How to add photos to hidden on iPhone

Hidden photos on iPhone. what is it?

On iPhone and any other iOS devices, you can send any captured photo or video to a hidden section. What is the hidden section:

  • This is the section in the iPhone Photos app that contains your photos. They will not be shown in the “Collections”, “Moments”, “Years” and others views. To see these photos, you need to purposefully go to the hidden section;
  • In this section, you can store an unlimited number of photos for any amount of time, for example, unlike the “Recently Deleted” section.

Important: Despite the fact that the section with photos is called “Hidden”, anyone on an unlocked device can access them. He does not need to enter an additional password to open the photo in a hidden section.

How to add photos to hidden on iPhone

Not all photos and videos captured on the iPhone are intended for general viewing. But it often happens that friends ask to see the phone, and at the same time the photos in the album. Or, the device displays photos for friends or relatives by scrolling through them in a row. Few people want their personal photos to be seen by people for whom these photos were not intended at such a moment.

How to add photos or videos to hidden on iPhone

Now let’s take a look at how to use the Hidden section of the Photos app on iPhone. This section is available on all devices with modern versions of iOS.

To hide a photo on iPhone, go to the Photos app and select the photos you would like to hide. To do this, in the upper right corner, click on the “Select” item, then select all the necessary photos. When the photos are selected, click on the “Share” icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

A context menu will open. Here you need to select the item “Hide”, slightly scrolling down the list of available commands.

Next, confirm your desire to hide photos by clicking “Hide Photos” with the indicated number of hidden photos.

To view an album with hidden photos, you need to switch to the “Albums” item in the “Photos” application and then go to the “Hidden” section.

How to add photos to contacts on iPhone and iPad using the Photos app

Launch the Photos app. 2. Click on the image that you would like to use for a specific contact. 3. Click on the “Share” button in the lower left corner.

photos, hidden, iphone

Click on the “Assign to contact” button. 5. Select the contact to which the photo will be added.

Place the photo inside the circle at your discretion and click the “Select” button.

How to add a photo for a contact on iPhone (full screen when calling)

Adding photos to contacts on iPhone or iPad is an important detail for many users of Apple mobile devices. In order to add a photo to a specific subscriber of the iOS address book, you can use the capabilities of the “Photos” and “Contacts” (Phone) applications or synchronize contact information from

How to add photos to contacts on iPhone and iPad using the Contacts app

Launch the Phone app (Contacts). 2. Select the contact to which the photo will be added. 3. Click on the “Change” button in the upper right corner. 4. Click on “photo”.

You can either take a new photo or click on “Select Photo” to select from images in your Camera Roll. 6. Select the required photo from the Camera Roll. 7. Place the photo inside the circle at your discretion and click the “Select” button.

Overlaying one image on top of another using an iPhone

If you love doing photo editing on iPhone, you have probably seen examples of work where one picture is superimposed on top of another. You can achieve a similar effect using photo editing applications.


Pixlr app is a powerful and high quality photo editor with a huge set of image processing tools. In particular, it can be used to combine two photos into one.

  • Download Pixlr to your iPhone, launch it and click on the “Photos” button. The screen will display the iPhone library, from which you will need to select the first picture.

When the photo is open in the editor, select the button in the lower left corner to open the tools.

The second image will be superimposed on top of the first. Using dots, you can adjust its position and scale.

In the lower part of the window, various filters are provided, with the help of which both the color of the pictures and their transparency are changed. You can also adjust the transparency of the image manually. for this, there is a slider at the bottom, which should be moved to the desired position until the desired effect is achieved.

When editing is complete, select the checkmark in the lower right corner, and then tap on the “Finish” button.


The next program is a full-fledged photo editor with a social network function. That is why you need to go through a small registration process here. However, this tool provides many more options for gluing two images than Pixlr.

    Install and launch PicsArt. If you do not have an account in this service, enter your email address and click on the “Create an Account” button or use the integration with social networks. If the profile was created earlier, select the “Login” item below.

As soon as your profile opens on the screen, you can start creating the image. To do this, select the plus sign in the lower central part. The image library will open on the screen, in which you will need to select the first picture.

The photo will open in the editor. Then select the “Add photo” button.

When the second picture is overlaid, adjust its position and scale. Then the most interesting thing begins: at the bottom of the window there are tools that allow you to achieve interesting effects when gluing a picture (filters, transparency settings, blending, etc.). We want to erase unnecessary fragments from the second picture, so select the eraser icon at the top of the window.

In the new window, using the eraser, erase all unnecessary. Pinch the image for greater precision, and adjust the opacity, size and sharpness of the brush using the slider at the bottom of the window.

Once the desired effect is achieved, select the checkmark icon in the upper right corner.

Once you’re done editing, select the “Apply” button and then click “Next”.

To share your finished photo on PicsArt, click on Submit and then complete the post by clicking on Done.

The picture will appear on your PicsArt profile. To export to the smartphone’s memory, open it, and then tap in the upper right corner on the icon with three dots.

  • An additional menu will appear on the screen, in which it remains to select the “Load” item. Done!
  • This is not a complete list of applications that allow you to superimpose one photo on another. the article contains only the most successful solutions.

    Adding text using iOS

    To launch the built-in image editing tool, you will need to go to the “Photos” section. It is usually found on the iPhone’s home screen. Inside the “Gallery” select the photo on which we plan to place the text, click the preview icon. In the opened snapshot, click on the “Edit” link. Further in the bottom menu. the item “Markup”:

    In the menu, at the bottom of the screen, click on the icon in the form of a circled plus, select the “Text” item. After that, touch the text box that appears on the photo and “Edit” to write the text on the photo. We type words to add, you can write both in Russian and in English.

    Changing the position of the title on the picture is possible if you hold it down with your finger and move it across the screen. Another field for the text increases in size, for which you need to touch its corner and stretch to the side.

    In addition to the text block inside the photo, you can add an author’s signature, as well as insert a circle, square or arrow.

    The size of the text is also changed in the bottom menu, for this there is an “Aa” icon. If you want to choose the color of the inscription, you need to tap on the colored circle located below. To save the changes, you must click “Finish”.

    Increase in the shape of a circle in the photo

    This feature is also available using the Markup tool. Let’s do it in steps:

    • Go to the “Gallery”, select the desired photo.
    • Click on the link “Change”, then. item “Markup”.
    • We take the “Magnifier” by touching the circled “plus sign”:

    Moving around the circle of the green point changes the magnification, and the blue one decreases and enlarges. You can move it by dragging it around the screen without lifting your finger. To save the result, click “Finish”.

    How to label a photo on iPhone

    Modern technology is making our smartphones more and more like good cameras. First of all, this applies to the iPhone, where, in addition to high-definition cameras, image processing technologies are also being introduced. With the system update to version 10, the Markup function became available to all iOS users. It gives the owner the opportunity, for example, to enlarge a certain area or to write on a photo on an iPhone. The image processed in this way will definitely not go unnoticed.

    Circle signature using apps

    The built-in photo editing application, with all its advantages, has rather limited capabilities. Therefore, for more beautiful inscriptions and effects, it is better to use third-party programs. The SnapSeed application is popular.

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    To sign a photo in a circle, start the application and by clicking on the gray screen with the “” icon select the picture where the circle with the inscription will be inserted.

    Using the bottom panel, select the “Tools” tab, then. “Text”. The Effects panel opens with patterned fonts or texts in various shapes: circles, diamonds, or squares. And also a variety of logos. To change the standard “handwriting”, you need to double-click on the inscription. To save the result, click on the checkmark in the lower right corner.

    Of course, you always want to make photos richer and brighter, add some inscriptions and emotions. For simple actions, you can limit yourself to the functionality built into iOS, but for complex effects, give preference to third-party programs. By applying beautiful titles to your pictures, you can be sure that other users will definitely notice them.

    Hide photos on iPhone

    Below we will consider two ways to hide photos and videos on the iPhone, one of them is standard, and the second involves the work of a third-party application.


    In iOS 8, Apple implemented the function of hiding photos and videos, but the hidden data will be moved to a special section, not even protected by a password. Fortunately, it will be quite difficult to see hidden files without knowing which section they are located in.

      Open the standard Photos app. Select the image to be removed from your eyes.

    Then select the “Hide” button and confirm your intention.

    The photo will disappear from the general collection of images, however, it will still be available on the phone. To see hidden images, open the “Albums” tab, scroll to the very end of the list, and then select the “Hidden” section.

    How to take hidden photos on iPhone

    Most users have photos and videos stored on their iPhones that may not be meant for prying eyes. The question arises: how can they be hidden? about this and will be discussed in the article.

    Hide photos on Mac

    When you use iCloud Photos, photos you have hidden on one device will also be hidden on your other devices.

    In iOS 10 or earlier, or macOS Sierra or earlier, hidden photos and videos continue to appear in all albums you create.


    Actually, it is possible to reliably hide images by protecting them with a password only with the help of third-party applications, of which there are a large number of the App Store. We’ll walk you through the process of protecting photos using the Keepsafe app as an example.

    • Download Keepsafe from the App Store and Install on iPhone.
    • When you first start, you will need to create a new account.

    Return to the app. Keepsafe will need to provide access to the film.

    Check the images that you plan to protect from strangers (if you want to hide all photos, click the “Select All” button in the upper right corner).

    Create a password to protect your images.

    The application will start importing files. Now, every time you launch Keepsafe (even if the application is simply minimized), a previously created pin code will be requested, without which it is impossible to access hidden images.

    Any of the proposed methods will hide all required photos. In the first case, you limit yourself to the built-in system tools, and in the second, you reliably protect the images with a password.

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    Sometimes, you need to hide a photo on the iPhone, the motives may be different for this, private photos, screenshots of documents, and other photos. In order to hide photos on the iPhone, you can use the standard settings in iOS, if you want to reliably hide photos from prying eyes by setting a password to enter the folder, you can use third-party applications. In more detail, we will consider all the options in our article.

    By the way, in our blog there are many interesting and useful instructions for setting up and using photo modes on the iPhone, one of these may interest you: how to set a timer for taking photos on an iPhone.

    How to hide photos on iPhone?

    When a user hides pictures on the iPhone, they leave all categories (Years, Moments, Collections) and go to a separate folder called Hidden. This folder is not encrypted or protected by a password, so anyone who gets the opportunity to “climb” on the phone will be able to familiarize themselves with its contents.

    Launch the built-in Photos app on iPhone.

    Click “Select” in the upper right corner of the screen and tick all the photos and videos you want to hide.

    Click on the “Share” button below.

    Two lines will appear. at the bottom, find the option “Hide”.

    Confirm that you want to hide the pictures. click “Hide Photos”.

    The “Hidden” folder appears in the list of albums, and the user’s most intimate snapshots appear in it. This folder on the iPhone cannot be hidden.

    You can return hidden photos in approximately the same way as they were hidden. through the “Share” button. In place of the “Hide” option, there will be another. “Show”. She needs to be used.

    This method of hiding photos on iPhone is highly questionable. It is better not to hide pictures at all than to place them in a catalog, the name of which still attracts attention. If the gadget falls into the hands of ill-wishers, the “Hidden” folder will most likely be checked first. because it promises compromising evidence.

    How to hide photos on iPhone?

    The ability to hide pictures on the iPhone appeared long ago. along with the release of iOS 8. However, users are in no hurry to resort to it. it is not able to provide reliable data protection. Fortunately, there are other ways to hide photos on iPhone. we will tell about them in the article.

    In 2014, Apple users were enthusiastic about the news that photos on iPhones and iPads with iOS 8 can now be hidden. but their joy quickly gave way to disappointment. It turned out that this function on iOS works completely differently than on Windows for PC. hidden photos are still available to prying eyes.

    The safest way to hide photos

    The most intimate photo sessions for an iPhone user should be stored in programs that support AES-256 encryption. AES-256 encryption algorithm is one of the most reliable; banking structures and government organizations use it with might and main. AES-256-enabled applications collect photos (and other data) into containers. specially encrypted files. In iTools and similar programs, the contents of the containers are not visible. There is only one way to access the content. by entering a password.

    Mobile applications capable of encrypting data include:

      In the We have already written about the VKarman program. in the rating of the most necessary applications for the iPhone, we put this program in first place. “VKarmane” allows you to safely store details and scans of documents. this function is considered the main one. You can also upload and encrypt photographs to the program. The application “VKarmane” will pleasantly surprise the domestic iPhone user by the fact that it is Russian-speaking and does not impose fantastic requirements on the OS version of the “apple” device (iOS 8 is enough). 1Password. This utility was originally designed to store passwords from accounts, but you can also protect photos with it. The program has a free version. Its disadvantages include significant weight (139 MB) and high requirements for the iPhone operating system. the utility will not load on iOS version below 9.3. For more information on 1Password, see our article on password storage apps.

    UPassword, which performed the same functionality as 1Password, is no longer distributed through the AppStore.

    What apps allow you to hide photos on iPhone?

    Secret Calculator, the brainchild of Chinese programmers, is a wonderful utility for hiding data. This application is free and very easy to use. After installation, it will be present on the desktop under the name Calculator.

    You can hide photos using this program like this:

    Run the app and set a password. There seems to be no password duration limit. We decided to stop at 20 signs.

    Then enter the password again, also putting a kind of dot with the button with the percent symbol. If the password setting was successful, the following window will appear on the screen:

    First you need to make a new album. Click on the “” button at the bottom of the screen.

    Next, assign a name to the future album and click “Done”.

    Use the “” button to add photos that you would like to hide from strangers.

    Go to the “Photos” application and remove hidden pictures from it.

    After that, you can go back to the Secret Calculator app and make sure the photos are in place. If you press the key with three horizontal lines, you will see: the program is able to store not only photos and videos, but also notes, contacts, passwords from Internet resources.

    Storing Word, Excel, Power Point files is within the power of the full version of the application. IPhone owners can purchase it for 229 rubles.

    The main thing for the user of Secret Calculator is not to fall victim to a clever disguise and not to unintentionally uninstall the application. Together with the program, all the photos that it stored will be irretrievably erased.

    A worthy alternative Secret Calculator is the Private Camera app. The principle of this program is different. It does not hide the photo behind the calculator, but allows you to take pictures directly from its interface. These pictures are not reflected in the “Photos” application, however, if necessary, they can be uploaded (exported) there.

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    The program allows you to store under a password not only photos from your own camera, but also pictures taken earlier, copied from the albums of the “Photos” application.

    Apple technology owners note the vulnerability of photo hiding applications. despite the fact that the pictures are password protected, you can still access them. It is enough to use a computer with special software. For example, the iTools utility allows you to view all the contents of the iPhone. whether it is hidden or not.

    For a user who is looking for a 100% guarantee of photo privacy, the option with the use of special applications for storing photos is not suitable. He’d better resort to the following method.

    Hiding photos with the iPhone‘s own means is a “not-so-so” way. Photos that need to be hidden are simply collected in one folder, access to which is not protected in any way. To put pictures under a password, you should use one of the third-party applications. for example, Secret Calculator.

    Programs that support AES encryption can provide a 100% guarantee of information protection. Such applications place photos in containers, the contents of which are not recognized by any special software.

    How to create a folder with photos?

    • On your Android phone, open Gallery Go.
    • Click on the New Folder icon.
    • Enter a name for the new folder.
    • Click Create Folder.
    • Choose where the folder should be located. SD Card: The folder is created on the SD card.
    • Select your photos.
    • Click Move or Copy.

    How to set a limit on an iPhone?

    To restrict access to inappropriate content and apply an age limit, follow these steps.

    • Go to the Settings menu and select the Screen Time function.
    • Click on Content & Privacy and then Content Restrictions.

    Is it possible to put a password on WhatsApp on iPhone?

    Password (Touch ID, Face ID) on WhatsApp on iPhone

    • Go to Settings;
    • Select the section Account. Confidentiality;
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and the item Lock Screen;
    • Move the slider Require Face ID or Touch ID;

    How to hide a hidden album on iPhone?

    On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

    • Open the Photos app and go to the Albums tab.
    • Scroll down and click Hidden under Other Albums.
    • Select the photo or video you want to display.
    • Click the Share button Show.

    Is it possible to put a password on a photo on an iPhone?

    To put a password on a photo in an iPhone, you need to: Go to “Settings” inside the application and select the item to set a password. There is also the ability to use Touch ID, so if you want, you can put a password using your fingerprint.

    How to restrict gallery access on iPhone?

    Go to Settings and select the Notes section. Scroll to the menu with a choice of password, set up protection (we recommend that you immediately connect the use of Touch ID for more convenience).

    How to create a photo album on your phone?

    • Open the Google Photos app on your Android device.
    • Sign in to your google account.
    • Press and hold the photo you want to add to the album.
    • At the top of the screen, click on the “Add” icon.
    • Select Album.
    • Add an album title if needed.
    • Click on the “Finish” icon.

    Hide app in folder

    Before proceeding with the operation, it should be noted that the iOS operating system cannot completely hide programs. The OS only completely removes, but does not hide the program. An experienced user, even after hiding, can still find them, however, it is possible to remove the icon from the desktop.

    The answer to the question of how to make a hidden folder on an iPhone is creating a layered directory system. That is, in order to hide the application on the iPhone, you can place the program icons on the second page of the folder, which will not be visible to prying eyes.

    To use such a life hack, follow the instructions:

    • Find a prog.
    • Press and hold your finger on the program icon.
    • Transfer the logo of one application to the logo of another to create a folder.
    • Open the catalog and hold your finger on the icon of the software that we want to hide.
    • Drag the logo to the right side of the screen to create the second page.

    The software will not be displayed on the desktop, and when you open the folder on the main screen, you will not be able to see the icon unless you turn to the second page.


    Another application that hides files using a password or fingerprint. Keepsafe protects not only photos / videos, but also documents. The program also provides its own cloud service for storing information, and to add files to Keepsafe, just start the synchronization process.

    Hide the program through the settings

    You can remove the program through the settings in two ways. How this method works depends on the version of the operating system. If you have iOS 11 or earlier, absolutely all programs will be hidden. On newer versions of the OS, it is possible to hide only those applications that you want.

    Instructions for older devices:

    • Open settings.
    • Go to “General” and then. “Restrictions”.
    • Click on “Allowed Content”.
    • Select “Programs” and activate the item “Deny software”.

    All programs will disappear from the desktop. And for the owners of iPhones on iOS 12 and 13, we suggest using a more convenient option that will allow you to hide the application:

    • Open device settings.
    • Select Screen Time settings.
    • Activate “Content and Privacy”.
    • Go to the “Allowed Programs” section.
    • Deactivate apps that need to be hidden on iPhone or iPad.

    Now no one can find the application icon if they pay attention only to the main screen.

    Close the app from Siri Search and Recommendations

    Users often use the search engine to find hidden apps on the iPhone. If the program is used often, then in the search line it will be in the first rows. The task of the user who wants to hide the icon is to exclude it from the search and suggestions of the voice assistant Siri.

    In order to hide the application from the general menu, you need:

    • Launch iPhone Settings.
    • Go to Siri & Search.
    • Move the sliders to the left opposite the items “In search” and in “Find”, if you want to hide all programs.
    • Scroll down to select the hide software you want.
    • Open the section with software.
    • Deactivate Siri & Suggestions and Show Program items.

    In order not to accidentally hide absolutely all applications, skip the 3rd step. It is recommended to turn off the search for each specific program separately.

    Lock Secret Photo Album Vault

    A very interesting application for hiding personal files, which cleverly disguises itself as a regular calculator. Even if you leave it on your desktop, a stranger will not guess that this is where photos and videos are located. Additional protection is provided with a pattern, password or fingerprint.

    How to set a password for the Photos app on iPhone or iPad

    Unfortunately, by default, the Photos app on iPhone or iPad does not have this function, but you can set a password to launch the app using the Screen Time function.

    Open the standard Settings application and go to the Screen Time section.

    Next, we will describe the steps for a situation when the Screen Time function is not activated and you only need to protect photos and videos in the Photos application with a password.

    Click the Enable Screen Time link button, and on the next screen click Next.

    To the question “Is this iPhone (iPad) for you or your child?” answer “This is my child’s iPhone (iPad)”.

    On the screen titled “Alone”, click Not Now at the bottom.

    On the Program Limits screen, check the Creativity box, click Set next to the Amount of time line, select the limit equal to 1 minute and click the Set time limit button.

    On the Content & Privacy screen, click Next.

    Create and enter a password that you will need to enter to enter the Photos application.

    Now let’s briefly explain how it works.

    Screen Time (Detailed View) provides users with a complete picture of their interactions with iPhone and iPad, and allows them to control and restrict children’s use of devices.

    In this situation, we have forcibly restricted access to the Photos application by setting the daily use limit equal to 1 minute per day. After reaching the time limit, the Photos application and other applications from which the iOS Camera Roll can be accessed are blocked (an hourglass icon will appear next to the icon).

    Applications can be opened only after entering a password and subsequent approval for a period of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day.

    The main disadvantages of this method are:

    • the need for a daily mandatory launch of the Photo application within a minute in order to exhaust the established daily limit;
    • together with the Photo application, the operation of all programs (except Messages) from which the Photo application can be accessed is limited. This list of programs can be configured by going to Settings → Screen Time → Always Allowed.

    Keepsafe: Photo & Video Safe

    Working with Keepsafe: Photo & Video Safe starts with creating a free account with your name and email address. You can then set and confirm a password to access the application. On the main screen of the program, you will find more than just options for creating an album. There you can add videos, ID-cards and organize a shared access to the album for general viewing with your loved ones.

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    The app allows you to create your own personal album and assign it a password for an extra layer of security. In addition, if you wish, you can lock any of the built-in albums with a password. Secret Photo Vault gives you the ability to import pictures from your photo library, camera, or from your Files folder. The application, like its counterparts, asks about the need to remove photos from their original location after importing.

    Keepsafe: Photo & Video Safe has settings for hacking attempts, fake PIN, themes and more. This program is an excellent and reliable tool for hiding your photos. But access to some features will require a paid subscription.

    Private Photo Vault. Pic Safe

    At the very beginning of using this program, you will have to come up with and enter your password. Then, if desired, you can enter an email address for possible restoration of access.

    After setting the password, the program is ready to work. You can add photos to it one by one from your photo library or from a camera. You can also import images from external sources into the program. After adding pictures to the app, it will ask if you want to remove them from their original location.

    The program allows you to create entire photo albums and set a personal password for each of them, as well as set an e-mail address to restore this information in case of its loss. This convenient approach provides additional data security due to the password of the application itself to access its contents.

    Private Photo Vault. Pic Safe is a really good free app to hide your private photos.

    In-app purchases unlock upgrades, unlimited photo albums, wireless photo sharing, ad removal and more.

    Photo safe

    This program starts with the same password prompt as Private Photo Vault. You can skip this step, but it is exactly what keeps your photos safe. After entering the password, you can also enter your email address to recover your password.

    At the very beginning of the program, you can import photos from the Photos application, iCloud, the camera, or from the file system. It is possible to create a new album and give it a name of your own accord. The app allows you to easily select multiple photos using gestures. It gives you the ability to remove photos from their original location when importing to secure storage.

    A photo safe is another great option for hiding your photos. The program is free, but there are in-app purchases for getting backups from iCloud, transferring data over Wi-Fi and removing ads.

    How to hide photos on iPhone or iPad in the Notes app and protect with a password

    Oddly enough, but to protect the Photo from prying eyes, the standard “Notes” application can help, which is able to protect its data with a password and identify access using biometrics. In addition, the application is able to synchronize its data on all required devices. This is a simple, albeit non-obvious solution that will help you avoid purchasing additional software.

    Go to Settings → Notes and scroll down to the “Password” menu.

    How to Hide Photos on iPhone 6. Lock Them

    This section is used to configure the protection of stored data. If you want, you can do just password protection or use Touch ID or Face ID for more convenience.

    Set the “Save to Photo” switch to Off. This will make it possible to save photos in the desired program, and not sync them with the general gallery. If you need to disable syncing between devices, you will need to activate the “Account on iPhone” switch.

    Launch the Notes application and create a new entry by clicking on the appropriate button.

    In the panel above the keyboard, click on the “⊕” (plus) icon and select the desired mode: Media Library or Take a photo or video. In the first case, previously created media will be added to the note, and in the second case, the camera interface for taking photos or videos will be activated.

    After adding a photo, click on the Share button in the upper right corner and select “Block” from the list of available actions. The system will ask you to confirm your actions by entering a password.

    An icon with the image of an open lock will appear in the top menu of the Notes application, click it to apply protection to the current note.

    This will securely hide all the contents of the photo note.

    3 Ways to Hide Photos on iPhone 2019 New Trick!! | How to Hide Photos on iPhone

    How to hide photos on iPhone and iPad or set a password on them. 4 ways

    Despite all the security measures in iOS, they are sometimes lacking. So, many users of this system complain about the inability to protect their photos from being viewed by strangers. IOS Camera Roll presents the only tool available. hide photos, but this is clearly far from the desired level of security. Nevertheless, iOS still allows you to ensure the privacy of photos without involving third-party applications.

    Chances are, there are several photos on your iPhone or iPad that you would like to keep secret. The child can pick up the phone for games, or the device will be received by someone else to make a call. Unwanted photos on the screen can be a problem. We need a way to hide them and make sure they are completely protected from unauthorized access.

    In this article, we will tell you about the most convenient ways to hide photos and videos on iOS or set a password for an application containing secret media files.

    Keepsafe. close images in a secure box

    One of the most popular safes for your photos that I liked. The main thing is that he looks fine.

    It securely stores your photos with a password and makes it as convenient as possible.

    The developers insist that in addition to “special” photos, here you can save your important documents that should not fall into the wrong hands, as well as bank cards.

    It can also upload original photos to the cloud and leave compressed copies on the device. This will help you free up some storage space on your iPhone.

    Good program, sorry to unlock the full set of chips you need an expensive subscription.

    Lock Secret Photo Album Vault. protect pictures with a pattern

    Another app to help you hide your pictures with a password.

    It differs from analogs in appearance and the ability to use a pattern.

    It will be enough to open the program, make a special gesture, and it will immediately show hidden pictures.

    And the application also has a special private browser that will make it possible to save photos with a password directly from the Internet.

    The program does a good job of its duties, but you will have to pay for the full set of its features.

    Best Secret Folder. hide images in a real safe

    No, I do not argue, it does a good job with its duties, but in appearance it got stuck in 2011.

    By the way, it was then that its first versions were released, and it’s even strange that it is still being updated.

    The program is stylized as a safe, into which you can throw any “special” photos.

    Of course, it will be impossible to access them without a password.

    Private Photo Vault. password protect your photos

    Nice app that will give you the ability to hide your private photos from prying eyes.

    The developers emphasize that it was chosen by more than 5 million users from different parts of the world. But I strongly doubt that so many people are looking at the ugly icon of this program.

    Despite the logo of the program, which remained in the days of skeuomorphism, it has a fairly fresh interface in a minimalist style.

    If the device fell into the wrong hands, and someone entered the wrong password from the program, it will show him stock photos.

    This is a great way to trick a curious user. He will never know what is really hidden unless he has a password.

    Secret Calculator. close the photo in the safe calculator

    An application for hiding photos, which successfully disguises itself as the most ordinary calculator.

    To open the coveted safe, you need to enter a special key combination. Everyone else will think that this is a banal calculating machine.

    They say that the most valuable thing is best kept in a conspicuous place, and this program is a vivid confirmation of this.

    If you store some overly special pictures in the program, you can add an additional password or fingerprint.

    They will be used after entering a combination of numbers.

    We hide obscene photos on the iPhone and do not burn ourselves. 5 matching programs

    To hide pictures from the camera roll, mark the necessary ones and select “Hide”. They will not appear in photo albums, recommendations, and other sections of “Photos”. But you can access them without a password through the “Hidden” menu.

    So-so way to block access to “special” photos, isn’t it?

    We have selected 5 applications that will place pictures inside themselves and will not allow you to view them without a password. If needed, pick up.

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