How to activate SIM card on iPad

2 ways to activate your MTS SIM card from your mobile

If the package was bought up to six months ago, the MTS SIM card is activated on the phone in 2 ways.

  • Open dialing. Enter the command 111 # and press “Call”. Then try to call or send an SMS, and the card will work. During the procedure, keep the plastic base from the SIM nearby. an activation code may be required, the role of which is usually played by a PUK code hidden under the protective layer.
  • Take another SIM card of the operator and dial 0890. If it is not possible to call from MTS, enter 8 800 250 0890. Listen to the message of the answering machine and, using the voiced commands, go to the live operator. Explain the situation, name the inactive number and confirm the identity of the owner with passport data.

None of the methods came up. contact the company’s specialists for help in registering. Go to the nearest customer service salon, tell them that the SIM is not active and ask to fix the problem. Take the passport of the holder of the contract and the owner himself, if it is not you, the operation will be denied to an outsider. The service is free. The addresses of the existing offices and working hours are collected at

There is no way to go to the branch. write an official application to the operator’s e-mail. The method is long, but correct: in the request, indicate the SIM card number, full name of the owner and passport data. Draw up the application yourself or download the document template from the site: Check the box “Please restore service”.

Setting up a new sim card

Modern SIMs do not need additional configuration. The parameters for the provision of communication services are saved in the system by default or are requested automatically in the first seconds after starting the device. If they don’t work:

  • SMS, go to the section and open the settings. Enter 79168999100 in the “Message center number” field. Save. The combination is valid for Moscow and the region, check the number for the regions on the MTS website;
  • MMS and Internet, go to Enter your phone number in the appropriate field, answer the verification question and click “Submit”. When the settings come, open the package and tap on “Install”.

If the parameters are not automatically saved, try entering the data manually. Look for the information you need using the same link by selecting “Manual settings” in the list of sections on the left.

How to activate a new MTS SIM card yourself and register it on the network

Few know how to activate an MTS SIM card. The operation usually occurs without the intervention of the subscriber. When purchasing a package, the operator performs the necessary actions, and the phone works without additional manipulations. But sometimes SIM does not automatically activate. after a day, the network is still unavailable, and access to the operator’s services is limited. We figure out how to be in such a situation and whether it is possible to register the card yourself.

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How to register an MTS SIM card in the network

Phones identify operators automatically, this does not happen only in case of an error or lack of coverage. To register an MTS SIM card:

  • open the package. Erase the protective layer from the PIN. the combination will be needed later;
  • break the card out of the plastic base. Do not throw away the last one, it will come in handy;
  • insert into the phone and turn on the device. Upon request, enter the PIN from the plastic base or a closed envelope, if a similar one was found inside the kit;
  • go to the system settings of the mobile;
  • select the section “Network”, “Search for operators”, “Available networks” or similar;
  • start a manual search for coverage or wait for an automatic one;
  • in the list of available operators, click on MTS. If not required, return to the coverage area. You can register a SIM card in the network of another operator, but then the services are provided on a roaming basis.

Save your selection and test the functionality by making a call.

Activating a new SIM card

Immediately after the purchase, it is not difficult to activate the MTS SIM card:

How to use phone sim on iPad

  • open the paper bag received at the sales office;
  • find the plastic base and gently break the card;
  • insert the SIM into the phone, turn on the device;
  • upon request, enter the PIN-code indicated on the plastic base.

Usually, these actions are enough for self-activation of a new SIM card. It didn’t help. try to make a paid call, send an SMS, go online, or use the methods listed below.

What to do if the MTS SIM card is not activated

  • The activation method is not suitable. Try others. it is better to contact the nearest service office.
  • The card is faulty. Buy a new one or submit a replacement claim to MTS. Template:

Simka has been blocked due to the lack of paid actions for more than six months. If the subscriber does not use the number, the operator has the right to refuse service unilaterally.

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Use Yesim, built-in apple SIM, or apple SIM

You can create a plan on your iPad, scan a QR code, or use your carrier’s iPad app. Find out how your iPad connects to the cellular data network. Also, you can find out which iPad model you have.

Use a SIM card from your carrier

If you have created a cellular data plan for your local carrier, then the SIM card will be activated. Just open the SIM card tray and insert the SIM card from your carrier.

If you are unable to connect to a cellular data network, go to Settings Cellular data and make sure the cellular data network is turned on.

How to activate SIM card on iPad

If you have a Wi-Fi cellular iPad model, you can subscribe to a cellular data plan. This will help you stay connected when you are out of range of your Wi-Fi router.

Scan QR code

  • Go to Settings Cellular Data.
  • Tap Add Rate Plan.
  • Use your iPad to scan the QR code provided by the carrier.

If you are asked to enter a confirmation code to activate Esim, enter the number that your carrier.

Change your plan

To change or check the status of your plan, go to Settings Cellular Data. If you have created your cellular data plan with a carrier, you may need to contact them directly to change your plan.

You can have multiple plans on iPad by registering on your iPad, with multiple carriers, add multiple esim plans and SIM cards to the nano SIM tray. To switch between active plans, go to Settings Cellular data network and select the plan you want to use under the checkered plans.

Deactivate your plan

Your plan is either prepaid or pay-as-you-go. To deactivate a prepaid plan, which is a free contract, do not renew at the end of the month.

Postpaid plans are renewed monthly. To deactivate a tariff plan:

  • Go to Settings Cellular Data.
  • Click on the name of your carrier and choose not to renew your plan.

If a message appears that the account type is not supported or if you have a SIM from your operator and you do not see the “View Account” button, call your operator and ask to deactivate your account.

How to activate a number on the phone

Activating a SIM card in your phone means you can use all the cellular services of the selected operator without any restrictions. Today, mobile operators MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, as well as newcomers to the Tele2 and Iota market, do not require complex actions to activate a new SIM card in the phone.

Usually, it is enough to install a SIM card in your phone and enter the pin-code, which can be found on the plastic base of the card, and wait for the connection to the operator’s network. Once the SIM number is registered in the network, you can use it. Note that now on most new SIM codes, the PIN code request is disabled, and the subscriber can activate his request, if necessary, on his own.

However, there are situations when the SIM card catches the network, but it does not receive incoming calls. This can happen with any operator’s SIM card. In this case, to activate the SIM, you need to make any outgoing call, including a free call to Support (MTS. 0890. MegaFon. 0500. Beeline. 0611. Tele2. 611), or check the balance of the number using a short command.

The second problem for subscribers is that the SIM card was activated, but there is no network. In this case, you need to check if the SIM card is installed correctly in the phone, and if the problem persists, then check it in another phone, or another SIM card in this device.

If it was not possible to activate the SIM card, then, most likely, the problem is in it. In this case, you need to apply with a passport to the office of the mobile operator.

When buying a SIM card not from an authorized dealer, you need to look at the valid date of its activation. It is indicated on the packaging of the starter kit. It should be borne in mind that if you have not activated the SIM card for a long time after you bought it, then it may no longer be available for use, and the number may be reissued by the operator. This usually happens in a period of three months to a year, depending on the operator. You will not be able to activate such an old SIM. This also applies to SIM cards already used before.

To activate a corporate SIM card, you may need to call the operator’s contact center. However, SIM cards are usually transferred to the employee already in the activated state. If your work SIM card is not activated, then contact the employee of your company who is responsible for this question.

SIM activation in modem and tablet

Unlike a SIM card for a smartphone, which most users immediately install into a phone after purchase, many prefer to activate a SIM card on a tablet or modem at home.

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There should also be no difficulties with tablets, since the activation of a SIM card occurs by analogy with a smartphone. It is enough to install it correctly in the device, wait for registration in the network, and, if necessary, check the balance, and go online to any third-party site (except for operator resources).

If the SIM card is used in the iPad, then you will need to enter the settings, and in the “My Beeline” menu select the item “SIM card activation” in the “Other services” section.

To activate the number in the modem also does not require complex actions. It is enough to install the SIM in the device and run the corresponding software on your computer, which is activated after connecting the device to the PC.

In some cases, it may be necessary to activate the starting balance by the SIM card number. The request for this also occurs automatically when the device is connected for the first time. If you missed this item and did not activate the balance, you can do this through the settings of the Internet connection program by going to the account management section.

How to activate a SIM card

After purchasing a new cell number, or when changing the SIM card, you need to activate the cell number in order to be able to use all communication services. However, some users are faced with a situation when no calls are received to a new number, or it is not possible to use the Internet.

Today we will tell you how to activate a SIM card yourself, how to do it for a modem without a phone via the Internet, and what are the restrictions on the SIM activation period for operators.

How to activate a SIM card

Activating a new SIM card allows you to start using your new number. regardless of the device used. In most cases, it is enough to perform any activity with a new SIM card after its registration in the network. to make a call, check the balance, use the Internet. If you have any difficulties with activating the purchased number, then you need to contact the operator’s consultant, or contact the office.

When buying a new card, be sure to pay attention to the maximum allowable period for its activation. After the expiration of the time allotted by the operator to start using the number, it will no longer be possible to activate it. This also applies to old SIMs that have not been used for a long time and have been blocked.

If it was not possible to activate the SIM card on your own, then you need to check it in another device. If the problem persists, it is worth contacting the operator from any other phone number. If you need to replace your SIM card, you will need to contact the operator’s office with the passport of the subscriber for whom the number was issued upon purchase.

Contact center numbers of mobile operators

What to do if the SIM card is not activated?

Increasingly, operators are making settings such that activation occurs automatically. It is convenient for both the subscriber and the company. But if automatic configuration is not available, then some parameters will have to be adjusted manually.

Why does it write “SIM card is not activated

Usually, after purchasing the number and SIM, the mobile operator gives the client from one day to 30 calendar days for the authentication procedure. If you do not fulfill the conditions within the specified period, then the mobile provider will block you.

Why activation is needed?

It is used to verify the identity of the cardholder. Also, activation is intended in order to then freely connect options or some programs, change the registration of the card, etc.

If we are talking about initial authorization, then it is done after purchase. Usually the SIM is sold without reference to the subscriber and cellular coverage. And when you make the first call or enter your personal account, the system displays that now the number belongs to a specific owner.

How long can you not activate a SIM card

It all depends on the mobile operator, but usually it is from a day to a week. Rarely do companies write about thirty calendar days in their conditions.

Registration number

Registration in the system is carried out in the following ways:

  • on the company’s website;
  • through a call to the operator’s line;
  • via mobile app.

The easiest way is to dial your mobile operator. Such a call is available even for unblocked cards. Each company has its own hot mowing lines for communication, usually they are indicated on the website or on the box with the SIM. Here are some of the most common.

CompanyContact for subscribers from mobileContact for subscribers of other telephone companiesInternational calls

How to find out the number if the SIM card is not activated?

There is a combination that works on almost all phones, regardless of the mobile operator. Enter the combination 161 # on the keyboard. After 2-3 seconds, the system displays a dialog box with your phone number.

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How to activate a e-sim on iPad or iPhone

Checking the firmware

Often, after self-flashing the phone, minor inaccuracies in the work surface. This may also manifest itself in a discrepancy with the parameters of the SIM operator. But also often the firmware helps to solve the incorrect work. To do this, find a shell for your gadget on the website and reinstall.

If even after this the SIM card still fails to activate, try performing a hard reset of Android.

How to find out the number if the SIM card is not activated?

The phone number is indicated on the package. You can choose it in the mobile salon.

Why it was not possible to activate the SIM card on the phone: reasons, solution

SIM card not activated. an error that informs that the phone system could not detect the SIM card. This problem periodically appears in gadgets running on Android. Sometimes from the very beginning of using a new number, and sometimes already in the process of operation. What causes such a malfunction and what to do about it, we tell you in detail in this article.

What to do if the SIM card is not activated?

To activate the SIM card on different phones running Android, the methods are suitable, which are described in detail below.

What does it mean the SIM card is not activated?

If the card is not activated, then the owner of the gadget will not be able to use the mobile phone for its main purpose. to make and receive calls, use social networks and other activities related to communication.

Sometimes this error is displayed due to network problems. The area where the user is located has poor coverage. Try restarting your gadget and check the signal. It is likely that after leaving an area with a weak signal, correct operation will be restored.

Changing the language on the phone

On some models from Chinese manufacturers, there are some flaws. there is no support for the Russian language.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • log out of your personal account;
  • change the language to English in the settings;
  • log into your account to activate the card;
  • change the language back to Russian.

For correct operation, restart the device and continue operation as usual.

How long can you not activate a SIM card

It is noted that activation must occur within three months from the date of purchase. Upon purchase, a certain amount is automatically sent to the account to activate the selected package. If the user does not use the connected services for three months, then the money is automatically debited, and the connected package is automatically transferred to “Standard” or “Basic” (depending on the operator). At the end, the number will be given to another user. Read more about the conditions on the official websites of the selected operator. Tele2, Vodafone, Kyivstar, Lifecell, Megafon, MTS, Beeline.

It is possible to use the Internet?

Developers of mobile gadgets are constantly working to achieve this opportunity. This will allow those who often travel or travel on business trips to save money on the Internet. But this function is provided only on certain gadgets. This option is not possible in standard models.

Checking the firmware

Also try updating the device software. It is likely that there is a problem with the current firmware. This is typical if you purchased a smartphone on a Chinese site. All that is needed is to update to the new version of Android, if possible.