Found an iPhone how to keep yourself

What you need to know when you find your phone

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If you find a mobile phone, then you have only two options: return it to the owner or keep it for yourself.

If your desire to do a good deed is great, then you can follow these steps:

  • Write to the local newspaper about the find, but do not need to specify anything in details.
  • You can call someone from the phone contact lists and say that you have the phone. In this case, you can ask for a small reward for your work.
  • If the mobile phone is without a SIM card and numbers, then you have the right to take it to the police department, where you will have to write a statement about the find.
  • After the application, you can leave your cell phone at the branch or store it at home. Six months later, if the owner is still not found, you have every right to keep the device with you.
  • If the owner of the phone shows up, then you have the right to demand a reward from him in the amount of 25 percent of the value of the thing found.

If you found the phone and did not return it. what to do?

Some people worry about what will happen to them if they find the phone and don’t return it. Some are afraid of persecution by the police, others are afraid that they will spoil their karma. What to do in such a situation and how it can threaten a person who has discovered a loss?

If there is no desire to return the phone

  • Trouble with the police if the true owner wrote a statement about the theft of his mobile device. It is unlikely that your friend will be able to prove that he just found the phone, and did not steal it.
  • Pangs of conscience. Perhaps a small child lost his cell phone after school. Put yourself in the shoes of the parents of the baby and the child himself, you are unlikely to be pleased.

In addition, it is possible that someone from low-income citizens lost their mobile phone.

  • If the former owner of the mobile phone did not write a statement about the loss of the device, then the finder will have nothing.
  • If you find a mobile phone and do not know what to do, then think about what emotions you would have after the loss of the device. Perhaps these thoughts will help you make the right decision.

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    iPhone locked via iCloud

    The owner discovered the loss and turned on the appropriate mode via iCloud. In this case, he can enter the phone number by which he needs to be contacted. You can call directly from the found smartphone.

    If the owner of the iPhone, for some reason, did not indicate his number, congratulations, you have a brick in your hands. You can pull out the SIM card and insert it into another phone. Perhaps some numbers are stored in the memory of the SIM card, we dial them. But if the PIN-code is enabled on the card or it is already blocked, nothing will work.

    What to do with bricks

    Better to leave it where you found it. If you’re lucky, the owner will return for it.

    Alternatively, turn it on and wait for any call. They pass even on iPhones locked via iCloud.

    Carrying it to the police or to the operator is not the best idea, it is highly likely to remain extreme.

    There are also many sites that provide all information about the owner by IMEI, UDID, coffee grounds, of course, not for free. Divorce of pure water.

    P. S. Once again I am convinced that iOS is the most secure mobile OS. To simply return the iPhone to the owner, the stars must converge, and in principle it will not work to fully use the found smartphone.

    How to unlock iPhone?

    If you find your iPhone and it is locked as lost by the owner, you can try to unlock it, but this is not easy. You won’t be able to unblock it legally, so you’ll have to use clandestine methods.

    One of these is the use of the doulCi utility, which creates a virtual server on your computer. After connecting the iPhone to it, the program installs the host file on the smartphone, acting as an Apple server. In this way, you cheat the device and create a new account on it.

    It is worth noting that doulCi only works with older versions of iOS, as the later ones have increased system protection. In addition, if the owner of the iPhone has blocked his IMEI, then the utility will not help you.

    You can turn to craftsmen who offer their services on the Internet. One of the popular ways to unblock it is to forge a purchase receipt and contact an Apple Service Center. But do not forget that this method not only does not give a guaranteed result, but can also entail criminal liability. Is the game worth the candle? You decide.

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    Found an iPhone: how to unlock and keep for yourself

    People often lose things that they constantly carry with them. And smartphones are no exception. Today, it is customary to return lost gadgets to the owner, especially when it comes to an Apple product. Why is this happening? Perhaps people have become more conscientious?

    In fact, all iPhones come with a Find iPhone feature in iCloud, which allows you to track your device. This is a handy feature, but sometimes it adds hassle to the owner of the device. If you forget your account login information, you can remove the lock only in a specialized service, for example, You can contact Apple directly and remove the lock, but there you will be asked to show documents on the purchase of the device.

    Through the above function, you can activate the “Lost Mode”, which allows you to remotely lock a lost gadget. In most cases, it will be impossible to unlock the device without logging into your account.

    How to deal with a found iPhone?

    If your attempts to unlock your iPhone are unsuccessful, you can sell it for parts at a service center. Such smartphones are usually taken for nothing, especially older models.

    It’s easier to return the smartphone to the owner who can offer you a good reward. After all, a phone is not only an expensive device, but also a storage for valuable files, contacts and photos.

    The flashing process in action

    There are 2 ways of flashing: via RecoveryMode and DFUmode. RecoveryMode is an emergency recovery mode. Designed to restore the working state of iOS devices after they stopped working normally.

    DFUMode is, in fact, the same RecoveryMode, it differs only in that it performs the entire operation bypassing the iPhone OS, and flashes it directly through the firmware. It is recommended to reflash this method for owners of devices with a jailbreak or if it is impossible to reflash a smartphone using RecoveryMode.

    Flashing via RecoveryMode

    So, initiate the shutdown of the iPhone and wait for the screen to completely go out. Connect it to your computer while holding the Home button. The computer recognizes the phone in RecoveryMode.

    • We launch iTunes and wait for the program to find the iPhone, there are options here:
    • iTunes may give us a window with a suggestion to Restore iPhone, if so, click OK
    • iTunes will not react in any way, then we click on the smartphone icon and look for the “Restore iPhone” item, and then select it while holding down the Shift key (for Windows) or the Alt key (for Mac OC).
    • The File Manager will appear, in which we have to select the firmware. We are looking for a firmware file that was previously downloaded;
    • Select it and click the Open button.

    Then iTunes will do everything by itself, you just need to wait for the end of the operation. After flashing, disconnect the iPhone from the computer. Long press Power to turn off the smartphone. With a quick press of Power, turn on the device. That’s it, the iPhone is fully functional and ready for further use.

    Flashing iPhone regardless of model

    Imagine the iPhone has served you faithfully and has never let you down. But the day came when something went wrong. The device stopped working like a clock and gives constant errors. It reboots frequently and for no reason. Your iPhone’s last update was not very good or the new version of the OS didn’t like it.

    All these problems present you with a choice. Carry the iPhone to the service center, where it will, of course, be repaired, but you will also have to pay a round sum for it. Or you can solve the problem yourself by simply reflashing your smartphone. The same method will most likely be used in a service center. Do not be afraid to do the flashing yourself, because it is not as difficult and scary as you might think. You don’t need to be a programmer, wizard, or priest to do this.

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    First of all, flashing an iPhone is restoring a smartphone to a usable state. The main thing to remember is that by reflashing you lose all data from your smartphone.

    Therefore, before starting the process, if the device is in working order, connect it to the computer and make a backup copy. Copy your photos, music and videos to your hard drive, as after flashing the iPhone will return to its default settings and be completely clean.

    So, let’s start with the fact that regardless of your iPhone model, be it 3G, 4S or 5S, the flashing process for all of them will be the same, so you don’t have to read the lines, looking for confirmation of compatibility with your iPhone, just repeat the following simple and unpretentious actions.

    Preparing for the flashing operation

    Let’s take a look at the whole process using the iPhone 4S as an example. In order to start the operation, you need to download the firmware with the.ipsw extension. There is a specific firmware version for each iPhone model.

    It’s easy to find out which version you need for your iPhone. The firmware files indicate the version of the iPhone (iPhone 4, 4s, 5) and, in fact, its model. Model is an alphanumeric character set that can be seen on the back of your phone under the apple logo, such as Model A1387 or Model A1303.

    The difficulty of choosing a firmware version by model is that there are GSM and CDMA models of iPhones. The only difference is that they work on different cellular networks. But that’s why you need to choose the model you need. GSM iPhone 4 firmware won’t install on CDMA iPhone 4.

    Once you’ve identified your iPhone 5s model, find a site where you can download the firmware. Choose the one that suits you from the list and start downloading the OS. You can choose the latest version of iOS, or, if you do not like the new version of the OS, you have the opportunity to download the old firmware that was previously installed. The most important thing is that the old version you download is signed by Apple.

    The second thing to do before updating is to turn off Find My iPhone. This is done so that you can reflash your iPhone 4s, since if the option is on, it will not allow you to reflash. iTunes will display an error.

    Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes, for this you just need to launch the program, if a new version is available, iTunes will inform you about it and you can update automatically (if you have not downloaded iTunes yet, do it here).

    After you have made all the preparations, you can proceed directly to the flashing procedure itself.

    Flashing via DFU Mode

    Before flashing, the phone must be switched to DFU Mode. We connect the device to the computer and turn off the smartphone. Next, simultaneously hold down the Home and Power keys and count up to 10 seconds. After their expiration, release the Power button while continuing to hold Home until iTunes recognizes the iPhone in DFU mode.

    Further, we act in the same way as when recovering through Recovery Mode.

    • Choosing your device in iTunes.
    • In the smartphone control menu, we find the item “Restore iPhone”.
    • We select it by holding down the Shift key for the Windows operating system or Alt for the Mac OC.
    • In the window that opens, specify the path to the file with the firmware and click Open.
    • We are waiting for iTunes to complete the operation.
    • We turn on and use a fully working device.

    This method is suitable for those who put Jailbreak on their iPhone or, for some reason, the flashing in Recovery Mode did not work.

    If the information offered was not enough for you or you have the latest iPhone models (iPhone 6 and 7), then I have made more instructions on how to flash the latest iPhone 6 and 7 models.

    Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

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    Flashing is almost the only way to unlock the found iPhone. This means installing updated software to improve the performance of your phone.

    It is quite difficult to carry out the process on your own, and even for a professional user, so you need to contact the service center. Within a few hours, all changes will be made and the smartphone will be ready for further work.

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    How to unblock via iCloud

    If the locked found iPhone could not be restored to factory settings, it becomes necessary to use a specially developed service located at iCloud com.

    How to get Find My iPhone to give out the last known location

    This method is relevant only for iPhone owners who could find the lost gadget, but cannot use it due to the loss of the identifier. Only in this case is the iPhone tracing function useful.

    Help: how to find the owner. the “Find iPhone” option in this regard is considered the most optimal solution. After switching to the service, it is enough to adhere to the available prompts and within a few minutes the location of the smartphone will appear on the map.

    Logging into the Search iPhone account provides an opportunity to erase data from the gadget so that it does not fall into the hands of fraudsters remotely. Authorization is carried out by Apple ID.

    IPhone Unlock Methods

    If you find an iPhone, how to keep it for yourself. just unlock it. There are several ways to do this. Each of them can be applied depending on the specific situation.

    What to do if you find an iPhone?

    Without exception, all iPhones are equipped with the “Find iPhone” option in the specially developed iCloud service, thanks to which you can find your lost smartphone. Often, the function delivers numerous troubles to the owners. For example, if you lose your account login ID, you can remove the lock only in a specialized service.

    Types of iPhone locks

    If you find an iPhone how to unlock and keep it for yourself. a question that worries everyone who has expressed a desire to keep the gadget found. It is necessary to clearly understand that there are several types of locks:

    • password. the found smartphone is guaranteed to have an access key, which is installed by the true owner;
    • blocking by the mobile operator;
    • using a specialized iCloud service.

    Help: regardless of the type of lock used, you can unlock the found iPhone.

    How to Find a Lost iPhone

    Unlocking with iTunes

    You can track your iPhone anywhere, but unlocking is not always easy. To use this method, you must:

    • Connect iPhone to Computer.
    • Activate recovery mode and update previously installed firmware.
    • The iPhone will automatically reboot and then start up in the appropriate mode.
    • The function of restoring access through debugging the operating system is selected.

    Help: it is not difficult to restore an iPhone found in this way, but not all gadgets lend themselves to such a procedure, which may require a different option.

    Unlinking via support

    In the event that the iPhone is sold to another, the former owner necessarily assumes the responsibility of decoupling from a specialized service. Apple ID gets untied regardless of whether you need to unlock a lost gadget or a purchased one. you need to create a new account.

    The mechanism of action entails certain difficulties, but it is quite doable. The step-by-step guide includes several steps:

    • Go to the official Apple resource on the Internet.
    • Filling out the questionnaire with personal data. no errors are allowed.
    • Sending a request by clicking on the appropriate button.

    The disadvantage of this method is the long waiting period for a response from the support service, which can often be up to several weeks. However, after that, the need to unlock the found iPhone disappears.

    Unlock via r SIM

    R-SIM is a universal chip card developed by Apple specialists. The main task is to be able to unlock the found iPhone using the network of the mobile operator.

    In order to use the option, you need to have a nano-SIM available, which can be obtained at one of the operator’s points of sale. The R-SIM is placed in the gadget in such a way that the tail goes under the so-called tray, and the chip itself is not on top. After that, the system menu is displayed on the display screen, in which you select:

    • phone model;
    • mobile operator.

    After saving the settings, the phone restarts, after which it is completely ready for use. It will not work to find the old owner in this way.