Flip The Screen On A Laptop How To Get It Back

How to disable random screen rotation in laptops

If the rotation happened due to keystrokes, the user removes the option to rotate the picture. The whole procedure takes 10. 15 seconds. What to do:

  • Use the settings of the video adapter;
  • Select “Graphic characteristics”;
  • Find the hotkey control option;
  • Opposite the item “Functions of the quick launch keys” there is a mark: one click of the mouse removes the checkmark. from that moment the picture will not be twisted.

If the owner plans to change the configuration of the Desktop, then he should not cancel the quick buttons.

Driver setup

If the computer is equipped with an NVIDIA graphics card, certain adjustments to the settings will help the user change the display position. To do this, you need to resort to the following:

  • Named by a small white triangle on the taskbar (right next to the language and battery icons).
  • Right-click on the NVIDIA icon.
  • Click on the line “Open NVIDIA Control Panel”.
  • In the opened window, find the item “Display rotation”, go to “Display”.
  • Set the desired rotation using a checkbox mark or multidirectional arrows.
  • Name “Apply”.

How to return Windows 7 screen shortcuts

One of the “quick help” options provided by modern versions of Windows is hotkeys. To control the image, you need to hold down 3 buttons: Ctrl, Alt and an arrow. Users select the up direction to revert to the old screen configuration. Pressing the arrows “right”, “left” rotates the picture in the desired direction.

If, after turning off and on the laptop again, the screen is as it was installed, then there are no system failures.

What to do if the button combination does not rotate the screen?

In addition to the method of using hot keys described above, you can use the settings in the system. To do this, use the following instructions for execution:

  • Plug in your laptop, start it up, and log into the main desktop screen.
  • Right-click on the free space to open a context menu with a list of possible actions.
  • Select the item “screen settings” and click on it with the mouse.
  • Among all the options presented, select the “orientation” section and configure the landscape option.
  • After that, click on the “apply” button to save the current changes and normalize the work.

If none of the above methods helped solve the problem, you can apply Windows System Restore. To do this, go to “start”, then go to the “recovery” section behind the “control panel” and confirm this action by pressing the button. After that, the program will automatically start the transition to the previous version with the normal position of the image.

Will hotkeys help flip the image on a laptop?

On some OS versions, it is quite easy to maximize the screen. With just a keyboard and a special key combination. over, this method is applicable for laptops from different manufacturers. asus (ASUS), lenovo (Lenovo), samsung (Samsung), etc. The scheme of actions itself is simple:

  • Press ctrl alt arrow.
  • Which arrow should you press? The direction in which you need to turn the screen. To be more precise, “down”. the image is turned upside down, “up”. return to its original position, “left” and “right”. turn by 90 ° in one direction or the other.

However, on Some Windows builds, hotkeys may NOT help to get the screen back. Therefore, to correct the inverted image on the display, you have to resort to other methods.

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Special utilities

Someone reads e-books or uses a laptop as a projector at a presentation. Others like to Scan from printer to computer, which makes the text angled and difficult to read. For such cases, utilities are provided that allow you to rotate images as you like:

  • Irotate. This program needs to be installed, as it is not included in the standard Windows package. Next, it remains to take a few steps: call the context menu and select the desired orientation of the picture.
  • Eeerotate. Simple, minimalistic utility for rotating a photo or text on the display. Contains a component for changing the orientation of the touchpad to side control.
  • Pivot Pro. A broader program, it allows not only inverting the image, but also adjusting the monitor settings for specific tasks. For example, color depth, resolution, etc. Supports hotkeys, works with multiple connected monitors if necessary, adjusts the window size in startup applications automatically.
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Pay attention to the compatibility of the selected program with your operating system. You can look for other utilities depending on your needs, but in most cases THESE should be enough. You can turn the screen to any angle.


This method is simpler, but does NOT work in all cases. Typically used in devices with Intel graphics. If you have AMD or Nvidia, returning the screen this way may not work.

Down arrow in combination with Ctrl and Alt puts the screen in an upside-down position. The right (→) or left (←) arrow will rotate the top of the screen 90 degrees in the corresponding direction. Up arrow restores normal position.

How to reverse

What to do if the screen on a laptop flips? How do I get the image back? Besides “hot keys” The flip of the picture is possible using the OS settings. For Windows 7 and 8, the following solutions are relevant.

The user on an empty field of the desktop should right-click and select the term “Screen Resolution”. A menu should open with various parameters. Find the Count “Orientation”. Select landscape orientation or another, in case of non-standard settings, and save the changes.

The Windows operating system has the function of rotating the display on a computer or laptop. This option can both be beneficial and, conversely, make the process of working, watching videos and photos inconvenient. But not everyone knows that screen rotation can be easily controlled in different ways. Knowledge of how to return the screen on a laptop will be useful to every user.

The screen turned over on a laptop. what to do?

If your Windows screen suddenly flips 90 degrees, or even completely upside down after you (and possibly a child or cat) pressed some buttons (the reasons may be different), it doesn’t matter. Now let’s figure out how to return the screen to its normal position, the guide is suitable for Windows 10 8.1 and Windows 7.

The easiest and fastest way to fix an inverted screen is to press Ctrl Alt Arrow Down (or any other, if you need rotation) on your keyboard, and if that worked, share this instruction on social networks.

The specified key combination allows you to set the “bottom” of the screen: you can return the screen to 90, 180 or 270 degrees by pressing the Corresponding arrows together with the Ctrl and Alt keys. Unfortunately, the operation of these hotkeys for rotating the screen depends on what video card and software for it is installed on your laptop or computer, and then it may NOT work. In this case, try the following methods to fix the problem.

How to flip the Windows screen using the system

If the method with the Ctrl Alt Arrow keys did not work for you, go to the window for changing the Windows screen resolution. For Windows 8.1 and 7, this can be done by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting “Screen Resolution”.

In Windows 10, you can get into the screen resolution settings through: right click on the start button. control panel. screen. screen resolution setting (left).

Check if there is a “Screen orientation” item in the settings (it may not be there). If there is, then set the orientation you need so that the screen is not upside down.

In Windows 10, setting the screen orientation is also available in the “All settings” section (by clicking on the notification icon). System. Screen.

Note: Some laptops equipped with an accelerometer may have automatic screen rotation enabled. Perhaps if you are having problems with an inverted screen, this is the case. As a rule, on such laptops, you can enable or disable automatic screen rotation in the window for changing the resolution, and if you have Windows 10. in “All settings”. “System”. “Screen”.

Setting the screen orientation in video card management programs

The last way to fix the situation if your image on the laptop or computer screen is upside down is to launch the appropriate program to control your video card: NVidia control panel, AMD Catalyst, Intel HD.

Examine the parameters available for change (I have an example only for NVidia) and, if the item for changing the angle of rotation (orientation) is present, set the position you need.

If suddenly none of the suggested help, write in the comments more details about the problem, as well as the configuration of your computer, in particular in the video card and the installed OS. I will try to help.

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How inverted

What to do if the laptop screen flips over? How do I get the image back? Besides “hot keys” image flipping is possible using OS settings. For Windows 7 and 8, the following solutions are relevant.

The user should right-click on an empty field on the desktop and select the term “Screen resolution”. A menu should open with various options. Find the column “Orientation”. Choose landscape orientation or another, in case of non-standard settings, and save the changes.

There are several ways to change orientation for Windows 10 operating system. Icon “Start” (desktop) click the second mouse button and select “Toolbar” and “Screen Resolution Setting”. Set the orientation to landscape and click “Apply” and “Save changes”. Another way, which is relevant for the tenth version of the operating system. Press the second mouse button on the desktop, find the term “Screen options”. In the system menu that appears, set the landscape orientation, which is standard for all versions, and save the changes.

Now users know what to do if the laptop screen flips. How to get it back from Windows 10 if this OS is installed on laptops that combine the functions of a tablet and a computer? In this case, make sure your device has an accelerometer. He is responsible for auto-rotate the screen depending on the position of the laptop. This function is available in modern smartphones and tablets.


If the screen on a laptop flips, how do I get the image back? There are ways to fix the problem. The picture can be flipped back with “hot keys”, the usual settings of the installed OS and a revolution in the video card software. All these methods are effective and solve the problem quickly and without the help of a specialist.

The screen on the laptop turned over. How to get it back: quick ways

It so happens that the screen on a laptop has turned over. How to get it back and is it difficult to do it? These are the questions most often asked by laptop users. But there is nothing wrong with this phenomenon. If this happens, do not rush to call the master and do not panic. Try to correct this misunderstanding on your own. The recommendations in this article are relevant for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Setting in the video card

What if my laptop screen flips? How to return it back? Windows 7 and later versions of the operating system anticipate the ability to customize the display using the graphics card. If the laptop has a discrete graphics card installed by the manufacturer, then it has its own software. It is the video card that is responsible for displaying the image on the device screen, so if it is turned over, you should look at its settings. If the video card is from AMD manufacturer, on the desktop field, click the 2nd mouse button and select AMD, find the term “Common Display Tasks “. “Return the desktop”. Apply changes and save. If the video card is installed from the manufacturer NVIDIA, click, as already described, call the settings, select “Display”. Display Rotation. Next, set the required orientation. As you can see, the problem of screen flipping is easy to solve on your own and without outside help.

The reasons

The Windows operating system has many settings in which the user does not even know. What to do if the screen on a laptop suddenly flips over? How to get it back and why did it happen? The fact is that one of “hidden” system setting is to rotate the image up to 270 degrees. You can flip the picture yourself, but it happens that Windows crashes and displays the image on the monitor in a distorted form. There are several reasons why the screen turned upside down on the device.

This happens due to user carelessness. Inclusion “hot keys”, responsible for screen rotation (CtrlAlt arrow), accidentally leads to similar consequences. Software problems also lead to screen flipping. If this happens, the laptop may need to be diagnosed to help correct the cause of the inverted image. Viruses also become a prerequisite for this phenomenon. The orientation from landscape to portrait changes if the laptop is affected. What to do if the laptop screen flips over due to viruses? How do I get the image back? First, you need to check your computer with an anti-virus program; secondly, restore the system; third, reinstall Windows.

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What to do if the laptop screen flips over? How to get back to the correct orientation of the image quickly? There is a simple way for this “hot keys”. This option is suitable for modern operating systems Windows 7,8,10. Press the key combination CtrlAlt left, down, right, up arrow depending on the direction. This combination may NOT work on some laptops due to missing Corresponding settings.

Flip the image using hot keys

In some versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10, you can turn the screen upside down by pressing a combination of “hot keys”. In order for the bottom of the displayed image to be on the side that you need, press on the keyboard: Ctrl Alt arrow (depending on the direction).

Important: the hotkeys are NOT configured in all Windows builds, and such a simple solution to the screen rotation problem will work on a small number of computers.

If you cannot solve the problem and return the screen to its usual position, you should use the Windows or video card settings.

Windows 10

On Windows 10, there are several ways to flip the screen using the operating system.

First way:

  • Right click on the Start icon
  • Next, you need to select the “Control Panel”
flip, screen, laptop, back

Second way:

    On the desktop, right-click and select “Display Settings”

Important: The Windows 10 operating system is often installed on convertible laptops that combine the functions of a desktop computer and a tablet. In such devices, accelerometers are used, which are responsible for automatically rotating the screen depending on its position in space. You can disable the flip of the image in them using the Windows 10 operating system in the “Display Settings”.

Windows 7, Windows 8

    Right-click on the computer desktop and select “Screen Resolution”. Next, a menu will open in which you will be interested in the “Orientation” column. The standard display mode of the screen is landscape orientation, but if your screen is turned over on a laptop or computer and this happened due to the Windows settings, then you will see that another item is active

What to do if the image on the laptop or computer screen is upside down?

The Windows operating system works on a wide variety of devices, and it has hundreds of settings that ordinary users do not need. One of the “hidden” features of Windows is to flip the image displayed on the monitor or any other screen by 90, 180 or 270 degrees. You can return the image deliberately, but what to do if the screen on the laptop turned over or a similar problem occurred on the stationary computer against your will? There are several ways to return the usual picture on the monitor.

The laptop or computer screen is turned over using standard Windows tools

Depending on the version of the Windows operating system, you should choose one of the ways to solve the problem.

Flip the computer image in the video card software

If your computer has a discrete graphics card, it most likely comes with its own software. Since the video card is responsible for displaying the image on the monitor screen (including on a laptop), it is necessary to check the settings specified for it. Depending on the manufacturer of the video card, the software may differ.

Flip the screen on AMD graphics cards

  • Right click on your desktop and click “AMD Catalyst Control Center”
  • Next, you need to go to the item “General display tasks” and select “Rotate desktop”
  • Next, you determine which turn you need to perform and click “Apply”, after which I confirm my action in a new dialog box by clicking on the “Yes” button
  • Flip the screen in NVIDIA graphics cards

      We go into the NVIDIA software, then select “Display” and “Rotate the display”, and then Set the screen orientation as required