Fn button not working on asus laptop

What is the Fn button for or why keyboard shortcuts do not work on a laptop

Hotkeys are various keyboard shortcuts that can be pressed to perform a variety of functions, avoiding unnecessary manipulation of the touchpad. There are a number of these combinations on laptops, which are primarily designed to provide a user-friendly experience in all conditions.

The reason for such a need for hot keys on a laptop is that it is a mobile computer, that is, it is understood that it will be used not only at home, but also in a wide variety of places. But, for example, while on a bus, train, plane, places of a large crowd of people (train station), it is not always convenient to perform operations on a laptop using only a touchpad, not to mention a mouse. It is as an alternative to their use that various keyboard shortcuts are used.

If you look closely at the keyboard of any laptop, you will notice some differences from the usual stationary computer keyboard. In particular, some buttons are missing, for example, a block with numbers. But in the laptop there is one key that cannot be found on any ordinary computer. this is the key with the designation “Fn”. By itself, it does not perform any function, but when combined with other buttons, it is capable of performing many operations. The instructions that come with all laptop models most often contain explanations on this account. In addition, some keys that can be used in combination with “Fn” contain additional labels, most often highlighted in a different color. Also, on modern laptops, there are a large number of hot keys without using the “Fn” key. They are designed to work with folders, files, shortcuts, system settings and many other tasks. These hotkeys are also used on stationary computers, but it is on laptops that they play a very important role.

Hotkeys for working with Explorer

Often, to work with folders and files, you need to turn to Windows Explorer. To call it, you do not need to go to the Start menu. this can be done much easier and faster by using the Windows E keyboard shortcut. To move from one area of ​​Explorer to another, you can simply press the F6 or Tab key. The Backspace key can also help a lot, which returns to the folder in which the given document or file is located. The first and last active elements of an open window can be viewed, respectively, using the Home and End keys. If you need to view the contents of the selected folder or file, you can do this using the AltEnter keyboard shortcut. Right-click can be replaced with ShiftF10. To view the list of address lines in the explorer window, use the F4 key. Navigating through the list items is easy with the arrow keys.

Hotkeys are also very helpful when working with folders and files. So, to select all folders and files located in the window, press the CtrlA key combination. If there is a need to select several folders and files located in different places of the window, then you need to press the Ctrl key and, while holding it, click the left touchpad button on the necessary documents. To select a group of adjacent files, press and hold the Shift key, and then the left touchpad button is pressed on the first and last file from the required list. By holding down the F2 key and selecting a folder or document, you can change their names. If at the same time select a group of objects, then the very first of them will be renamed.
If a folder or file needs to be moved to the trash, then after selecting them, press the “Delete” key. To delete a file, bypassing the recycle bin, use the ShiftDelete combination.

The simplest keyboard shortcut, which is used not only by the owners of laptops, but also of stationary computers, is CtrlC and CtrlV. respectively, “copy” and “paste”. Naturally, after copying, the original file or folder will also remain in its original location. If you need to cut them out from there, then another key combination is used. CtrlX. After that, using the CtrlV combination, the file is inserted into a new location.

Also a very common key combination is CtrlO, after pressing which the “open” window appears on the screen, where you can select the desired document. Sometimes the combinations CtrlF12 or AltCtrlF2 are used for this.

Useful for a laptop and the PrtSc key. When you press it, a screenshot of the screen taken at the time of pressing is saved in the laptop’s memory. By opening a graphics editor and pressing CtrlV, you can save the snapshot as an image. This is very convenient when you need to show another person, for example, the kind of dialog box that appears when there are problems in order to ask for advice on how to fix them. If you need to take a snapshot of only one window that is currently active, you can use the AltPrint combination.

Almost all laptop models allow the user to assign certain sets of keys to a wide variety of dialog boxes that automatically appear when they are pressed. This is very convenient, especially when the work is carried out simultaneously with a very large number of windows. But the user constantly has to keep all such combinations in his head, so it is not recommended to assign too many such combinations.

The above standard hotkeys most often do not need additional settings. They work automatically immediately after installing the operating system on the laptop. However, most often the combinations in which the Fn key takes part work only if the operating system recommended by the manufacturer is installed on the laptop. The only function that needs to be configured is the automatic opening of windows when a combination of buttons is pressed. This is done quite simply. for the selected program, a shortcut is created in some place, and then certain hotkeys are assigned to it. After creating a shortcut, you need to right-click on it and go to the “Properties” item in the drop-down menu. A dialog box will open with a “quick call” field. In this field, you must enter the desired combination of keys, and then save the settings. Most often, the system offers the combination CtrlAlt any other key. It is this combination that is recommended to adhere.

Laptop repair when hotkeys don’t work

In order to be able to configure other hotkeys, it is necessary to install on the computer special utilities for the operating system on it, which are called hotkey managers. With these programs, you can set keyboard shortcuts and functions that will be performed after you press them. Most often, the following possible actions are provided: opening certain windows and documents, launching programs, opening web pages, inserting certain placeholder text, adjusting the sound, adjusting the monitor, shutting down and restarting the computer. Also, with the help of managers, you can allow the action of hot keys in a certain situation, for example, when playing in full screen mode.

Sometimes there are situations when the corresponding function is not executed when hotkeys are pressed. There may be several reasons for this. The most common one. This is a virus infection of the laptop. Most often, this causes problems with the operation of other programs and applications. In such cases, to restore the normal functioning of the laptop, you need to clean the system from viruses using a good antivirus, and if this does not help, you should reinstall the system after formatting the hard drive.

The reason for the malfunctioning of hot keys when the Fn key is activated is often the installation of an operating system and drivers on the laptop, the versions of which are different from those that were purchased with the laptop. In this case, you need to install the original OS with drivers or fine-tune a new system. If this is not possible, then you need to install a hotkey manager, in which you can assign many of them manually.

In general, such utilities have to be resorted to quite often, since the hotkeys available in the Windows system often temporarily or completely stop working, which is due to the peculiarities of this operating system. Also, keep in mind that hotkeys may not work in some older versions of applications. In this case, you just need to install a new version or update an existing one.

BIOS settings

In the case of ASUS notebooks, you cannot disable or enable the function keys through the BIOS, but you can customize their work. If “Fn” does not work correctly on your laptop, our instructions may well help.

    Restart the laptop and enter the BIOS according to the instructions.

Press “F10” key to save parameters and exit BIOS.

After the performed actions, the “Fn” key will become mandatory when accessing the function keys of the laptop. If the described actions did not bring the desired result, you can proceed to the following causes of the malfunction.

How to enable fn on a laptop?

There are several options to enable this button. So let’s use the simplest one. To enable it, you need to press two buttons “NumLock Fn” at once. If you forgot where the NumLock is, take a look at the screenshot.

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Why is the fn key needed?

This button on the laptop keyboard allows you to:

  • Make monitor colors more vivid;
  • It makes the sound of this device louder or quieter;
  • It has the ability to disable or enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • Can disable touchpad;
  • Send letters;
  • Put Laptop to sleep.

Each laptop model has its own shortcuts. If you want to learn more about them, then you should carefully study the instructions for your gadget. Also, you can download it from the official website of your laptop.

Installing the software

If the laptop has an unlicensed system, you allowed Windows to install the drivers on its own, or you used the Driver Pack, then try downloading and installing the hotkey software from the official website of the laptop manufacturer. Let’s see what needs to be done using the ASUS laptop as an example.

  • Go to the ASUS website, find the page for your laptop model. Go to the “Support” section to access the software and instructions.
  • Select your operating system version. Pay attention to the bit depth, it is important when installing drivers. First, select the version that is installed now.
  • Find a utility that mentions HotKey in its name.

For ASUS, these are ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities. Vaio Control Center and Sony Shared Library applications have been developed for Sony laptops, Easy Display Manager will be running on Samsung, and Hotkey Utility on Toshiba.

If the laptop has Windows 10 and there are no drivers for the Fn button on it, then select Windows 8 with the appropriate bit and download the software for the previous version of the system. After installing the drivers, the function key should work.

If there is nothing on the official website, try using the universal utility Magic Keyboard. It fits almost all laptop computers. But the priority should be “native” software.

Fn key does not work on ASUS laptop

The most common cause of Fn key problems is a recent reinstallation of the operating system. However, in addition to this, there may be malfunctions of drivers or physical breakdown of buttons and the keyboard as a whole.

Keyboard test

If you spill liquid on the keyboard, or if it was subjected to mechanical shock from being dropped or bumped, the Fn button may not work due to physical damage. In principle, you can diagnose and try to fix the problem at home. Each button on the laptop keyboard sits in a separate slot. Using a small screwdriver, you can gently remove the button, clean the socket and put the button back in place.

button, working, asus, laptop

However, one must be careful with mechanical intervention. If you are worried about damaging the keyboard, contact the service center. But before you take your laptop to specialists, be sure to check all the software ways to enable the Function button, because it would be foolish to go to the service just because you forgot to unlock the Fn key with some simple combination, which is written about in the laptop operating instructions.

“Fn” on the keyboard of any laptop, including devices from ASUS, plays an important role, allowing you to control additional features using function keys. In case of failure of this key, we have prepared this instruction.

Lack of drivers

Most often, the main reason for the inoperability of the “Fn” key on an ASUS laptop is the lack of suitable drivers. This can be due to both the installation of an unsupported operating system and a system failure.

    Click on the link provided and on the page that opens, enter your laptop model in the text field. You can find out this information in several ways.

From the list of results in the “Product” block, click on the found device.

Use the menu to switch to the “Drivers and Utilities” tab.

Select the appropriate system version from the “Specify OS” list. If the OS is not in the list, specify a different version, but the same bitness.

Scroll down the list to the “ATK” block and, if necessary, click on the “Show all” link.

Next to the latest version of the ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities package, click the Download button and save the archive on your laptop.

Next, perform an automatic installation of the driver, having previously unzipped the files.

Note: On our website, you can find instructions for installing drivers on specific ASUS notebook models and more.

In a situation with drivers from another system, there should be no errors. Otherwise, try installing the package in compatibility mode.

Additionally, you can download and install the “ASUS Smart Gesture” driver in the same section on the official ASUS website.

Laptop’s function keys not working. How to fix it?

    On the previously opened page, find the “Pointing Divice” block and, if necessary, expand it.

From the list, select the latest available driver version “ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver)” and click the “Download” button.

With this archive, you need to do the same as with the main driver.

Now all that remains is to restart the laptop and check the functionality of “Fn”.

Fn key not working on ASUS laptop

The “Fn” key is a very important key on any laptop as it provides access to additional functionality that varies from model to model. Today you will find out the possible causes of a malfunction of the “Fn” button on an ASUS laptop, as well as how to solve this problem.

On ASUS notebooks, you can enable and disable the function keys using the following combinations:

  • “FnNumLock”;

  • “FnInsert”;

  • “FnEsc”.

Use the above keyboard shortcuts one by one, while checking the serviceability of “Fn”.

On ASUS notebooks, you won’t be able to turn on and off individual keys, but we can customize their work. If in your case “Fn” does not work correctly, then this solution should help.

Go to BIOS. To do this, turn off your laptop, then hold down the F2 key and without releasing turn on your computer. Hold the F2 button until the BIOS screen appears.

Use the arrows on your keyboard to go to the “Advanced” tab. Move to the “Function Key Behavior” line and change the value to “Function Key”.

In some cases, the function may be missing!

You can save the parameters and exit the BIOS using the “F10” key.

Drivers are very often the cause of malfunction of various components of the computer, so it will not be superfluous to check their performance.

Follow the above link, then enter your laptop model in the resource search box.

From the list of results in the “Product” block, click on the found device.

Go to the “Drivers & Utilities” tab.

Specify your operating system by expanding the appropriate list. In the absence of the required item, you can choose a different version, but with the same bit depth.

Place the resulting file in a convenient place on your computer.

Unzip and install the received driver by running the corresponding shortcut.

This driver may also solve your problem. You can download it in the same section of the site.

Find the “Pointing Divice” block in the previously received list, then expand it.

Select the most recent driver version and click the “Download” button to the right of the name.

This procedure is exactly the same as when installing the previous driver.

After completing the above steps, restart the laptop and check the functionality of the Fn key.

In some cases, the cause of the problem may be an elementary breakdown of the key, or its contamination. The solution in this case will be an elementary cleaning of the necessary elements and checking the connection contacts.

serious mechanical damage is also possible. In this case, the problem can be solved only by completely replacing the keyboard with a new one.

By trying all of the above recommendations one by one, you will most likely be able to restore the “Fn” key on your ASUS laptop to work. We hope our article helped you.

Cleaning up the keyboard

Your fn key still refuses to function? Have you ever thought that the reason for its failure lies on the surface, and you just need to clean the keyboard from debris? Or maybe this button is just damaged? If so, then you need to contact the service center.

But, while you’re not there yet, let’s try to clear it ourselves. Examine the keyboard carefully and check if this button can be removed, carefully cleaned and put back in place? If not, try cleaning the entire keyboard with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. It is possible that the latter method will solve your problem.!

Turn on fn through BIOS

Now we will try to start the operation of this key by entering the BIOS. In this case, you need to be extremely careful, because if you make a mistake, problems may arise with the laptop. Therefore, do everything in steps:

  • So, you need to restart your computer and press the Del, Esc or F button during startup. If you have Windows 10 and you cannot enter the BIOS using these buttons, I advise you to read my article “How to enter the Windows 10 BIOS”. In it, I give 5 ways to do this;
  • When you enter it, you need to use the arrows to go to the “SystemConfiguration” tab, then you need to look for the “Action Keys Mode” command;
  • Next, you need to change the word “Disabled” to “Enabled”, which means “Enabled”. To do this, press “Enter” and select the required option from the list;
  • Then, you need to click on the “Esc” key to enter the main window. Then, using the arrows, go to “Exit” and to save the settings made, select (Save Exit Setup);
  • We reboot the laptop and check the functioning of the fn key.
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How to enable fn on a laptop?

There are several options to enable this button. So let’s use the simplest one. To enable it, you need to press two buttons “NumLock Fn” at once. If you forgot where the NumLock is, take a look at the screenshot.

Why is the fn key needed?

This button on the laptop keyboard allows you to:

  • Make monitor colors more vivid;
  • It makes the sound of this device louder or quieter;
  • It has the ability to disable or enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • Can disable touchpad;
  • Send letters;
  • Put Laptop to sleep.

Each laptop model has its own shortcuts. If you want to learn more about them, then you should carefully study the instructions for your gadget. Also, you can download it from the official website of your laptop.

Installing the required drivers

Installing drivers for your Laptop keyboard can be fun. But, if at Honor, that quite a lot of users install an illegal version of Windows or install an improperly treated program that a not very diligent programmer was involved in, everything falls into place. As a result, some of the buttons on the keyboard may fail.

In this case, you need to enter the main resource of the manufacturer of this laptop and find the driver for the keyboard that we need so much on the manufacturer’s website. Usually, in such cases, you need to enter the laptop model and look at the required drivers. Also, there may be a button on the site, thanks to which this resource will itself determine the model of your laptop. In addition, you can contact laptop support.

  • For ASUS ,
  • HP Laptops ,
  • Aser ,
  • Lenovo ,
  • https://www.dell.com/support/home/ru/ru/,
  • Sony Vaio.

The Fn button does not work on an Asus, Samsung, HP laptop and other 5 methods to solve the problem

Good afternoon friends. The fn button does not work on Asus laptop and other models. What can be done in this case and how to fix it? People who are used to working on stationary computers do not always know that the Laptop keyboard has its own nuances and differences from the usual one. These nuances help to better manage the performance of the laptop.

If you have forgotten where this button is, I can remind you that it is in the bottom row to the left of the second from the Ctrl key. This is clearly seen in the picture. But, quite often it happens that the fn button on a laptop may stop functioning for some reason. Also, the reverse course of actions is possible. It may happen that Fn will act as if it is constantly being pressed by someone. It’s also frustrating. What needs to be done in this case, we will learn from a separate article.

Special utilities

So, let’s imagine that all the methods that I listed above did not help you, then in this case, we need to apply proprietary programs. Quite often, such programs are found on the DVD that comes with a laptop. If the required laser disk is lost, we will download these utilities on the Internet:

  • For Samsung, we are looking for the following EasyDisplay Manager program;
  • For Toshiba. Hotkey Utility or FlashCards Support Utility;
  • For Sony, looking for SonySharedLibrary or VaioControlCenter;
  • A program that works on all laptops. MagicKeyboard.

Why the fn key on a laptop is not working

Why is the fn key not working on an Acer, Compaq, Apple, DELL, Fujitsu, eMachines, Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Bell, LG, MSI, Roverbook, Packard, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, or Toshiba laptop.

All of the above models, although they have some differences, but the reasons why the fn key does not work are almost always the same.

The only exception is in the names of the drivers, although they themselves are not the main source of the problem (stopped or stuck).

So in Samsung it is “Control Center”, in HP “HP Quick Launch Buttons”, ASUS. “ATK Hotkey” and Toshiba. Hotkey utility.

The fn key is only found on laptops. It was created to simplify work (quick call of components).

Using this button, you can usually turn on or off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, decrease or increase the screen brightness.

Also turn off altogether, call e-mail, turn on the numeric keypad and a few more functions depending on the model of the netbook or laptop.

In general, there are several reasons why the Fn key does not work on a laptop. The controller is responsible for its work. “Keyboard Controller”. What can be done to fix the problem.

The first step is to find out the type of damage: mechanical (dust, hit by liquid) or systemic (damage or lack of drivers.)

In any case, all the functions that the fn key combination provides with others can be enabled in another way. it’s just a matter of convenience.

So, in case of mechanical damage to the fn key, we clean it from dust, change or repair it. You can find out more details by clicking on the link. In the case of a system violation, install the latest driver versions.

Also, keep in mind that there is a possibility that the fn key may not work at all. For example, you bought a laptop designed for a 64. bit system, and installed 32. Recently, such problems have arisen frequently. This is especially true of Bluetooth operation.

button, working, asus, laptop

There are no drivers for 32 (86) operating systems on the official websites of manufacturers of drivers and that’s it.!

No matter how much you look, you won’t find it, you won’t be able to write it yourself. You have to give up these conveniences or install 64. In laptops: asus, acer, toshiba and Samsung this happens often.

Fn key driver

I would like to dwell on the driver for the fn key. If you want to install a new one, and this is often the reason why this button does not work, then download it only for your model and from the manufacturer’s website.

To do this, do the following, go to the site (in the search write: support = laptop name =), specify the model and go to the page with drivers for the keyboard (controllers). You can even download everything, it doesn’t hurt, you just update them.

By the way, there is one unsurpassed way to fix any key. Always works at 100%.

You can also enter the “device manager”, select “keyboard” and if there is a disk with drivers from the manufacturer, update them from there.

There is also the possibility of updating drivers via the Internet, but this method does not differ in efficiency.

The search is carried out in the Microsoft database, and (not the manufacturer) and usually ends in vain.

Fn key program

The Internet offers a program for the fn key Easy Display Manager. Only I do not trust them.

Once I used such a creation to install the latest drivers, as a result I had to reinstall the operating system.

The Fn key refers to the system components of the keyboard, utilities (drivers) are responsible for its operation, and only one of a kind (depending on the laptop model).

Therefore, you need to look for them only at the office. manufacturers’ websites, only then can the fn key combination be resumed with other.

Why doesn’t the FN button on the keyboard work?

If we exclude the possibility that the FN button does not work due to a mechanical failure, we can assume two options. problems with Windows or problems with BIOS. The most common causes of failure are as follows:

The computer does not have specialized laptop drivers installed, some of which are responsible for the operation of the function key. Most often, this problem is faced by users who reinstalled Windows and installed drivers from a set containing software for various hardware. Also, such a problem may arise if you install drivers from a disk, but, for example, they partially or completely do not support the operating system on which they were installed (most often it is Windows 10);

  • For the FN key to work on a computer, you need to install specialized software from the laptop developers, which must constantly work in the background. If this software is not running, then the FN button will not perform the functions assigned to it;
  • BIOS changes have been made to disable the FN button. It is worth noting that the ability to disable the FN key through BIOS is not present on all laptops.
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    There are a huge number of laptops on the market from various manufacturers. The solution to the problem with a non-working FN key will differ for different laptops. Below in the article, we will provide the main algorithms of actions that will help fix the situation on laptops of popular brands.

    FN button not working on Acer laptop

    Acer boasts an extremely user-friendly and pleasant website that allows you to easily find the required set of drivers for a specific laptop model. To do this, you need to go to the site, in the “Select device” section, indicate the exact modification number of your laptop and select the version of the operating system (pay attention to the bit depth). Next, a list of available drivers will appear.

    For the FN key to work, a set of drivers for the chipset must be installed, and you must also start the installation of the Launch Manager application (located in the Application section). If that doesn’t fix the problem with the FN key not working, also download and install Acer Power Manager.

    Please note: After installing Launch Manager, the program will start automatically when your computer boots. If you remove it from startup, then the FN buttons may not work.

    What to do if the FN button on a laptop does not work

    Few laptops boast a large, full-size keyboard, especially with a number of extra function keys. Most often, laptop designers, in order to save space, place additional function keys on the F1-F12 line and add an FN button so that users can use them. It is difficult to work with a laptop without these function keys, since they allow you to quickly increase / decrease brightness, increase / decrease sound and perform other necessary actions.

    (Solved) Fn Key on ASUS Laptop Not Working

    Many users, after reinstalling the Windows operating system and in other situations, have to face the problem when the FN button does not work. Accordingly, the ability to control the function keys is lost, which directly affects the convenience of using the computer. In this article, we will look at what to do if the FN button does not work on the keyboard.

    FN button not working on a Dell laptop

    If a Dell laptop user encounters a problem with a non-functional FN key, they also need to install a set of drivers that the function key depends on. From the official Dell website, you will need to download and install the following applications: Dell Foundation Services. Application, Dell QuickSet Application and Dell Power Manager Lite Application.

    Please note that if the FN key issue in question occurs on a laptop running one of the older Windows operating systems (such as Vista or XP), then you will also need to download and install the Dell Function Keys application.

    All the drivers listed above must be loaded for a specific laptop model in the correct version of the operating system. This will require:

      Go to the official Dell website and select your computer model. You can do this in a variety of ways: use an online utility, enter a service tag or other product identifier, or find your laptop in a list.

  • Then, in the left menu, click on the “Drivers and Downloads” section and select the version of the operating system for which the drivers will be loaded;
  • Next, you need to find the necessary drivers and applications in the list, download them and install.
  • Also, problems with the FN key on Dell laptops can be due to incorrect BIOS settings. The situation here is similar to HP laptops, that is, you can change it, you need to press the FN key to use F1-F12 or multimedia buttons. This setting is located in the “Advanced” section in the BIOS and is called “Function key Behavior”.

    FN button not working on Asus laptop

    If the FN key does not work on an Asus laptop, it means that the necessary drivers are not installed on the computer or changes have been made to startup. For the FN key to work, 2 conditions must be met:

      A corresponding set of drivers must be installed on the computer, which is called ATKPackage. ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities. To download it, just go to the official website of Asus (better by searching for “your laptop model support”), select the version of the computer operating system (correctly specifying the bit depth), click on the required set of drivers (located in the ATK section), download and install the utility;

  • The hcontrol.exe process must be running in the background. It is added to the automatic boot after the ATKACPI driver set is installed on the computer.
  • Most often, Asus laptops lack settings in the BIOS that allow you to enable / disable or change the operation of the FN key.

    FN button not working on Lenovo laptop

    One of the most popular laptop brands in the world is Lenovo. If the FN key does not work on one of the computer models of this brand, you need to go to the official website of the developers in the drivers section and download the necessary software. Since Lenovo produces a huge number of products and their website is rather complex, we recommend that you enter the query “your laptop driver model” in the search engine. One of the first will be a link to the official Lenovo resource in the section with drivers.

    It is worth noting one feature of Lenovo drivers. A large number of them are presented on the company’s website, while it is not always clear which set should be downloaded for a particular laptop model. Let’s take a short tour of the available sets:

      Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 10. A list of all notebook models that fit a given set of drivers can be seen on this page;

  • Lenovo Energy Management. This set is designed for most modern Lenovo laptops;
  • Lenovo OnScreen Display Utility. Utility responsible for the operation of the function keys. It is part of Hotkey Features Integration, but can be downloaded separately if needed.
  • It is worth noting that Lenovo laptop owners often complain about a problem when only the keyboard shortcuts for turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on / off do not work. In such a situation, you need to separately download drivers for wireless networks, which can also be found on the official Lenovo website.

    If the problem is not related to Windows and the drivers for the operating system, then you need to check the BIOS settings. Depending on the laptop model, in the BIOS you can find the options “HotKey Mode” or “Fn and Ctrl Key Swap”.

    FN button not working on HP laptop

    To find drivers for a specific HP laptop model, you need to do the following:

    • Write in the search engine “Your laptop model support”;
    • Go to the official HP website and click “Go” in the “Software and Drivers” section;
  • This will open a list of available drivers. For the FN key to work on an HP laptop, you need to install the drivers:
  • HP Software Framework (section: “Software. Solutions”);
  • HP On-Screen Display (section: “Software. solutions”);
  • HP Quick Launch (section: “Software. solutions”);
  • HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) (section: “Utility. Tools”).
  • After installing all the required applications, restart your computer and check if the FN key is working properly.

    It is worth noting that the BIOS in HP notebooks provides the ability to configure the FN key. The user can set the option that the FN button will always be pressed, that is, the F1-F12 keys will work if you press FN, and the function buttons without holding FN. This is configured in the “System Configuration” section by item “Action Keys Mode”.