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Check Laptop For Viruses Online

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft has created a special utility to scan your computer. It can be downloaded from the office. Site. Please note that it is valid for 10 days! After its expiration, you will need to download the new version with the already updated virus databases. Its main advantage is portability, it works without installation on a PC.

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Online computer scan for viruses

ESET Online Scanner

Another way that you can scan a PC or netbook without downloading an additional anti-virus program. It is completely free for ordinary users. To scan, you need to go to the official website.

If you use Internet Explorer, the analysis will be performed without downloading additional files. If you use other browsers to access the Internet, then you will need to download a small file and run it. According to the developers, ESET’s online scanner is able to detect and remove any type of threat.

A clear advantage of this utility is the ability to customize the scan. After you click the button to scan, the current anti-virus database will be downloaded from the Internet and after that the search will begin. Of course, the utility is of high quality and reliable, but for its use, additional software is installed on the computer and it cannot be used without the Internet.

Checking for viruses with free software

Dr.Web СURE it

Dr.Web Cure it Doctor Web is a free program designed to scan PCs for viruses without installing an anti-virus. It features fast operation speed and a very large database of known threats. With its help, you can find malware in a few clicks and remove them once and for all.

To do this, you just need to download the utility. Open it and start the scanning process. Doctor Web will thoroughly scan the system and cure it of viruses. The utility perfectly recognizes most threats and supports all versions of Windows.

There are threats that cannot be removed in normal Windows mode, to do this, boot into Safe Mode and Run the scan again.

Panda ActiveScan

Service of the popular worldwide cloud antivirus. To conduct a free online scan, you must go to the site. Just like ESET, Panda works in IE without installing additional files.

As stated on the official website, the utility is capable of detecting any Trojans and malware. Treating a laptop with it always goes unnoticed, quickly and very effectively!

Instructions: how to check a laptop for viruses without antivirus

If you think that it is possible to detect and get rid of viruses only with the help of antivirus, then you are wrong! You probably ask, how is it possible to check your computer and laptop for viruses without installing an antivirus? So, this is possible, even without an Internet connection! And free Antivirus utilities and online scanners will help us with this.

The most important thing worth noting is that such utilities can only scan the PC for threats and remove them, they DO NOT treat the computer, keep this in mind.

Before starting to analyze the topic, I would like to say that such programs only complement the main antivirus, but cannot replace it in any way. Therefore, I recommend installing a full-fledged security software. Here is a ranking of the best of them for the last year.

  • Checking for viruses with free software
  • Microsoft Safety Scanner
  • Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
  • Dr.Web СURE it
  • Online computer scan for viruses
  • Bitdefender QuickScan
  • ESET Online Scanner
  • Panda ActiveScan
  • Dr.Web online
  • Kaspersky online

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

A free program from the well-known developer Kaspersky, designed to search and remove Trojans and other threats on a PC. Cloud technology is used in the analysis process, which can significantly speed up the analysis. You can download it from here.

When malware is detected, Kaspersky does NOT remove it, but only reports the threat. But you can always remove the detected viruses yourself, for this you just need to follow the path indicated in the report and neutralize the Necessary threat.

After finishing checking and cleaning the system, be sure to restart your computer.

Bitdefender QuickScan

A utility from a well-known developer that allows you to conduct online scanning without downloading and installing additional antivirus, just follow the link. To get started, you need to click the “Scan now”, after which a special extension will be installed in your browser. He will have access to all available data on the laptop for verification. The process itself lasts NOT more than 2 minutes.

Why is it so fast? As indicated on the official website, this is due to the fact that the whole process is carried out in the cloud, and the technology itself consists of identifying active threats at the time of scanning.


Doctor Web online computer check and treatment for free

Dr.Web Online is a free online anti-virus that allows you to scan files and links for viruses and threats. It should be borne in mind that this method does not allow you to detect viruses in the system areas of your hard drives. To fully scan your computer, you must launch the anti-virus program directly on the PC! For example, Dr.Web CureIt!

See Also Free Antivirus Utilities for Complete PC Virus Scan.

How to use Doctor Web’s online scanner ?

  • Go to the official Dr.Web website, scroll to the bottom, there will be an opportunity to check the link (in the “http: //” field, insert the link you want to check) or a file (click “Browse” and select the file on your device, to 10MB). After scanning, you will receive a report on infection.

Official website: https://www.Drweb.Ru

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List of online scanners:

  • Virustotal
  • Dr.Web Online
  • Kaspersky VirusDesk
  • NANO Antivirus online scanner
  • Jotti’s malware scan

Kaspersky VirusDesk

Online scanner NANO Antivirus

Online scanner NANO Antivirus. similar to other scanners, it will allow you to check a suspicious file on your computer (laptop) for viruses and Trojans. The file size limit for this scanner is 20 MB.

How to use the free online NANO scanner ?

  • To check, select a file or archive “Choose File” on your device and click “Scan”, see Screenshot.

When uploading to scan archives in “rar, zip”, Use as password “123”.

Official website: https://www.Nanoav.Ru

Virustotal online check is a free online virus scanner. Virustotal allows you to check any file on your computer or resources on the network for viruses and threats.

Virustotal com how to use?

  • It is very easy to use it, you just need to specify a file for checking on your PC or insert a suspicious link into “Url”. Once the analysis of the file is complete, you will receive a full report from over 50 antivirus scanners, including:

Acronis, Ad-Aware, AegisLab, AhnLab-V3, Alibaba, ALYac, Antiy-AVL, Arcabit, Avast, Avast-Mobile, AVG, Baidu, BitDefender, BitDefenderTheta, Bkav, CAT-QuickHeal, ClamAV, Comodo, DrWeb, Emsisoft, eScan, ESET-NOD32, FireEye, Fortinet, F-Prot, F-Secure, GData, Ikarus, Jiangmin, K7AntiVirus, K7GW, Kaspersky, Kingsoft, MAX, McAfee, McAfee-GW-Edition, Microsoft, NANO-Antivirus, Panda, Qihoo-360, Rising, Sangfor Engine Zero, Sophos AV, SUPERAntiSpyware, TACHYON, Tencent, TrendMicro, TrendMicro-HouseCall, VBA32, VIPRE, ViRobot, Webroot, Yandex, Zillya, ZoneAlarm by Check Point, Zoner, etc.

Official website:

Jotti’s malware scan

Kaspersky online computer scan for viruses

Kaspersky VirusDesk. allows you to scan your computer (files) for viruses online for free without downloading and installing software, you can also use it to check suspicious links to known threats.

Kaspersky-online how to check ?

  • Go to the office. Kaspersky Lab website, click the paperclip icon to select a file (up to 50MB) on your computer, or paste the suspicious link into the scan field. Upon completion, a report will appear in the analysis and scan results.

If you want to send an archive for verification, then set a password on it “virus” or “infected”. When sending an archive with a different password, the server will display an error message. When sending an archive without a password, the server can block suspicious files.

Official website: https://virusdesk.Kaspersky.Ru

ESET Online scanner

The next method, which allows you to scan for free, is an ESET lab scanner. You can activate it, go to the official page. Click on the “Run” button, enter your e-mail address and you can download the portable program.

According to the developers’ statements, their product is capable of detecting all threats, the descriptions of which are contained on the server. Plus a heuristic analysis of the computer (detection of new suspected viruses).

We recommend that you pre-configure the scanner. To insure yourself and NOT to lose important files, Uncheck the box next to the option “eliminate detected threats”. As soon as the process is launched, the current databases will be loaded from the network (Takes up to five minutes).

Mcafee Security Scan Plus

A good way to check the system, disks and even removable media (USB flash drive) for malicious scripts. You can download the utility on the developer’s website.

In addition to complete cleaning, the software reports on unsafe browser extensions, warns of the need to update databases and install a full-fledged antivirus.

Online computer scan for viruses at HouseCall

This scanner is developed by Trend Micro, which is highly respected in Western countries. But few people know the CIS in it.

Go to the site. Select the version (32 or 64 bit), download the necessary files, launch, accept the terms of the license agreement and click on the blue button “Scan now”:

If you do not want to perform a full scan, then click on the “Settings” label and specify specific items to check.

HouseCall’s big plus is its extensive database of threats, which is constantly updated. This allows you to find “straight from the tin” Trojans and even rootkits.

Useful content:

Online Panda Security

Panda Cloud Antivirus is familiar to many. I once used it for a long time. Not a bad solution for those who do NOT want to burden the system with complex utilities that consume a lot of RAM.

To identify suspicious activities and services, clean from viruses, you need to download a compact application from the link.

Microsoft Safety Scanner

But not everyone knows that the company that brought Windows to the world has its own online antivirus. After going to the utility site. You need to choose a version of the appropriate bit depth.


Doctor Web provides the ability to quickly scan the required objects. Wherein. You don’t need to download anything. All files are sent to the servers of the anti-virus laboratory, where they are thoroughly scanned.

If you want to use this service, here is the link. The interface is straightforward. just a green bar with a file selection form:

Although, if you figure out why you need “bells and whistles” and a beautiful page, if we did not come here for this. Just click on the “Scan” button and wait for the end of the process. In total, a detailed report will be loaded.

How to scan your computer for viruses online and for free in 2020

Did you know that it is possible to check online antivirus and remove viruses without installation, for free? Sometimes this can be very useful if you have a low-power system that will NOT support serious security software. Or there is simply no time to install a full-fledged application.

Immediately emphasize that some of the utilities described below do NOT require installation at all, but they perform scanning selectively: you must specify a specific file, which will be checked.

For example, VirusTotal or Dr.Web online analyze items on their servers. To increase the possibilities, you will have to add an extension to your browser (BitDefender) or download a portable utility.

The following popular applications will help you check the system online.

Virustotal. Antivirus online virus check and removal

Google several years ago created an online service that allows it to identify “Trojan horses”, “worms” and other malicious animals Not only on the local PC, but also in network folders.

You can use the service on this site. It is enough just to select a suspicious file (its size should NOT exceed 128 megabytes). And you can specify a link to a network resource that you want to scan. To do this, go to the “Url addresses” tab:

After clicking on the button at the bottom of the page, the search procedure will start. After a while, a report will appear on the screen.

The author recommends:

We offer you to watch some useful videos from our Youtube channel dedicated to online detection of digital threats.

Share your impressions in the comments about antivirus online (checking and treating your computer for viruses without installing applications). This will be useful Not only for me, but also for other readers of the blog, because online computer scanning for viruses is a very relevant topic.

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Cloud virus scan in Panda Cloud Cleaner

Panda Cloud Cleaner is another online scanner for scanning your computer for viruses using the database of a well-known antivirus developer:

  • On the official website on the left, click “Scan now” to download the scanner. Run it. this utility requires installation on your computer.
  • After installation, launch Panda Cloud Cleaner and in the main window click “Accept and Scan”.
  • Wait for the virus scan to complete.
  • Upon completion, you will see a result consisting of three points: known threats, unknown files and suspicious policies, the ability to clean the system from optional elements. Only the first point is critical, the rest You do not need to clear if in doubt.

F-Secure Online Scanner

Despite the fact that the F-Secure Online Scanner website does not have a Russian interface language, the free online scanner itself is in Russian: it downloads a file from the official website / online-scanner, run and click “Accept and Check” to start an online scan for viruses.

The check takes place quickly and one can hope that it is quite effective: F-Secure, although it is NOT too well known in our country, belongs to very high quality antiviruses.

Online scanners to check your computer for viruses, and do not conflict with installed antiviruses

The second part is in Special scanners, which use the current anti-virus database from the Internet and, as a rule, download it to the computer, after which they scan the running processes and files on your PC or laptop, do not conflict with the existing antiviruses.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Comodo Cleaning Essentials. This is not only a virus scan tool with the latest online antivirus databases, but also additional tools, including a task manager and startup with analysis for malicious and potentially unwanted elements, as well as a tool for cleaning the system of unnecessary components.

For a separate overview of the toolkit and how to download them, see Malware Removal and Other Comodo Cleaning Essentials.

How to check your computer for viruses online. 10 ways

The question of how to check your computer for viruses online is very popular among novice users. Before proposing methods of scanning, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following information about online scanning for viruses: the main thing to know is that it will NOT work to perform a full scan of all files on a computer somewhere on a website on the Internet, because then you would have to download all the contents of the PC or laptop to this site. But you can:

  • Check individual programs and other files for viruses completely online, uploaded them to special services.
  • Download special Antivirus utilities, which, although they are called “online scanners”, but work on your computer, and from the Internet use the anti-virus database for scanning (which can also be downloaded to the computer). As a rule, they do NOT conflict with already installed antiviruses.

In this manual, in detail about the various methods of online virus scanning of a computer with Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 or SEPARATE programs and other files. I note that often the prerequisite for certain problems with the work of a computer or the Internet are NOT viruses, but malicious programs, which are ordinary antiviruses “do not see”. In this case, I recommend that you try special malware removal tools.

Trend Micro HouseCall. Online Computer Security Scanner

Trend Micro is a popular developer of antivirus products, little known to Russian-speaking users. Housecall is an online virus scanning utility from this developer, available for free download on the official website

After downloading Trend Micro HouseCall and accepting the license terms, all you have to do is click the Scan Now” to start scanning (Considering that the initial initialization process can take several minutes. the anti-virus database will be loaded, and the process is at 0 percent).

The scan will analyze startup programs, running processes, other typical locations of viruses and other threats, and files on disks. Upon completion, you will receive a report on the found malicious elements with the ability to remove them.

Hybrid Analysis

The disadvantage of the two listed scanning methods is that they are limited to the only anti-virus that performs the scan. Virustotal does not have this disadvantage, but if you are interested in even more powerful online virus scanning tools, I recommend that you get acquainted with Hybrid Analysis.

At first glance, the service is not much different, but during the scan you can select a virtual machine on which your suspicious file will be launched and get very detailed and easy-to-learn reports in the analysis. Separate instructions for using the service: Online virus check in Hybrid Analysis.

Online scanning of a program or file for viruses in Dr.Web

Dr.Web also has its own online file scanning service for viruses and other threats, available at

Using, perhaps, is easier than any other Similar services: it loads the file into a single field in the center of the browser window, scan it, and get a short result in Russian.

Online scanning of running processes for viruses in CrowdInspect

Crowdinspect works differently from the other online virus scanners listed in this roundup. The program does not require installation on a computer, and after starting it opens a kind of task manager, which displays the processes running on the computer and the results of their scan using various tools, including the aforementioned Hybrid Analysis.

The utility is excellent and I recommend having it in your arsenal. A separate overview of the tool’s capabilities and where to download it. How to check Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 processes for viruses in CrowdInspect.

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft has created its one-time scan service, the Microsoft Safety Scanner. The validity period of the product is ten days, after that you will have to download a fresh one, with corrected and supplemented databases.

There is also a newer tool called Malicious Software Removal Tool. Both services work and do a good job with their functions.


Another service that allows you to perform web scanning for the presence of malware, trojans. Many users are already familiar with Trend Micro products. The utility is available on the developer’s website.

After the launch, the download of various Special files is activated, then you need to accept the points of the English-language license and call the Scan Now button to start system testing. By clicking on the Settings link below this button, you can select specific objects for scanning, and also mark whether you need an accelerated analysis or a full check.

The program does NOT leave anything behind in the system. It also attracts bases from the Cloud, which helps to ensure a high level of utility reliability. In addition, HouseCol allows you to remove detected viruses from your PC. Among the main advantages are:

  • Quick analysis. about fifteen minutes;
  • High-quality removal of viruses, spyware;
  • Works even if an antivirus is already installed on the computer.
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Principle of operation

In fact, it is impossible to check the device without downloading the installer. Scanning is online, but the scanning program itself needs access to your files. So one part of the antivirus functions as a browser module, and the other as a small application. Let’s also get acquainted with a couple of “helpers” that support online verification without downloading.

There are times when everything has been scanned, but nothing dangerous was found, and the device still does not work correctly (there are ad blocks on websites, it is impossible to open a page, etc.), most likely, it is necessary to remove the malware from the device. Before you can check your computer for viruses online for free, you need to know some features:

  • You will have to download an application, and not a full-fledged program, but having a special directory or connection to the cloud storage where it is located. Another method is to drop a suspicious object for verification directly to the site;
  • Such downloadable programs most often DO NOT interfere with the installed full-fledged antivirus;
  • You should use only proven analysis methods, that is, take utilities directly from manufacturers. If the site contains third-party advertising, the resource is unsafe. Antivirus developers do NOT earn money from advertising, they just sell their products, so they WILL NOT post other people’s blocks on their own sites.

If everything is clear, you can start the process.


Perhaps, almost all users know this product. It allows you to effectively check the necessary materials for viruses. Its convenient service quickly analyzes specific objects. For this you need:

  • Select the “Review” item on the official resource;
  • Specify the path to the file that needs scanning;
  • Name on the “Check” key (Or Scan).

Works online efficiently and efficiently, no need to spend a lot of time.

The author recommends:

We check your computer for viruses online quickly and for free

Unfortunately, not every user has an antivirus on their computer device. Someone is lazy, but someone simply does not consider it a necessity. If suddenly the equipment starts to slow down or advertising blocks appear in the browser, you can check your computer for viruses online. Today there are several services that allow you to quickly scan your PC at any convenient time. Consider the best antiviruses and their features.

Panda cloud cleaner

At first, Panda had a publicly available tool that runs directly in the browser. Currently, there is only a utility that loads its modules onto the computer (no need to be confused, it is not installed and does not affect other antiviruses). The principle of operation of Panda Cloud Cleaner is similar to the previous product: the anti-virus databases are loaded, and testing of the equipment for threats noted in THESE databases begins. After completion, a report on the “Finding” will be drawn up (when you click on the arrow, all the detailed information about specific elements and the possibility of their removal comes out).

It is worth remembering that the items that are located in the Unkonown Files and Cleaning Systems subsections do not always refer to viruses on the PC. The first item is used to store unknown files and strange for the program entries in the registry. The next one will be the possibility of clearing disk space from unnecessary objects. Experts advise using the portable version, because it does not need to be installed. Among the disadvantages of this tool, one can single out only the lack of Russian-language support.

  • Operational check (about half an hour)
  • Identification of common threats;
  • Highly efficient online cleaning.

Panda is also capable of “self-destructing” after it checks and disinfects files. So it will automatically delete, it will NOT leave anything behind.

Useful content:


This tool belongs to the Google corporation, it helps to check various objects from a PC, as well as various resources on the Internet for the presence of worms, Trojans and other infected software. It is located on the official website, you just need to select the file that needs scanning. You can also specify there a link to a page that arouses suspicion (there is a link below “Check URL”). Click “Check”.

After a while, a report will be sent. This is exactly the case when you check for free and without installing additional programs.

Easily scan your home computer for viruses online with ESET Online Scanner

This online scanner also does NOT need to be downloaded to your computer. It will be loaded as a software module that functions without an antivirus installer and uses the virus databases of the full ESET NOD32.

As stated on the website, ESET Online Scanner can easily detect all types of threats based on the latest version of the databases, as well as perform heuristic analysis of the content. After activating the product, you can adjust the necessary parameters, enable or disable the search for unnecessary applications on the PC, scan archives and other functions.

Next comes the standard procedure, upon completion of which a detailed report on all detected threats will be sent to you. The utility is available on the manufacturer’s website.

Next, a standard for ESET NOD32 tools scan of the computer for viruses is performed, according to the results of which you will receive a report on the threats found with all the details. The main advantages of the service:

  • Full system scan (It will take about forty minutes, it all depends on the Internet speed and disk size);
  • Detects any type of threat;
  • Can find malware even in the registry;
  • Does heuristic analysis;
  • Creates a detailed report on Totals.

Kaspersky Security Scan

It is one of the most popular and powerful online virus scanners. Kaspersky scans your hardware quickly and highly efficiently, very common. The program operates in the cloud, so it is easy to check in real time. Main advantages:

  • Does not affect the speed of Windows (unlike a full-fledged product, which consumes decent resources during the scan process);
  • No conflicts with other antiviruses that are on the PC;
  • DOES NOT eliminate found threats, but simply notifies about them (for some this is a plus, and for the latter it is inconvenient to remove them manually by themselves)
  • Provides a report with all the details.

The check is simple:

  • Download the installation file;
  • We start the program;
  • You are waiting for the completion of the procedure;
  • We remove viruses (if any).

As you can see, you can independently, without downloading software, check your computer for viruses online. The developers have taken care of the users, so that everyone can choose something convenient and suitable for themselves. What product do you use?