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Drawing Tablet Which Is Better

Genius EasyPen i405

Drawing Tablet Which Is Better

Both professional designers and ordinary users can easily work with this graphic tablet. The ergonomic design of the device will allow you to draw, paint, create drawings, edit images, etc. without any difficulties.

Despite its small surface (140×102 mm), the Digitizer is able to provide comfortable drawing. Thanks to the symmetrical design, the convenience of creating graphic works is guaranteed for both right-handed and left-handed people. The tablet has a sensitivity to 1024 pressure levels. Along the perimeter of the work area there are 28 assignable keys.

Genius EasyPen i405 is adapted to work with the latest versions of Windows and Macintosh operating systems. With the additional software included with the digitizer, making drawings, collages or presentations is easier.


  • Affordable price;
  • Convenient and SIMple design;
  • Cordless pen;
  • A useful set of programs.


  • The pen is powered only by a finger battery;
  • Low pressure sensitivity in recent versions of Photoshop.

Huion 1060Plus

Smart Huion has already made good competition with the leaders of the IT industry. One of the popular models with which the Chinese manufacturer has had success is the Huion 1060Plus.

With a 250x160mm working surface, this wired graphics tablet is very easy to use, especially when the cursor is in absolute position. It quite accurately recognizes the slightest manipulation without any noticeable delay.

The physical functionality of the device is made up of a cordless pen with removable tips that can work without recharging for up to 800 hours; 12 programmable keys, as well as touch soft keys at the top of the working surface. The degree of sensitivity to pressure. 2048 levels. The tablet is equipped with a USB connector and a slot for a memory card up to 64 GB.


  • Beautiful design;
  • Lightweight feather;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Optimal price / quality ratio.


  • No eraser on the pen;
  • Does NOT recognize tilt angle.

Wacom Intuos Art PenTouch Small

Another digitizer from Wacom, which has received professional recognition. The device combines technological quality and low price in comparison with other products of the Japanese manufacturer. As Wacom’s smallest graphics tablet, it comes in A6 format with 16:10 aspect ratio. The gadget is suitable for those creative people who like to travel.

The tablet is able to distinguish 1,024 levels of pen pressure, and the pen is equipped with two buttons that switch between drawing modes, which, in general, allows you to SIMulate strokes with various tools such as pencil, paintbrush, ink pen, etc.

Digitizer has wired (USB 2.0) and wireless (via Wi-Fi module) connection. On the sides of the tablet there are two pairs of buttons that are programmed through the official Wacom driver. The variety of functionality is also complemented by a set of detachable pen nibs, which can be found in a special compartment on the back of the device.


  • Compactness;
  • Ease of use;
  • Clear settings;
  • Comfortable feathers.


  • Short wire;
  • Sometimes drivers crash.

Wacom Intuos Pro L Large

This graphics tablet is well suited for professional use. The device has a large working surface (300×190 mm.). Based on advanced technologies including multi-touch, this digitizer offers users a wide range of functionality. On it you can draw with a pen and control gestures.

Professionals will appreciate the excellent precision and SIMple control provided by the gadget. Intuos Pro is great for digital artists, photographers and designers. Grip Pen technology, developed by Wacom, allows the device to recognize more than 2,000 levels of pen pressure and angle for crisp, natural drawing.

Productivity can be dramatically improved with Touch Ring and Express Keys, which are easily customizable to personal preference.


  • Light weight and good transportability;
  • Cordless pen, not requiring power;
  • Connection via USB or Wi-Fi;
  • Ergonomic side buttons and ring;
  • Pen stand.


  • High price;
  • The feather grinds off quickly;
  • The surface is easily scratched.

Popular graphic tablets. Which company should choose a graphics tablet

Today, Asian companies occupy the first positions in the production of graphic tablets. Some of them have long earned a good reputation in the field of IT-technologies, while others have appeared recently, but have already made a serious claim to leadership in their market segment. The leading position in this row is occupied by Wacom, which produces multifunctional graphic tablets, which are actively used by professional designers.

Below is a list of brands of digitizers (in descending order of popularity) that are in demand among buyers in our country:

The 5 best graphics tablets

Many people with artistic taste and talent enjoy drawing. Some paint just for fun, others have made their hobby part of the profession. Professional designers create a wide variety of designs. from SIMple sketches to intricate graphic models. Modern technology allows artists to expand their capabilities. For the convenience of instant translation of works created by hand into digital format, a graphic tablet or, as it is also called, a digitizer was invented. The main task of this device is to combine traditional drawing and computer processing as closely as possible.

Parblo A610 (Ugee M708)

The model is one of the most popular in the Ugee line. This inexpensive graphics tablet is perfect for those who just decided to try their hand at computer drawing.

The digitizer has a fairly spacious working surface (250×160 mm). There are eight programmable buttons on the side. The gadget recognizes 2048 levels of pen pressure. The pen itself is equipped with two buttons (if desired, they can be completely turned off), as well as a built-in battery that can be recharged via a USB cable.

A micro-USB connector is used to connect the device to a computer. Also included with the tablet is a CD with drivers for Macintosh and Windows, a collapsible pen stand that stores eight removable attachments and a ring for changing them, as well as a special drawing glove.


  • Low price;
  • Comfortable in using;
  • Good performance;
  • Pen sensitivity.


  • The pen runs out of power quickly;
  • There is a delay in response in some programs.

WACOM Intuos M Bluetooth

Universal graphics tablet, which will allow you to edit photos, create drawings and designs, as well as perform other tasks. For this, an ergonomic design, many functions, and high sensitivity are provided. When you press the pen differently, different lines are drawn. This makes it possible to implement up to 4096 painting techniques. The result is very realistic images.

With an outer diagonal of 10 inches, the inner touch space corresponds to the A5 format. On the side there is a special groove for the stylus. Express Keys is also located here, which allows you to customize the functions of the tablet to your own preferences. The power button is also located in this row, and there is a power indicator on top.

  • Accuracy of each line, the presence of a special mesh for accurate creation of volumetric models.
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth.
  • Small pen, optional second stylus.
  • Unique drawing modes, not found on other tablets.
  • Reset button.
  • Difficulty setting up software.

TOP 5 best graphic tablets for price and quality

A large assortment of models allows you to choose such a tablet, which will meet all the stated criteria of the user. However, artists, photographers and designers have already highlighted the 5 best models that definitely deserve attention.

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WACOM One Small

An inexpensive graphics tablet designed for accurate and fast drawing, while the image appears immediately on the monitor. By using the Special Programs, you can immediately execute images in different colors. Ease of use makes it possible to start drawing even for a beginner, who is the first to take on such a gadget. To do this, you just need to connect it to the USB port and install the driver.

The compact model measures only 210 x 146 mm and has a working area of ​​152 x 95 mm. This format corresponds to A6. Drawing technique also changes depending on the degree of pressure. The tablet allows you to implement up to 2048 different techniques. In addition, the pen does not require a connection to a digitizer or a computer, it is wireless and weighs only 10 grams.

  • Optimal size for a retoucher.
  • Quickly getting used to how it works.
  • The ability to set different brush sensitivity to implement painting techniques, adjust the degree of pressure.
  • Functionality and practicality, wide range of applications.
  • Convenience for left-handers.
  • Screen size is too small for artists.

Graphic tablet for drawing: rating of the best inexpensive models. Which to choose?

A digitizer (graphics tablet) is a touch screen device that allows you to work with graphics. It allows you to enter hand-drawn drawings into your computer or laptop. Synchronization of a graphic tablet for drawing occurs via Bluetooth or USB port. Therefore, it is used by artists, designers, photographers.

The multi-touch function allows you to control the tablet with your fingers. The set includes a special stylus pen that mimics the shape of a large pen. Therefore, it is convenient to use it, it is not necessary to get used to the special design. A touch surface is used for drawing, and the drawing appears on a laptop or computer screen. Also, the stylus is used as a manipulator. it can be used to enable and disable various functions.

XP-PEN Deco 01

It is a robust and reliable model with a lot of weight. It comes with a passive pen that is designed to draw small strokes and thick lines on the tablet. In total, 8192 standard pressure levels are provided, depending on which different lines are drawn.

Due to the large enough size, it is convenient for artists to work. They allow you to draw the smallest details, adjust their intensity and saturation. The small thickness of 8 mm allows it to be conveniently placed on a table or held in your hands. High-quality surface coating protects against scratches and other damage.

  • Ease of use for creating animations, designing rooms and buildings outside, drawing and modeling clothes, 3D sculpting.
  • The presence of gloves for drawing.
  • At the expense of the glove, random lines and strokes do NOT appear, because Users can only touch the work area with the stylus.
  • Additional tips included (8 pieces).
  • TOP 5 best graphic tablets for price and quality
  • WACOM One Small
  • HUION H430P
  • XP-PEN Deco 01
  • HUION H950P
  • WACOM Intuos M Bluetooth
  • How much is? comparison table
  • How to learn to draw on a graphics tablet?
  • HUION H430P

    It is a lightweight drawing tablet with a working area of ​​122 x 76 mm and a total size of 186 x 139 mm. Its thickness is minimal, so it fits snugly on the table. Hand-held Also does not cause discomfort. Pen sensitivity allows you to implement different drawing techniques using different pressure. For this, 8192 levels are provided, as well as precise sensitivity adjustment.

    It can be used by both beginners and those who already have a certain level of skill. For those who are just learning, lessons on how to work on a digitizer from the Smirnov School are offered. A wide variety of functions allows you to achieve optimal results when used by people of different professions.

    • Pen pressure / tilt sensitivity.
    • USB connection.
    • Manufacturer’s warranty 2 years.
    • Automatic installation of drivers on your computer.
    • Turning on with the computer.
    • The pen does not hold well on the stand.

    HUION H950P

    The input pen is wireless, does not require charging, and is installed in an aesthetic package. This provides freedom of movement without a wire, allows you to store it constantly in the same place. A USB connector is provided for connection.

    • High build quality.
    • Pen pressure sensitivity (8192 levels) and tilt.
    • Functionality due to buttons on the side.
    • Users quickly get used to the operating features.
    • Can be used for drawing, modeling, creating designs, retouching photos, writing mathematical formulas, and teaching calligraphy.
    • Trouble connecting to Linux operating system.

    Best Drawing Tablet | TOP-10 (March, 2017)

    Choosing the best drawing tablet for your needs can be tricky. We have compiled a rating of the best tablets for artists, supplemented with reviews and additional information designed to make your choice easier. Need to draw, sketch, write, upload and share your artwork? Or maybe you want to encourage your child to draw? Our ranking has tablets for every artist and budget. Even the cheapest graphics tablets can dramatically improve your creative process.

    Listed below are some of the most prominent mobile devices targeting drawing, including graphic tablets, Tablet PCs, and 2-in-1 laptops with stylus. We hope you find your next art tablet among them.

    Below we will discuss the best tablets on the market and their best uses:

    Wacom Intous Draw

    One of the top names in the digital graphics and pen tablet industry, Wacom has long offered a great user experience with each of its tablets. Wacom Intous Draw is the perfect option if you are looking for a quality artist tablet aimed at aspiring digital painters. This tablet is compatible with all operating systems, and you can use it with programs like Adobe Photoshop without difficulty. Not only that, the Wacom Intous pen tablet comes with a free artist pack that includes tutorials as well as ArtRage drawing software. The drawing stylus that comes with the tablet has no battery, making it a great choice for those looking for a low-maintenance device.

    Huion H610 Pro

    Another well-known name in the art tablet market, Huion hit the nail on the head with the latest H610 Pro. With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, the tablet is one of the best in its price range. The H610 includes a rechargeable stylus, a nice feature for those who don’t want to keep spare batteries close at hand. This tablet also comes complete with 16 customizable hot cells as well as 8 hot keys making it the perfect solution for aspiring artists and professionals. The tablet is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it versatile enough for most users, although some would argue that setting up this tablet is more difficult than most others.

    Wacom Cintiq 13HD

    For successful artists on a large budget, very few tablets can beat the Wacom Cintiq 13HD. Complete with a fully interactive large screen, this tablet combines the sensitivity of a graphics tablet with that of a computer tablet, making it the perfect tablet for artists of all skill levels. The pen display acts as a functioning second monitor, allowing the user to draw directly in the program as if the drawing were on paper. For those looking to make a long-term investment in a graphics tablet, the Wacom Cintiq 13HD is definitely worth considering.

    Lenovo Yoga Book

    Apple iPad Pro

    Microsoft Surface Book

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen

    Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 2

    Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    Microsoft Surface Studio

    Best Drawing Tablet: Which One to Choose?

    Wacom dominates the digital art world, and its Cintiq monitors and Intuos pen tablets are familiar to all digital artists, but they are NOT the only pair of decent devices in the computer graphics world. They offer the most advanced features and excellent build quality, but some alternatives have a right to live too.

    Intuos or Intuos Pro graphic tablets are the absolute favorites of the medium size, Huion H610 Pro is also a great choice, we recommend Huion for those who can set up the tablet properly.

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    When it comes to tablet monitors, the Wacom Cintiq is the most popular, however, check out the XP-Pen 22E and the Yiynova, which offer great drawing tablets for artists on a budget. Another Wacom alternative for those on a tight budget is the UGEE 1910b. Artisul another company with attractive offerings in 10-13 inch drawing tablets.

    Recent projects by Wacom include the Cintiq Pro and Intuos Pro Paper Edition. The Cintiq Pro is SIMilar to the 13HD, and comes in a 15-inch diagonal. It also comes with the Wacom Pen Pro 2, which boasts 8192 pressure levels. This is the most up-to-date model, but you should be sure that your system can offer USB-C or Thunderbolt ports. There is also a high-end MobileStudio Pro.

    Among portable tablets, we love the iPad Pro 12.9 because of its size and tilt-sensitive Apple Pencil. However, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is almost as good for drawing and is much cheaper. We think this is the best Android drawing tablet.

    In addition, a tablet computer can be very versatile as a computer and graphics tablet. Equipped with Wacom pens, Lenovo Yoga series tablets are powerful and reliable computers with comfortable keyboards.

    The new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 was launched with a Wacom AES stylus, but it’s a very thin hybrid that doesn’t have the performance of the XPS 13 and while we recommend it for drawing, it’s not fast enough for heavy graphics work.

    Who uses drawing tablets?

    Illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, animators, architects, and other artists use graphic tablets with digital pens. There are specialized, art-oriented graphic tablets as well as traditional drawing tablets. One size does not work here, which fits all. The best drawing tablet is determined by your individual requirements.

    Ok which tablet is the best for your money?

    If you want a portable tablet, we’d recommend the Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen 10.1. You get portability, apps from Google Play, a microSD slot, and a Wacom stylus.

    What to look for?

    The best drawing tablet is the one that feels the most natural. What is hidden under the screen largely determines this. Good tablets have an active digitizer under the screen. The digitizer receives the pen signals. The stylus of such tablets are called active.

    First, virtually all nibs must be pressure sensitive. Pressure sensitivity means that while drawing, the harder you press, the thicker the line will be, as if drawing with a pencil on paper. In some programs, you can also control transparency and other functions using a pressure-sensitive stylus.

    You are also looking for good pen precision. “Parallax” is the name for the small gap you see between the pen and the line.

    And you do NOT want to see the delay between the moment you touch the tablet with the stylus and when a line appears on the screen.

    Protection against accidental operation of the touchpad is essential. It allows the tablet to distinguish between hand and pen touch while drawing, so you will NOT accidentally ruin your hand drawing.

    Multi-touch is the ability to use gestures such as zooming, panning, and moving with two or more fingers. Software is increasingly integrating visual arts into sensory technologies. Almost all graphic tablets are familiar with multitouch, not talking about traditional tablets. However, this feature is NOT required. Alternative Wacom pen tablets often DO NOT support this feature.


    A raster graphics program that looks like a symBIOSis of Painter and Photoshop. Compared to GIMP, it is slower to process, but with a much larger set of brushes. Wacom Tablet Wide Support.

    Colorful and functional bitmap drawing program, illustration. The interface and features are SIMilar to Corel Painter. Broad Wacom Tablet Support.


    And here is another noteworthy drawing program. ten thousand novice and professional artists managed to download this wonderful development for free. You don’t have to waste time learning the menus and tools. just open a new file and showcase your talents using clearly visualized functions.

    Blending modes, layers, virtual canvas rotation, sub-pixel level of anti-aliasing are available to users. In addition to the standard painting tools, the application contains special tools such as graffiti, water drops, stars, grass. Synchronization with tablets is also implemented.

    Clip Paint Studio PRO

    Don’t look at the fact that this program was designed specifically for drawing manga, Clip Paint Studio has gone pretty far and can just as well be used in industry-standard digital painting. The program has incredibly handy features, for example, ready-made figures, which you can use as a nature for drawing poses.

    Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 9

    Photo editing, drawing, unusual effects. these are far from all the features of Xara Photo. Users will appreciate the compatibility of file formats and the low price of the product.

    Paint Tool SAI

    DON’T be intimidated by the clean SAI interface, as this is the de facto program standard for most Japanese anime artists. It also features a line correction function to create sharper contours.

    Not Photoshop alone: ​​A selection of programs for a graphics tablet

    So you bought a graphics tablet. In addition to the fact that you still have to get used to it and “fill your hand”, you need to immediately decide on a graphic editor, which will reveal to the maximum all the possibilities of your new device. And if you think that you can draw only in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, then you are greatly mistaken.

    In addition to the globally recognized and undoubtedly cool products from Adobe, there are many graphic editors that offer the same functionality, but for less money, and sometimes even free. In addition, some programs boast a unique interface with many interesting features that designers and illustrators will definitely appreciate.

    We have compiled a list of programs where you can fully draw with a graphics tablet, imitating various artistic techniques, make sketches, create raster and vector images, as well as practice lettering and calligraphy.

    Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 7

    Sketchbook Pro is a professional drawing app optimized specifically for tablet devices. It is easy and pleasant to draw in it, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by novice users.


    An undemanding and easy-to-use open-source program for digital artists. Allows you to focus on creativity, not the program interface. Tablet support well implemented.


    Free and convenient vector illustrator, which is essentially a symBIOSis of Corel DRAW and Adobe Illustrator. The remarkable support for pen pressure sensitivity. a big shortage in the vector illustration world. makes Inkscape a powerful tool for serious calligraphy enthusiasts.

    By the way, Inkscape has an excellent resource in seven languages, including Russian, which is very rare even for commercial graphics programs. On the Inkscape website, you can not only download the program, but also read articles, study lessons, participate in discussions, and much more. There is also an opportunity to become one of the developers and testers of the product and bring useful features to it.

    How to choose a graphics tablet: features and selection options

    Graphics tablet: how to choose the right one, so that it not only suits the intended purpose, but also has all the necessary functions? This will be discussed in the section. There are a few things to consider when deciding which option is best.

    Working surface size

    As a rule, it coincides with “paper” formats:

    • A6 is close to the 10×15 photo. This is quite handy when you need to edit pictures. Intuos S Bluetooth. just like that.
    • The A5, like the Intuos Pro Paper M, is more accurate. This size attracts pros and hobbyists alike, but even so, for professional artists, the level of accuracy is not enough.
    • A4. “album sheet”, which is perfect for a draft of a drawing or a project. This is the size of the Pro L (PTH-860-R).
    • A3. for professional tasks like plans or drawings. Architects and designers will appreciate the capabilities of devices, but such a “toy” will have to be spent decently.
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    2000-2500 lpi is the average for semi-professional graphics tablets. For amateurs, the option with a resolution of up to 2 thousand lpi is enough, but for the pros it is better to choose something more abruptly. here is 5 thousand Lpi, because high detail is needed for professional use.

    The working area of ​​a graphics tablet can be either square or rectangular. wide format. When choosing, remember about the features of the monitor with which the device will interact: the aspect ratio of both the main display and the working surface of the tablet Must match.

    The quality and comfort of working with a gadget largely depend on the stylus. There are three main types of nibs, depending on the nib type:

    • Classic. made of soft plastic. Considered artist-friendly. There are the same options, but with an elastic rod. They are more flexible.
    • Hard. the effect is obtained as from drawing with a hard SIMple pencil.
    • Spring loaded. a small spring inside the handpiece provides softness.

    In addition to those described above, there are other less common types of nibs, for example, feather-shaped or felt “under the felt-tip pen”.
    The presence or absence of a battery in the pen is also important Please note. The lack of wires is convenient, but the pen with the integrated battery is heavier, and here you have to choose. Rather, it had to: VAKom, however, eliminates this problem: it has developed the technology of electromagnetic resonance. In this case, the grid under the feather is capable of receiving the signal itself. This signal serves, in addition to transmitting data on the pressure of the pressure, the type of handpiece, etc. On a PC, there is also power for the stylus. Thus, the pen for such a tablet does not need a wired connection or a battery.

    The force of pressing, more precisely, the number of its levels, also matters:

    • 512. an acceptable figure for amateurs;
    • 1024. the best option for the average level;
    • From 2048. for professional devices. By the way, in Art Black PT S. just such an indicator, while it is inexpensive.

    Note: in professional technicians there is also a parameter for the angle of inclination of the stylus, at which it can transmit an image (it can be up to 65 degrees).

    The indicator, which allows you to determine how many points per unit of time the device can display. A parameter of 100-200 RPS (pixels per second) is the optimal minimum, but the higher it is, the better.

    Additional functions and equipment

    • Additional keys. SIMplify operation. With these controllers, you can zoom, adjust the pen footprint, get quick access to tools, and more.
    • Replacement stylus refills in case of wear. cool too.
    • Also, the set may include nozzles for thickening the surface or software for the convenience of working with graphics.

    Types of tablets

    Graphic tablets are different. Conventionally, such gadgets are divided into three types, each of which is created for specific purposes. To understand which option is better to choose, you need to understand the types of devices and concepts, what they are used for.

    Desktop Graphics Tablet
    Desktop graphic tablets are semi-professional devices. They are suitable for both writing text notes and drawing. These devices are the same size as A4 / A5 sheets. But there are also miniature gadgets like One by Wacom small. this one has the A6 format. This type is considered one of the best options for beginners.

    Interactive graphics tablet

    Cintiq22HD models are professional devices. They have a high resolution and are usually equipped with a highly sensitive stylus. The size of the device can vary up to A3. As a rule, the image is displayed on the same screen with which it is entered. Widely used in the work of designers, photographers, artists, architects-designers.

    Signature tablets

    The SIMplest and most affordable option for entering information. This is the so-called digital notepad, which allows you to sign electronic documents. Small notes, transcripts of the device are also on the shoulder, but for drawing It is not suitable.

    For those who work with graphics: 10 best monitors with 4K resolution

    Graphic tablet manufacturers: an overview of the firms
    We have already figured out what a graphic tablet PC is, what such devices are. Now is the time to talk about the companies that create them. Many companies release SIMilar graphics tools. This section provides an overview of the two most popular ones:

    Wakom is one of the market leaders, known for high-quality devices with pleasant characteristics, among which both beginners and pros can choose the appropriate option. Examples of two attractive options can be found in the table below.


    The main TM of the Taiwanese corporation KEY Systems, which is a well-known manufacturer of computer peripherals, also did not stand aside and presented tablets for graphics of its own production on the market. The firm creates inexpensive devices that are suitable for sketching, drawing, handwriting notes, and image editing. The devices of this brand are compact and inexpensive. Choosing a model from this manufacturer is the right decision for novice designers, artists.

    Note: EasyPen I405X 4 “x 5.5” and MousePen i608X 6 “x 8” are some of the most popular graphics-type tablets produced by this brand.

    Graphics tablet: what is it

    A digitizer or graphics tablet is a touch-screen device designed to work with graphics. The device is designed for inputting hand-drawn drawings into a PC or laptop. The digitizer is synchronized with a computer via USB or bluetooth. Such a tool is a great help for designers, photographers and artists.

    Most graphic tablet models support multi-touch, and then they can be operated with your fingers. However, any such gadget comes with a stylus pen, which looks like a thick pencil. The drawing is performed on the touch area of ​​the tablet and displayed in real time on the monitor of a laptop or computer. In addition to drawing directly, the stylus can “hook” objects, press the keys of the software interface. SIMply put, use as a manipulator.

    What is a graphics tablet 3 types of devices tips for choosing

    Technologies are developing: something new is constantly appearing, and although such a thing as a graphics tablet is not the last word in technology, many are still curious about what it is, why and who needs such a device. The answers to these questions can be found in the article. There are also tips here to help you choose the right option.

    Why buy a graphics tablet and for what purpose you need it

    Comfort is important in any work, and in some cases a graphics tablet is SIMply irreplaceable. Many underestimate its capabilities and benefits from the acquisition, while there is no experience of using it, but once you try it, you will NOT want to part with it.

    So, what is a graphics tablet for, what is it used for? With this gadget you can:

    • Edit photos;
    • Paint;
    • Take notes;
    • Hand-sign electronic documents of principle;
    • Create design, architectural projects, hell. in general, do all the work where a high level of detail is fundamentally important.

    When solving any such tasks, such a gadget will become an irreplaceable auxiliary tool.

    A graphics tablet is a cool gadget that will come in handy for artists, as well as web designers, photographers and architects. This device is suitable for sketching, painting and photo processing. Some models are not cheap, but if a graphics tablet is needed for a beginner, then you can choose an inexpensive option. There are also special models designed exclusively for signatures. They are suitable for various commercial organizations, banks and government agencies. The main thing is to pay attention to the characteristics in order to find a suitable option.

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