received by people using WhatsApp every day. Since two thousand fifteen, this service has been recognized as the most popular messenger among residents of the Russian Federation. Using the program, you can correspond with loved ones, send them photos, videos and music. But, sometimes it happens that application files may be lost for any reason. In this case, a WhatsApp data backup will help us.

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WhatsApp data transmission is highly secure. After delivery to the recipient, the message is automatically erased from the company’s servers and remains only in his phone, therefore, if you accidentally deleted all the correspondence, then it makes no sense to demand from the support service to restore it.

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How to back up WhatsApp to iPhone?

For iOS phones, the way to create file storage is slightly different from the one described above. But, in the same way, you can make both a one-time copy and configure the system so that it itself creates backups at a certain time. All information will be saved to your iCloud account.

  • Find the control panel in the application and touch the inscription “Settings”
  • Select “Chats”, then “Copy”
  • Now you can create a one-time copy (a) or make the copy automatic at regular intervals (b).

A. Tap the “Create a copy” button and wait until the information is saved.

B. Find the item “Automatically” and select the period of time after which you want the data to be saved. Decide if you want all uploaded videos to be saved with other information as well (this will take up much more space) and confirm your choice on the screen.


Saving files in the device memory is called local. This is what happens every day at two in the morning according to the developers’ installation and stores all your chats in case you need to restore them.

Also, it can be done manually at any time of the day or night, for example, to be sure of the safety of some important conversation. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • You need to enter the application and call the settings panel in the upper right corner.
  • On it, find the inscription “Settings”, and in them the item “Chats”.
  • Enter the “Chats backup” and you will see the “Backup” button (usually it is bright green).
  • By touching it, you will save all chat data at the current moment and you can restore them later in case of loss.

Where is WhatsApp backup saved on Android? In a folder called WhatsApp, and there in the Databases folder.

What is WhatsApp message backup and what is it for?

Every day at two o’clock in the morning there is a local copying of all the contents of your chats in Watsap. This is necessary so that if you accidentally delete some important part of the correspondence, it can be restored.

That is, if you suddenly erased all messages in chats, then there is an opportunity to restore all data in the form in which it was at 2.00 of the current day. Unfortunately, all correspondence that took place after this time cannot be restored, unless, of course, you have made a backup copy of messages yourself.

Where are the messages from Vatsap copied to? To the memory of your phone or to the SD-card, if it is selected by default as the main storage of information on your device. You can find out where WhatsApp backups are stored if you go into the File Manager of your smartphone (sometimes called Explorer) and find a folder called WhatsApp with a Databases subfolder in it.


Saving files to cloud storage on Google Drive is called virtual. It is needed, for example, to transfer information when changing the phone, as well as in case the device is accidentally damaged to such an extent that it will be impossible to extract information from its memory.

It, like the local one, can be configured to automatically save a fresh copy of WhatsApp to Google Drive. It is also possible to set different time intervals, from once a day to once a month. This can be done as follows:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to “Settings”
  • Select “Chats” from the menu items, and then. “Chats backup”.
  • You will see “Google Drive Settings”.
  • First of all, you should select the account on which the information will now be stored. Just touch the line “Account” and click on the desired.
  • After that, decide how frequent copying will suit you and replace the item “Never” with any other of the proposed ones, at your discretion.
  • Please note that all video files are not saved to the virtual disk due to space savings. If this does not suit you, check the box next to “Add video”

Your data is now stored in Google Drive! The search for WhatsApp backups will be carried out from it.

For iPhone

  • You need to remove this application from your phone, and then download it again through the App Store;
  • Confirm your phone number;
  • Following the prompts of the system, when asked whether to restore the data, click on “Restore”;
  • Files will be restored using iCloud account.

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How to back up WhatsApp on Android?

For Android smartphones, there are two ways to copy WhatsApp data. local and virtual. Below we will analyze in detail both methods and tell you what each of them is for.

What is WhatsApp message backup and what is it for?

Every day at two o’clock in the morning there is a local copying of all the contents of your chats in Watsap. This is necessary so that if you accidentally delete some important part of the correspondence, it can be restored.

That is, if you suddenly erased all messages in chats, then there is an opportunity to restore all data in the form in which it was at 2.00 of the current day. Unfortunately, all correspondence that took place after this time cannot be restored, unless, of course, you have made a backup copy of the messages yourself.

Where are the messages from Vatsap copied to? To the memory of your phone or to the SD-card, if it is selected by default as the main storage of information on your device. You can find out where WhatsApp backups are stored if you go into the File Manager of your smartphone (sometimes called Explorer) and find a folder called WhatsApp with a Databases subfolder in it.

How to back up WhatsApp on Android?

There are two ways to back up WhatsApp on Android. There is local and virtual data backup.

For Android

If the messenger gives an error that no backups were found, then:

  • Backups in the memory of your phone, tablet or flash card have been damaged or deleted.
  • You are trying to restore backups from a different account.
  • The backups are not on the Google Drive you connected to.

How to save data to cloud storage?

Cloud or virtual storage is called a “cloud”. a server to which files can be saved. And, as mentioned earlier, this is the most reliable way to store data. They will not be lost, not removed, and no one will steal them. However, there are also some nuances here. It was already mentioned that if you lose your password from the cloud, you will also lose access to all your files.

In this case, you can not only save all the information once, but also set up automatic copying. It can be done daily, weekly, or monthly. Also, you can make it so that the data is saved only if you click the “Backup” button. In this case, the information will be both on the device and on the cloud.

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In order to configure everything, you need to open the application and go to the “Chats” tab. There, click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner and open the settings panel.

Already in the settings, click the “Chats” button and in a new window go to “Chats backup”. Here you can change the backup settings.

Pay attention to the “Google Drive Settings” panel, which is located at the bottom of the screen. First of all, we need to link our Google account to WhatsApp. First of all, for this, you need to start it. But if you already have it, then click on the “Google Account” button and in the context menu that appears, select the “Add account” option.

After the profile is linked to the messenger, you need to set up the copying frequency. To do this, click the “Back up to Google Drive” button. In the context menu that appears, select the option that is most convenient for you.

What is a WhatsApp data backup for and how to make it?

Millions of people communicate in messengers every day. They share text messages, send different files to each other like photos, songs, documents or videos. And it becomes very annoying if these messages are lost. To avoid this, the WhatsApp developers have created a function for creating backups.

WhatsApp is highly secure and secure. All messages are encrypted and do not remain on the messenger’s servers, but are stored on users’ devices. If you suddenly erased your messages, then no one will help you restore them, because no one except you has access to them. In such a case, you need a backup copy of your data in WhatsApp.

Sign out of the App Store

Try to sign out of the App Store and sign in again. On the App Store, on the Featured page, scroll to the bottom to exit.

What it is

WhatsApp backup is the creation of a copy of the application data and settings on an external medium, most often in the cloud storage. The user can save all information from the messenger for later recovery!

The backup function is used for subsequent data recovery in case of loss, damage or inability to access. Suppose you lost your smartphone. just run the backup and get a copy of the messenger with the exact user settings, information and contacts!

We figured out the definition. it’s time to move on. We’ll start by backing up WhatsApp on Android, try to make a backup and learn the basic rules!

If you’re having trouble restoring a Google Drive backup, try the following:

  • Make sure you are trying to restore the backup using the same phone number and Google Account that you used to create the backup.
  • Make sure your phone has enough free space to restore the backup.
  • Make sure you have Google Play Services installed on your phone.
  • Note: Google Play Services are only available for Android 2.3.4 and newer.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged or that your phone is connected to a power source.
  • Make sure your phone has a stable internet connection. If you are unable to recover data using the mobile Internet, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

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    How to delete a backup

    Google Disk Space can be cleaned of accumulated junk at any time. You will have to act through the website, having previously entered your profile. For owners of mobile devices, the algorithm is as follows:

  • Tap on the “Menu” button and launch the full version of the messenger.
  • Find the gears pictogram.
  • Through “Settings” go to “Application Management”.
  • View the list of installed software and click on the WhatsApp icon (in some models of gadgets, the process takes a couple of minutes).
  • When you see “Application data”, move to the settings menu, delete everything you need and confirm your decision with the “Delete” button.
  • Backing up to Google Drive

    Let’s get down to the practical part with step-by-step illustrations. If you have Android in your hands, go to the settings section. It looks something like this.

    This section will store your confidential correspondence.

    When starting a backup, get ready for the messages to be saved in the memory of your smartphone. Look for the data on your SD card, in the Databases directory. To get to this section, you need to start the file manager. The second option is to connect your PC to your smartphone via a USB cable. In this case, the files will be moved through the explorer program.

    back, whatsapp, iphone

    Are you an iPhone user? Dont be upset. Now we will tell you how to create a WhatsApp backup using the legendary “apple”. The algorithm is as follows:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Go to “Chats”.
    • Find “Backup”.
    • Save information to iCloud.
    • Wait for the process to complete.

    An important caveat: the information is stored in iCloud, not in Google Drive. This is an important distinction to keep in mind. The rest of the system processes look identical.

    How to back up WhatsApp

    To set up a backup in the app on iPhone or Android, you will have to connect to the cloud storage. Apple allows you to act through iCloud. We will concentrate on Google Drive, the native tool for Android owners. Go to the messenger menu and get to work:

    • Go to “Settings”, open “Chats”.
    • Find the backup option.
    • Next, you are interested in the button that allows you to automatically send files to the cloud.
    • The default is “Never”. Edit the copy frequency.

    Backup & Restore WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

    The data will now be saved to your Google account. If there is no profile, press the “Add account” button and proceed to registration. After completing the task, click “Use”. You will need to set up a network that will be used to create backups. Saving files over the mobile Internet is wasteful. you will waste a lot of traffic.

    Backup requirements

    Before backing up WhatsApp on Android, you should understand the minimum system requirements. Let’s list the factors on which the normal functioning of the data transmission system in a smartphone depends:

    • activated Google account;
    • Android version. from 2.3.4;
    • installed Google Play service;
    • free place.

    Please note: you can create a storage on your phone, but the files will not be kept there indefinitely. Disk space is cleaned up annually. So copy the information to the cloud, to a PC, external or internal memory card. The safety of correspondence depends on your prudence.

    How to back up WhatsApp

    How do I back up WhatsApp to keep my messaging secure in the future? Media files and chats disappear from the messenger’s memory. it is very problematic to restore them. It is better to store such information on Google Drive or a computer. There is a difference between iPhone and Android, but it is not significant, since the clouds can be used in both cases. Well, it’s time to make your first copy. Let’s get started.

    Possible problems

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    When saving information to the cloud, no one is safe from errors and software failures. You already know how to back up WhatsApp on Android, but what about potential problems? If it fails, check it out:

    • having a Google profile on your device;
    • installation of the Google Play service;
    • the volume of traffic provided by the provider (if you use mobile Internet);
    • Wi-Fi connection quality.

    Remember to keep outdated versions of your operating system up to date as requirements grow inexorably. Android users can breathe a sigh of relief if they have OS 2.3.4 or higher installed. But there are also more exotic causes of problems. For example, a copy was created from one number, and the restoration is done from another. Sometimes users are let down by a discharged battery, in other cases the Internet connection is unstable. Pay proper attention to the technical side.

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    How to back up iPhone with a third-party app

    This feature is offered by most modern file managers for Apple mobile devices, but, unfortunately, almost all of them are paid. There are two free and tested options: iTools and iMazing.

    Let’s say right away that, in general, these programs are imperfect. The latest versions of iTools, although they are Russified, show an unpleasant window with a message in Chinese during installation. There is nothing dangerous in this, but it greatly scares users away. iMazing, on the other hand, only reveals its full functionality when purchasing the full version. However, it is the iPhone and iPad backup function that we are interested in that is also available in the free version of iMazing.

    Why make iPhone backups in third-party apps at all? There is really no urgent need to create them. However, many users want to provide important files, such as memorable photos and videos, with additional security. And for these purposes, alternative methods of creating backups help.

    The process for creating a backup in any of these tools is the same. Let’s consider the operation using the example of the completely free utility iTools.

    Download iTools from the official website of the program and unpack the archive with the utility.

    Launch iTools and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. ITunes must be installed on the computer, otherwise iTools will not be able to detect the device.

    After the iPhone or iPad appears in iTools, go to the Tools tab. Click Backup.

    In the window that opens, check the boxes on the types of content that should be saved in the backup and click “Next”.

    Wait for the content to be identified and click “Run”. Previously, you can select the folder where the backup will be saved by clicking “Change”.

    At the end of the backup process, you can check the result. You will notice that unlike iCloud and iTunes, iTools does not specifically encrypt files. This makes it possible to access the same photos from your iPhone or iPad without using additional utilities.

    What is backed up

    Both iTunes and iCloud are backed up with the following m:

    • Device settings.
    • Information about installed applications and their settings.
    • History of text messages including iMessage. Important! Successful recovery of iMessage, SMS and MMS messages requires a SIM card to use when creating a backup.
    • Home screen layout and app order.
    • Health app data.
    • Media library (photo and video).
    • Purchase history from the App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store.
    • HomeKit Device Settings.
    • Ringtones.

    You most likely noticed that the copy does not include the applications themselves, but only information about them and their settings. For this approach, thanks should be said to Apple, because, otherwise, the backups would grow to indecent sizes. Now to the methods.

    IPhone Backup. Guide

    Backing up your iPhone and iPad is extremely important. Regular creation of a copy of all data of a mobile device allows you to maximally secure them, as well as to be able to restore the gadget in case of theft, loss, breakdown or change. Most iPhone and iPad users are aware of this and make copies of their devices from time to time. However, recent polls in our group showed that the percentage of those who know about the need to create backups (backups) is still far from 100. That is why we have written this guide, which is extensive and covers various methods of creating iPhone and iPad backups, including non-standard.

    How to delete an iCloud backup

    Go to Settings → iCloud.

    Select “Storage” → “Management”.

    In the “Backups” section, select the copy of the device you want to delete.

    Wait for the identification of the backup and click “Delete copy”.

    How to manually back up iPhone or iPad to iCloud

    On iPhone or iPad, go to Settings → iCloud → Backup.

    Click “Create Backup” at the bottom of the page. The copy will start immediately.

    One point is worth noting here as well. IOS will not make any notification about the successful creation of the backup of your device. You can verify the success of the operation yourself by going to the menu “Settings” → iCloud → “Backup”. There will also be displayed information about how much time is left until the end of the copy creation, in the event that it is still being created.

    How to Backup iPhone to iCloud

    The first way is using the iCloud cloud service. It involves backing up data from an iPhone or iPad wirelessly. In this case, all information is stored on Apple servers in a highly encrypted form, so you should not worry about the safety of the data.

    Backing up your iPhone or iPad to iCloud isn’t the solution for everyone. The fact is that only 5 GB is available for free in iCloud. If the size of the data backed up exceeds this size, iOS will warn you that the backup is not possible.

    Note that an active Wi-Fi connection is required to back up your iPhone or iPad to iCloud.

    On iPhone or iPad, go to Settings → iCloud → Backup. On devices running iOS 10.3 or later, the iCloud section can be found by going to the account management page, which is located at the very top of the list of options (above “Airplane mode”).

    Activate the “iCloud Backup” switch. Enabling the function will result in a message stating that the backup copy of the mobile device will no longer be created on the computer. Click “OK”.

    Wait for the backup function to turn on.

    Connect your iPhone or iPad to a power source, Wi-Fi and lock it. The backup will start automatically.

    This is the simple way to enable the function of creating an iPhone or iPad backup to iCloud. It is important to note that the process of creating a copy of iOS itself begins only if the gadget is on charge, has a Wi-Fi connection and is locked. However, it is not necessary to fulfill all the requirements for creating a copy in iCloud, you can force the system to make a backup.

    How to restore data from iPhone backup

    We figured out the creation of backups, now we will analyze the equally important process of restoring the iPhone and iPad from them. Recovering iOS devices from iCloud and iTunes is possible upon initial setup or after a full reset. The user is only required to follow the steps of the system start-up guide. The choice of the type of recovery (or settings, if the device is new) must be done on the “iPhone Settings” screen.

    back, whatsapp, iphone

    It is quite obvious that if you previously created a backup in iCloud, then you should select the “Restore from iCloud copy” option. Everything is the same with a copy in iTunes, to restore from which you will have to select “Restore from a copy of iTunes”, then connect the gadget to your computer and launch iTunes.

    Backups can take up a lot of space, both in iCloud and on your computer. Backups that have become unnecessary, of course, need to be deleted, freeing up precious space. Fortunately, this is done very easily, either in iCloud or in iTunes.

    How to Backup iPhone to iTunes

    The size of an iPhone or iPad backup to iTunes is limited only by the size of your computer’s storage. If your mobile device has a lot of data, for example, whole collections of photos and videos are collected, then, of course, you should create a backup copy of it through iTunes.

    Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a USB cable and launch iTunes. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, then you can download the current version on the official Apple website.

    Select the device in the iTunes window.

    On the “Browse” tab (open by default), check the box next to “This PC”.

    Click Back Up Now to start backing up your iPhone or iPad. Before that, you can activate the “Encrypt local copy” option to set a password for the backup. The main thing after that is not to forget the specified password, because in this case, recovery from the copy will be impossible. Wait until the backup is completed. You cannot disconnect the mobile device from the computer during the procedure. Please note that creating a copy can take quite a long time, especially if you have a lot of content stored on your device.

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    As you can see, creating a backup in iTunes is also not difficult. In addition to iTunes, various third-party applications can help with creating a backup.

    How to delete a WhatsApp backup

    Software users may have various reasons that push them to delete a previously backed up data in a popular mobile application. Comprehensive instructions include the following algorithm:

    • Launching the software on the device you are using.
    • The user navigates to the settings section of the device used.
    • Next, you need to select the personal account used at the top of the page.
    • ICloud is activated from the list provided.
    • In the next step, the user needs to go down to the bottom until the WhatsApp mobile application is displayed. The existing slider is switched to the off position.

    At the final stage, the user needs to pick up the correspondence of interest with the interlocutors in the software, and then, with a long press, activate the list of options. From the list of deletions presented, you need to select “download” from memory. It is also worth paying attention to the ability to clear the clipboard in full. To do this, the user clicks on the “Waste bin” option, and then moves up the list.

    How to create a backup

    If a user tries to back up WhatsApp to iPhone using a mobile internet connection, it is imperative to activate the cellular data function for iCloud.

    The step-by-step procedure, which was developed by qualified specialists and offered to owners of devices that operate under the iOS operating system, includes:

    • First, you need to open a mobile application on a portable gadget.
    • After that, the owner of the device used will have to go to the category of making personal settings.
    • The transition to the category of information exchange between users is selected
    • Go to a specially designed section for copying personal information from your account.
    • Activating the option of copying personal data for subsequent storage.

    Based on the received request, the software automatically processes the application, after which a corresponding notification is displayed on the screen.

    As an alternative option for creating a backup copy, the following algorithm of actions is distinguished:

    • Launching the software on the device you are using.
    • In the main menu, you need to call a dialog box with a list of current functions in the upper right corner.
    • The option of creating a backup copy of chats is selected from the proposed list.
    • The user saves the current history of correspondence with his interlocutors.
    • At the next stage, you need to press the green key to complete the task.

    The system processes the request, after which a confirmation notification is displayed on the screen of the device being used.

    How to back up to Google Drive

    Users who have expressed a desire to back up data to the Google Drive cloud storage need to follow a simple sequence of actions, in particular:

    • It is required to run the application on a portable gadget.
    • According to the classic scenario, the user is included in the category of making changes.
    • At the next stage, the user opens a dialog box with a list of available functions in the mobile application.
    • Next, you need to select the option to create a personal copy of information from the registered profile.
    • From the options proposed by the system, the method of creating a backup to the Google Drive cloud storage is selected.
    • The next step is to configure the regularity of creating a backup, which will be different from “Never”.
    • At the next stage, a personal user account in Google is selected. in the future, it will be saved to it.

    Creating a backup copy manually

    Users who plan to create a manual backup in software while using a mobile internet connection must activate the iCloud cellular data feature. In order to complete the task in manual mode, the following sequence of actions must be observed:

    • Opening the WhatsApp software on the device you are using.
    • Next, you go to the settings section of the WhatsApp application.
    • Going to the chat category.
    • The next step is to navigate to the data backup subcategory.
    • The option to create a copy in manual mode is activated.

    Upon completion of the operation, the software displays a confirmation notification on the display of the smartphone or tablet.

    Automatic backup

    To ensure the safety of the user’s personal data in the software, including the history of exchanging text and graphic messages, organizing audio and video calls, it is enough to activate the option to automatically create a backup copy of the data. The instruction includes the following sequence of actions:

    • Launching a mobile application on a mobile phone or tablet that runs on iOS.
    • Go to the software menu.
    • In the upper right corner, press the button to call a new window with a list of current functions.
    • Next, the user goes to the subcategory of creating a backup copy of data.
    • In the next step, automatic backup is activated.
    • The frequency of the operation is determined in manual mode.
    • Confirm the changes by pressing the button of the same name.

    Changes take effect instantly, no software restart required.

    Where WhatsApp iPhone Backup Can Be Stored

    Before backing up WhatsApp to iPhone, you need to know that the data file can be stored:

    • in the internal memory of the device used;
    • on portable drives;
    • in cloud storage, such as Google Drive.

    When a user plans to make a backup copy of WhatsApp on an Iphone, the system automatically prompts you to choose the best path for later storage.

    How to Stop WhatsApp Backup on iPhone

    When using the automatic backup function in popular software, it can often be necessary to disconnect. For this, the developers propose a certain order of actions, including:

    • Launching a popular messenger on your device, for example, a tablet or smartphone.
    • At the next stage, you go to the menu section with the subsequent selection of group chats.
    • Next, you need to open the available list of functions in the upper right corner.
    • In the next step, the user goes to the category of data backup from the WhatsApp account.
    • In the newly opened form, the option to automatically create a backup copy of information about correspondence with interlocutors opens.
    • At the final stage, the user will have to disable the automatic copying function and confirm their intentions by pressing the button of the same name.

    The software immediately processes the request after user confirmation. No mobile app restart required.

    Back up WhatsApp to iPhone

    Users of the popular messenger do not know about the presence of additional functions, in addition to the exchange of information between the owners, including audio and video calls. For example, the developers propose to create a backup copy of data in order to perform recovery on the device used. smartphone, tablet, computer if necessary.