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Do I Need To Constantly Keep My Laptop On Charge

Can the laptop always be kept on charge?

The question of whether it is harmful to keep a laptop on charge is asked by recently buying a laptop and by someone who has had it for a long time, but the battery has become worse to hold a charge. Much depends on the manufacturer of the device, the release date and the laptop battery itself. There are several types on the market:

  • Nimh. contains a toxic substance of the same name. Nickel-cadmium batteries are larger and have a significant weight in comparison with analogues. It was during their use that the question arose. is constant charging harmful for a laptop. This is due to the “memory effect”, which is why the battery must be completely discharged, otherwise it loses volume. The advantages include affordability and resistance to overheating. Therefore, this type of battery is installed in gaming PCs. if used correctly, it will last longer than lithium. Kept completely discharged.
  • Li-Ion. popular lithium batteries have earned their status as convenient and versatile due to their lightness and significant power density. They are available depending on whether the device is used on a network or offline. They are equipped with a controller, which, when a preset battery charge parameter is reached, directs energy directly to the device. Sensitive to temperature changes, it is undesirable to use at more than 30 degrees and below 0. Stored half charged.
  • Li-polymer is another battery that is sensitive to use. It is lightweight, non-toxic, longevity is determined by the correct laptop charger and avoiding full discharge and maximum charge. It is optimal to keep the charge at 50%, a drop of 30% to 80% is allowed. Is it possible to leave your gadget on Li-polymer charging. undesirable, even with a controller, it heats up, which has a bad effect.
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Negative factors

Whether it is possible to leave the laptop charging in the outlet is not as important as whether the device is used correctly and whether the user does NOT harm the duration of its full-fledged work by his actions:

Do I Need To Constantly Keep My Laptop On Charge
  • The benefits of removing and storing the battery separately from a laptop have not been confirmed, rather the opposite. it will make the PC more vulnerable to voltage surges;
  • Overheating and cooling of the device is undesirable for Li-Ion and Li-polymer;
  • A permanent full charge or storage of discharged Li-Ion, Li-polymer is undesirable, you can do a calibration every 3 months, discharging-charging completely.

Is it possible to charge the laptop with another charger

The lower the charge level (volts per cell), the longer the battery life, but each device has its own V (volts) and A (amps) values. Using a charger with large parameters can damage the battery, and lower values ​​will not be enough to fill the battery. Is it worth keeping the laptop constantly on charge, the parameters of which are different from the “native” charger. Better not to risk it. In emergency cases, you can try to resort to a charger with a lower voltage. perhaps this will allow you to work from the mains.

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How to remove / put a charge limit

Most manufacturers provide for a maximum charge limit of 80% to increase battery life. This is due to the user’s questions about whether the laptop can always be kept on charge. The software solves this problem and allows you to use the device from the network, rather than fearing negative impact. Depending on the device, you can increase the parameters or allow the charge to 100% in the following menus:

  • For example Lenovo. “Control panel. Power supply. Config. Electric plan. rev. Add. Param. Pitan. », A tab with the name Lenovo Energy Management;
  • For Samsung. “Start. All programs. Sams. Battery Life Extender “.

Whether it is necessary to keep the laptop on charge constantly. not at all, if we are talking about Li-Ion, whether it is possible to keep Charged laptop on charging. undesirable if we are talking about Li-polymer. The service life of modern batteries depends on many factors. A concomitant problem may occur. poor-quality assembly, overheating of the device; the manufacturer took care of protecting the battery using the controller and software. Each type of battery is individual in use, so when interested in whether it is possible to keep a laptop on charge, you first need to determine the type of your device and study the parameters of a specific model. When choosing a new battery, it is worth analyzing the conditions of its use and assigned tasks.

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