Connect tablet to PC via USB

All ways to connect your tablet to your computer

There are situations when you need to connect a tablet to a computer and there are many such methods. Connecting via a USB cable is considered the easiest way and accessible even to a person far from the field of information technology. It’s easy to figure out how to connect your tablet to your computer via USB.

With a cable

On one end of the cable there is a regular USB connector, on the other. microUSB.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting tablets based on the Android operating system via a USB cable:

  • one end of the cable is connected to the device, the other to the PC into the USB port;
  • on the computer, in the lower right control panel (tray), a notification about readiness for use will appear;
  • in the pop-up window or in the tablet notification menu, the USB connection icon will appear, which should be confirmed.

When a gadget is connected to a computer, it can be used in the following modes:

  • as a storage device when used as a flash drive;
  • use as a camera;
  • how to charge;
  • for USB debugging.

Important! Android OS versions may be different and, accordingly, the menu may differ.

When pairing devices, you need to select the function that the user needs. If you use it as a storage device, you can copy, move, files, photos, videos, etc. from a tablet to a PC and vice versa. Android devices connect to PC without installing and configuring additional software.

Safely disconnecting a device is similar to a USB flash drive: you need to go to the tray of the control panel and select eject. After notification in the information window, the cable is disconnected.

Wireless ways

In addition to using a cable, wireless methods can also be used. For example, in the event that access to the PC port is difficult or there is no cord.

You can connect your tablet to a PC via Wi-Fi. First you need to download third-party software and then install it. Simple and free software such as ES File Explorer, Wi-Fi File Transfer, AirDroid and others can be downloaded from Google Play.

Steps after downloading and installing ES Explorer:

  • a list of available menus will appear on the left side;
  • find the item “Network”;
  • find the sub-item “Remote access”;
  • a window with an access point and the “Enable” function will open;
  • the IP address will be displayed, which is completely copied, and then pasted into any browser into the address bar.

If you do everything correctly, then access to all files in the device’s memory will open, with which you can interact: copy, view, delete, etc.

Important! The computer and tablet must be connected to the same local network, that is, they are all connected to the same router.

There is a more convenient method that will also require installation. this is the AirDroid software. After starting the application, the IP address will be displayed, which is entered into the address bar of the browser. The tablet will ask you to confirm the connection. When the request is confirmed, the contents of the gadget are displayed on the computer screen.

connect, tablet

AirDroid app interface

Apple tablets are connected to the computer only with the help of special additional software. If iTunes is installed on the PC, then any Apple device will interact without problems.

You can also connect via Bluetooth. A Bluetooth adapter must be in both devices. Steps for Bluetooth pairing:

  • activate the Bluetooth function on the tablet;
  • on the computer go to Settings. Devices. Add Bluetooth;
  • select the device of interest;
  • confirm the action on the gadget display.

Gadgets can be synchronized not only with a PC, but also with a TV via an HDMI cable. Connecting to a PC using a USB cable, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are effective, uncomplicated methods, and you need to choose the one that is more convenient for the user.

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How do I connect my tablet to my computer? Instructions

We connect one end of the cable to the tablet.

Once the connection is established, the device should be detected on the computer.

Now it’s tedious to perform some actions with the tablet. In the top menu, you need to click on “USB connection established” to transfer files.

The second item will allow you to choose a connection method for different operating systems.

Then you will see a message that the USB connection has been established and you need to click the button at the bottom of the “Enable USB storage” screen. Push the button.

We agree with the warning that some applications may not work until the cable is disconnected.

Go to “My Computer” and see that our tablet is defined as a removable storage.

By double-clicking on it, we will see the folders and files that are located on the tablet. To copy a particular file, just select it and drag it to your computer or tablet.

How to connect a tablet to a computer via a USB cable?

One way to exchange files between your tablet and your computer is to connect your tablet to your computer using a USB cable. We can say that this is the easiest way to exchange music, movies, text and other files, since the cable always comes with the tablet. Regardless of the tablet model and its manufacturer, the connection method will always be the same. The only thing that may differ is additional software, which is designed to facilitate this process, making it more colorful and understandable.

And so, to connect the tablet and the computer, you need a cable. This can be microUsb. USB (most often), miniUsb. USB, microUsb. USB 3.0 and even USB. USB cable. This parameter depends on the specific tablet manufacturer. I want to note that these cables are not interchangeable.

In addition to transferring files, the tablet is connected to the computer via a USB cable for debugging applications and the system as a whole, as well as for reflashing the device.

How to disconnect the tablet from the computer?

To avoid data loss on the tablet, it must be properly disabled. You can’t just pull out the cable.

Disconnecting the connection on the computer side. To do this, in the tray, click on the corresponding icon on which the connection cable is drawn, and then on the button to extract.

After the corresponding message appears, the cable may be disconnected.

The second way is to disconnect on the tablet side. To do this, you need to click the “Disconnect USB-storage” button.

Via USB cable

First of all, make sure your device is equipped with USB or MicroUSB connectors. Unfortunately, such entrances are not available everywhere. If your device does not have USB, go to the next step: connecting the tablet to a computer via WI-FI.

To synchronize the tablet with a computer via USB, just connect them with a cable, which is often included in the kit. This procedure is in many ways similar to connecting a USB flash drive to a PC, and it should not cause any difficulties.

If you do not have a cable, look at the complete set of your mobile phone. Many modern phones are equipped with MicroUSB connectors, therefore, such cables are often included.

  • Find the required connector on the side of the tablet. Found it? Take a USB cable and connect your tablet to your computer.
  • A USB icon appears on the tablet screen to indicate that the device is connected.
  • Go to My Computer, on your PC, and next to the removable media, find the connected device. That’s it, now you can write and delete files from the tablet, manage it like a USB flash drive.

The computer does not see the tablet. this can happen the first time it is connected. It may take some time for the computer to find and install the required drivers. Therefore, your tablet may not be detected immediately, but after a while. You may need to find drivers on the device manufacturer’s website.

How to connect a tablet to a computer

Many users do not know how to connect a tablet to a computer via USB or WI-FI. It does not matter at all for what purpose they need it, whether it is for recording music, films, programs, data synchronization, etc. This article discusses connecting an Android tablet to a computer.

Tablet (English Tablet). a kind of modern computers. Tablet PC features compact size and touch screen.

The tablet screen is the only input device. Traditionally, there is no mouse, no keyboard, or even a touchpad like a laptop. However, more and more tablets are sold with docking stations or are equipped with ports for connecting them.

By connecting the tablet with add. device, it can be turned into, say, a netbook. Convenient, isn’t it?

We figured out the appearance of the tablet. Now let’s look at how to connect it to a computer. You guessed it, there are not so many of them: via USB or Wi-Fi.

By WI-FI network

The second way. connecting the tablet to a computer via WI-FI has a number of advantages:

  • No USB port required to connect your tablet.
  • You are not limited by the length of the cable, i.e. can work at relatively long distances from one of the devices.

To connect your Android tablet to your computer via WI-FI, go to Google Play, then download and install the Kies Air (for Samsung) or WI-FI Transfer app. Also, you can use another application, but please note that not all programs are compatible with all tablet models.

We will use the second WI-FI Transfer application, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play. In our case, to check synchronization with a computer via WI-FI, an Acer Iconia Tab A500 tablet will be used.

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After downloading and running the application, the following window will be displayed on the tablet.

Pay attention to the FTP address and WLAN Status. we will need them to connect the tablet to the computer.

  • Open any FTP client on your computer, for example, Total Commander.
  • Go to the Network menu. Connect to FTP server.
  • In the window that opens, click Add.
  • Coming up with a name for the connection.
  • In the line server [Port], write the FTP address and click OK at the bottom of the window.
  • During the connection, a dialog box will appear in which you need to enter a Username. enter the WLAN Status value here, in our case it is D-link. You can leave the Password field empty.

After a while, the computer will connect to the tablet, and the Acer Iconia Tab A500 folders will be displayed in the active area of ​​Total Commander. In your case, you will see the contents of your tablet.

That’s all, now you know how to connect your tablet to your computer via USB and WI-FI. It won’t take you much time to sync these devices.

And how to connect the Internet to a computer via a tablet using USB and WI-FI.
The fact is that I have 2 PCs. 1 modem and tablet modem connects via USB to 1 PC and distributes WI-FI to 10 devices, since there is no WI-FI (catcher) on the PC, I would like to connect the Internet via WI-FI using a tablet on a 2nd PC.

In theory, you can use the tablet as an access point by connecting it to a computer via a USB cable. Tablets are configured differently, depending on the operating system, and certainly not every model has such an opportunity. you did not say anything of this.

In addition, I did not connect the Internet on the PC wirelessly via the tablet. Therefore, there is no point in advising anything. After all, you first need to check it yourself, and then say: this will work, but not otherwise.

Thanks, it worked. But the video is played without sound, tell me how

Update codecs or use another player. According to your comment, it is not clear where exactly is not played on a computer or tablet? And what can I tell you in response to an unfinished thought. ellipsis, I’m not a fortune teller.

Good evening. Please tell me how to connect a Lenovo tablet to a WI-FI network? The problem is that I enter the password, and the tablet network displays “saved, wpa / wpa2 protection”. What is the reason? the Internet connects to other devices without problems, but nothing to do with it. I enter the password correctly, when connecting in the advanced settings I select “no proxy. server”

There is another article on the site: “How to connect an Android phone and tablet to Wi-Fi”.

You can find it through Search or at:

but how can you connect a tablet to a laptop via WI-FI directly without a router

Tiled application

When you first start the program, you will be prompted to set the name of your Windows 10 Mobile device. There is a possibility of automatic synchronization.

The application interface is made in the style of Windows 8. The main page displays brief information about the device. Interesting design feature: the colors of the application on the PC match the colors of the theme on the phone.

There is the ability to automatically sync files, but support for working with an SD card is not implemented.

Connect your phone to PC with a cable.

To transfer files from phone to PC, select the necessary files and click “Save to PC”.

In order to transfer data from PC to phone, swipe the screen to the right and select the option “Add to phone”.

  • x good interface;
  • Convenient summary of device information.
  • fewer features compared to desktop application.

Summing up, we can say that Microsoft has tried and provided users with rich synchronization and file transfer options. Of the available methods, you can always find the most convenient and suitable one for you. First of all, it depends on the tasks set, the operating system on the computer, as well as personal habits and preferences.

USB adapter

Connection takes place according to the following scheme:

  • Connect one part of the cable to the tablet and the other to the computer.
  • The computer should emit a beep to notify that a new device has been detected in the system.
  • The system may ask you to select further actions with the detected device. Choose depending on your personal needs. For example, if you select View, you can view all files on your device, but you cannot edit them. Plus, without special rights, you won’t be able to delete or edit many files on your tablet. The tablet will also receive a notification.
  • Open File Explorer or My Computer. There your tablet should be displayed in the left menu and in the central part. Open it up. Now you can work with data on it.

If the computer refuses to see your tablet, then there may be something wrong with the USB connector on the tablet or on the computer, it is also possible that the cable itself is damaged. Sometimes in the tablet settings, a ban on connecting to other devices may be set. You can remove it as follows:

  • Go to device settings.
  • Then open the “Memory” section.
  • Find the ellipsis icon in the upper right part of the screen and tap on it.
  • From the drop-down menu, go to the item “Connect to a computer via USB”. The name may change on different versions of Android, but the meaning remains the same.

Now find the item “Media device” and put a tick in front of it.

  • Try to connect again.
  • Windows Phone desktop app

    This method is more advanced than the “Explorer”, and therefore more functional. The main trump card of this method is the ability to sync Windows Phone and Apple devices via iTunes. To do this, you just need to start syncing. The app will automatically “pick up” data from the iTunes library and sync it with your Windows 10 Mobile library. At the first launch, the page for registering your Windows Mobile application in the system will be displayed.

    Each device can be assigned a different name.

    The application interface is somewhat reminiscent of Apple’s iTunes. It displays basic information about the device, for example, battery charge, memory size, etc.

    There is a possibility of synchronization with the standard Windows library.

    Connect your device to a PC with a sync application open. If the device has not been connected to a computer before, give it a name.

    Select the required file type in the menu at the top, tick the items to sync.

    Click the “Synchronize” button, wait for the process to finish.

    • the ability to sync with iTunes, which is especially convenient for owners of Apple products;
    • simple and intuitive interface.
    • the need to connect to the Network when downloading and first setting up the application;
    • inability to synchronize documents and books.

    Most likely reasons:

    • Windows has automatically installed drivers for your smartphone or tablet, but they don’t work correctly
    • Attempting to manually install non-functional device drivers

    How to connect a Windows tablet to a computer

    After purchasing a new tablet, after a while, it becomes necessary to transfer data (texts, photos or videos) from the device to a desktop computer. Despite the absence of difficulties during the synchronization procedure, not every user knows how to connect a Windows tablet to a computer. There are three ways in total.

    How to connect your Windows 10 Mobile device to your computer

    Difficulty level: for beginners. Every Windows phone owner needs to synchronize content between the phone and the computer. Often this task seems completely simple and does not require any skills in working with the device, but at the same time, many users still face some problems that we will help to solve. You can transfer files through the Windows built-in File Explorer app, the Windows Phone desktop app, and the Dispatcher tile app on phones running Windows 8 and above.

    The easiest and most reliable way to transfer data between Windows Mobile and your computer. The advantage of this method is that Explorer is a standard Windows application, so no additional software installation is required. File Explorer allows you to manually copy files from your phone to your computer and vice versa. Transfer of music, ringtones, videos and documents is supported.

    An indisputable advantage is also the ability to work with the phone’s SD card.

    To connect Windows Phone to a computer in this way, simply take a compatible USB cable and connect the USB port of the computer and the micro-USB of the phone. The required drivers will be automatically loaded by the system.

    Tip: Try to use original or high quality micro-USB cables. This will minimize the risk of losing files while copying.

    If your device does not appear in File Explorer, you need to unlock your screen with a password. If you encounter further problems, you need to check the device connection in the “Device Manager”. A properly connected device looks like this:

    With the correct connection of the phone, you will be able to transfer files like a regular removable media. If you experience possible connection problems, you must try using a different cable and USB port on your computer.

    • easy to use;
    • availability.
    • relatively little functionality.


    To do this, you need a Wi-Fi router that supports work in local networks via Wi-Fi. Fortunately, almost all routers on the market have this function.

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    Connection instructions are as follows:

    • When connecting a tablet to a computer via Wi-Fi, it will be advisable to use special applications that will act as intermediaries, while greatly facilitating the work and interaction with devices. The article will consider WI-FI File Transfer as such an application.
    • Find and download it in the Play Store.
    • Then open on the device. On the start screen of the application, you will need to click on the “Start” button.
  • The application will turn the tablet into an analogue of a mini-server, which can be accessed only within the local network. A unique IP will also be generated.
  • Rewrite the generated IP into the address bar of any browser on your computer. It is important that the computer and tablet are connected to the same access point.
  • After entering the IP of the tablet, an analogue of the file manager will open in the browser, where you can drag and drop and change some files.
  • To disconnect the tablet from the local network, click on the “Stop” button in the WI-FI File Transfer application.
  • Using these methods, you can easily connect your tablet to your computer. When working with files on your tablet, be careful not to delete important system or user data.

    How to connect a tablet to a PC via Kies Air over Wi-Fi

    To get started with the program, download it from the official website (the utility is completely free) and install it on your PC. During installation, the program will ask you to specify the language of use and the country in which it will be used. Next, you need to launch the Galaxy Tab and press the menu button. In this tab, look for “Settings”, then. “Wireless and network settings”. Here we need the “USB Settings” tab. We are looking for the name of the program “Samsung Kies”.

    Before connecting, make sure there is no USB cable connected to your device. If the cable is not disconnected, when trying to connect wirelessly, the system will display a message about the inability to connect in idle screen mode.

    Now we connect the USB. the program will immediately see the device. The connection icon will be displayed on both devices.

    Now you can select the type of files you want to open or copy and use the utility as a file explorer.


    Infection of the system with viruses can negatively affect the operation of its individual components, including drivers. If malware is detected, it is recommended to diagnose the PC with an anti-virus program. After checking and treating, restart the PC and try to reconnect the device.

    No drivers

    If you do not have the drivers installed at all (for example, after reinstalling the operating system), you will need to download and activate them. Otherwise, the tablet will simply charge, without the ability to share files.

    Why does my phone not connect via USB

    If your PC does not see the connected device, the problem may lie not only in it, but also in the cable itself and in the PC.

    Connecting with a USB cable

    To connect successfully, you need to download the Galaxy Tab utility. Next, you need to open the menu and find the “Settings” section in it. Here we are looking for the item “Wireless and network settings”. Select “USB Settings”, then the line “Mass Storage”.

    After all these manipulations, connect the tablet to the PC. To fully display the files and applications of the tablet on a computer, you need a proprietary Kies application. It also helps transfer files to PC.

    Connecting Android Samsung Tablet to Computer

    There are several connection options. They differ in the type of connector to which the cable is connected, or in the wireless connection technology. Let’s analyze each of them in detail.

    Driver problems

    Even if all devices are functioning properly, without the latest drivers, your PC may simply not recognize the device. Check for the latest updates by going to the device manager and right-clicking on the USB-port line. The menu that appears will display the date of the last update and a button to search for the latest versions.

    Cause Hardware failure

    Often the cable that you connect breaks somewhere inside, so the contact “does not go”. Make sure the cord is in good condition, try charging your phone with it through an outlet. If the current goes, then the cable is working, the port of the device is also. However, if damage is found, replace the cord with a new original or equivalent in quality that will be compatible with the phone.

    Insert the USB flash drive into the computer connector, if it is detected. the socket in the PC is also in order. If not, test the rest of the sockets and use a working.

    USB Debugging Manipulation

    Switching debug sometimes helps. To find it, you need to unlock the menu “For Developers”, for this go to “Settings”. “About phone” and seven times in a row click on “Build number”.

    Attention! In MIUI open “Settings”. “About device”, seven times click on “MIUI version”.

    Return to the main menu, open the menu that appears, located at the very bottom. Scroll down a bit until you come across USB Debugging. By default, it is disabled, enable it, it may help if the connection to the computer is not established in any way.

    You can also try disabling it if it is initially active. Sometimes it helps.

    How to connect phone to computer via USB cable

    Sooner or later the moment comes when you need to connect the phone to the PC. For example, to reset music, documents, movies, or update the firmware. There are several ways to do this, but the most versatile and reliable is via a USB cable. Despite the fact that everything seems simple, sometimes there are difficulties with pairing: the gadget is not detected by the Windows operating system or only charging is functioning, and file transfer is not available. So that you do not have any problems in the future, we will analyze how to connect the phone to the computer correctly in order to avoid possible troubles. In addition, we will consider ways to solve popular problems that may arise.

    Cause Installation of the device driver failed

    This is one of the most annoying reasons, but fixing it is not as difficult as it might seem. Let’s get started! Do the following:

    • open the “Device Manager”, for this, right-click on an empty space on the desktop and select this item in the window;
    • open the menu “USB controllers”, check if your phone is marked with red or yellow, indicating failures;
    • if yes, double-click on it with the left button, go to the “Driver” window;
    • remove the old driver there, then click “Update”;
    • if the phone has been connected before, then select “Search for drivers on this computer”, as they remain in the system. Otherwise, click on “Search automatically for updated drivers”.

    When the process is complete, the phone should recognize your smartphone.

    Why the computer does not see the phone when connected via USB?

    Let’s take a quick look at the main interference that can occur if you decide to connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable.

    How to properly connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable?

    Transferring documents using a cable is the best option if you need to send a large amount of data in a short period of time, since the transfer via Wi-Fi, although more convenient, is slower.

    Remember, try to use the standard cord that came with the kit to avoid unexpected conflicts and malfunctions.

    • insert the cable into the connector on the phone, then the other end to the computer;

    Attention! If this is your first time connecting the device to a PC, Windows will start downloading the drivers, which will take from one to ten minutes. Be patient, you can look at the progress of the installation through the pop-up window that appears when connected. The installation usually goes smoothly, but sometimes it crashes and not all drivers are downloaded. How to deal with this, read below in a separate paragraph.

    • after processing the drivers, the operating system will offer to choose what to do with the new device;
    • the device is now displayed in the list of portable devices;
    • to see them, open “My Computer”, then click on the icon with the name of your phone model, and you will be taken to the root directory (if a memory card is installed, then first you need to choose what to work with: with it or the built-in storage).

    The next time the components will not be loaded for compatibility. Therefore, the smartphone will be identified immediately.

    Attention! If something does not work, restart your mobile phone, PC, and then try again to do the manipulations described above.

    Cause Old operating system

    Windows XP owners are not always able to seamlessly upload files to a smartphone due to the lack of necessary components. You can download them from the link from the official Microsoft website. After installation, everything should work if the problem was only in this.

    Phone setup

    There are several parameters in Android that affect computer connectivity. Sometimes the user selects or changes something wrong, but it happens that the connected device works in the wrong connection mode by default.

    IOS connection via wireless network

    The PC must have a “Bluetooth” adapter, otherwise nothing will work. To connect, the following algorithm is performed:

    • Both devices turn on “Bluetooth”.
    • The required computer is selected from the list of proposed devices.
    • Devices sync and connect.
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    Connecting iPad to Computer via USB

    The connection allows you to charge the device, as well as work with files, transfer and receive them.

    For the procedure, you must have a computer equipped with USB and OS 10.9, or a newer one.

    • iPad connects to USB using a USB cable.

    If the connectors do not fit, then you need to do one of two things:

    • If the iPad is equipped with USB, and the PC is USB-C, then the USB connector must be connected to the adapter, which is sold separately. USB-C. USB, or use another USB-C. Lightning cable, also not part of the iPad package.
    • If your iPad has USB-C to Lightning and your computer has a regular USB port, you also need to use a different USB-C to Lightning cable.

    Android connection via USB port

    The simplest is the way in which the tablet becomes an “external drive” readable from the PC.

    But most tablets for such a “connection” require special software utilities or drivers. This condition must be disabled, since you can do without software add-ons.

    To do this, you need to activate the special mode “Debugging via USB”, which is located in the settings of the tablet parameters.

    In the dialog box that appears, click on “OK”. The tablet is ready to be connected via USB without any applications that allow you to operate in the “explorer” system, but only through their tools

    You can perform this activity with the removed memory card. If all the information is recorded on it, then it is enough to extract it and insert it into a card reader on a stationary computer or laptop.

    IOS connection via USB

    For iOS, the connection is a little more delicate, but it is also possible to connect an iPad to a personal computer using a cable.

    To do this, you need to download a special program on your PC. iTunes. The program is a utility for establishing a connection between two devices, it allows you to work with folders and files only in its own field with special attributes and tools.

    But the connection can be made without additional software.

    We connect the tablet to the computer via USB, WI-FI, Bluetooth

    The most famous ways to connect a tablet to a computer are:

    • Connecting the tablet to a computer using a USB cable or DATA port.
    • Connecting the tablet to a computer using a Bluetooth wireless network and Wi-Fi.
    • Apple
    • Samsung
    • LENOVO
    • ASUS
    • HUAWEI
    • DELL

    Let’s consider them in detail, but first, let’s figure out why connect the tablet to a computer at all.

    Using basic functionality

    This is the easiest way. to use the basic functionality of the tablet. Currently, there are many different software, but in fact it only limits the capabilities built into the operating system of the device.

    To connect, follow these steps:

    • The first tab activates WI-FI. In this case, the tablet will become an access point.
    • The second is Bluetooth. It works in a similar way, but establishes a mutual channel between devices.
    • The third is using the device as a modem for Internet access.

    The Bluetooth connection allows not only the use of the device for transferring and learning files, but also for using the tablet as a wireless modem.

    The need to connect the tablet to the computer

    Most often, tablets are connected to a PC in the external media mode to download information from a PC to a tablet or vice versa. But there is one important circumstance that makes the connection between PC and tablet computers the main requirement for the functioning of the latter.

    All software and operating system can be installed on a tablet from a PC, especially for devices with an operating system based on Lenovo.

    It is “connected” to a computer and packages with a particular operating system are loaded onto the hard drive, this is done, as a rule, via a USB cable.

    Now let’s take a look at all the connectivity options for Android and iOS devices.

    External disk mode

    Microsoft and tablet manufacturers are vying with each other to offer users special software for organizing the PC-tablet tandem. As planned by the developers, the user should install special programs on a Windows PC, and on a tablet. USB connection drivers. This is not the best way to connect devices to each other. It is best to connect the gadget as a so-called. “External drive”. This should be sufficient for file transfers. External storage mode is not activated by default. To activate it, go to the device settings, select the “For Developers” item there and set the “Debugging via USB” option. A confirmation window will appear. click “Ok” in it. That’s all you need to do to connect your tablet via USB like an external drive. Naturally, provided that the devices are physically connected by a USB cable.

    Sometimes it happens that the “For Developers” menu item is missing in the gadget’s settings. This issue can be worked around as described here:

    We figure out how to properly connect the tablet to the computer via USB

    A tablet would be a pretty useless gadget if it couldn’t interact with a computer. After all, it is the household stationary computer that is the center of our information space. Mobile devices, despite their rapid progress, are still inferior to a computer in terms of the sum of their merits, although in some indicators they outstrip it by an order of magnitude.

    We will discuss how to connect a tablet to a computer via USB. it is this method that guarantees the highest efficiency of the connection. We get a real local area network, with all its advantages. Wireless WI-FI is not so convenient when you need to transfer data between devices.

    Despite the fact that the file systems of the Android tablet and Windows computer are different formats, network software can work around this incompatibility.

    The USB connection does not prevent files from being transferred from the tablet to the computer and vice versa. Data is sent via an ordinary USB cable, and you can manage it using Windows Explorer or any other file manager. How do I connect my tablet to a PC via USB to make this possible? In order not to use the Internet and services like Yandex.Disk for file transfer?

    We complete the procedure

    Now we need to connect the computer and tablet with a USB cable. It will transfer files from one file system to another. And the firmware of the devices will be responsible for their shipping and placement. There are two types of cables: microUSB and miniUSB cables. One or the other is necessarily included in the kit along with the gadget. If you do not have it, or you have lost it, then the mentioned cable names will help you find them on sale.

    What happens when we connect a computer to a gadget using such a cable? Exactly the same thing happens if you connect a new device to the computer: in a second, a standard message about the discovery of new hardware will appear in the Windows tray and you will be prompted to install a driver for it. Discard this polite offer by clicking the “Cancel” button.

    Our further actions will be related to the gadget. In the lower right corner of his screen, you will find a wireless icon. click on it with the mouse. In response, a message will appear stating that the connection has been established and another window in which you will need to click the “Enable USB storage” button. A warning appears about the termination of the work of individual applications. do not pay attention to them and click on “Ok”.

    That’s it. your gadget has turned into an ordinary USB flash drive! All files of the user of the Android file system have become available through the file manager in Windows, as belonging to a separate flash drive. Connecting the device in this way is as easy as shelling pears, there is no need to fiddle with additional software. This is how you can connect a Samsung device or a device from another manufacturer.

    Our little story has come to an end. We hope you find it useful.