Error code 102 on Samsung TV

Samsung Smart TV malfunctions and troubleshooting

Of course, serious malfunctions of a Smart TV of any brand cannot be eliminated without appropriate knowledge. However, sometimes the problem is solved by replacing the batteries in the remote control of the device, or installing new software.

Important! The most common problems in the operation of the TV and methods for solving them are indicated in the technical data sheet of the product. Please read it carefully after purchasing the device.

In the absence of even the most elementary experience of communicating with technology, it is better not to do anything on your own, but to call the master and wait for his arrival.

The most common breakdowns of Samsung Smart TVs, their causes and solutions, we will try to collect in one review.


Smart TV can freeze for several reasons:

  • with insufficient Internet speed;
  • with little or no memory;
  • with old software;
  • you need to clear the cache of the built-in browser.

Error code 012

This error also pops up with old software. The latest software can be downloaded from the official Samsung website by entering the TV model into the search bar.

Error 3010

Occurs when applications cannot be downloaded. In this case, you can reinstall applications, update software, or call a specialist.

error, code, samsung

If you cannot eliminate the cause of the error manually, contact a specialist

Lost internet

First, you should check if it is on other devices and, if not, contact the provider to fix the problem. Next, you need to make sure that the router is working, then turn off and after a few minutes turn on the router, and then the TV. It should be turned off by removing the plug from the socket.

If everything is in order with the Internet on other devices, you can contact Support Samsung, in case, and clarify if there were any problems on their servers.

Check your TV’s network settings.

Often there is a need to reset the settings to factory settings, this is done simply:

  • the “menu” button is pressed on the remote control;
  • the item “Support” is selected;
  • hereinafter “Self-diagnosis”;
  • then “Reset”.

In the windows that appear, a code of four zeros is entered. 0000.

Error 2003

Occurs when it is not possible to download applications from Samsung Apps. In this case, resetting Smart Hab settings helps. Sometimes, error 2003 occurs when there is a network problem. You can try this option:

  • select “Menu” on the remote control;
  • “Network”;
  • “Network status”;
  • “IP Settings”;
  • DNS Settings;
  • “Enter manually”;
  • and enter or

Netizens point out that these simple steps are great for solving the problem.

Error code 012 Samsung Smart TV

Smart TVs provide high picture quality, Tizen processors, which are equipped with TV receivers, provide a comfortable interaction with the Internet, remote controls are simple and intuitive, and the interface is pleasant and convenient. However, even with excellent product quality, sometimes there are errors and malfunctions of Samsung Smart TV, which can ruin the user’s mood.

Wired Internet

The connection is made with an RJ45 Ethernet network cable to the LAN port. The advantage of this option is the high speed of the Internet, the clearest and most stable signal, and fast setup. The disadvantages include the abundance of wires and the need to purchase an external modem (splitter). Without it, it will be impossible to use a wired connection for other home devices.

Experts recommend connecting the TV to the Internet through a router, rather than directly (when the cable is inserted into the jack on the TV panel). Since providers use different types of connections, there is a possibility that not all of them will be compatible with Smart TV.

When connecting through a router, the DHCP server is turned on (it implies automatic assignment of an IP address), and the router independently performs the network settings. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is almost always enabled by default. But, if, nevertheless, the provider issued a static IP address, you will need to set the parameters manually. To do this, you should:

insert the cable into the connector and go to the TV menu;

open the “Network Settings” section and select “Cable”;

in the window that appears, manually enter all the parameters given by the provider, and click the “OK” button.

The network connection will be configured.

The TV does not connect to the Internet: causes and solutions to the problem

Sometimes the owners of “smart” TVs are faced with the problem of accessing the Internet. The reasons may lie in the incorrect connection, incorrect settings of the Smart TV or router, or problems with the provider. To avoid this, you need to analyze the most common causes and find out how to eliminate them.

Connecting TV to another Wi-Fi network with limited Internet access

Go to “Network Settings” and select the desired type of wireless connection

Wrong password entered when connecting to access point

Provide correct security key and try again

Disable the function in the router and enter the parameters manually by going to the menu → Network → Network status → Configure IP

Disabled function of automatic assignment of IP and DNS to television equipment

In the TV menu, repeat the path indicated above, only activate the “Receive automatically” option in the IP settings

Lack of Internet connection when connecting the provider’s cable to TV directly

Check the status of the cord or set up a connection via a router

Software glitch or errors in the TV, outdated version of the operating system.

Go to the official Samsung website and download the updated firmware

How to connect smartphone and iPhone to Samsung TV

If you are tired of peering at the small display of your smartphone and spoil your eyesight, Smart TV technology allows you to synchronize it with television equipment. The user of a mobile device gets the opportunity to play their favorite games, watch films and exciting sports matches, organize presentations, surf the Internet using a wide diagonal screen.

There are several options for syncing your Android or iOS phone to your TV:

using proprietary technology from Samsung. “Screen Monitoring”;

via Smart View app and one local Wi-Fi network;

using Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct functions;

You can connect a mobile device to the TV panel wirelessly using Wi-Fi, as well as through an analog cable, HDMI, USB, DLNA connection. You can download and install the software from the Apple Store or Play Market (depending on the OS of the mobile device).

Instructions for connecting Smart TV on Samsung TV

Any modern TV model has broad capabilities. Its functions are not limited to broadcasting channels only. Thanks to the introduction of Smart TV (Smart TV), the TV has turned into a full-fledged multimedia center that can be used for games, entertainment, and communication in social networks. The most advanced in this regard is Samsung’s technology. In this article, we will look at how to connect Smart TV to Samsung TV and enjoy all the benefits of smart technology.

Wireless Internet

Most Samsung TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi router. In this case, to ensure the connection, you will need to do the following:

select the required one in the list of available connections;

After synchronization, a notification will appear on the screen that the device was successfully connected to the network.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up channels on Smart TV

To be able to watch your favorite programs and TV shows, you need to search for all terrestrial channels. First you need to select a signal source. Its type (analog, digital or satellite) depends on the type of equipment used.

To configure channels, you need to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

set the signal type and activate the “Automatic search” option.

The scanning process takes several minutes, but after its completion, the found channels will need to be saved. If one or more broadcasts are missing, you can find them. by activating manual adjustment. To do this, you need to know the frequency and range of broadcasting.

Setting up the Internet on a Samsung TV

The main difference between Smart TV and conventional TVs is the integration of a “smart” box. The manufacturer uses a Tizen processor, which brings the device closer to a computer in terms of functionality. To use the capabilities of the Internet, it must be connected to the Global Network. There are two ways to do this: wired and wireless.

Common errors on Philips TVs

Philips TV errors are more localized and generally less common, which may indicate better operating system stability. However, here it is worth taking into account the fact that the TV of this manufacturer is less widespread.

What errors are found on Philips TVs:

  • Philips server not found. First, you should restart your TV and check the signal strength. After that, it is recommended to clear the application memory through the “Network Settings” menu. It may also help to specify a different IP address, it is possible that the current one is busy with another device. The last solution available is setting the correct date and time.
  • Error playing any video. Usually a software update helps.

Samsung TV error codes

First, let’s look at the errors of the Samsung TV, since there are a lot of them, and we already have more comprehensive information on them.

What to do if your Samsung TV displays errors with the following code:

  • 102. Very often it’s just a network outage. There are also deeper problems: the blocking of the MAC address by the provider (you need to contact technical support) or problems in the settings of the router (it is worth resetting to the factory state). Even with error 102, updating the Smart Hub version can help.
  • Errors 107, 116, 301. Often this code appears randomly and passes after the TV is restarted. It can also be provoked by a poor wireless network signal or incorrect connection settings. We recommend that you update your operating system and router firmware. Also, the matter may be in the unavailability of the server, you will have to wait a little.
  • Error code 800. Almost all known cases of occurrence are associated with blocking access to specific URLs at the router level. Also, error 600 may appear when connecting a Samsung TV to a network that is of the same nature, or “No updates found.” Disable update lock and work will resume.
  • Error 1000-7. The problem appears to be due to lack of access to the server and continues while it is being serviced. Except for waiting, nothing can be done.
  • 105. Apparently, error 105 appears due to the blocking of the TV by the Wi-Fi router. It is worth going to the TV settings, look at the MAC address and add it to the list of allowed in the admin panel of the router.
  • Error 012. The problem appears when trying to open an application (most often), but it also happens when installing or updating. At first glance, it seems that the problem is in the utility, but it’s all about the Internet connection. It is worth restarting the TV and Wi-Fi router, make sure there is an outlet to the network and check the signal quality.
  • Code 52. Restarting the router and updating its firmware often helps.
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How to fix error codes on TV Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony?

Although TV error codes are unpleasant when they appear, they are a useful tool for diagnosing problems. By better understanding the nature of the problem, we can more accurately determine the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Of course, the LG TV error is not the same as the DEXP TV error, so you need to consider the situation separately for each manufacturer. We have researched the nooks of the Internet and collected the most common error codes for different TVs. Our task is not only to describe their source, but also to help in correcting.

Popular mistakes on Sony TV

Sony TV errors are not so numerous, but they are also common.

  • Error 1106. Appears when you try to download content from the Internet. You should go from “Settings” to “Help” in the section “Customer support” and select “Symptoms of connecting to the Internet.” The built-in diagnostic tool will either help fix the problem or guide you in which direction to look for a solution.
  • Error code 1002. You should check that the Internet is connected to the TV. After that, you should also run network diagnostics.
  • Error 2200. Not a very informative problem that any network problem can cause. It is recommended to initially restart the TV and router, then set the time and date, update the TV and reset to factory settings. Installing Google DNS may also help.

Common LG TV Error Codes and How to Fix Them

The error codes of the LG TV are slightly different, even with the same problems as on the Samsung, the Fault ID will be different.

  • Error 106. The most common cause of the problem is communication with the router at 5 GHz. It still does not always work properly. We recommend switching to the 2.4 GHz frequency, this can be easily done in the router settings.
  • Error 137. This is a common problem, mostly occurring when trying to connect to a wireless network. It is important here to check that the password is entered correctly. Even with error code 137 on an LG TV, it is worth rebooting the TV and router. If it doesn’t help, you should delete the network and reconnect to it.
  • 105. This error is provoked by the lack of access or the inability to resolve addresses by the established DNS. First, you should try to reboot the devices, and only then change the DNS in the connection settings to and a public server from Google.
  • 101 and 102. Errors indicate a failure in the server zone of the ISP. You just have to wait, nothing can be done.
  • Error 6003. It has a not always clear nature of its appearance. One of the most effective fixes is to check the channel names. Most users have quotes or brackets in one of them, after removing it, access will reappear. If this does not happen, you just need to upgrade, this often helps too.
  • Correction of errors 201 and 501. The message says that there is no signal. If you have one, you should switch to the 2.4 GHz frequency (in the router settings). It is also worth trying to reset your router.
  • Error 503. It occurs due to problems on the side of the web resource, which means that an ordinary user cannot do anything.

Common mistakes on TVs and how to fix them

There are many more errors that applications generate, due to which they can appear on any TV, regardless of the manufacturer. We have put them in a separate list for the convenience of analysis.

  • Error code vse_004. This is an IVI error on any TV company. To fix it, you need to clear the application cache and restart the device. If it’s not about temporary files, then it’s on the Internet. It is worth checking the connection, signal availability and internet speed.
  • YouTube error on TV. They are very different, so we will not be tied to a specific message. If the TV says “playback error”, you should turn off the TV and turn off the power. It often helps. Then it is recommended to check your internet connection. Next, it is worth updating the application and the TV operating system itself. Removing and reinstalling YouTube may also work. The final solution would be to factory reset.
  • An error has occurred on the TV in the app. The simplest and most effective solution is to reset your TV settings. Often it’s all about an application conflict, so the fix may be to remove the conflicting program.
  • An error occurred while connecting the phone. If it fails when trying to duplicate a monitor via Wi-Fi Direct, it is best to try deleting all previously connected and saved devices. This helps a lot.

The entire list with error codes on TVs is simply immense, so we had to highlight the most common ones and make a short excursion through them. If you didn’t find the answer, couldn’t figure out how to implement the advice, or encountered another error, ask questions in the comments.

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Update Samsung TV Firmware Online.

To use this method, your TV must be connected to the Internet (using a LAN cable or Wi-Fi, it doesn’t matter). If this basic condition is met, press the “Menu” button on the remote control, then “Support”. “Software update”.

The process of downloading and installing the update will start, after which your TV will turn off and on. This procedure must be repeated several times so that the update used is the most recent. After that, you can fully use the Smart TV function.

Error code 102 on Samsung TV

Samsung Smart TV is a multimedia center with access to a huge amount of media content on the Internet, a point of communication and communication, the ability to exchange information on communication capabilities equal to the functionality of a smartphone. And it would be foolish not to use this function if it is on your TV. It should be noted that Smart TV does not stand still and is replenished with new functions and capabilities, and in order to use them, you need to regularly update the TV’s firmware, otherwise after a certain period of time, you may receive a window with the error Cannot connect to the server. Contact a Samsung Service Center. In order to fix this error, you need to update the TV firmware.

There are two ways to update the firmware:

1 Update Samsung TV Firmware via Internet.

2 Update the firmware of your Samsung TV using a USB stick.

Update Samsung TV firmware using USB stick.

The first step is to check the format of the USB flash drive, it must be FAT32, if this is not the case, the USB flash drive must be formatted in FAT32. How to do this is described in the article How to format a USB flash drive, external hard drive / How to change the file system of a USB flash drive, external hard drive.

After that, you need to go to the Samsung website and enter the TV model in the search bar.

Samsung Smart TV: How to Reset Network (Problems with WiFi? Weak or No Signal )

Find your TV model and click on it. Go to the “Support” tab, click “Additional downloads”.

After the download is complete, open the downloaded file with two mouse clicks. In fact, this is an archive, unzip the files to a location convenient for you.

Copy the resulting folder to a USB flash drive.

Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the TV, if you have two or more USB inputs, insert the USB flash drive into USB with the inscription USB HDD.

Start the software update by going through the TV menu items “Menu”. “Support”. “Software update”. “via USB”. “Ok”. The TV will check the USB for the firmware file and ask for confirmation to update.

Attention. During the firmware update:

After installing the latest firmware version, you can fully use the Smart TV function.

Samsung TV error codes

Every owner of a TV at least once in his life has encountered a device malfunction. As a rule, in current models of recent years, any serious error on the TV is accompanied by a blinking indicator on the front panel. It’s much more convenient than endless TV error codes. easier to notice and remember. Thus, you can always find out the cause of the malfunction, because each malfunction has its own sequence of signals.

Service center “TV-Fix” repairs TVs Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Toshiba and many others at the client’s home. We work on the territory of Moscow without weekends and holidays from 8:00 to 22:00. You can place an application by calling 8 (495) 228-42-94 or on the website.

Single “blinking” not associated with channel switching

If you notice a fleeting disappearance of the indicator light, after which it continues to burn continuously, the following failures are possible:

  • The TV is in the search mode for a signal source. AV, Antenna, USB or PC. It is recommended to reset the settings so that the program stops autonomously switching between multiple input signals.
  • This behavior of the indicator is possible when some functions have been blocked from unauthorized use at the initiative of the owner of the unit. Most often, such a “refusal signal” accompanies an attempt to enter the menu sections protected by parental controls. If you are sure that TV protection is not required, disable all restrictions.

Red light turns green and then turns red again

This anomaly indicates that the processor creates a command to activate the TV and sends it to all other components. If any internal component does not execute its own algorithm of actions, then the processor, which has not received confirmation that the system is operating normally, rolls back the power-on and returns the TV to the “Standby” mode. In Samsung LCD TVs, after 5 unsuccessful attempts to activate the backlight, the processor generates an error at all and blocks the “ON” command. The cycle will repeat until broken diodes are replaced. In this case, you can return everything to its place only through the service menu, and this should only be done by a professional.

Modes of operation

Any TV connected to the network is in one of two states: “ON” (all components are active) and “Standby” (standby mode with low power consumption). For the “ON” position, the indicator is green or blue, and for “sleep” it is red. There is also a yellow light on duty. Provided there are no malfunctions, both modes are accompanied by these constantly burning lights. When you change the channel, the light disappears for a second and then reappears. A power surge can damage the LED, so all owners of modern TV panels are advised to use uninterruptible power supplies.

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Errors of Samsung TVs, which periodically occur due to internal or external factors, are always accompanied by a flashing indicator diode. Each sequence of light signals has its own type of malfunction. Below are the most common problems and possible solutions.

The indicator is constantly on with a “standby” light, but the TV is working normally

This situation is the most controversial. There can be many reasons for its occurrence. The first thing the user should do is to make sure that everything is in order with the board. the “brain” of the device. To do this, it is necessary to measure the supply voltage and test the commands that start the power and backlight. Remember: replacement of internal components should only be done by a professional with the appropriate equipment.

If the light is on normally, but no power-on commands are received from the motherboard (or the system does not respond to the use of controls), the control application may fail. In this case, the software update will help restart all important processes in the board.

Almost all irregularities in the operation of LCD and plasma panels are reflected in the operating scheme of the indicator. so the user can quickly respond to a failure and take action. However, not all of the problems described above can be solved at home. In case of serious problems with the “filling”, it is recommended to call a repair specialist for professional diagnostics and subsequent troubleshooting.


In large cases, error 102 on Samsung TVs occurs when there is no response from the server of the ISP. But there are other reasons too.

  • Network connection is intermittent.
  • Service provider blocks digital address.
  • Lost router settings.
  • Smart Hub version is outdated.
  • Defective AC adapter.

If you find a problem, read below instructions on how to fix it.

Error 102 on Samsung Smart TV

Smart Hub is a unique technology from the Samsung manufacturer: it gives access to applications and their management. When connecting to the Smart Hub wireless access point, there is a chance that error 102. “no connection” will appear. Smart TV connects to the Internet, but some models may not have an AC adapter. To exclude the fault of the Wi-Fi router and service provider, check the functionality of the built-in module. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Open the “Menu”. there is a corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Find “Settings” on the TV screen.
  • Click on “Support”.
  • Select “Contact Samsung”.
  • Scroll down the page, there will be two rows of numbers.

If the rows are full of numbers, then the adapter is present and functioning without failures. If zeros, this means that this TV model does not have a module.

Error 102 on Samsung Smart TV: Reasons What to Do?

Error code 102 on Samsung TV is a common occurrence when buying a new plasma TV with Smart TV built in. But you no longer need to suffer in search of an answer on thematic forums. In our material, we will look at how to quickly fix this problem and start enjoying all the possibilities of purchasing.

What to do if error 102 appears on your Samsung TV

There are six options on how to fix the cause of network outages.

  • Unplug the equipment from the outlet for 15-20 minutes and try to reconnect to the network.
  • Update the software: Menu Settings Support Support Update Software Update Now.
  • Reset TV settings to factory settings (in different series, the circuit may differ. here is an instruction for a K-series TV set):
  • press the “Menu” button on the remote control;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • find the last item “Support”;
  • select “Self-diagnosis”;
  • from the listed options, click on “Reset”;
  • a window for entering the PIN-code will drop out (if not changed, then the standard “0000”);
  • confirm the action;
  • after completing the reset, the TV turns off and turns on again.
  • Turn off the “Access Control” function on the router: this may be the reason for blocking the device address or lack of a wireless connection.
  • In the “Settings” of the router, put the Mac address of Smart TV in the exception, so that it will automatically connect to the Internet.
  • Review the security certification to determine if your Wi-Fi router is compatible with your network adapter:
  • disable encryption of the router;
  • try changing the options in the settings

So, we looked at why error 102 occurs on Samsung TV and how to fix it. We hope, after studying our article, you managed to fix this problem.

Error in filling out the form

The appearance of a Rostelecom error provokes an incorrect filling of the form. Do not look for incorrectly entered data. It’s easier to reboot and connect the app again.

Wink: change DNS server address

When changing the IP address does not bring a positive result, you can try changing the DNS server. Perhaps the problem lies there, which is why Wink does not work. Make your changes as follows:

  • Go to the TV settings menu.
  • Click on the “General” line.
  • Next, select “Network Status”.
  • Make sure your internet connection is active.
  • Click on the “DNS Settings” button.
  • There you need to select manual setting.
  • We enter or to the line “DNS Server”.
  • Press the “Finish” button and go back.
  • Be sure to save your changes.
  • Make sure you have internet on your TV and restart your TV.

This resolves server-DNS problems. If the steps didn’t work as expected and the application still doesn’t work, try resetting Smart Hub. Perhaps this is the case.

Wink not working on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TV owners who have connected the Vink platform often experience a failure. The application was installed correctly, the registration was successful, even the promo code was received. But for some reason, Wink does not work on Samsung TV: the screen crashes, freezes or remains darkened. There are two possible ways here: restart the device or reinstall the application. Start with simple steps. restart your gadget.

Why Wink Doesn’t Work

The Vink multimedia cinema service is installed by many device users and continues to gain popularity. He has a wide variety of video content in his arsenal, which is able to satisfy viewers with different taste preferences. These are films, series, TV programs, cartoons. But it does not always work flawlessly. The portal was launched relatively recently, so some options still need to be improved.

Developers regularly upgrade the functionality of the multimedia platform. Hopefully, application errors will be a thing of the past soon. The main problems of the cinema portal, users call the unavailability of some options, slow loading with failures or a complete failure to work.

Reboot your TV

This process will only take a few minutes. You just need to turn off the TV and unplug the plug. Then wait about 5 minutes and turn on the TV first, and then the application again. In most cases, this is enough, you can immediately select and view a movie. If the steps you have taken do not work, try using the app reinstallation method.

Reinstall Wink

If the problem with the lack of display on the gadget is that the device does not work in application mode, try it again. This method is applied for Samsung brand with Smart TV after 2015 to 2018 inclusive series: J, K, M, N, Q, LS. Determining the model and year is easy. This is done in two ways:

  • Look at the label pasted by the manufacturer on the back of the device case.
  • Search for information in the menu on the TV by looking in the device’s memory. To do this, select the line “Support” in the menu, then “Contact Samsung”.

Causes of malfunctions

Perhaps every user has encountered this problem. It is worth considering several types of problems, trying to identify possible causes.

Replay errors

Reasons YouTube isn’t showing

If YouTube is not working on your Samsung Smart TV, then there is no need to panic. To troubleshoot problems, you must first use a simple method. You need to uninstall the application and install it again. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • go to the Play Market and select YouTube in the “My Applications” catalog;
  • click on the icon and press the “Delete” key;
  • after uninstalling, you must click the “Update” button.

Then you need to launch the application. If the application refuses to play the video after the update, you must download the YouTube TV utility in APK format. In the future, video viewing will be carried out through this program.

And also for Samsung Smart TVs there is another program for viewing video hosting. To do this, you need to activate YouTube Activate in the TV settings:

  • open TV and YouTube settings at the same time;
  • select the “Link devices” item;
  • enter code;
  • in the YouTube settings, select the “Connected TVs” section and re-enter the activation code in the “New TV” line;
  • to confirm the actions, press the “Add” button.

If the application still does not load or gives an error, you need to clear the cache:

  • open the Home section on the TV;
  • in the settings, click on the “Applications” item and select YouTube from the list;
  • click on the item “Data cleaning” and confirm with the “OK” button.

The reason for the malfunction may be that the program was previously disabled. To start YouTube, click the “Enable” button and confirm the actions with the “OK” button.

Once enabled, you can see how the YouTube widget has changed. As a rule, such manipulations are enough to eliminate problems.

As a last resort, you need to reset your TV. Steps for Samsung Smart TV:

  • select the “Support” item in the menu;
  • a window will open where you need to click on the line “Reset settings”;
  • the TV will ask for a code, by default the security code is 0000;
  • after entering the code, confirm the actions by clicking “OK”.

Then you need to turn off the TV receiver from the network, then turn it on after a few minutes. often than not, resetting the settings to zero helps solve YouTube problems.

What to do if YouTube is gone?

The reason that video hosting has disappeared from the TV is most likely the end of support for devices released before 2012. And also YouTube may simply disappear from the taskbar, and it will be impossible to return it. In order to continue using the application, you need to download the unofficial version.

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This can be done as follows:

  • download the analogue program YouTube to your computer;
  • the application must be unzipped and saved on a USB flash drive in a folder named YouTube;
  • insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector on the TV, after disconnecting it;
  • turn on TV and go to the Smart Hub section;
  • the YouTube widget will be highlighted in the list of available programs.

Another way to watch YouTube is through the dedicated Samsung Video TV Cast app. You will also need a phone or tablet. Video TV Cast for TV must first be downloaded from Samsung Apps. Then, from your phone or tablet, you need to go to the Play Market and find the Video TV Cast Samsung TV-HD Movie Streaming program. After installation, a window will be displayed on the phone where you need to accept the terms and click on the checkmark. To pair devices, the following series of actions are performed:

  • in the application on the smartphone, open item 2 and write down the IP address;
  • after launching the application, the Enter IP address line will appear on the TV, where you need to enter numbers;
  • after entering the address on the phone, press “OK”;
  • if the connection is successful, the blue icon will change to red;
  • on the phone in the search term line enter YouTube and click “Go”;
  • on the YouTube portal, enter your username and password for your account;
  • choose any video;
  • a link will appear at the bottom of the screen, on which you need to click;
  • the video will appear on the TV screen.

If your TV has a browser, then it is quite easy to restore your YouTube view. You need to set the name of the video hosting in the browser line and follow the link. If necessary, enter your username and password. and you can enjoy watching videos.

There are several other ways to watch YouTube. This requires a phone or computer. Before working with devices, you need to make sure that both devices are connected to the same network. There are several steps to follow.

  • Launch the application on the phone or on the computer open YouTube in the Google Chrome browser.
  • If there is a TV receiver model name in the network, the key will appear. You need to click on it and select a TV receiver.
  • The video will appear on the big screen. At the same time, you can manage content from your phone or computer.

Is not downloading

The causes of malfunctions can be:

  • application error;
  • technical failure of the service;
  • changes in video signal delivery;
  • incompatibility with TV model.

Why YouTube doesn’t work on Samsung Smart TV and how to fix it?

YouTube has become an integral part of the lives of many users. Video hosting allows you to watch various videos, cartoons, films and series. Modern Samsung Smart TVs already have a built-in program. But what if YouTube stopped working? The causes of possible problems and how to fix and configure the platform will be discussed later in the article.

How to set up the app?

Setting up the app on Samsung Smart TVs is easy. If for some reason the application is not included in the “stuffing” of the TV receiver, you need to download it. Installation and configuration procedure:

After installation, the application will appear in the list of available programs. To start, you need to click on the YouTube widget and enter your username and password to enter. Then you can watch your favorite videos.

Thus, all YouTube problems can be fixed in various ways. Even if the program has disappeared from the available applications, you can restore access through third-party tricks. If you follow the correct algorithm of actions, then even a novice user can set up YouTube.

See below for what to do if the YouTube app doesn’t work on your TV.

Signal level check

Signal problems can arise not only due to changes in software settings, but also due to problems with the antenna. If the saucer is not properly fixed, then it will change its direction under the influence of strong winds. Naturally, this will lead to the loss of access to TV channels.

How to fix the situation? You need to run signal diagnostics, to do this, open the main menu with the remote control and go to the corresponding menu. Two scales will appear on the TV screen, which are responsible for the signal quality. It is important that their value exceeds the 80% mark. If the value is less, then you need to carefully rotate the antenna, choosing the optimal location.

Software crash

When the error appears as a result of a software malfunction, you need to roll back the receiver settings. To do this, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Turn on your TV and receiver.
  • Open the main menu of the receiver.
  • Go to advanced settings.
  • Select the command “Factory settings”.

The receiver will then restart. Select a region and follow the instructions of the installer. If the receiver still reports a similar failure, use the alternative method.

The second way to eliminate the consequences of software failures is to flash the receiver. It is possible to do this, but it is very difficult. First you need to download the current firmware version and then install it. It is advisable to entrust this work to specialists.

Why does it arise

Software glitch number 4 mainly appears when the receiver, tuned to receive and broadcast TV channels encoded by the Tricolor TV operator, begins to pick up signals from other providers. This type of error is inherent in outdated hardware models.

Nevertheless, as practice shows, the receiver often gives an error not because of failures, but because users are trying to connect additional channels for free. Nobody wants to watch the same thing all the time, and as a result, it’s time to experiment.

If you start the automatic search for TV channels, be prepared for the fact that this will cause the error 4. The receiver is not able to broadcast the channels of other providers, this is due to the difference in encoding.

The third reason for the failure is incorrect updating of the receiver. For example, you started installing a new firmware, but in the end the process was interrupted. Therefore, you need to finish installing updates to watch channels without restrictions.

Having understood what happened to broadcasting, it’s time to learn the main ways to fix the problem that has arisen.

What does error number 4 mean?

Error code 4. a ban on broadcasting a channel in a certain encoding. The number 4 directly indicates that the channel to which the user is trying to connect is not supported by the Tricolor TV provider.

In the field of digital television, the competition is colossal, so various providers block their own channels, broadcasting them exclusively with the original signature. As a result, error 4 appears on Tricolor TV.

Operators do this on purpose so that you cannot catch the channel under their control. Thus, they entice customers. However, in some cases, error 4 means just the presence of software failures, which also occur quite often.

How to fix

Fixing crashes is not the most difficult process. The main thing is that the subscriber understands what exactly the fourth error means and why it appeared. First, check the Smart-card: it is possible that it is dusty, wipe it and insert it back into the receiver. What if not smart cards? Let’s find out now.

Turn off the receiver and TV for a few minutes. Then plug them in and check if the channels are available? If the problem persists, then you should use alternative solutions.

What does error 4 mean in Tricolor TV and how to fix it

Tricolor TV provider provides access to digital TV broadcasting and Ultra HD channels. Clients rent all the necessary equipment from this company. Connection setup is carried out mainly by the company’s specialists.

Despite the fact that many Russians use the services of this provider and note that the organization really provides the highest quality service, certain errors in the operation of the equipment still occur. Nobody is immune from this.

Tricolor error 4 is perhaps the most common failure. Now we will analyze why it appears and how exactly this problem can be eliminated.

Invalid broadcast format

When there is no access to viewing due to the user’s fault, that is, he tried to find new TV channels, as a result of which problems with coding arose. Enough has been said about this earlier. Much more interesting how to get out of this situation?

Elimination of the problem comes down to checking the list of available channels. This information can be found on the official website of the provider. If the TV does not show a really forbidden channel, then simply delete it.

After update

As mentioned earlier, access to channels may disappear after a firmware update, namely if the process was completed incorrectly. To fix the failure, simply turn on the receiver and finish installing the updates.