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Connect Laptop To Internet Via Smartphone

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How to use your smartphone as a modem

Any modern smartphone that has access to the Internet can become its source and distribute the network over Wi-Fi or over a wire. As a rule, gadgets already have suitable drivers for turning into an access point, and you only need to find the necessary parameters in the settings of your phone.

Important: When using mobile internet, don’t forget about traffic. If you often connect your gadget as a modem, switch to a tariff that offers a large package of gigabytes. The quality and reliability of communication will also depend on the speed of the Internet and the location of your provider’s towers.

We use the phone as a modem for a computer or laptop

To always have access to the network, you just need to learn how to distribute the Internet from your phone. We will tell you how to distribute Wi-Fi from a smartphone and connect the phone as a USB modem.

Have you arrived at the dacha and want to watch a movie on a laptop, but there is no wired Internet? Or maybe your home ISP is having a problem and your PC still needs network access? There is a very simple way out. to use your smartphone as a modem for a computer via USB or Wi-Fi.

How to use a Samsung phone as a modem

To distribute the Internet, Samsung gadgets can use the Smart Switch (Kies) program. Install it on your smartphone and connect it to your PC. New hardware from Samsung appears on the PC monitor in Windows Device Manager.

Next, in the smartphone settings, select the “Connections” tab. “Modem and access point”. “USB modem”.

After activating the mobile modem, a notification will appear on the computer that the Internet is available.

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How to connect an Android smartphone as a USB tethering

When you connect your smartphone to your computer, a menu appears on the gadget’s desktop where you can select the connection mode. charging or transferring files. USB tethering options are hidden in the phone settings and are not set by default, so you have to find them manually.

As an example, we used a smartphone on Android 9 in the EMUI shell, but just in case, we gave the names of menu items in other versions of Android.

  • Connect your phone to PC via USB. If it is a new device, please wait until the drivers are installed.
  • Open your smartphone settings. In the section “Wireless networks” (“Network”) find the item “Modem mode” (“Modem and access point”).
  • We activate the USB modem. A new network with Internet access will appear on the computer.

How to share Wi-Fi from a smartphone

Another way to use your phone as a modem is to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi. In this article, we described in detail how to create an access point on an Android smartphone. Everything is very simple. on most models it is enough to open the menu curtain and select the “Access Point” item.

  • To configure Wi-Fi, go to the access point settings. for this, tap on the function icon and hold it.
  • Set the network name and password, and if necessary, the type of encryption.
  • We also recommend setting a traffic limit that can be used when connecting to the network of your smartphone. We remind you that this is mobile (and often limited and expensive) internet.
  • In addition, you should set the maximum number of possible connected devices so that the network is not overloaded.

Important: in modem or access point mode, the smartphone is discharged faster. Put the gadget on charge or Connect it to the powerbank while distributing the Internet.

How to connect the Internet to the phone via a computer via USB

In this situation, the development of My Public Wi-Fi is considered. To learn how to get Internet from PC to mobile smartphone, you need to download the corresponding application. The program is installed within 2 or 3 minutes, depending on the speed of the Internet. After completing this process, a graph with three main tabs will open on the screen: Setting, Clients, Management.

Note! The search for a Wi-Fi network is carried out automatically.

Setting up a connection on a smartphone

Before accessing the Internet, you need to turn on the access point. This action can be performed through the function of the OS “Android”.

Note! Modern mobile devices create a wireless access point by standard means. This function was released in the version “Android 2.3”.

  • To distribute the internet, users must open the settings, select the “Wireless network” category, then go to the “” or “Advanced” tab.
  • A menu will open on the screen with a choice of the category “Access point” or “Modem mode”. The user must select the “Wi-Fi hotspot” tab.
  • In the appropriate field, you must specify a name (optional item), enter a password and then go through activation. Upon completion of the action, users will be able to connect a mobile phone based on “Android”.

Is it possible to connect iPhone to the Internet via USB cable

It is possible to connect an iPhone to a PC using a USB port if you use a gadget, cord, computer. You can go online after installing iTunes.

Important! You can use the Apple Official Web Site to download the software.

After installing the program, you need to run the file and then follow the instructions. The “Next” column will open on the screen, then you will have to select the “Install” option. To complete this process, you will have to wait from 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the speed of the Internet). Before that, you need to uncheck the “Open iTunes” tab.

In a few minutes the installation of the program will start on the computer. Next, the device autorun graph will pop up on the screen. Then the user will notice an additional icon. this is the connected device. Called the tab, the user will see the internal memory of his device.


Many people are interested in how to connect wireless Internet via a USB cable. In your mobile device, you need to open access to the installed program “USB Tunnel”. Otherwise, the user will NOT be able to install new applications on his phone.

What to do if the Internet did NOT start

  • Incorrect operation of the network adapter driver;
  • Poor coverage and range of Wi-Fi connection;
  • Data parameters have changed;
  • Wi-Fi router hangs up;
  • Insufficient funds on the account;
  • Failure of Wi-Fi from the provider;
  • Utility launch required.


It is a program that is installed on Android. The application will allow you to transfer the internet from your phone to your computer using a USB cable. This program can be used when accessing 2G, 3G. In addition, you can connect Wi-Fi.

Note! Tested by Linux and Microsoft Windows clients. User must support RNDIS.

When may you need to use the Internet from a computer on a phone

From time to time, it becomes necessary to install new applications, games, documents, additional cache, use the device as a multimedia device to watch videos, movies, pictures, find the necessary information, and also update the operating system.

You can use a USB cable to solve this problem. To connect the Internet on a smartphone or tablet via a computer via a USB cable, you will have to Get root rights.

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Important! This software is also required when moving an application from internal memory to an SD memory card or to increase the speed of the Internet.

Is it possible to use the Internet of a computer on a phone via USB

Users must first download the Android SDK. After installing the application, you need to go to the “Network and Internet” tab, and then click on the “Network Connections” option. Next, a new column “Connecting to the network” will open. The user will go to the “Connection Properties” tab, then “Sharing”. To confirm, select the option “Allow other network users to use the Internet connection of this computer”, then click on “OK”.

Completed the steps, you need to take Android or iPhone, open the “Settings” tab, then “For Developers” and check the “USB Debugging” checkbox. Then the mobile device is connected to the computer using a USB cable.

The next step is to download the archive to your PC, unpack it and find the AndroidTool.Exe program. To run the archive on a laptop, you need to click on Refresh. After that, the system will find all connected gadgets. Once the search is over, you should find your device by the Select a device option.

Note! In the Select DNS to use tab, you need to select DNS and then click on the Connect option.

A new graph will appear on the screen with the inscription USB tunnel. Sometimes the system requires GRANT the Superuser rights. You need to select the option “provide”. The final stage is the inscription Connection Done. Now the user can freely use the internet via USB cable.


Androidtool.Exe is a type of EXE file associated with Android Reverse Tethering.

Note! This tool was developed by Windows Software Developer for Windows OS. The latest version includes Androidtool.Exe:, which was released specifically for Windows 7.

Because of its usefulness, any EXE file is used as a method of virus infection. Sometimes malware disguises itself as a harmless EXE file. It is spread in the form of spam through a mailbox or a malicious website. This file can harm your computer.

File management

There is another option, how to connect Android to laptop via Wi-Fi. In this case, it is necessary that both devices are on the same network, being connected to the same router, or in the manner described above. Next, you need to install ES-Explorer from Google Play on your phone.

  • On the computer, press the [Win] [R] key combination and in the window that appears, write: CMD.
  • In the console that opens, enter the ipconfig command and press the [Enter] button.
  • After the command, information about your computer’s network will appear, find the lines “IPv4 addresses” and “Default gateway” and remember them.
  • On your smartphone, open the explorer, which you downloaded from the link above.
  • Swipe right and select “Network”.
  • Then click on “Lan”.
  • In the window that opens, select the “Create” command and fill in the following values:
  • Domain: Write the addresses of the default gateway.
  • Server: in this field you need to enter the address that you memorized in the “IPv4 addresses” line on the computer.
  • Check the box next to “Anonymous”.
  • Click “OK”, after which the connection to your laptop will be made.

Phone to computer

Next, we present several examples of connecting a smartphone to a computer, depending on the current task.

Access to files and calls

We’ll also show you how to connect your laptop to Android via Wi-Fi for file management. Full access to phone files, messages and call logs requires the help of My Phone Explorer. You also need both devices to be on the same network.

  • Download and install the program for Windows and Android.
  • Run the client version on the smartphone.
  • Then start the server side on the laptop and press the [F1] button to search for devices. If both devices are on the same network, your laptop will find your smartphone and offer to come up with a name for it.
  • Upon completion of the connection, you will have access to both the file system of the smartphone and other information in its state.

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How to connect Android to laptop via Wi-Fi and vice versa

Now it is becoming more and more popular to connect mobile devices with each other without wires. First of all, it is convenient because you do not have to carry wires with you in case you need to connect your Android smartphone with a laptop. In this article, we’ll show you how to connect Android to laptop via Wi-Fi and vice versa, depending on your specific purpose.

Internet distribution

Consider the option when your laptop is connected to the Internet via a cable and not via a router. In this case, it is possible to distribute the smartphone’s Internet via Wi-Fi, and the laptop will act as a router. There are several ways to do this, but we will describe the most universal method that you can use on Windows 7 to 10.

To implement this method, you will need the My Public Wi-Fi program, which can be downloaded at this address.

  • Install the program on your PC.
  • Run it as administrator.
  • By default, the program already has the necessary settings, namely: the specified network name, password and source with the Internet. To create an access point, you just need to click on the button below “Setup and Start Hotspot”.
  • Turn on your smartphone to search for Wi-Fi networks and connect to the desired.

Share the internet

If you want to use your phone as a hotspot for your computer, follow these steps on your phone.

Note: Your mobile device must have a SIM card with access to mobile Internet.

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on “Modem mode”.
  • If desired, you can configure the network name and password by first selecting “Configure access point”.
  • To start distributing the network, activate the switch opposite the “Access Point”.
  • On the computer Let’s scan the networks and connect to the.

How to connect Android to computer via Wi-Fi

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How to connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone with a USB cable

This option for installing the Internet on a computer via a mobile phone is perhaps the easiest. What is needed for this? First you need to have a USB cable handy (it often comes with your phone). Next, we proceed in steps:

  • We insert our USB cable with one end into the connector on the phone, and the other into the USB port of the laptop.
  • After that, a menu will appear on the phone, which must be closed.
  • Next, go to the settings of your phone and look for the item there. “Modem and access point”.
  • Then, check the box “USB-modem”, and then it will connect.
  • The installation of additional software will start on the laptop, wait until it finishes.
  • When the Internet is installed on your computer, you should see its icon in the tray.

There is one more important detail worth noting. If you are using an old version of the Windows operating system. For example, Windows Vista, or XP, then this driver from the phone may NOT be installed on the computer. Thanks to the first method, we figured out how to connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone with a cable. Next, let’s look at a few more options.

Internet connection via Bluetooth

And the third way to connect your laptop to the Internet using your phone is Bluetooth. It is pre-installed on every modern computer and phone. But, if you have it on your laptop, you can download the wireless driver on the Internet.

So how do you get online? Everything is simple here. We activate Bluetooth on the phone and on the computer. By doing so, we will create the visibility of THESE devices. Next, go to the “Settings” of the phone and select “Modem access point”. In this case, you will connect the Internet on your computer via Bluetooth.

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Connecting a laptop via a phone to the Internet, which gives

Hello, friends! The Internet is almost everywhere. Our modern world uses the global network in all information technologies. But what to do when there is a problem with the Internet on your computer? For example, a network cable is broken, the provider has a problem, or the modem stops working.

In this case, a phone developed on Android platforms (smartphone) will help us. What does connecting a laptop via a phone to the Internet give? This is a kind of fallback. To successfully connect to the Network in a laptop via a phone, 3G and Wi-Fi Internet modules must be installed on it. The question of how to connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone will be discussed later in the article and in practice we will analyze three connection methods.

How to connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone, 3 ways

Not all people know how to connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone. If you have the Internet on your laptop, you can connect it using your smartphone. How to do it? This article will cover three ways to connect your laptop to the Internet through your phone. According to the instructions, you will establish an Internet connection on a laptop (computer) using a mobile device.

Connect your laptop to the Internet via your smartphone’s Wi-Fi

Every modern phone has a Wi-Fi function. With it, we can connect the Internet on a laptop via a phone. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • At the top of the phone screen, you must activate the “Mobile data” or “Data” function. Click on this icon. It is usually indicated by arrows pointing upwards.
  • Go to settings and open “Connections”, then “Other networks”.
  • Click on the “Modem access point” button.
  • Go to another system window. “Portable Access Point”.
  • Below the screen, click again on “Settings”.

Next, go to the “Settings” on the laptop and activate the Wi-Fi adapter (Figure 1).

Select from the parameters the wireless network that was connected from the phone and turn it on. After that, you will have access to the Internet on your laptop.

So, in the article we examined the question of how to connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone. Thanks to the above methods of Internet connection, you will be able to configure the Network correctly. Choose from them a suitable option for yourself. Namely, the one that is easy and convenient to use at your discretion. Thank you and good luck!

How to connect a smartphone to a laptop via Wi-Fi?

Obviously, the owner of the smartphone must already have configured access to the World Wide Web through the network of the cellular operator, otherwise nothing will work.

You must perform the following sequential steps:

  • Activate the reception and transmission of data over the Internet in the smartphone (swipe down from the top of the screen to lower the menu curtain and click on the “Mobile data” icon);
  • Then go to the “Settings” and open the “Connections” section, where they will be named on the line “Other networks”;
  • Then, in the displayed menu, they will call it “Modem and access point”;
  • After that, go to the “Portable Access Point” tab;
  • In the next menu will be called “Settings” (at the bottom of the screen)
  • After that, go to the “Settings” in the laptop and activate its Wi-Fi adapter, set the switch to the “On” position;
  • In the displayed list of networks, find and name the wireless network created by the smartphone, and (the network name and access code to it will appear on the phone display immediately after completing the 5th paragraph of this instruction)
  • Done. Now the computer connected to the phone already has access to the Internet;
  • The next time when you need to access the global network from a laptop via a smartphone, the user does NOT need to follow the above points of the manual and enters a login with a password, and the connection will be made automatically immediately after activating the “Access to Wi-Fi” function in the smartphone;
  • As you can see from the above figure, you will only need to lower the menu curtain and click on the corresponding buttons “Mobile data” and “Access to Wi-Fi”. Turn on the wireless adapter in the PC and it will connect to the mobile router automatically.

How to independently connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone

In cases where it is not possible to connect a laptop to a provider’s cable or to a fixed Wi-Fi network, there is a convenient way to Access the Internet on a laptop via Wi-Fi distributed by a smartphone, since most modern smart mobile phones have a portable Wi-Fi hotspot function. The main thing is that the phone has support for 3G (4G) communication and is connected to the corresponding services of the mobile operator to provide access to the global network.

Below is a guide on how to connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone with a detailed description of the steps illustrated with screenshots of the screen of a mobile device and a PC. And also, if the user prefers a more reliable wired connection, then at the end of this article there is a brief instruction on how to connect a PC to the Internet via a phone using a USB cable.

How to connect a smartphone to a laptop via a USB cable?

To do this, you need a USB cable, which usually comes with your phone.

The following steps must be taken:

  • Connect the mobile phone to the laptop with a cable, inserted the appropriate plugs from the wire into the USB port of the PC and into the mini USB connector of the phone;
  • The mobile device display will show a special menu to indicate the connection mode. The menu must be closed;
  • Open the smartphone settings and go to the “Modem and access point” section;
  • Check the box on the USB-modem so that it is connected;
  • As a result of completing the previous (4th) point in the laptop in automatic mode, the software will be installed for the new equipment found. In the displayed window on the PC monitor, you only need to agree to the terms and conditions and put a checkmark in the menu that allows further connection with the modem;
  • Done. The logo of the Internet connection will be displayed in the desktop tray of the laptop.

Note: in the case of an operating system running in a laptop that is no longer supported by Microsoft, for example, Windows XP or Vista, then the user will need to independently install the software, downloaded it from the official resource of the equipment manufacturer.

Mobile hotspot via USB cable.

If the Wi-Fi module on your laptop does not work, or you just need to connect the Internet to a personal computer, then you can use the USB modem mode to connect the Internet to the computer via a regular USB cable. A plus in this connection option is to simultaneously charge the smartphone and distribute the Internet through it, which is very convenient.

Go to settings and open Connections.

Next, we go to the Mobile hotspot and modem section.

Connect the cable to the laptop and the phone, and then activate the USB modem item.

Allow access to data on the phone.

And then, we expect automatic and quick installation of drivers on a laptop.

After installing the drivers, select the location for the network.

And, close the window.

As you can see, we have successfully configured Internet access via a usb cable.

That’s all in general. Moving on.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Open Settings and find Connections.

Go to the Mobile hotspot and modem section.

We activate the Mobile Hotspot and click on it to enter the settings.

Here, you can replace the default AndroidAP name and set a password.

So, we find a new access point on a laptop and connect to it.

Enter the previously set password from the access point.

So, the connection is active and you can already go to check on some site.

And on the phone, if necessary, you can click on the Connected device.

And see various information about the device connected to the access point.

That’s all in general. Moving on.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Open Settings and find the section Wireless networks.

Go to the Modem Mode section.

Opening the Wi-Fi bridge.

We activate it and go to the Configuring Wi-Fi Bridge section.

In the settings, you can change the name and set the password for the Wi-Fi bridge.

So, we find a new access point on a laptop and connect to it.

Enter the previously specified password from the Wi-Fi bridge.

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Choosing a location for the network.

So, the connection is active and you can already go to check on some site.

That’s all in general. Moving on.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Open Settings and find the section Wi-Fi hotspot.

Where is the rather extensive list of various possibilities.

  • We activate the item Wi-Fi access point;
  • Point Setting (Name, Password, ID and Frequency Range)
  • QR code for quick connection to an access point from another device;
  • Setting a limit for traffic in accordance with the mobile tariff;
  • Auto disconnect access point if there are no connected devices;
  • Finally, you can view connected devices.

So, we find a new access point on a laptop and connect to it.

Enter the previously set password from the access point.

So, the connection is active and you can already go to check on some site.

And also, if necessary, you can go to the Connected devices section.

Where it is possible to set the Limit of connected devices or add a device to the Black List to prevent it from connecting to this point. To enter a restriction, click on the connected device.

And, in fact, we turn off the device, add it to the black list.

That’s all in general. Moving on.

Mobile hotspot via USB cable.

Open Settings and go to the Additional functions section.

Connect the cable to the phone and laptop, and then activate the USB modem.

Choosing a location for the network.

And, close the window.

As you can see, we have successfully configured Internet access via a usb cable.

That’s all in general. Moving on.

Android in EMUI shell

EMUI is a mobile operating system that was developed by Huawei as a software shell based on the Android system to enhance the functionality and visual capabilities and personalize the mobile range of its Honor and Huawei smartphones.

Android 9

Android is perhaps one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, developed by Android Inc. and then purchased by Google, which is now actively used as the main OS on various smartphones, tablets, smart watches, fitness bracelets, laptops. smartbooks, etc.

Android in MIUI shell

MIUI is a mobile operating system that was developed by Xiaomi as a software shell based on the Android system to enhance the functionality and visual capabilities and personalize the mobile range of its Xiaomi smartphones from the MI series, Redmi, Black Shark and Poco.

Connect your laptop to the Internet via your phone

If you need access to the Internet through a laptop during various trips or visiting places where there is no access to a Wi-fi network, connecting to a laptop Internet via a mobile phone can be a worthy alternative to various USB-modems, which are offered by mobile operators to solve such problems.

Now, we will go over the settings of smartphones based on four, the most famous mobile operating systems Android as a basis, MIUI from Xiaomi, EMUI from Huawei and IOS from Apple to turn your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for Internet distribution via Wi- Fi or USB cable.

Management and self-maintenance

The modern world is literally saturated with high-speed Internet. Home PCs are connected to fiber-optic networks, and Wi-Fi zones are ubiquitous outside the home. However, sometimes situations arise when the user is left without an Internet connection at the right time, even in a familiar environment. For example, there may be problems on the side of the provider or on a long trip you cannot find a wireless Internet point. In such cases, you can connect to the Internet via your mobile phone. The main condition for this is that a mobile phone or smartphone must be equipped with 3G and Wi-Fi Internet modules.

You can connect the Internet to a PC using a cell phone in 3 main ways:

  • Use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Set your phone as a usb modem
  • Create a PC connection by phone

Let’s analyze in detail each of THESE methods.

Fly’s training course: Become your Android smartphone guru in 6 steps. How to connect the Internet to a computer via a mobile phone. Phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

The easiest way to connect your computer to the Internet using a mobile gadget is to revert your mobile phone to a wireless access point. We will tell you how to do it using a smartphone on Android sixth version.

Open settings, click on “” and select the item “Modem mode”. Next, you need to select “Wi-Fi access point”. After you turn on the access point, the name of this point and the password for entering will appear. You can also set up a WPS connection for safe Internet access. The system will ask you to choose one of two connection modes: by pressing a button or via a PIN code.

Here you can see the number of connected or blocked users.

The last step is to set up a wireless network in your PC settings. If everything is done correctly, start the mobile Internet on your device, and the computer will see the phone as an access point. All that remains is to enter the password and you can work.

Please note that there are two significant drawbacks to connecting a computer via an access point on the phone:

  • Hotspot puts a heavy load on your battery, so your Android phone runs out of power pretty quickly.
  • The computer must be equipped with a Wi-Fi module. Therefore, this method is suitable, for the most part, for laptops.

Connect phone to computer as usb modem

The second method by which you can connect a computer to the Internet is more complicated, but it is suitable for both a stationary PC and a laptop, and does NOT require a Wi-Fi module. Let’s analyze this method step by step:

Need to connect phone to computer with usb cable.

The computer will inform you that the necessary drivers have been installed, and a window will appear on the phone screen with a choice of usb connection. Click “Cancel”.

In the phone settings, you need to select the “” item, then click “Modem mode”. Here you need to click on the button that will turn on the usb modem.

The computer will start installing the required drivers. You will need to allow the connection to the modem, which turned into a telephone and indicate the type of connection. After that, the Internet on the computer will be connected.

As a rule, the modem driver is installed in the memory of the smartphone itself. Sometimes such software may be included on the disc bundled with the device. We also draw the attention of those who use a computer with an operating system older than Windows 7. To connect the Internet via a cell phone in this way, all the necessary drivers will have to be downloaded and installed independently.

Create a new PC connection for your phone

You can access the Internet from your computer via your phone by creating a new connection. This method also consists of several steps:

Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable. As described above, the system itself will install all the necessary drivers from the gadget’s memory.

Next, you need to create a new Internet connection. Open on computer “Control Panel”, then select “Internet and Network” and click on “Network and Sharing Center”. Here you need to select the term “Setting up a new network connection”. After that, the Dialog box “Establish a network connection” should appear. Here you need to click on the term “Phone connection settings”, and then on the “Next” button.

The system will now ask for your username and password to the service provider and the number to dial. Typically 9 # or 99 #.

If everything is done correctly, all that remains is to press the “Connect” button, after which the computer will gain access to the Internet via a mobile phone. If you managed to do everything correctly, then the PC will connect to the Internet.

This method also has a couple of disadvantages:

  • The quality and speed of connection depends on the service provider
  • If the owner of the phone uses a non-fixed tariff, connecting through a new hotspot can quickly empty the mobile account.

One way or another, all three ways by which you can connect your computer to the Internet using your phone are designed to fully work on the Internet. It remains for you to make sure that the smartphone is charged and that there are enough funds in the account.

You can also watch a training video on connecting a computer to the Internet.

We will devote the last lesson of the second step of our tutorial to how to set up parental controls on a smartphone. Do not miss!