Failed to restore iPhone error 14

Conclusion on how to fix “iPhone could not be updated error 14”

So, it’s all about fixing iTunes error 14. Dr.

Fone is developed by the tech company Wondershare and is a reliable and trustworthy app that fixes iPhone can’t be updated error 14 in an instant.

While we recommend this app, you can try other methods as well, and we assure you that they will not disappoint at all. Let us know if the methods worked for you.

Using a different USB connector

A faulty USB port on your computer can cause error 14 in iTunes, so changing it is often enough to fix the problem. It is recommended to connect directly to a PC or laptop, without using connectors on the keyboard, hubs, etc. It is also better to disconnect other devices that are not currently in use. this will eliminate overload.

Error 14 when restoring iPhone 5 / 5s

Believe it or not, even in a perfect union. iPhoneiTunes, problems happen. True, users are so unprepared for this that seeing the error message, especially during the update process or when restoring the iPhone, they fall into a stupor. And in vain! After all, even though problems do arise, Apple helps them very quickly and easily to solve!

The “apple” giant has systematized all the mistakes and provided recommendations on how to eliminate them. In this article, we’ll talk about what to do if error number 14 occurs on iPhone 5S.

By the way, this software glitch is typical not only for the five with the index “S”, with the iPhone 6, error 14 can also happen, but just like with any other. iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S, etc.

Fortunately, our instructions are valid for any i-smartphone model.

Fix iTunes Error 14 by Updating iTunes

Methods to fix error 14

A message about this failure may indicate problems connecting the device to iTunes, the presence of corrupted program files and the presence of other problems.

Error 14 often occurs when installing a non-original iOS OS or if you skip over the version. In fact, there can be many reasons for the appearance of such a notification, so in order to fix the failure, you will have to try several solutions.

First, you should check if the date and time are set correctly on the iPhone and computer, because inappropriate settings may well serve as the reason for the lack of communication.

In addition, you can simply reboot the interacting devices, which often immediately fixes error 14, but if this does not help, there are a number of simple methods that even an inexperienced user can perform.

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Avoid iTunes Error 14 with Best iTunes Alternative. iPhone Data Recovery

If you want to avoid iTunes error 14 and any other iTunes error code, you can use Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery to restore iPhone safely and easily.

It is your best iTunes alternative software that can recover data from iPhone, iPad and iPod without data loss. Compared to iTunes, iPhone Data Recovery lets you select and view any data from iTunes backup.

over, you can also recover iOS data from iPhone itself and iCloud backup.

  • Recover and export lost data from any iOS device directly.
  • Extract and Recover Data from iTunes Backup Files.
  • Download and Restore iOS Data from iCloud Backup.
  • Scan and preview any lost data before recovery.
  • Supports 20 file types, including contacts, messages, app data and others.
  • Supports iOS 11 and iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8.

Download and install iPhone Data Recovery. Make sure you have previously synced iPhone with iTunes on this computer. Launch it and select “Recover from iTunes Backup File” mode. Later, you will be able to see all your iTunes backups automatically.

Step 2.Scan iTunes backup

Select the most suitable iTunes backup, then click the “Start Scan” button to start scanning the iTunes backup file. After that, all your files will be displayed by category in the main interface.

Step 3.Select and restore iPhone from iTunes backup

Select one type of file you want to recover. You can then use the preview window to distinguish between others and view detailed information. Check target items and click “Recover” button to restore data from iTunes backup.

Use your iPhone warranty to fix the “iPhone 14 update failed” error

If even a hard reset could not fix your phone, then there is nothing else you can try on your part to fix the phone. All iPhones come with a one-year warranty. So if your iPhone hasn‘t been over a year old, just take it to the Apple Store and exchange it for a new model.

How to fix error 21 when restoring iphone 4s

Hello everyone, we decided to investigate error 21 when restoring iphone 4s. In this article we will tell you about the causes of the error and how to solve it.

Symptoms do not turn on, and when the cable is connected to a PC or to the network, it shows an apple and after 3 seconds the lace and aytyuns icon, if the cable is disconnected, it immediately displays a black screen.

How to fix iTunes error

You can fix most errors in iTunes yourself by following these steps:

  • End the programs on the computer that are blocking iTunes from connecting to the Apple update server, if it does not help, uninstall them.
  • Disable your firewall, antivirus, or firewall while restoring or updating your iOS device.
  • Replace the USB cable connecting your iPhone or iPad to your computer with the original one. Learn to identify the original cable from a fake.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to a different USB port. It is better to use the USB ports located on the back of the system unit. I do not recommend connecting devices to USB ports on the keyboard, USB hubs and the front panel of the system unit. there are errors when connecting iPhone and iPad.
  • Try to completely remove iTunes and all its elements using CCleaner for Windows or ClenMyMac for Mac OS X. Then install the latest version of iTunes.
  • Try to restore or update your iOS device on another computer.
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Problems with security settings

ITunes error numbers: 2, 4, 6, 9, 1611, 9006.

These errors appear when a firewall, antivirus, or firewall prevents the connection to Apple update servers or device.

failed, restore, iphone, error

Hardware solution to error 21

The repair technique is as follows: Replacing the battery. Replacing the lower loop. soldering the battery connector (1). jumpers (error 29 solved on YouTube). check the quartz (2). replacing the power controller (4). reballing the processor. garbage.

  • The first step is to check the voltage on the battery, if it is less than 3.7 V, then we put it on charge using a “frog” or directly connect the wires to the battery;
  • Second, let’s check the ribbon cable and the power connector should be intact;
  • Third, remove the power cables, motherboard and put them in place;
  • Fourth replacement of the power supply (it should be preferably from the original iPhone);
  • Fifth, we check the power controller if it is necessary to replace.

Practical experience correcting error 21

The apple lights up when turned on and constantly reboots, when the cable is connected. the iTunes icon and that’s it. When I connected it to the computer via a cable, the program said that I needed to update or restore.

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When flashing / restoring, there was ERROR 21. With this, the voltage on the battery was only 3.6 volts for charging, it did not react when measuring the voltage on the board was 0. After disassembling the device, an oxide was found near the capacitor C135 next to the transmitter. the capacitor dropped out, put it on charge. charging went on the connector of the battery board, a voltage of 1.2 volts appeared when flashing / restoring, it gave an error 6.

Changed to another computer with Windows 7 64 bit disabled antivirus and firewall. I connected only the phone, without connecting third-party USB devices, the Internet was via Wi-Fi downloaded the firmware separately and during the firmware I pressed the Shift button and selected the firmware file (preferably a path without Russian letters). Update failed, restored. It didn’t work the first time. So you have to try. At first, there was also an error 6. As a result of long attempts, everything worked out. TA started working. Try it might help.

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Causes of occurrence

To understand the causes of the error, consider the iPhone recovery process in stages:

    Download iTunes firmware file (IPSW) from Apple server.

Preparing iPhone for recovery (transfer to Recovery Mode).

Checking for iPhone update with Apple. ITunes request to the Apple update server to sign the firmware file (IPSW) with an EC certificate

If after sending iTunes a request for signing the firmware with a unique certificate from the update server does not receive a response, an unknown error 3194 occurs.

The causes of error 3194 in iTunes are divided into categories:

failed, restore, iphone, error

You can diagnose the cause of the error by the moment it occurs:

  • If the error occurs before the Apple logo and status bar appear on the iPhone or iPad screen, or at the very beginning of its filling, the reason is software.
  • If error 3194 occurs during the firmware process by about 75% (2/3 of the line filling). the reason is hardware.

How to Fix Error 14 iPhone Storage Full Stuck in Boot Loop on iOS 14 (No Restore, No Data Loss)