Forgot the lock pattern on Samsung what to do

How to Change Lock Screen Pattern on Samsung

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You can only change the lock screen pattern on your Samsung phone through settings. You can get there in different ways.

The easiest way is to click on the blue “gear” icon and immediately go to “Settings”. The next step is the section. “Lock screen and behind”.

Now open the first tab. “Screen lock type” and draw your picture. Next, select the tab again. “Picture”, draw a new one and repeat it.

It’s all. Now you have changed the drawing. For clarity, see the picture above. There is no difficulty, depending on the device, your options may not completely coincide with those provided by me.

How to Change Screen Lock Password on Samsung

You can change the password on Samsung at any time. Below I will show you how to do it.

Open “Settings”. Go to My Device, then find the Lock screen section.

At the very top of the screen there is a tab, by clicking on which you will need to enter your existing password.

Then select the “Password” tab and enter a new one twice. I won’t even show pictures, because everything is the same with the first section, just remember (write down) the new one.

3 Proven Ways to Change Screen Lock on Samsung Phone

Screen lock protects your phone’s contents and prevents SMS, photos and apps from falling into the wrong hands.

Samsung phones offer several lock options, which are most commonly used with PIN, pattern or password.

If you are already bored with the existing one, you can easily and quickly change it. change the type or simply change, for example, a picture or a password.

Just do not forget to remember it, otherwise you will most likely have to part with your data, if synchronization is not involved.

How to Change Screen Lock Type on Samsung

Why use a screen lock? First of all for security reasons. If you lose your phone or get stolen, your data will be difficult to access due to the screen lock.

Not so long ago, the choice of locks was limited to a PIN, pattern and password. Nowadays, in more and more Samsung phones, we can additionally use the face function and the fingerprint scanner.

While the basic options require you to remember, the new ones work faster, more efficiently and you do not need to remember anything.

Drawing is a simple system based on drawing a picture on the screen. Its biggest flaw is predictability and timing.

The PIN code must contain at least four digits (they can be repeated). Of course, longer is safer.

Unfortunately, many users use dates of birth, which increases the likelihood of unlocking your smartphone by third parties.

As far as the password is concerned, this method is very similar to a PIN. In fact, the difference is that letters can be added to numbers.

Unfortunately, as you probably guessed, in this case, users create simple passwords, for example, consisting of the names of their loved ones.

If you choose to use this security form, be sure to create a password that does not include your family, animal or car model names.

To change the type of lock, go to Settings Security Screen lock (the security section may not be available).

For security reasons, it is usually necessary to enter the current code, password or pattern to unlock the phone. if, of course, they are already installed.

Next, you just need to select the type of interest and lead it twice. That’s all. I wish you reliable protection. success.

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i and other similar Samsung phones on Android if you forgot your pattern or requires you to enter a password.

Using PC and ADB

In the event that unlocking a picture password on a Samsung Galaxy was unsuccessful, there remains one, the most difficult, way. using a PC and a special program. What exactly is required for this:

  • Work computer;
  • USB cable;
  • Download special software. ADB;
  • Find and download a script;
  • Drivers for more convenient work with the Android system.

The procedure for resetting is as follows:

  • If the program is in the archive, unpack it to the hard drive “C”;
  • In the already unpacked folder, you need to place the adbBLOCK GEST script;
  • After that, on the mobile device with which the unlocking process will be carried out, you should activate debugging via USB;
  • This is done in one of three ways, depending on the system:
  • To do this, in the “Settings” menu, select the item “For Developers”, and then. the postpone function.
  • Through the settings, select the item “Development” and “Debugging”.
  • Using the settings, go to the “System” menu, then. “About the smartphone”. In the window that opens, click on the build number about 7-10 times;

    Now you can safely connect your mobile device to your PC via a USB cable. It is important that if the gadget defies manipulation and in ”

Attention! If this method did not work, you can try to repeat all actions in Recovery mode.

With the help of the service center

If it was not possible to remove the pattern from Android, then there are specialized centers for such a case. They have programs at their disposal that allow you to remove a forgotten password without consequences. Of course, this is not free, but you will save time and nerves. To avoid wastage, it is recommended to write down passwords or choose devices with a built-in fingerprint sensor. This is the best way to protect important information from prying eyes.

Unlock Samsung Phone by Pattern with ADB

This method helps you unlock your Samsung pattern by deleting the password file. To find out how to unlock Samsung pattern using this method, follow these steps:

Connect Samsung to computer with USB cable Open command prompt in ADB directory.

Type “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” and press Enter.

Restart your Samsung device. The device must be unlocked.

With LockWiper (Android) you can

Bypass Samsung Screen Lock without Password and Data Loss

Unlock not only pattern, but also PIN, password, fingerprint or face lock

Easily unlock any password for almost all Android brands like Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc.

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Remove Google FRP lock completely in any situation and go to your account.

Make unlocking your Samsung mobile pattern fast and easy with no hardware required

How to unlock your pattern using Dr.Fone. Screen Unlock (Android)?

If you want to unlock your pin, pattern, password, fingerprint, or any other type of lock on your Android device, just use Dr.Fone. Screen Unlock (Android). This is a very useful and advanced application that can let you pass by the lock screen on your device without causing any harm to it or deleting its contents (if your phone is not Samsung or LG, it will erase the data after you unlock the screen. To find out, How to unlock your pattern using Dr.Fone, follow these steps:

Forgot your pattern? Find out how to unlock your lock screen with a pattern ! Dr.Fone

What to do and how to recover lost data on Samsung Galaxy S9 if you did a factory reset?

There are several ways to get your data back after a factory reset. Hope you have a backup in your Google account or Samsung cloud. In this case, follow the instructions for setting up your device to restore the contents.

If nothing happens, try signing into Google Photos, Google Drive, Dropbox, and any other backup apps you may have.

It is generally easy to recover contacts if you have an email account, so they should be automatically returned after you sign in.

Forgot password: how to unlock Samsung phone

Locking with a pin code or pattern creates the feeling that the information stored in the device is protected and will only be available to the rightful owner of the phone.

But sometimes unforeseen situations happen: the owner himself can forget the password, or it can be accidentally changed by someone who has played with the phone, for example, a child.

To protect yourself from such situations, experts recommend:

  • Initially, in the settings, activate the Smart Lock function, which allows you to recognize the owner in an alternative way.

For example, by voice, face shape, fingerprints, and so on. The set of alternatives depends on the phone model and the version of the operating system.

When the function is activated, unlocking “Samsung” is no problem.

Since the fifth version of Android, the manufacturer has provided the ability to unlock the phone using an additional pin code. It must be specified in the settings after purchasing the device.

When you forget your password, it is enough to enter the picture or numbers incorrectly several times until a message about 30-second lock appears. Together with him in the right corner will appear and the button “Additional pin-code”.

How to Unlock Samsung Using Custom Recovery?

(SD card required). This method is for more advanced Android users who know what the terms “rooting” and “Custom recovery” mean. As the name says, you need any custom recovery to do this, and your phone must have an SD card slot

Why SD Card? Well, we need to transfer the ZIP file to your phone, and that’s usually not possible if it’s locked. The only way is to insert the SD card with the file. Unfortunately, card slots have become something of a rare thing in the smartphone world, so this will only work for some people.

1) Download Pattern Password Disable ZIP file to your computer and place it on SD card.

3) Restart your phone for recovery.

Your phone should boot up without a locked screen. If you have a password or gesture lock screen, don’t panic. Just enter an arbitrary password or gesture and your phone should unlock.

How to unlock Samsung if you forgot your password?

How to unlock Samsung if you forgot your password, pattern or fingerprint? When we buy a new Samsung phone, we need to install some necessary things first. As far as I know, Samsung phone provides people with four kinds of protection. We may use these models to protect privacy and data security. Mobile phones can be called the closest friends. We always use them to chat with friends, send and receive text messages, take photos, browse the Internet, etc. We have a similar article: How to Factory Reset Samsung?

We use telephones almost all the time. The phone records our lives and messages in silence. Therefore, we set a password so that other people do not view our phone. But have you ever wondered what to do if you forgot your password? How to bypass Samsung lock, pattern, password and fingerprint to remove them and restart the phone? How to unlock Samsung Galaxy password?

How to Unlock Samsung Proven Unlock Methods

Perhaps none of the above options helped you unlock your Samsung phone. Luckily, some of our readers struggling with this issue were able to find even more creative ways to bypass their lock screen and were so kind to share them. We are very grateful for this.!

(How to unlock Samsung?)

We have not tested them on all devices or versions of Android, so we cannot promise that they will work for you. However, some people have managed to access their phone again and we hope you will.

1) Call your locked phone from another.

2) Accept the call and press the “Back” button during the call

3) This should give you full access to your phone

4) Go to your phone’s security settings and try to remove the pin or pattern. To do this, you first need to enter the current one, which you obviously don’t already know. The only way is to guess and try different combinations until you find the right one. If you get to this, you can disable the pin or install a new one.

Submitted by Zubairuddin Buriro
(possibly only applicable to LG phones):

The very creative Zubairuddin method can help you in case you have a Wi-Fi connection
. As mentioned above, this method can only work on LG phones as it uses LG’s own quick note app.

1) Press and hold the volume up key until the Quick Memo app launches.

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3) Click the share button and select SmartShare.

4) Choosing SmartShare should activate your phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (WI-FI is important here).

5) Make sure you are close to the wifi network you are connecting to your phone.

Now you are online again and you can go ahead and try all the above methods that require a data connection.

How to unlock your Samsung phone if you forgot your password

Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers. Therefore, the question of how to unlock a Samsung phone worries many happy owners of devices of this brand. Let’s talk about how this can be done.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone without Data Loss?

When you have a lock screen, you will find that your problem is easy to fix.

Android Lock Screen Lock can help you bypass Samsung lock screen directly. Includes pattern, PIN, password and fingerprints, which takes up to five minutes. In addition to removing the password, it will not erase any data on the phone, you don’t need to worry about the phone data being lost. importantly, you do not need to have advanced skills and knowledge, the operation of the software is very simple.

Even if you are young or old, you can understand the steps and follow the instructions for the job. Currently, the software can be applied to Samsung Galaxy S / Note / Tab series. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about losing any data, the program will not damage your phone data.

Connect your Samsung phone

Launch the software on your computer and select Screen Lock. Then use a USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to your computer. At this point, the program interface is as shown below, click “Start”.

(How to unlock Samsung?) (How to unlock Samsung?)

Enter download mode

Press and hold the Volume Down Home button “Power” at the same time.

Press “Volume level” to enter download mode.

(How to unlock Samsung?)

Download recovery package

When your Samsung phone enters download mode, the program will automatically download the recovery package, which will take you a few minutes, please wait patiently.

(How to unlock Samsung?)

Remove Samsung Lock Screen

Finally, when the download of the recovery package is complete, the program will start removing the lock screen. Please be assured that this process will not lose any of your data. When this process is over, you can reuse your phone without entering a password.

(How to unlock Samsung?)

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your pattern (Samsung, HTC, Sony)

A huge number of users of modern gadgets on the Android operating system are faced with the problem of blocking a device due to a forgotten graphic code. There are several ways to unlock your smartphone:

  • Confirmation of the Google account that is connected to the gadget;
  • Performing a Hard Reset, returning to factory settings.

Below we will take a closer look at each method of how to unlock your pattern. All described techniques are successfully applied on devices with any version of the Android operating system.

  • The standard way to remove the graph. key
  • Unlock instructions for:
  • Samsung
  • Htc
  • Sony

Resetting the picture password: the standard method

The method will work only if you remember the login information for your Google account, and the smartphone is connected to the network (via Wi-Fi or mobile network).

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your pattern:

  • We enter any graphic code on the smartphone until the device displays a message that too many password attempts have been made.
  • The message “Forgot your pattern?” Will appear. on the lock screen. If it doesn’t appear, keep entering the wrong password.
  • Click on the link and go to the account verification window.
  • The user is required to enter the login and password from the Google account, which is tied to the smartphone.
  • If all the data is entered correctly, the system will offer to enter a new code to unlock the device.

The unlocking method will not work if you do not remember the data from your account or did not set it up on your phone after purchase. The way out of the situation is to perform a full reset of the smartphone (tablet) to factory settings.

The disadvantage of this method is the loss of personal information and all applications that are installed on the gadget. However, you can make a backup copy and transfer files to the memory card (hard reset does not affect it).

Advice. Many phone manufacturers release PC software to synchronize a smartphone with a computer. Through this program, you can back up information stored in the device’s memory (phone numbers, text messages, notes, photos, music, other data). After resetting the settings, rebooting the device and connecting to the PC, all data can be downloaded to the phone again.

Before disabling the pattern through a factory reset, make sure the following:

  • A memory card has been removed from the gadget (there is a minimal, but still the risk of losing information stored on the card);
  • The smartphone is charged at least up to 60% (otherwise, after resetting the settings, there is a risk of getting a “brick”).

Resetting the pattern on Samsung

If everything is done correctly, the phone will be reset to factory settings; not only the pattern will be deleted, but also all settings, personal data.

  • Galaxy S3. Home buttons “Volume.” “Power”.
  • Galaxy S2. Power Buttons Volume.
  • Galaxy Mini. Home Buttons Power.
  • Galaxy Ace Plus S7500. Buttons “Volume and.” “Power” “Home”.

If your device is not listed, try all combinations to remove the unlock pattern.

The sequence of actions for resetting the pattern does not differ from the method described for Samsung phones, while you will have to hold down other key combinations:

Simultaneous pressing of the “Volume.” button and the power button.

As mentioned above, before performing any manipulations, be sure to charge the battery to reduce the likelihood of gadget failure.

To enter the engineering menu on Sony, use the key combinations listed in the two previous methods. If your smartphone or tablet from the manufacturer has Android version higher than 2.3, you can perform a hard reset using the Xperia Companion desktop program:

  • Download the program to your PC;
  • Connect your phone to PC via USB cable;
  • Follow the instructions to perform a hard reset.
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Attention! If the memory card contains important information, be sure to remove it from the phone before performing a hard reset.

In a similar way, the pattern is removed on other Android smartphones. Difficulties may arise on Chinese devices of an unknown manufacturer. Most often, resetting the settings and the installed graphic code is carried out according to the following principle:

We enter the wrong pattern on the phone until the warning appears that there are 9 attempts left;

We continue to enter the code incorrectly 9 more times;

The smartphone will reboot automatically, after which it will reset the settings, return the device to the factory state.

If the methods described above did not help to remove the pattern, contact the service center for advice.

How to reset password and unlock pattern on Android

If you have forgotten the set password or pattern on Android, this is not a reason to panic. You can restore access to your smartphone, and there are several ways to remove the lock. The updated instructions detail each of them.

Backup PIN on LG

When installing a screen lock on LG, you need to set a backup PIN-code, which can be entered instead of a pattern or password, and unlock the phone.

To do this, draw the wrong graphic pattern until the message about blocked input for 30 seconds appears. Click “OK”, at the bottom select “Forgot your pattern?”, Enter your PIN and click “OK”.

Reset picture password using ADB

The pattern can be removed using ADB. You need to connect the device via USB to the computer and enter the required commands. All details in the instructions →

samsung pattern unlock 2019 Password lock Remove

The method will only work when USB debugging is enabled.

How to remove unlock key on Huawei and Honor: backup PIN

On Huawei and Honor, in addition to the pattern, a backup PIN is used. Therefore, to unlock the device, you need to draw the pattern incorrectly 5 times, and the message will appear on the display: “Please try again in 1 minute.” Wait 60 seconds for the “Backup PIN” button in the lower right corner to become active. Click on it, enter the PIN and the unlock key will be instantly reset.

How to reset password or lock in Android

(!) The article contains the main ways to reset a password / pattern, ranging from the simplest (when you remember the username and password of your Google account) and ending with more complex ones: Hard Reset, deleting the “gesture.key” and “password.key” files Carefully read all the points, follow the indicated links for detailed instructions, and everything will work out.!

Removing gesture.key (unlock graphic pattern) and password.key (reset password)

The method is intended for owners of phones and tablets with root-rights and CWM Recovery. Its action is to delete the system files “gesture.key” and “password.key”, which are responsible for displaying the graphic lock and password, respectively.

This requires the Aroma file manager. Download the archive from the link and drop it onto your phone or tablet without unpacking. Then turn off the device and go to the Recovery menu. To do this, instead of the power button, hold down one of the possible combinations (or read the FAQ for specific models):

  • Volume up “ON”
  • Volume Down “ON”
  • Volume up / down Power Home

Using the volume up and down buttons, you move up and down, respectively, and confirm the selection with the power / lock button. In new smartphones, Recovery may be touch sensitive.

In the CWM Recovery menu, select “Install zip”.

Then click “Choose zip from / sdcard” and go to the folder where you dropped Aroma or use “Choose zip from last install folder”. In the second case, you will see all the last downloaded archives, among which you will find the desired one.

Next, the file manager itself will open. Go to the path / data / system / and delete the files:

  • “Gesture.key” (“gatekeeper.pattern.key” in newer firmware)
  • “Password.key” (or “gatekeeper.password.key” instead)
  • “Locksettings.db”
  • “Locksettings.db-wal”
  • “Locksettings.db-shm”

Select them and in the additional menu click “Delete”.

Finally, reboot your device. You can enter any password and the phone will be unlocked. Then feel free to go to the settings and set a new lock.

Additional PIN on Samsung

On Samsung phones running Android 5.0 and below, when setting a pattern, you need to set an additional PIN code. And if you have forgotten the pattern, but remember the PIN, you can enter it and unlock your smartphone.

Draw any wrong pattern until the message appears that you can try again only after 30 seconds.

Then wait half a minute and click on the “Additional PIN” button in the lower right corner. Enter PIN and click “OK”.

The lock on the phone will be completely removed.