How many milliamps are in the iPhone 6 s

Battery capacity iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, SE

Many consider the 4-inch generation to be the most successful. Apple also does not forget about this and the result of this is the release of the iPhone SE. Of course, many still use these devices, but when they start using a new generation phone, the love for 4 inches slowly evaporates.

The numbers have not grown significantly compared to the old 4 and 4S, because all the characteristics have not grown too globally. SE has already added, but considering its filling from 6S. this is probably not enough.

iPhone 6

Finally, we got to the “big” Apple smartphones, which have good battery life. Users who are not even fans of the iPhone, note on the Web how long “sixes” work without recharging. “To blame” for this:

Battery: Built-in 1810mAh Li-ion battery

iPhone 7 Plus

Battery: Built-in 2900mAh Li-ion battery.

iPhone 5s

The former flagship Apple iPhone 5s includes a very capacious battery. Add to this the excellent work of Apple engineers to optimize the use of resources by the mobile operating system iOS and get from 8 to 250 hours of battery life.

Battery: Built-in 1560mAh Li-ion battery

iPhone 6 Plus

Battery: Built-in 2915mAh Li-ion battery

Iphone 6 how many milliamperes

iPhone SE

iPhone SE is the perfect copy of the iPhone 5s in appearance. But the battery of the iPhone SE has a higher capacity than that of the “big brother”. The difference is not significant, but the battery life of the iPhone SE is still better compared to the iPhone 5s.

Battery: Built-in 1624mAh Li-ion battery.

Battery life for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

In the improved iPhone 6 series, Apple has “cut” the battery capacity compared to their younger brothers. the regular “six”. over, given how reluctant the company is to increase the batteries in its gadgets, such “cuts” are not very pleasant for users. Let’s take a look at how this affected the battery life of the iPhone 6S:

As you can see, practically nothing has changed. According to the company, this is achieved primarily through the use of a new, more energy efficient processor. Let’s believe her, especially since in reality it is approximately the same. the iPhone 6S keeps charging at the level of its predecessor.

How long does it take to charge the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max?

  • IPhone XS Battery Capacity. 2658 mAh.
  • The battery capacity of the iPhone XS MAX is 3174 mAh. This is the largest battery ever installed in an iPhone so far.!

Now let’s move on to the main indicators. And if we take the official data, then something unimaginable is happening here 🙂

We go to the Apple website and see this information about the operating time of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

many, iphone

Confuses nothing? For example, I am very amazed by two lines:

  • iPhone XS lasts up to 30 minutes on a single charge than iPhone X.
  • iPhone XS Max lasts up to 1.5 hours on a single charge than iPhone X.

And now we look at the indicators of the iPhone X (previous iPhone models) and we have a very interesting chain:

  • iPhone XS lasts 30 minutes longer than iPhone X. And iPhone XS Max lasts 1.5 hours longer than iPhone X.
  • At the same time. iPhone X lasts 2 hours longer than iPhone 7.
  • But that is not all! iPhone 7 lasts 2 hours longer than iPhone 6S.

Apple, are you all right? 🙂 Add up the indicators and get the result:

  • iPhone XS lasts 4.5 hours longer than iPhone 6S.
  • iPhone XS Max lasts 5.5 hours longer than iPhone 6S.

Is it true? It turns out that Apple has achieved almost a twofold increase in operating time since the iPhone 6S?

I wouldn’t say that. In fact, of course, Apple’s latest smartphones do hold up a little better. But in the end, everything comes to the same denominator. the iPhone XS, with active use, keeps charging from morning to evening. The iPhone XS Max has a slightly better situation (about 30%).

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus battery capacity. how long does it hold a charge?

In the iPhone 7, many, including myself, were expecting, if not a revolutionary breakthrough in battery life, then at least a significant increase. Have you waited? Now we will find out:

The battery capacity has grown by 245 mAh for the iPhone 7 and 150 mAh for the iPhone 7 Plus, which should provide improved battery life. This is what Apple tells us in the specifications of the “seventh” iPhones on its website:

Glowing Apple Logo iPhone 6S Mod. How To & Should You?

However, if you skip all these statements and look at the numbers, you will see that nothing has changed significantly. And some of the numbers indicating the operating time in hours have even decreased. As a result, we can conclude: all these “dances” with indicators left the autonomy at the same level. the iPhone 7 (Plus) keep charging as much as the “six”.

How long does it take to charge the iPhone 4 and 4s

iPhone 4iPhone 4S
Battery capacity14201430
Standby mode300200
Talk time (2G network)1414
Talk time (3G network)78
Listening to music4040

As you can see, with a slight increase in the size of the battery, smartphones work approximately the same. The only thing is that the talk time in 3g networks has increased for the iPhone 4s. It is unlikely that the extra 10 mAh played a role; rather, the matter is in the improved processor and wireless chip. Although for the sake of fairness, from my own experience I can see that they hold the charge equally. it is almost impossible to notice the difference.

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IPhone XR battery life

As usual, we open the Apple website and see this wonderful inscription: “iPhone XR works up to 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 8 Plus”.

If you recall the “plus eight”, then it really held the charge quite well. And here we are promised even more! Victory? It depends on which side you look at

Approximately the same? Yes. Much longer? Not.

However, as we remember, a lot depends on the use case.

For example, if you listen to music with headphones, the iPhone XR will easily work for a couple of days.

How long does it work or how long does it take to charge the iPhone?

Strongly welcome! Remember buying your first phone? If this happened in the early to mid-2000s, then remember what characteristics played a primary role for you? I will give you almost 100% guarantee that the issue of battery capacity was considered the last thing, if it was considered at all. There is it (a battery) and okay, and what indicators she had practically no one was interested in.

Now, the time that the phone can work without a charger is almost the main criterion when choosing. After all, none of us wants to live “from socket to socket” and charge a smartphone 2-3 times a day.

I can immediately note the fact that the battery life of the iPhone is at a fairly good level. We can say above the “average for the ward.” And this despite the fact that in the pursuit of design, the desire to make the gadget thinner and lighter, Apple does not install large-capacity batteries in its devices. How do you manage to achieve a compromise? The answer is simple. iOS. Optimizing the system solves a lot, and here Apple managed to achieve excellent results.

Now let’s take a look at the iPhone’s battery life for each model separately. Let’s not bother the “oldies”, simply because the relevance of these models today is minimal (after all, they came out a long time ago), but let’s start with the most popular iPhones in Russia.

Updated! For those who want to know “dry numbers”, and not read “the author’s reasoning on the topic”, I made a special plate, which contains all the official data (battery capacity, hours of conversation, listening to music, standby mode, etc.) works of absolutely all iPhone models. The plate turned out to be large, but but more or less detailed. Please love and respect!:)

DeviceBattery capacity (mAh)Standby (h)Feature from AppleTalk time (h)Listening to music / Watching video (h)
iPhone 41420300Absent2G. 14
3G. 7
Music. 40
iPhone 4S1430200Absent2G. 14
3G. 8
Music. 40
iPhone 51400225Absent8Music. 40
iPhone 5S1560250AbsenttenMusic. 40
iPhone 5C1507250AbsenttenMusic. 40
iPhone 61810250Absent14Music. fifty
iPhone 6 Plus2915384Absent24Music. 80
iPhone 6S1715240Absent14Music. fifty
iPhone 6S Plus2750384Absent24Music. 80
iPhone SE (1st generation)1624240Absent14Music. fifty
iPhone 71960240Runtime up to 2 hours longer than iPhone 6S14Music. 40
iPhone 7 Plus2900384Runtime up to 1 hour longer than iPhone 6S Plus21Music. 60
iPhone 81821240Lasts about the same as the iPhone 714Music. 40
iPhone 8 Plus2675384Lasts about the same as the iPhone 7 Plus21Music. 60
Internet usage time (h)
iPhone X271612Lasts up to 2 hours longer than iPhone 721Music. 60
iPhone XS265812Lasts up to 30 minutes longer than iPhone X20Video. 14
Music. 60
iPhone XS Max3174thirteenLasts up to 1.5 hours longer than iPhone X25Video. 15
Music. 65
iPhone XR294215Lasts up to 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 8 Plus25Video. 16
Music. 65
Video streaming time (h)Talk time is no longer indicated
iPhone 113110tenAbsentVideo. 17
Music. 65
iPhone 11 Pro3190elevenLasts up to 4 hours longer than iPhone XSVideo. eighteen
Music. 65
iPhone 11 Pro Max396912Lasts up to 5 hours longer than iPhone XS MaxVideo. 20
Music. 80
iPhone SE (2020)18218AbsentVideo. thirteen
Music. 40
iPhone 12 mini2227tenAbsentVideo. 15
Music. fifty
iPhone 122815elevenAbsentVideo. 17
Music. 65
iPhone 12 Pro2815elevenAbsentVideo. 17
Music. 65
iPhone 12 Pro Max368712AbsentVideo. 20
Music. 80

Just don’t the numbers “roll”? Do you want to read the text and chat about how long each iPhone model holds charge? Could be so!

How long does an iPhone X charge last??

Flagship 2017-2018, new design, new screen, new technologies, etc. This is all, of course, great. But we, within the framework of this article, are interested in something else. did Apple manage to release something really revolutionary in terms of battery life?

Let’s take a look at the iPhone X with a battery:

  • Battery capacity. 2716 mAh.
  • Talk time. up to 21 hours.
  • Internet surfing. up to 12 hours.
  • Audio playback. up to 60 hours.

As you can see, the indicators are almost identical to the iPhone 8 Plus. And the battery capacity does not differ much. Apple itself claims that the iPhone X battery life is up to 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7.

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Total. The iPhone X is smaller than any Apple phone with the Plus prefix, but it still has the same battery life. In my opinion, this is very cool!

Main camera

Immediately I want to know, making a review on the iPhone 6, how many megapixels the camera has. Has their number increased in comparison with the previous models of the brand? Unfortunately for many, the number of pixels in the main optics, called iSight, remained the same. 8. But it has long been known that the number of pixels is far from the most basic indicator of the quality of shooting, since a good picture also depends on a number of other important parameters.

The iPhone 6’s camera has a beefed up sensor and an f / 2.2 aperture lens. This innovation, along with 1.5μm pixels, will give owners a unique shooting experience. Other useful features include autofocus, a hybrid infrared filter, face recognition, a 5 element lens system, a mechanical HDR system, and an optical image stabilizer. What pixels can we talk about when there are such fancy options in the arsenal? Now let’s talk in more detail about the optics of the iPhone 6 device: which camera, how many megapixels it has.


The next step in the review of the optics of the iPhone 6 smartphone is the front camera: how many megapixels it has and what capabilities it has, we will analyze in this part of the article. Front-facing optics FaceTime received 1.2 megapixels and f / 2.2 aperture. The low number of pixels should not be particularly embarrassing, since the creators of the apple smartphone claim that they are quite enough for high-quality shooting. Of the main options for the front camera, you can single out burst shooting and face recognition, which may well come in handy. Also, the selfie camera can shoot videos with a resolution of 720p. Therefore, this optics is well suited not only for photos, but also for video conferencing.

Image quality

The photos actually come out very bright and attractive. White balance is normal, the gimbal is working perfectly, and focusing, carried out using the Focus Pixel technology, occurs in a matter of moments: an order of magnitude faster than in previous models of this line of smartphones. Pictures on a bright sunny day are clear, high quality and underexposed. Minor problems are observed with macro photography, especially when focusing on moving subjects. In such conditions, tap on the screen is not the most convenient solution to control. In this aspect, the iPhone 6 is inferior to the Sony Xperia Z3, which has a more convenient two-way hardware key.

Night shots

Now let’s talk about night photography using the iPhone 6. The camera, no matter how many megapixels it may have, is of no value without a high-quality flash. The True Tone LED flash allows you to take good pictures even in low light or at night. The picture comes out several times worse than the analogue made with an abundance of lighting, but still the quality is quite decent. The photos are slightly darker than those of the same Z3, which has 20.7 megapixels, but the noise in the pictures of the apple smartphone is slightly less.

Design flaws

What kind of camera came out of the iPhone 6, how many megapixels it has, it became clear, and now it is worth noting the location of the main lens. The camera peephole in this model turned out to be somewhat protruding. The developers explain this by the fact that it is impossible to achieve a perfectly smooth body with the abundance of various functionalities for photo and video shooting that the new flagship has. This is a small drawback. Now, to put the phone flat, you need to lay it exclusively on the screen surface. It is also easy to touch the camera and damage the lens. Plus, it upsets the fact that dust and various debris are constantly collecting around the peephole. However, the American brand produces many interesting cases for its users, with the help of which it will be possible to protect the optics from pollution and mechanical damage.

The number of cores on the iPhone 7, 7 PLUS

A new era of smartphones from Apple has begun and now everything has changed dramatically. It’s clear that while we do not really see the difference between new devices from previous flagships. iPhone likes to stay ahead of performance because it’s hard to find an app or game that lags on the last device.

  • 7, 7 PLUS: Apple A10 Fusion, Quad Core, 2.34 GHz.

Over the past years, a significant leap in performance has taken place here. I am very interested in what awaits us in the next generation.

How many cores in a processor on an iPhone?

As we know, Apple does not like to go into details when describing the components of its devices, in particular, this applies to all iPhone models.

Today we will take a closer look at the characteristics of the processor in all current iPhones, or, to be more precise, I will tell you about the number of cores in these devices.


The number of cores on the iPhone 6, 6 PLUS, 6S, 6S PLUS

Now it’s worth talking about phones that are just identical on the outside and completely different on the inside. There were both successful models and not very good ones. Everyone said we didn’t want shovels. But as soon as sales began, everyone queued up for new iPhones and they flew like hotcakes.

  • 6, 6 PLUS: Apple A8, two cores, 1.1-1.4 GHz;
  • 6S, 6S PLUS: Apple A9 Dual Core 1.8GHz.
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If everything was not very good with the first series, then S turned out to be very even nothing. Today this phone remains one of the most coveted.

The number of cores on the iPhone 4, 4S

When the iPhone 4 and 4S came out, everyone was just a fan of them, because their power was the highest among all smartphones. Any game and application went off with a bang. Despite the small screen, everyone was playing with toys and there was no limit to the joy. The times were great and the games were good.

  • 4: Apple A4, single core, 1 GHz;
  • 4S: Apple A5, dual core, 0.8-1 GHz;

Today these processors are not capable of much. But there are people for whom their power is quite enough for everyday needs.

The number of cores on the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, SE

There will be four smartphones at once, because Apple has a category of fans who simply adore the iPhone with a 4-inch screen. And I fully understand them, because we get an excellent compact smartphone that can run any games and applications. And most importantly, you can comfortably use one hand.

  • 5: Apple A6, two cores, 0.8-1.3 GHz;
  • 5С: Apple A6, two cores, 0.8-1.3 GHz;
  • 5S: Apple A7, two cores, 1.3-1.4 GHz;
  • SE: Apple A9, dual core, 1.8 GHz.

I think this line will live long enough. Therefore, we can only wait for the next novelty with the screen size, which conquered many.

Now you know how many cores can be found in the processor of any iPhone. And with the release of new devices, I will replenish these lists.

Let’s watch together, because it’s always interesting in which direction technology will move. over, this is Apple, which has millions of fans around the world.

iPhone XS Max

The huge 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max has set several records at once. The smartphone not only received the largest display in the entire history of Apple smartphones, but also the most capacious battery. Thanks to the significantly increased battery capacity, the iPhone XS Max can last a full 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone X or 25 hours of talk time.

Battery: Built-in 3174mAh Li-ion battery.

What is the capacity of the iPhone battery

Such a thing as a battery today has become one of the main criteria for the iPhone and phones in general. The battery sometimes becomes our headache.

This happens after several years of use, and so that there is no pain, we immediately wonder what is the battery capacity of this or that iPhone model.

It’s clear that the number of mAh smartphones is growing every year, but the characteristics of phones are also growing. The number of hours of work unfortunately does not increase significantly.

iPhone XS

The direct successor to the iPhone X, the 5.8-inch iPhone XS, surprised us with a smaller battery than its predecessor. However, it is important to note here that the battery life of the iPhone XS has increased. The smartphone lasts 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X. All thanks to the more energy efficient A12 Bionic processor.

Battery: Built-in 2658mAh Li-ion battery.

iPhone 2G

Released back in 2007, the original iPhone 2G is unlikely to appeal to anyone as a main smartphone, however, for completeness, we will still indicate the capacity of its battery.

Battery: Built-in 1400mAh lithium polymer battery

iPhone 5c

Plastic and colorful iPhone 5c does not go away from iPhone 5 in terms of processor power or battery capacity.

Battery: Built-in 1510mAh Li-ion battery

iPhone 4s

Starting with the iPhone 4s, Apple began packing smartphones with lithium-ion batteries. And although many users, especially smartphones running Android, criticized the battery life of the iPhone, with each new model it only increased.

Battery: Built-in 1430mAh Li-ion battery

Battery capacity iPhone 6, 6 PLUS, 6S, 6 PLUS

As soon as the screens began to grow significantly in size, the iPhone battery found itself in exactly the same situation. Energy consumption has grown and large numbers are indispensable. The development of processors for the better is becoming a big plus. After all, in addition to increasing power, Apple is trying to reduce power consumption.

This is clearly noticeable in this case, when the S versions have significantly better performance at the same time, the battery capacity decreases.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5, although at one time ascended above the “fours”, flaunting amazing technical characteristics, its battery is not much better than its predecessors.

Battery: Built-in 1440mAh Li-ion battery