DIY laptop bag made of leather

Bundle bag

It’s easy to sew a knot bag with your own hands, but it’s better to watch a master class. Your own imagination will tell you different models. Cotton fabrics with cheerful patterns are suitable for such a product, although evening fabrics can also be used. Products are double-sided.

The interior is usually monochromatic. The bottom can be round, semicircular, with grooves. The accessory can be miniature (worn on the hand) or as large as a backpack.

To make a knot bag, you need to spend about an hour:

  • it is necessary to draw a sketch of the future product (the bag resembles a T-shirt with wide shoulders, one of which is 5 cm longer than the other) and cut it out;
  • the pattern is transferred to the fabric (seam allowances are required);
  • the lining is marked (it is better to take non-woven glue-based);
  • the product is swept away from the handles, then the side parts, the bottom, the seams are stitched on the machine;
  • it remains to sew the lining and sew it on.

Fabric patterns

Sew a bag with your own hands (master class), different fabric models can be developed independently, or you can find ready-made patterns on the Internet.

After the model is selected, you must:

  • After making a pattern, transfer it to the wrong side of the selected fabric, and cut out two parts. An option is possible. handles are cut out together with the side parts.
  • In order for the product to come out neat, the details must first be swept away, ironed well and only then stitched.
  • Two central walls of the product, narrow side parts are cut together in width, then the bottom is sewn.
  • The lining is made in the same way and put on the sewn part.
  • The model is turned inside out and the edges are processed.
  • Handles are sewn on if they were cut out separately.
  • It remains to sew in a zipper or arrange a cover.

In order for the fabric bag to keep its shape, the fabric must be strengthened, that is, glued with dublerin, which is done after the material has been selected.

Fur and suede for a bag pattern

Most likely, it will be painstaking manual work. When sewing a fur product on a typewriter, the work progresses slowly: the villi fall under the needle. In addition, you need a machine that sews thick fabrics.

If the desire to have a fur bag has not disappeared, then you will have to do the following:

  • You need a pattern.
  • After it is done, the existing fur is laid out in the direction of the pile, drawing.
  • Elements of the future product are placed on it parallel to the center of the cut. Outline the details with an automatic pen so that the line is visible.
  • You need to be careful so that fur defects do not fall under the pattern.
  • Fur, like suede, cannot be cut with scissors. A furrier’s knife should be at hand.
  • You need to grind the details according to how the pile looks. All villi should be hidden under the seams.
  • The process can only be performed with a sharp, rather thick needle, using nylon threads. You need to pierce fur or suede once.

Jeans patterns

All sorts of ideas for sewing bags from old jeans open up space for the designer’s imagination.

There are many options for implementing the plan:

  • you can design a bag for every day with long or short handles;
  • a great roomy travel bag will come out of several pairs of denim trousers;
  • a baby bag can be created from small pieces from different jeans;
  • a backpack for a teenager is easy to make: the bottom is sewn to the bottom of the leg, a drawstring is attached to the top.
  • easy to carry rectangular shopping bag.

Here are some tips for making denim bags:

  • Such bags are sewn according to ready-made patterns.
  • It is not necessary to look for fabric in large sizes. The patchwork style, which connects jeans and lightweight fabric, is very fashionable today.
  • The product will become more expressive if you supplement it with decorative elements.
  • To keep the jeans bag in shape, a lining is sewn into it, which can be made of bright fabric. If you make it longer, then the protruding part of the fabric can be used for additional finishing.
  • Scheme of the simplest bag: four pieces of square fabric, two pieces of rectangular fabric, four long narrow strips for handles.

Interesting ideas for sewing a bag

There are many ideas for sewing bags, here are some of them:

  • A braided bag made of old jeans will be original. Cut old trousers into strips, weave a cloth. Sew or glue it onto the fabric base. Having folded the workpiece, sew the sides. It remains to sew handles.
  • The semicircular clutch is convenient to take to the cinema. Cut out two round parts and the same circle from padding polyester from a piece of wrinkle-free fabric. Laying the pieces on top of each other, they should be stitched and trimmed with narrow braid. A zipper should be sewn into the workpiece and the product should be decorated.
  • The bag looks original in the form of an evening dress or a piece of cheese.
  • The next model can be considered exclusive. a transforming bag from a vest to a bag. You can leave the house in a quilted vest, and return with a bag in hand.
  • You can make a bag in the form of a clock, the arrows of which indicate the way out of the house.

A bag is not a difficult thing in terms of self-production. Thanks to a large selection of models, a novice craftswoman can choose one of the simplest options. Detailed master classes with photographs of patterns and finished products will help you create an original and stylish accessory.

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How to turn an old umbrella into a fashionable bag

You can sew an interesting bag with your own hands from an old umbrella. The reviewed master class will suggest different models of light bags that do not require much space in the hostess’s handbag.

But this is not one advantage of such a product:

  • the fabric from which the umbrellas are sewn has extraordinary strength, so the new accessory will not be demolished;
  • products folded in such a bag will not get wet in the pouring rain;
  • stylish design (the colors of the umbrellas are, as a rule, original) a little imagination will make this thing unique. How to sew a bag with your own hands from an old umbrella. Master class with photo

The procedure for creating a bag will be as follows:

Simple Shoe Bag

A schoolchild may need a bag for changing shoes and sports uniforms. To create such a bag, you can use a raincoat fabric in two shades.

  • a rectangular piece of brightly colored fabric, 40 cm in width, 64 cm in length;
  • 2 pieces of fabric in a contrasting color (length. 40 cm, width. 24 cm);
  • for a a rectangle of fabric (16 cm by 21 cm);
  • lace.

The sewing sequence is as follows:

  • the is decorated with the initials of the child and is attached along the line drawn from the side;
  • upper sections of fabric of different colors are sewn from the front side;
  • parts are folded with the front sides, stitched;
  • the part is bent and ironed under the drawstring, stitched, not reaching the center;
  • it remains to put in a drawstring. you can put things in a bag.

Features of drawing up patterns from leather

For a leather bag, you can use an old item or purchase scraps of thin leather, but the manufacturing process will not be easy, so it is important to use the following tips:

  • To get an even base, the leather can be ironed with a not very hot iron from the wrong side.
  • To give the base rigidity, it can be treated with a special spray, and then ironed.
  • Seams are first connected with double-sided tape or glued, and then sewn. So you can ensure the immobility of the element.
  • It is difficult to sew separate parts of the product. To facilitate this purpose, each seam must be “tapped” with a hammer. The fabric becomes softer, the needle enters more easily during sewing.

For any model, you need to build a pattern. Beginning fashion designers should remember that sharp corners on leather products are difficult to make, so all lines should be smooth. You can draw such a line using a template. According to the pattern, templates are prepared from hard paper, according to which all the details from the leather are cut, it is easier to work this way.

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Why sew a laptop bag and what are the benefits of sewing it

Depending on the materials used in the process of cutting and further sewing, a particular accessory may cost more than the models sold. Nevertheless, if a laptop bag is sewn from leather with your own hands, the level and class of its strength, reliability and comfort will pay off all possible shortcomings and difficulties that accompanied the process of its manufacture. So, the advantages of a hand-sewn bag for carrying portable computer equipment:

  • The bag will be made exactly in the dimensions that are required for a particular laptop model, or a netbook;
  • It will have the design that the owner considers the most acceptable for himself;
  • There is an opportunity to monitor the quality of the product and not be afraid that the laptop bag will have weak points, or unstitched seams;
  • Do-it-yourself laptop bag made of leather, or from any other class of materials, will be completely exclusive, and you will not find a second similar bag anywhere else.

The disadvantages of a homemade bag for transporting compact computer equipment can also include a certain list of items. Nevertheless, all the disadvantages that exist can be easily, subject to the application of a certain range of efforts on the part of the person who makes it, to naught:

  • Not particularly high visual qualities, which depend solely on the diligence of the person making it.
  • Some carelessness in the design of the final product with appliques and embroidery, but again. it all depends on who makes it.
  • Insufficiently firmly and securely fixed seams and stitches. with due attention to the process, this simply does not happen.
  • Excessive spending on the purchase of materials for the manufacture of a laptop bag. it all depends on the wishes of the future owner, because it is not necessary to buy leather for such a bag. It is quite possible to get by with a cheaper assortment of materials.

In general, there are approximately equal pluses and minuses, but the main thing is the desire to create something with your own hands and the willingness to go to the result no matter what. So, in order to get a decent and reliable laptop bag, the master class below should be carefully read, understood and comprehended.

See the video below how to make a laptop bag with your own hands.

Laptop bag making process

In order to make a bag for transporting a laptop, or a netbook, with your own hands from genuine leather, artificially, or leatherette, you need the following list of materials:

  • Lining fabric for the bag, which acts as a base;
  • Directly lining fabric;
  • Dublerin, which is a necessity if there is a desire to strengthen the fabric, or if the fabric used is not too strong;
  • Lightning, which will have a sufficient margin of safety, the length of which will be eighty centimeters, or one hundred. depending on the diagonal of the portable computer equipment;
  • In the event that it is planned to decorate the finished product with something. materials for decoration. hairpins, brooches, buckles, appliques and other decorative components.

In order for the pattern of a laptop bag to be completely suitable, it is required to measure the device. each of its sides is measured, as well as the thickness of the unit. To each of the parameters, you need to add from a centimeter to five stock. these centimeters will absorb the seams and the bag will be exactly the size that is required. In order to get a finished product, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • Covers are sewn from fabrics. that is, the edges are closed with seams on three sides.
  • Next, the resulting bags are put one into one and neatly sewn together.
  • Fitting to laptop in progress.
  • The zipper is sewn into the resulting leather case.
  • You can leave the bag in the form of a cover, or it is possible to sew handles to it, or. one strap. to carry the bag over your shoulder.
  • At a specific stage, decoration with decorative components is performed, which is quite possible to produce without using a sewing machine, that is, manually.
  • Laptop bag ready.

The process of making a laptop bag of this type does not have particular difficulties, however, the process requires special care and a certain level of accuracy. In the case when the materials are already available at home, or leather is not of a very high class, such a product will cost much less than a purchased one, but its quality can be much higher. The manufacturing process will take no more than half a day, but the result of the creative process of hand-tailoring a laptop bag will remain with the owner for a very, very long time.

In this video, you will learn how to make a laptop bag with your own hands. Leave your questions and wishes in the comments to the article!

Master Class
Stylish laptop bag

I decided to try to sew a laptop bag, I was pleased with the result;) Such a bag can be sewn even by completely inexperienced and novice needlewomen. The main thing is to choose a beautiful or unusual fastener, because it is she who will mainly affect the entire appearance of this handbag (in my case, the fastener has been waiting for its finest hour for several years, I could not find a place for it, and now its time has come :)).

We need: some natural or artificial leather (or thick fabric), a fastener and matching threads. If the skin is thin, it is better to make a bag with a lining. First, we measure our laptop. For a laptop measuring 23×33 cm, cut out a rectangle 84×33 cm from the skin.

On one of the smaller sides, bend the edge and stitch it. We cut out 2 strips of leather 25×3.5 cm (laptop width 1-1.5 cm at the seams) for the sides of the bag.

From the seamy side, we sew the sidewalls in the appropriate places.

We fold the upper part and sew on the sides (valve).

Then we sew the details of the fastener in the appropriate places. I sewed the lower fastener onto a leather strip (see photo), where I left a small protrusion, with its help it is more convenient to remove the laptop from the bag.

The result is such a stylish leather laptop bag 🙂

Other bag options

PU leather phone case
Last year I already sewed a phone case, which I also wrote about on the pages of this site. The other day I decided to sew myself another, brighter and more beautiful, to.

Women’s clutch in one evening (pattern)
If you want to sew yourself a female clutch for the summer, then do not postpone this venture for later. Sewing such a bag with your own hands is quite simple. You will need.

An easy way to sew a cell phone case
Each of us has a mobile phone, which we usually carry in a special case. You can sew such a cover yourself. To make it, we need.

Beaded brooch “Heart”
Now handmade brooches are very popular. And this is no coincidence, because they are beautiful and original, you will not find another one like this. You can pick up any din.

Beach Bag / Shopping Bag
Textile basket bag
PU leather phone case
Reversible Eco Shopping Bag / Shoulder Bag
Women’s clutch in one evening (pattern)
Eco Shopping Bag / Tank Bag
Denim crossbody / belt bag

My name is Olga. I am the mother of two wonderful daughters. In my free time I do needlework and am always glad to try something new. I write about all this on the pages of my site.

DIY laptop bag is easy

Measure your laptop. We used a cardboard laptop case as an example. Take all necessary measurements: from the edge where the clip is, to the top, and again to the clip. This will be the length of your piece of material. Then measure the width, including each side, in order to determine the width of the product.

Cut out 2 pieces: the first. in order to wrap the laptop, add 2.5 centimeters to it from all edges, and the second. from all edges, 1 centimeter more than the first. One layer will serve as the outside and the other as a lining. They can be either the same color or different. For the outer layer, it is better to choose a durable waterproof material.

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Cut 2 layers of batting the size of your inner piece of material.

Cut 1 piece of lining to the same size.

Sew the sides of the outer layer, leaving the top loose.

Lay the lining, batting and inner layer on top of each other.

Sew these 3 layers together by hand or sewing machine.

Sew the sides of the quilted fabric, leaving the top open.

Fold the corners at a 45 degree angle, stitching the edges along the seam.

Try on the bag on the computer, first placing it in the inner layer and then in the outer.

Make any necessary adjustments, resize to fit your laptop if you have any problems with the previous step.

Position the inner layer so that there is still about 5 cm after the laptop.

And fix the outer layer another 5 cm higher (it turns out 5 cm higher than the inner layer).

Fold the outer layer 2 times, first inward, then outward and finally on top of the inner layer, secure with pins. (This will help hide the raw edges of both layers).

Sew the layers from the inside along the bottom edge of the folded outside.

Cut strips of fabric 10-13 cm wide for the handles. The length depends entirely on your desire (about 30 cm for short handles, and about 70 cm or more for long ones (over the shoulder)).

To keep them in shape, stitch them.

Measure the length of the top of your garment and divide it by three. Mark up every third.

Fold down raw handle ends.

Stitch the handles (the illustration shows a zigzag stitch at the top and a regular stitch along the entire remaining perimeter.) (Choose what you like).

If you want a more sophisticated cut, or want to effectively hide raw seams, here’s to you. some tips:

Leave a hole at the bottom when hemming the lining. Then sew the handle facing the lining. To do this, turn the front side of the pad outward and place the handles on top. Then place the base (top) fabric on the backing, facing out again. Around the top, sew a seam that connects the inner side and shoulder straps to the main (top) fabric.

What you are currently holding in your hands is a product with a lining facing out and a main fabric inside (if you look inside, you will see the inside of the main material).

So how do we give this item the look of a bag? Do you remember the hole we left in the lining? Slip your hand into it, grab the strap or base fabric and pull it out. This will turn the base material face out, and the lining will be on the inside. Now sew this hole. And do not try to do it perfectly, since this seam will not be visible anyway.

If you used batting or foam rubber for sealing, then remember this when you leave that very hole. After all, you will need to draw out this layer to make a bag. The size of the hole is absolutely irrelevant. It depends on what size your product is and what materials you use.

You can sew everything by hand, but it will still be better if you use a sewing machine.

The product will serve well and will last a long time if you put a cardboard inside.

Fittings installation

To hide all the flaws that have arisen during sewing, or just to decorate the bag, install the accessories. These can be buttons, sequins, buttons, etc.

If you do not know how best to place the details, then you can see a photo of hand-sewn bags, and use ready-made ideas.

Metal parts look best on leather products (glue is needed to fix them).

Necessary materials for work

Sewing a bag is not an easy task, so you should get all the necessary “tools”, namely:

  • leather (natural / artificial);
  • a needle for the skin;
  • scraps;
  • large scissors, glue;
  • ruler or centimeter;
  • awl and solid base to the bottom.

Model selection

Today there are dozens of models of leather bags. Choosing a model is worth depending on the purpose of the bag.

A do-it-yourself belt bag is perfect for travelers or athletes. It was created for the most valuable things (passport, money, keys). The main plus is that you don’t need to carry it in your hands.

Skin selection

There are several factors that women rely on when choosing a material:

  • price;
  • personal preferences;
  • the quality of the material and the selected model of the bag.

Calfskin is most suitable. It has a soft texture and is renowned for its quality.

Suede is a material with softness and elasticity. Such a bag will look very elegant.

Buffalo (bull) leather has a strong texture, so the product will last for a long time. This material is well suited for travel bags.

Purchasing leatherette will serve as a budget option. In terms of quality, it is inferior to natural materials. But modern technologies are so developed that only a specialist can distinguish materials in appearance.

The advantage of leatherette is a color palette that natural leather cannot boast of.

A women’s bag made of genuine leather always looks expensive and gives the hostess a status. The service life is longer than that of leatherette, since their surface does not deteriorate from temperature changes.

DIY leather bag: patterns and a master class for beginners how to sew a leather bag (90 photos)

Bags are a favorite accessory for many women. They are not only comfortable to wear the necessary things, but they also serve as an addition to any look.

Many women want to create their own unique bag to stand out from the crowd. To do this, you can sew it yourself. After reading this article, you will find out the necessary information on how to sew a leather bag with your own hands.

We sew handles

Before sewing the pens, it is necessary to cut the desired length and width of leather strips, as well as prepare the needle and threads.

Sew the straps inside out. At the same time, retreat from the edges by a couple of centimeters, and at the end, fasten the straps to the bag. Sew the seams several times for reliability.

What can serve as a decoration for a bag?

Bag decoration is not limited only to fittings installation. If you have a rich imagination, then you can use various applications. This solution will turn an ordinary bag into a bright element of your everyday look.

You can choose absolutely any applique pattern. Attach with a regular needle and thread.

How to make a pattern?

The pattern of a leather bag is the most important thing when creating a product. The first stage. we choose the size of the bag, namely its bottom, around which the rest of the details will be placed.

Then we cut out the bottom of a rectangular shape of the required size, and fix the panels on the sides (they must be symmetrical). Choose the height of the bag at will.

The handles are an important detail, they keep the balance of the product. Do not forget about their appearance. On the finished product, the handles should look harmonious. If the bag is small, then you do not need to sew too long and wide handles to it.

Don’t forget about the seams. If you have not done needlework, then on the Internet you can watch a master class for sewing a leather bag, where everything is explained in detail and in stages: how much space to retreat from the edges, the number of lines, etc.

DIY leather bag. bag, bag or “T-shirt

Sewing from leather is not at all as difficult as it might seem. It’s even easier in some ways. There is no need to process the seams in any way. But you need a special needle and preferably a sewing machine foot. The needle should not be round at the end (so good as to push the weaves of fibers apart), its task is to pierce the skin.

This “T-shirt” is not at all like a string bag for potatoes. It’s all about the noble material and color.

To make such a bag with handles look good, we cut the leather material with sharp scissors, very carefully so that there are no chipping, irregularities. everything must be perfect! This is the whole secret.

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Another leather bag is a very roomy package. An elegant, rather light color and, of course, a material with a slight natural shine ennobles the product as a whole. If we sewed the same thing from fabric, we would see an ordinary shopping bag, a shopping bag, for groceries, a bag.

A suede or leatherette bag sewn according to the same package pattern will also look great.

An example of a large leather bag, it is evident that such material is difficult to sew. But if you make small holes on the sides with a special punch (they are on sale, they are inexpensive), instead of seams, it is good to use a connection using thin leather cords.

The only decoration of this black leather bag in the photo below is the embossing, well, perhaps not quite straight handles and a curly neckline yet. In the network I met master classes of similar works, with embossing with skulls, pistols which was not there! But in this case, this is not a handicraft production, but a branded.

It is impossible to think of anything simpler than a bag sewn according to such a pattern. The only difficulty is that not every sewing machine will take thick leather.

In extreme cases, you can use an awl, sew all the seams manually with a thick thread.

Even without any additional decor, it looks great.

The set includes a purse or cosmetic bag, fastened inside with a carabiner so that small things are not lost inside and are easily accessible.

An interesting bag in the form of a bag for a T-shirt pattern can be obtained without even spending money on leather, but using an old leather jacket or vest lying around. Metal fittings. rivets, buttons, buttons, zippers. will come in handy.

Rip the sleeves, cut out a large bag, sew side seams, sew in the bottom, finish the edges and armholes. The bottom can be made an oval separate piece, or just cut out a rectangle, and then sew the corners from the inside out at the bottom as they do when sewing ordinary shopping bags. Due to this, volume is formed.

Using a simple rectangular pattern, you can sew a similar leather handbag. a round or oval hole will serve as a handle. Only the skin for such a package must be dense enough to keep its shape.

The emphasis is on stylish fittings. The color is modest, only the zipper on the clasp is striking. But this is already enough to attract attention. Looks more like leatherette, I have a similar orange backpack (probably from the same company) with similar fittings.

If you slightly change the shape, round off the edges, and also shift the hole-handle to the side, we get a very original accessory that can be worn over the shoulder.

The quality of the material and color are important, a lot depends on it.

Using a similar pattern, you can sew both a leather, suede, and a bag from any dense fabric.

Please note that the pattern of the bag itself is more than primitive, everyone will draw it.

First, we draw a rectangle, then we measure the arm in the shoulder, we make an increase in the fact that in winter the bag will be worn over a coat or jacket, we depict the “armhole” on the details. On fabric, it can be processed with a bias tape.

See where the handles are attached to the striped bag. Why so? If you wish to carry a handbag on a strap, then the upper part will hang down to the side like a flap, which is also very convenient.

laptop, made, leather

Naturally, the details are first cut out, the corresponding decor is made on them, if it is implied, and only after that the side seams are sewn.

Leather like a snake or crocodile is interesting in itself, but if you decorate the product from it with additional embroidery, applique, pattern, you can get a masterpiece.

Stencils in the shape of a butterfly, a flower, or any other stencils in abundance are on the net. You can easily find a drawing to your liking.

Step by Step Easy made hand stitching DIY leather laptop bag. Laptop bag 16″ tutorial, PDF patterns.

If you want to sew a unique inimitable thing, then it is better to draw the motive yourself, no one will have such a bag-sack.!

Here the leather handle itself serves as a decoration. Dense, of a different color, with carved scallops, decorative curly seams, it transforms a simple rectangle of the pattern beyond recognition.

It is both a decorative element and serves to seal the structure.

Therefore, the lower part may well be made of soft thin leather, due to the upper part the shape will be preserved.

Leather bag. package

There is another kind of “bag”. no handles at all. In the photo below, a leather clutch like a bag made of soft leather. These paper bags sell food, groceries in supermarkets.

If you wish, you can turn it into a full-fledged bag by adjusting the strap. I personally would have done so. on carabiners, so that there was an opportunity to fasten or unfasten the strap.

The clutch holds more, if you unfold the “lid”.valve, if necessary (if the bag is almost empty) it can be wrapped several times.

Another package, made according to the pattern and size of the original, even the color is similar.

Remarkably, the edges on the top are finished with zigzag scissors like on a real paper bag.

For today, perhaps, everything is about how to sew a bag with your own hands from leather according to the simplest scheme.

Here you will find a pattern for a pattern, as well as a detailed description of sewing a handbag under a snake, taken from a magazine. Suitable for leatherette, the main thing is a snake pattern, for the rest everything is the most common, sewn on handles, tightened on strings threaded into blocks. Everything, including metal rings, can be made at home.

Women’s bags with an applique made of pieces of genuine leather

Leather is a very interesting material and a pleasure to work with. My friend sometimes sews not earnings for, but for pleasure for the sake of a bag made of leather with her own hands, but decorates in different ways, but more often with leather appliques, which she cuts out, using old shoes, tops of boots.

We sew s for a phone and a wallet into a bag made of fabric

I have a cloth tapestry bag. a bag with very large cute fat cats on each side. The son brought from Thailand. I like it very much, but everything in it lies on a shaft, the branches are simply necessary. Spacious, for all the necessary things. wallet, phone, keys. I want everything to be available, put my hand in and took it out. Read how to sew do-it-yourself bag s.

  • Decorative pillows made of leather and fur for an elite interior
  • How to sew a cosmetic bag or purse with a fabric clasp
  • Case-bag for phone and tablet with knitting needles in one pattern
  • Patterns of fabric shopping bags in an old magazine
  • Ladies bag made of tweed fabric, photo patterns and sewing patterns
  • Bag crochet bag pattern with a description of knitting for beginners
  • How to sew a beach rug. convertible bag ideas
  • How to sew a beach dress from openwork scarves, patterns of tunics
  • Knitting a summer bag with a crochet openwork sirloin mesh

Leather bag, how to sew a leather bag-bag according to the pattern

A selection of different patterns, sewing options for a simple leather bag, bag, “T-shirt” or its varieties.

A do-it-yourself bag made of leather can also turn out to be very original, especially if you use an old jacket, suede trousers.

How to sew such an accessory? You don’t even need a pattern, just draw it yourself, in the dimensions you need specifically (width, height) and volume.

Leather bag, how to sew a leather bag-bag according to the pattern: 2 comments

Thanks for the interesting ideas. The main thing is that such a bag is very easy to sew, and it looks impressive.

I have been looking for similar ideas on the internet for a long time. Just super! Necessarily such a stitching, tk. it looks original and roomy for a laptop.)))