How much does the iPhone 11 weigh with the box


We see several chips on the motherboard. It can be assumed what they can serve. APL1W85. Apple A13 Bionic SoC, placed over SK Hynix memory H9HKNNNCRMMVDR LPDDR4X. SK Hynix documentation does not include a decoder for this model, but it seems to be 4GB. All of this is topped with two chips: the first labeled H230FG82D6AD0-BC 922Y / M1TPAR31HA1 (likely storage), and the other labeled I7J9, possibly Apple’s new U1 wireless detection chip.

IPhone 11 disassembly: what’s under the cover?

Today we will look at the next disassembly of a new Apple device from the guys with iFixit, namely, iPhone 11 disassembly. What’s under the cover of this model? Let’s find out together.

For the first time, Apple released three new iPhones at the same time, and the iFixit disassembly team has never been so busy with three brand new devices. Last week, the guys focused most of their efforts on disassembling the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but also looked inside the iPhone 11. Let’s see, too.

This mint green device is the middle brother of this year’s iPhone lineup. But, in any case, this device is no less worthy of time under the screwdriver of the disassembly team.

In the photo above, we see the back covers of the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Looking at the exterior, we can see that the 11th model is “dumping” the iPhone markings featured on its predecessor, the iPhone XR, and the Apple logo has been moved to the center of the back cover. The camera was divided: now there are two of them. In the 11 Pro model shown above on the right, the cameras go through the “division” again: in this model there are already three!


The rectangular battery is held in place by six special strips, which unfortunately does not at all simplify the process of removing the battery, which is inherent in the Pro range. since in order to conveniently remove all of these adhesive tapes, you will need to first remove the speaker and the Taptic Engine.

Apple this year boasted a small but decent battery life improvement in the iPhone 11. It was impossible to resist comparing the iPhone 11’s battery with its predecessor, the XR, and taking some measurements: this year’s battery measures 40.81 x 96.93 x 3 97mm and weighs 44.1g. The XR’s battery is slightly smaller, but the iPhone 11 has a 3110mAh battery, about 7% more than the XR. Thus, the autonomy of the 11th model has increased by about an hour.

So, we got to the X-ray image of the battery. This battery contains a single connector that is part of Apple’s new hardware, giving users more detailed information on battery health.

Rear housing.

Now you can see the almost empty rear case. Its X-ray image leaves us with several unsolved questions:

Despite the lack of a second battery connector, the presence of a charging coil makes us imagine what might be here. If bi-directional charging were included in the final production design of the iPhone 11, we wouldn’t necessarily see a heavily modified coil. But at the same time, a larger battery and additional temperature management would almost certainly be required. Since reverse wireless charging is very energy consuming and inefficient. In the case of the standard iPhone 11, we don’t see this.

Under the screen.

The screen is set aside. And a first look at the internals of the iPhone 11 confirms all suspicions: it’s an iPhone XR with some of the tech from the iPhone 11 Pro. Specifically: a new dual-deck motherboard never seen before in a mid-sized line of devices. Unfortunately, the display is similar to its predecessors in that trying to replace it without Apple’s special tools disables True Tone. not news, but disappointing nonetheless. There is nothing to be upset, because the display at least in this way can be replaced by the user.

Opening the iPhone.

So guys open iPhone 11 with iSclack and lockpick.

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Explosive Firecracker Box vs iPhone 11 Pro! What Happens?

It’s hard to say what exactly makes a regular smartphone a professional version, but one thing is certain: you don’t need to be a professional to get inside an iPhone today.

Weigh Objects Using Your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus [How-To]

Starting with the iPhone 6S, it was possible to remove the iPhone screen using the same algorithm: heating, cutting, repeating. And this despite the improved IP68 water and dust resistance compared to the IP67 rating of the iPhone XR.

Important: Be careful with loose cables. Luckily, as with this year’s entire Pro series, the cables are ordered on one side.

How much does the iPhone 4s weigh

The weight of the iPhone 4s gadget is 140 grams.

iPhone 4s belongs to the fifth generation of Apple smartphones. Unlike the previous model, the phone with the letter “s” has updated hardware and improved software.

The virtual assistant Siri has settled in the gadget. It responds to a voice request and is capable of performing Internet searches. In addition, most of the functions that exist in the iPhone can be controlled by voice. The model is not tied to a stationary computer or laptop, since it independently functions as a Wi-Fi router. The updated model has improved camera resolution, which has changed the quality of photos and videos. The indicators of the autonomous operation of the device without recharging have increased.

iPhone 4S takes over many design features from the previous iPhone 4. The front and back panels are flat and the screen is covered with shock-resistant glass. The case is made of stainless steel with metal buttons. The screen size is 3.5 inches (8.89 cm), directly below it is the Home button. iPhone 4S comes in two black and white colors.

Other characteristics of the model include:

  • 3.5-inch widescreen Multi-Touch display.
  • screen resolution 960 x 640 pixels (326 ppi).
  • high contrast 800: 1
  • brightness up to 500 cd / m2
  • the presence of an oleophobic coating that is resistant to the appearance of fingerprints on the panels located on the back and sides.
  • support for multiple language modes with the ability to set characters in different languages.

How much does an iPhone weigh

The weight of modern iPhones ranges from 112 grams to 140 grams.

The weight of modern iPhones ranges from 112 grams to 140 grams.

much, does, iphone, weigh

Technological developments make it possible to supply equipment with more and more new possibilities. Each new model is no longer just a phone with a video camera. “Smart” gadgets can do a lot and are becoming almost indispensable for the modern user. Let’s try to figure out why the new generation of iPhones is more useful and more modern than previous models. Let’s start with weight categories.

How much does the iPhone 4 weigh

IPhone4 weighs 137 grams.

The main characteristics of the most “old” model are:

  • beautiful. has an attractive case design;
  • replaces the player. has enough memory to store music files;
  • equipped with a good camera. the clarity of the resolution is 2592×1944;
  • has a capacitive battery;
  • has the functions of a GPS receiver;
  • ergonomic.

The front and back walls of the device are flat, made of impact-resistant glass, the end edging is steel. A phone with such a set of functions has become a revolutionary novelty in the electronic gadget market. With a “modest” size, this novelty is skillful at what several devices are capable of doing at the same time.

How much does the iPhone 5 weigh

IPhone5 weighs 112 grams and is the smallest of the entire lineup.

Apple’s sixth generation smartphone was unveiled on September 12, 2012 in California.

The new model found both its supporters and those who were dissatisfied with the new product. Everyone noticed a change in the overall dimensions of the equipment and a decrease in the weight of the device. After the departure of Steve Jobs, the founder of the corporation, who adhered to the uniformity of all smartphone models, the developers deviated from his principles and gave the model new forms. Users noted such a change as positive, the gadget began to look more harmonious as a phone and not be conspicuous when using it as a means of communication.

According to the developers, the fifth model approaches the following parameters:

  • video viewing time. 10 hours;
  • listening to audio recordings. 40 hours;
  • web browsing online. 10 hours;
  • 2G and talk time. 8 hours;
  • 225 hours standby time.

iPhone 11 Unboxing. What’s Included!

In addition to changing technical parameters, the quality characteristics of the device have improved.

How much does the iPhone 5s weigh

IPhone 5s weighs in at 134 grams.

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September 2013 was the year of the presentation of the seventh generation of the iPhone. Initially, its first month of sales turned out to be a crisis for the iPhone, it lost more than 40% of its original cost, but the crisis at the end of December 2014 “leveled” the situation and the price returned to its original mark.

Among the advantageous characteristics of the model, we can note the “strengthening” of the case, the gadget has changed into an aluminum shell and glass-ceramics, which has thoroughly strengthened its strength. The device has become more sensitive to network signals, the screen resolution indicators have increased, revolutionary changes have taken place in the photo and video modes. The duration of stay in the operating mode remained similar to the previous model. The owners of the new items noted not only positive, but also negative features of the iPhone. Many complaints have arisen about the compatibility of devices for compatibility with certain network configurations, in some cases the quality of communication has deteriorated. The demanding attitude towards the new product is due to the fact that the developers, despite the increase in the number of additional options, forgot about the original purpose of the device and supplied the gadget with additional options to the detriment of the main.

much, does, iphone, weigh

Users note a solid progress in the technical “behavior” of modern gadgets. Developers, endowing devices with increasingly “heavy” functions, try not to increase the weight of the iPhone and the parameters of the device. Technological developments make it possible to make perfect models and leave, at the same time, parameters convenient for the owners. Probably, in the future, smartphones will completely lose their weight and will weigh not 140 or even 100 grams and will completely turn into virtual devices with a holographic screen. But so far, technical progress is only approaching the cherished edge with cautious steps. And iPhones of the fourth, fifth and many subsequent models will remain a necessary and material thing for a modern person for a long time.

New on the market

The release of two updated “sixes” was no exception. Both iPhones this time have grown significantly in size, picking up the general trend of increasing the diagonal. Finally, users got what they wanted for a long time. an excellent reliable device for communication, viewing media and convenient surfing on the net.

If we compare with the undoubted previous hit. the four-inch 5S, the nearest 4.7-inch iPhone 6 (since the 6 Plus is still a slightly different level), we see that it “grew” by 14.3 mm in length, by 8.4 mm wide. But the thickness. on the contrary, decreased by 0.7 mm.

And with all this, the weight of the sixth model increased by only 17 grams and amounted to 129 g (Considering the fact that the body of the iPhone 6 is almost entirely made of metal and glass). But this even contributes to a better “lying” in his hand, since at first the decently increased dimensions and increased streamlining are unusually felt. This model is optimal for most users. Its size is convenient to use and you can see everything quite well.

How much do “sixes” weigh?

It has already become a tradition. the hype in the press and mass hysteria of ardent fans. during the appearance on the market of new iPhone models from the illustrious Apple. No matter how much anti-Yabloko people condemn the overpricing and limited functionality of these gadgets. compared to competitors, they were simply swept off the shelves. The rapid growth of the company’s financial indicators is an additional confirmation of this. It is clear that Apple, with its products, has weight and confidently takes its share in the touchscreen smartphone market. And now, with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus, it has encroached upon and gained a worthy niche in the phablet market.

“Six plus

The first impressions of the six Plus are that it is unusually large and heavy. The impressive 5.5-inch diagonal is 158.1 millimeters long and 77.8 millimeters wide. The weight of the model was 172 grams. This considerable indicator is aggravated by the small thickness of the case. 7.1 mm. But this is a pleasant weight. of an expensive, well-made device with a metal case. Although the aluminum alloy used in the smartphone is quite light. The massive display with resistant mineral glass. gorilla glass. played a role in the fact that the Plus version weighs so much. And also a large and very powerful battery, which is more than enough for a whole day. with full use, and even more. But there is one drawback, although rather not a drawback, but a feature of this kind of devices, with an increased diagonal. no matter how hard you try. it will be difficult to cope with one hand. Well, except that the Plus version is suitable for a large male palm with rather long fingers.

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Due to the fact that it weighs so much, the center of gravity often shifts when gripped and the iPhone 6 Plus simply slips out. Therefore, it is advisable to firmly hold the iPhone with both hands so as not to drop it. Since the repair of a cracked display will cost a pretty penny, because it is he who most often suffers when dropped. And they are not so rare, due to the severity, dimensions and increased smoothness of the model.

But for true connoisseurs of gadgets, Apple does not matter how much the updated iPhone weighs. Both the 6 and the 6 Plus were popular among most of them. Few of the devices on the market can boast of such sound quality, color rendering, excellent photos, and a fast operating system. And if we compare which is better. to carry a heavy laptop or tablet with you, or take a smart compact phablet that can successfully replace them when used “on the go” or on the road. the choice of many becomes obvious.

As practice has shown, the two new iPhone models have once again become iconic. For many years, Apple has been the trendsetter in smartphone design. No matter how much they gossip about the modest technical characteristics of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. it is thanks to their well-chosen combination that the devices sometimes work even better than competitors. multi-core, multi-pixel, and so on. Here everyone chooses for himself what is more important to him. an abundance of “bells and whistles” that few people actively use, or the stability of work, which everyone will appreciate. But the fact of inexorable growth in iPhone sales and huge profits of the company speak for themselves.

How much does a Chinese iPhone cost??

The question of how much a Chinese iPhone costs probably worries many who seek to acquire a fake for a real communicator, or want to distinguish a fake from the original.

It is also important to define the very phrase “Chinese iPhone”. The fact is that a modern Chinese manufacturer actively counterfeits original Apple products.

much, does, iphone, weigh

Many of these counterfeits can be purchased for almost nothing, but their quality will leave much to be desired. In addition, there are exact copies of the originals produced in China.

They are quite durable, and at first glance it is almost impossible to distinguish between them. Well, the most important difference between the first and the second is, of course, in the cost.

Other differences from the original

Chinese craftsmen are not at all afraid of the complexity and functionality of a device like the iPhone. The number of inexpensive fakes is truly incalculable, and sellers of branded products sometimes cannot distinguish them from original products.

That is why it is so important to know the main parameters by which they can be identified.

  • The original device lacks a microphone, while the counterfeit device is most often located on the front panel. In addition, the Chinese iPhone usually only imitates a micro-SIM slot, and not very well.
  • Case material is much less high quality than the original.
  • Mass production in China does not use metal or glass, but only inexpensive plastic. Therefore, the fake weighs a little less than the original, although this is not always easy to notice.
  • A real iPhone is a one-piece candy bar that an ordinary user cannot disassemble. A fake will easily allow you to open the back cover
  • You can also check if there is a TV antenna under the battery cover. Apple products should not have any antenna.
  • The emblem of the “apple” may also differ significantly.
  • The original device has a capacitive display, which allows it to handle multiple touches at once. Chinese fakes most often have resistive screens, and their color rendition is much worse.
  • The USB cable is also worth checking out. A real iPhone cable shouldn’t have any snaps. If they are, it is either an Apple iPod cable or a fake.
  • Finally, the original charger can only be manufactured by Foxlink or Flextronix, which must be indicated. There shouldn’t be any hieroglyphs.