Galaxy a 50 supports wireless charging

Samsung phones that support wireless charging

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These are, of course, the latest flagship Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, as well as last year’s Note Galaxy series.

Fortunately, induction charging was also available in slightly older devices. Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and S7 and S7 Edge supported.

If someone is using older devices, there is nothing stopping the Galaxy S6 from charging this way. Unfortunately, this technology cannot be found in devices from the middle and lower price shelves of Samsung.

As a result, in phones like a8 2018, a7 2018, a5 2017, a6, a9, j7, a3, j6, j5, j4 or j6, wireless charging is not supported, but on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge, Note 5, no problem.

Does Samsung a8 2018 / a7 2018 / a5 2017 / a7 2018 / a6 / a9 / j7 / a3 2017 / j6 / s7 / j5 / j4 / j6 / s6 / c8 support wireless charging

Wireless charging is incredibly convenient, although it is not without its drawbacks, and although only a few phones support it, you can even turn it on at all How to do it I showed in the video at the bottom of the entry.

How to add wireless charging to your Samsung Galaxy A51

To make this decision easier, I have compiled a list of Samsung smartphones that support wireless charging. can be charged wirelessly.

Although the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction has been known since the middle of the nineteenth century, it is only now becoming generally accepted.

Unfortunately, the process is very slow, so most of the equipment is still powered by cables.

Induction devices are an extremely convenient solution, but there is one “but”. Samsung phones can be charged in this way if they support one of the charging technologies. “Qi” or “PMA”.

The first one, you will see in Apple, Xiaomi or LG, and the second is mainly supported by Samsung phones. Therefore, when choosing, be careful not to run into an incompatible smartphone.

Samsung has been trying to promote wireless charging technology in its phone models for several years.

ATTENTION: if the manufacturer of your phone has not installed wireless charging, then you can do it yourself for any smartphone. details here.

Samsung Wireless Chargers. Better or Worse than Traditional

Mobile phones offer new technological solutions every year. Wireless charging isn’t new, but it’s no longer the standard when it comes to smartphones and tablets.

Wireless chargers are becoming more popular, but not as popular as NFC or LTE data transfer. What are the pros and cons of such recharging our batteries?

Some of you will probably notice that the method of recharging power in smartphones and tablets is not entirely wireless.

17 Reasons to Buy The Samsung Galaxy A50

After all, the base must still be connected with a cable to a power source. It’s hard to disagree with this fact.

Going further along this mowing line of reasoning, we can come to the conclusion that buying a universal docking station with microUSB output will do the same.

over, it will be a cheaper alternative. This is largely true. Probably the only practical difference is the need to properly connect a smartphone or tablet.

For wireless chargers, just place your phone on it. We will probably see more differences as soon as this technology becomes more developed and refined.

The main disadvantages of wireless chargers are longer battery life and more heat generated during the process.

These issues are obviously known to the organizations working on this technology and can be expected to be largely addressed in the near future.

Perhaps in the near future we will be charging our mobile gadgets on tables in cafes, chairs in cinemas or while traveling by train or bus. Success.

How to properly charge your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

There is no instruction as it is unnecessary. First, don’t bother with how and when to charge the battery. Just connect your phone or tablet to the power adapter and that’s it. The only thing you need to know is that you should not cover the gadget so that it does not overheat. Excessive heat will negatively affect battery life.

Secondly, do not use a non-original charger. Beware of cheap adapters from unknown manufacturers. You can use high-quality chargers from reputable brands that claim to be compatible with your mobile gadget model. If the smartphone supports fast charging, then the charger should also have this function.

It is no longer necessary to discharge and charge it fully three times in a row after buying a brand new device. Modern self-contained power supplies are devoid of the “memory effect”, so this recommendation is no longer relevant.

Is fast charging harmful for a Samsung smartphone??

The drop in battery power is now so slight that after several years of use, you won’t even notice a change. So do not be afraid that a few months after using the smartphone battery will become unusable.

Of course, if you still don’t trust these technologies, then disable fast charging if you’re not in a hurry. Luckily, many smartphone manufacturers allow this to be done. If you cannot turn off fast charging in your device, then use a quality power adapter that does not support fast charging. The phone will charge more slowly but more confidently.

Does Samsung A51 support wireless charging

Looking at the specs at, wireless charging is not listed as a feature, but simply says “Fast Charge 15W”.

Other internet sites also seem to confirm that this phone does not have wireless charging. @ PEGASUS01

Consider doing a Google search and you will find these sites.

One of the options. either pop it on the charging pad or look in the settings. Caring for the device. Tap on the battery. Tap on charging and find.

It is possible to add wireless charging to one of these options available at》

My advice comes from a Samsung phone user in the UK.

Samsung Note 10 5G _256Gb Model: SM-N976B._ Samsung One Ui 2.1 / Android 10.

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Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch. Samsung Galaxy Buds. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016SM-T580

Ready to sell? Many broken phones cost over 100 Determine the value of your phone.

Note that the charging port is soldered directly to the motherboard on older models such as the Galaxy SII and Galaxy SIII. If you have experience in soldering, you can separate the charging port from the motherboard to replace it as shown in the video below.

On newer models, the charging port is sold either as a separate piece or as part of a flex cable (also known as an assembly or, in some cases, a daughter board). While it is possible to replace the standalone charging port with soldering, it is usually easier to replace the entire flex cable. This will also ensure that the charging port is completely repaired if the issue is with the flex cable itself.

And here’s how to replace the charging port on your Galaxy S9:

Option 2. Replacing the charging port for a Samsung phone with your own hands

If you are tech savvy and have patience, you can replace Samsung’s own phone charging port. Replacement charging ports can be purchased directly from phone part suppliers such as Repairs Universe, Injured Gadgets, and iFixit Expect to pay 2 to 30 for a new charging port, depending on the model and whether or not you buy a standalone port charging or flex cable / assembly (more on this below). Tool kits start at 5 if you don’t already have the tools you need.

Here are some examples of pricing for Samsung’s replacement charging port.


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Broken does not mean broken. where to sell a broken phone

file an insurance claim

You can also file an insurance claim to repair or replace Samsung’s charging port. If you are insured with the carrier, a local repair center may be available for quick service. Otherwise, you will need to send your phone number by mail.

Here’s an example of a charging port deductible based on your model and service plan. Please note that these do not include surcharges. You can click the links to apply.

How much can a Samsung phone sell? Discover

How to properly charge your new Samsung Galaxy phone

Professional cell phone repair

Expect to pay anywhere from 50 to 90 for a professional Samsung charging port replacement, depending on your model and service chosen. It is recommended that you check if your repair shop offers any warranties for parts and labor. You should also inquire about the experience, credentials and quality of parts of your service engineer.

Here are some examples of pricing for professional Samsung charging port replacement services:

How to fix a phone that won’t charge properly

This article is filled with tips and solutions for repairing a cell phone that won’t charge. This is a question that our readers often ask us. We will answer a few questions that you can do to get your phone to start accepting payments. Based on our experience with different types of mobile phones on different networks including ATT, T-Mobile, and Verizon, the problem is usually not your phone. The most common reason why your phone won’t charge? A faulty charging cable is most often the reason why the phone won’t charge.

How to Replace Samsung Phone Charging Port

WARNING: Repairs can be difficult, especially if you are inexperienced. Before you start, understand that you are at risk of additional damage and may void any warranties and insurance policies.

On older models like Samsung Galaxy S1. S5, Galaxy J1. J3 and Galaxy Note 1. Note 4, you usually need to do the following to access the charging port:

  • Remove the back cover, SIM card and microSD card
  • Remove the battery
  • Unscrew the middle frame and disconnect the various cables and screws

On newer phones like the Galaxy S6. S10, Galaxy Note 5. Note 10 and Galaxy A models A3, A5 and A9, as well as some Galaxy J models, you usually need to do the following to access the charging port:

  • Heat rear window
  • Remove the rear window using a suction cup and a pry tool
  • Disconnect the various cables and screws

Which Huawei and Honor phones support wireless charging: model list

Does Honor 7c / 8c / 8x / 9/9 Lite / 10 / 10i / 10 Lite / Play / 20 / P20 Lite / 20 Pro and Huawei P Smart 2021 / Mate 20 / P20 Pro / P30 Lite / P30 wireless charging support? These are not all models that are asked about on forums, technical support and on the Internet. In order for users to understand which devices are adapted to the contactless charging option, and which are not, we have compiled a list of gadgets. And also. created an accessible description of the function.

What is wireless charging

Wireless phone charger is a method that allows people to abandon their usual cables and forget about their loss or breakage. And also. this is an opportunity to no longer worry about whether there is an outlet nearby. The only thing that is required from the owner is to put its back cover on a special station. The process of charging the device starts and ends automatically, and notifications about this process are displayed on the phone screen almost instantly.

Wireless charging is based on the recently emerging Qi standard. It was developed and implemented 10 years ago. The technology allows energy to be transmitted over a distance of up to four centimeters. The principle is based on the usual phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.

What it looks like: this is the panel on which the smartphone is placed. Through the hidden port, the very contact appears, and the phone receives power. With the naked eye, you will not find the receiver on your phone, even if you have one. Often, this module is hidden under the case, and you can only recognize it by disassembling the device. If this type of charging is supported, then the manufacturer enters this into the technical specifications and applies the appropriate marking.

The advantage of this method is mobility and versatility, you do not depend on cables and sockets, and you can safely use such equipment on the road. Minus. it takes longer to replenish the charge.

If you purchased the unit under warranty, please keep the box and receipts.

Which Honor and Huawei phones support wireless charging

Devices with contactless power recharge function are divided into groups:

  • modern 10 Lite, Mate 20, P20 Pro, 20, P20 Lite, 20 Pro, Huawei P Smart 2021;
  • from the Lite series: P30, 9
  • middle aged. Play, P30;
  • early. 7c, 8c / x, 10 / 10i.

To check if your smartphone is equipped with cable-free charging technology, check the Qi mark. If it is, then the device supports the function. If you did not find your device in this list of Honor and Huawei phones that support wireless charging, do not rush to get upset. After all, this is not a complete list of gadgets with this technology. A guide on how to find out if a contactless charger works is worth starting with a comparison with the cost. As a rule, inexpensive phones do not have such a module, but only a standard USB connector. If the flagship was purchased in 2018 or later, and its price is average or above average, then the probability of availability is higher.

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To understand exactly, go to the official website of the phone developer, find the Products section, and see what variations of smartphones are registered with wireless charging. You can also just write the name in the search bar and search manually.

About charging (FAQ)

The world is becoming mobile and “wireless”.

In the modern world, all manipulations with transferring files using a smartphone take place “over the air”. Internet access via wi-fi. at home, at work, in a cafe are taken for granted, and rarely anyone has difficulty using it. The time has come for wireless power transmission.

In 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) was founded, bringing together manufacturers from Europe, Asia and America. The purpose of the “Consortium”. is the development of a unified standard for wireless charging technology.

Already in 2009, Palm provided the first phone with wireless charging support. Later, in September 2012, Nokia introduced 2 smartphones to the market. The Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 are also qi-capable. Further, large manufacturers of smartphones pulled themselves up. Samsung, Google Nexus (Asus, LG), Sony, etc.

  • The charger is connected to a power source.
  • Magnetic field is created.
  • The smartphone must support wireless charging. have a built-in receiver or a receiver installed additionally.
  • The phone is placed on the charger.
  • Smartphone charging starts automatically.

From a technical point of view:

Energy is transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver-receiver through an interconnected magnetic field that occurs when an alternating current flows through the transmitter coil.If the receiver coil is in close proximity, a significant part of the transmitter’s power lines will pass through the receiver coil, creating an alternating current in the receiver, which is then converted to constant voltage.

Simply. Put your smartphone on Qi wireless charging and it will start charging automatically.

Contemporary. All major IT companies are already developing their Qi devices.

Versatile. Any device with a Qi receiver / receiver charges with any Qi wireless charger.

Safely. The generated electric field is safe for humans and extends only 1 cm from the device.

Comfortable and convenient. No need for a bunch of wires, which later get tangled or simply lost.

and more smartphone manufacturers are starting to build receiver-receivers into their top models: Apple iPhone XS, XS MAX, XR, X, etc., Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 / Note 9, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, etc.

  • Apple iPhone 11 pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 11 pro
  • Apple iPhone 11
  • Apple iPhone XS MAX
  • Apple iPhone XS
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Apple iPhone X
  • Apple iPhone 8/8 plus
  • Blackberry Priv
  • Blackberry Z30
  • Blackberry Classic
  • Blackberry Passport
  • Blackberry 8900
  • DeWALT md501
  • DeWALT mil810g
  • Fujitsu Arrows F-09D
  • Fujitsu Arrows Kiss F-03D
  • Fujitsu Arrows Kiss F-03E
  • Fujitsu Arrows X F-10D
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 7 (2013 and later)
  • Google Pixel 3
  • Google Pixel 3 XL
  • HTC Windows Phone 8X
  • HTC Thunderbolt
  • HTC Droid Incredible
  • Droid charge
  • Droid Incredible 4G LTE
  • Htc rezound
  • Kyocera Brigadier
  • Kyocera duraforce
  • Kyocera Hydro Elite
  • Kyocera Torque
  • Kyocera Torque G02
  • Kyocera Torque KC-S701
  • Kyocera Urbano L01
  • Kyocera Urbano L03
  • LG Lucid 1
  • LG Lucid 2
  • LG G2
  • LG G6, G6
  • LG Optimus G Pro
  • LG Optimus F5
  • LG Optimus It L-05E
  • LG V30
  • LG V30 Plus
  • LG Vu 2
  • LG Vu 3
  • LG Spectrum 2
  • LG G3
  • Lg revolution
  • LG Spectrum
  • Motorola Droid 3
  • Motorola Droid Maxx
  • Motorola Droid Mini
  • Motorola Droid Turbo
  • Motorola Droid Turbo 2
  • Motorola Moto Maxx
  • Motorola Moto X Force
  • Moto 360
  • NEC Medias PP N-01D
  • NEC Medias X N-04E
  • Nokia 8 Sirocco
  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • Nokia 6
  • Lumia 735
  • Lumia 810
  • Lumia 820
  • Lumia 822
  • Lumia 825
  • Lumia 830
  • Lumia 920
  • Nokia Lumia 925
  • Lumia 928
  • Lumia Icon (929)
  • Nokia Lumia 930
  • Lumia 950
  • Lumia 950 Dual SIM
  • Lumia 950 XL
  • Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM
  • Lumia 1520
  • Panasonic Eluga P P-03E
  • Panasonic Eluga V P-06D
  • Panasonic Eluga X P-02E
  • Samsung Note 10 | 10
  • Samsung S10
  • Samsung S10
  • Samsung S10e
  • Samsung Note 9
  • Samsung А9 pro
  • Samsung S9
  • Samsung S9
  • Samsung Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Active
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Duos
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE Plus
  • Samsung Note 5
  • Samsung Gear S2 (watch)
  • Samsung Gear S2 Classic (watches)
  • Samsung Leader 8
  • Samsung W2016
  • Sharp Aquos EX SH-04E
  • Sharp Aquos SH-07D
  • Sharp Aquos SH-13C
  • Sharp Aquos Slider SH-02D
  • Sharp Aquos Zeta SH-06E
  • Sharp Aquos Zeta SH-09D
  • Sharp Q-Pot SH-04D
  • Sharp SH-05D
  • Sony Xperia Z3V
  • Sony Xperia Z4V
  • Techdy basic bear
  • Techdy bear pro
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
  • Xiaomi Mi Max 3
  • Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Apple iPhone 4 / 4S
  • Apple iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C
  • Apple iPhone 6 / 6s
  • Apple iPhone 6 plus / 6s plus
  • Apple iPhone 7
  • Apple iPhone 7 plus
  • Apple ipad mini / ipad mini 2 retina
  • Apple ipad air / ipad air2
  • Huawei Ascend Mate 7
  • Huawei Mate S
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy note Edge
  • Sony Xperia Z3 / Z4
  • Sony Experia Z5
  • Sony Experia Z5 Premium
  • Lg g4
  • LG V10

If your smartphone is not in the lists above, then you need a universal receiver-receiver that connects to the micro-USB port and attaches under the back cover of the smartphone or under a case.

We conditionally divide wireless chargers into several types by functionality:

  • Tabletop. Standard charging stations in the form of a small “platform” on which the phone is placed, or a charger built into the equipment. lamp, clock, weather station, etc.
  • Automotive. Wireless charger for use in the car: with special holders and faucets for the phone and adapters to the cigarette lighter.
  • Charging stand. Wireless chargers with stand function, i.e. The phone is at an angle during charging for easy viewing of videos, mail, social networks.
  • Qi batteries. Wireless chargers with a built-in battery differ among themselves, in addition to design, the number of additional USB ports and battery capacity. 4000 mAh to 10000 mAh.
  • Embedded. Wireless chargers for embedding in tables, cabinets, bar counters. Have a special design and protection against moisture and dust.

And also by the scope or place of use:

  • At home / in the office
  • In the car
  • On the way

If the manufacturer of your phone has not provided the possibility of wireless charging, it can be easily adapted to this charging! For this, a special film receiver is used. there are several types of them:

  • In the form of a film that is installed under the cover of a smartphone. To do this, the phone must have special contacts.
  • Film that connects to the lighting power port on Apple and micro-USB on Android smartphones.

The film is attached under the cover of the phone, the functionality of the phone is not reduced. A standard cable can be used simultaneously with the installed film receiver.

This Qi receiver for phones with special contacts is suitable for phones that have special contacts for wireless charging: Samsung Note 4, Samsung Note 3, Samsung Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3 and others.

The film is attached to the back of the phone. At the same time, it can be closed with any standard cover: made of leather, plastic, silicone. this will not affect the charging process. The connector, inseparably connected with the film, must be in the Lightning connector for charging according to the Qi standard. The presence of a film receiver does not cause any inconvenience.

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This Apple Qi receiver is suitable for Apple devices with a Lightning connector: Apple iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, 6Plus, 6SPlus, SE, 7, 7 Plus; iPad Air 2, iPad mini and others (Apple currently does not provide wireless charging without accessories)

This universal Qi receiver is suitable for any phone equipped with a USB connector for classic wired charging. The film is attached under the cover or case of the smartphone. The plug, inextricably linked with the film, must be in the Micro-USB connector for Qi charging. The presence of a film receiver does not cause any inconvenience.

In phones with a Micro-USB port, the connector can be one of three types, depending on its type, if you put the phone upside down with the screen.

State-of-the-art oval-shaped connector

The “C” type connector appeared relatively recently. it can be found on a few devices. So, type “C” is equipped with MacBook 12 “, Samsung TabPro S, Google Nexus 6P, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, ZUK Z1, Google Pixel C, Google Nexus 5X, One Plus 2, Acer Aspire Switch 10 V and other devices.

In addition to the above receivers, depending on the location of the connector in the phone, such film receivers may be suitable. they are called side or offset:

Accordingly, each type and position of the connector requires its own Universal Qi Receiver. Having identified the correct type of Micro-USB connector in your phone, you will buy the correct receiver for wireless charging and allow yourself to abandon the wires!

  • There are also cases-receivers: the receiver is already built into the case, so just put the case on the phone and it will be able to charge wirelessly.

Wireless charging delivers current. 1 ampere and voltage 5 volts. The standard power adapter that comes with the smartphone produces 1 to 2A. And when you charge your phone from a computer (USB port). the phone is charged with a current from 0.5A (USB 2.0) to 0.9A (USB 3.0).

In this regard, you will not even feel the difference in charging time or it will not be significant.

The energy efficiency of Qi wireless chargers is approximately 80%. It should be understood that it is simply impossible to achieve an energy efficiency of 100%, for standard wired chargers this figure ranges from 75% to 95% at best.

Wireless chargers use non-ionizing frequencies that have no harmful physiological effects on humans. Qi 1.2 standard includes the detection of foreign objects in the field of action of the charger, providing additional safety of use; charging is only possible with Qi-compatible devices. Also, our chargers and smartphones have built-in safety mechanisms based on thermal control.

Pros and cons of wireless charging

We figured out the principles of the technology. Now about its advantages:

  • there is no need to constantly connect the smartphone to the charging cable. You just need to place the device on the station and turn it on;
  • When using wireless charging, the state of the smartphone remains better than in the case of wired charging. And this is due to the fact that the cable connector does not wear out;
  • smartphones that support Qi have their own cooling system. It protects the battery from overheating. At the same time, there is a ventilation system on the body of the product. Through it, the exhaust air is removed from the device;
  • Samsung charger fits any model that supports Qi.

Despite all the advantages, such charging also has disadvantages:

  • The charging station transfers energy to the battery 2–3 times slower than using a cable. And this significantly increases the time spent on food;
  • during charging, the user cannot move the smartphone away from the station more than 3-5 cm, which creates certain inconveniences. In addition, the battery recharge rate is slow, so the phone will not be able to perform resource-intensive tasks.

How wireless charging works

The technology of its operation is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. And the standard describing the technology is called Qi.

The charging station is connected to the mains and converts the energy into an electromagnetic field. To receive energy, a Qi-receiver must be installed inside the gadget. The material of the phone case is also of great importance. Often models that support Qi technology have a glass or ceramic back cover.

Which smartphones support wireless charging

Samsung is among the leaders in the number of Qi-enabled smartphones released. Here is a list of Galaxy phones that come with it:

  • Note 5, Note 8, Note 9;
  • S6 / S6 Edge;
  • S7 / S7 Edge;
  • S8 / S8 Plus;
  • S9 / S9 Plus;
  • S10e / S10 / S10 Plus;
  • Note 10 / Note 10 (Note 10 Lite. no);
  • Z Flip;
  • Fold;
  • S20 / S20 Plus / S20 Ultra.

Accordingly, other Samsung Galaxy smartphones do not support wireless charging. Including the following Galaxy models from the list:

  • A8, A10, A30S, A31, A40, A41, A50, A51, A71;
  • M21, M31;
  • J3, J5, J7, etc.

Note! Even if your phone doesn’t support Qi technology, it’s easy to fix. There are special receivers for Qi, which are installed under the cover of the gadget or case. With their help, the gadget can be charged wirelessly.

Wireless charging technology on Samsung phones, which models support

Today, there are so many household appliances in apartments that the wires literally entangle the walls and get in the way. In this regard, Samsung is releasing phones with wireless charging. That is, in order to connect the gadget to power, you just need to install it on the charging station. Next, let’s take a look at how a wireless charger works and which Samsung Galaxy smartphones have it.

How to use Samsung Wireless Charger

The principle of operation of Qi technology is quite simple. In order to use it, you do not need to install additional software or special applications. Algorithm:

  • put the smartphone back cover on the center of the station. A notification will appear on the screen about the estimated completion time of the process (depending on the conditions);
  • at the end of charging, disconnect the gadget from the power.

Observe the following precautions when powering the battery from the station:

  • do not connect the phone to the station if there is material between them that conducts current (magnet, metal, etc.);
  • use only original chargers, as Chinese fakes can harm the battery’s performance;
  • do not put your smartphone on the charging station in a case if it contains a card with a chip, RFID tag, etc.

It is also not recommended to perform resource-intensive tasks while charging (for example, run games at high settings), since the battery will quickly overheat.

As it turns out, wireless charging is easy and convenient to use. If the speed of replenishing the battery is primarily important for you, then we recommend using a cable and an adapter, since the Qi standard is inferior to a classic charger in this indicator.