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Check Apple Wireless Headphones by Serial

Case shape

The original case is made in a case with rounded sides, which smoothly pass into the back of the case. Fake Airpods are often sold in square and oval cases. Counterfeits are also sold, the front of the case is rounded and the back is flat.

What the original Airpods wireless headphones look like

To avoid buying a fake headset, you need to familiarize yourself with the external features of the original Airpods:

How to check Airpods for originality by serial number

The AirPods wireless headset on the iPhone has become a hit. Millions of users dream of purchasing these headphones. But their price is too high, so copies appear on the Chinese market. Now the fakes look like the original: they have a box, a case, and even the iPhone is recognized as real. From the article, the reader will learn how to check Airpods for originality, and what methods are there for this.

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Box design

External differences are already visible when looking at the box. On the original Airpods, the headphones painted on the packaging have clear edges and are easy to feel with your fingers. Counterfeits are sold in flat-print packages. In addition, on the side of the original, the apple shimmers in the light, but in the replica it does not.

AirPods headphone box

Apple only packs the headset in a solid, gap-free package. In the box, the user will find instructions, a case in the tray and a Lighting charging cable (you can check the photo on the Apple website). Most replicas generally do not have a headphone tray.

Often there are no stickers on fake boxes that confirm the originality of the device. Whereas there are 3 stickers on the box from Apple, which are marked with the following: place of issue, serial number and supported OS.

Speaker grid

Another way to track down fake headphones is to look at their speaker grilles. The original models are equipped with metal mesh, which is resistant to wear and tear and protects the speaker from dirt and dust. The Chinese, on the other hand, save on this and produce Airpods with fabric nets, into which earwax and dust are easily clogged. Also, the mesh may break when trying to clean the speaker.

Where to check your Airpods serial number

You can check the Airpods for authenticity using the serial number on the service located at The site also allows you to check if you have already used certain headphones.

To check the Airpods on Apple’s website online, you need:

  • Go to check service.
  • Enter the serial number and verification code in the appropriate field on the screen (for the visually impaired, the code will be read out).

As a result of the check, the service will either find the headphones that have this series number assigned, or indicate that the serial number is invalid. It is recommended to check the entered data and try again. If it is not possible to determine the serial number the second time, then the headphones are fake.

It also happens that the service finds IMEI, but the ears are already activated. To this, the seller can answer that the headset was brought from Hong Kong (the purchase of equipment there is cheaper, but to bypass the additional tax, the headphones are activated upon purchase).


On the back of the case there is an inscription Designed by Apple in California, and on the headphones themselves there are the designations L and R (in English, left and right, respectively). There are no inscriptions on fakes (and if there are, they are poorly readable).

Where is the serial number

Airpods are assigned a serial number to tell you if the earbuds are original. But before you check the serial, you need to pay attention to a couple of points:

  • 1st generation air pods, including the case, have the same serial numbers. Serials may differ if a charging case was purchased for the headset.
  • Both Airpods 2 and Airpods Pro come with their own serial number. The serial number indicated on the case of the charging case is considered the main one.

You can find the number in the inside of the case lid. On the 1st and 2nd generation models, it is located on the right side of the case, and on the “proshka”. on the left side.

A similar combination is applied to the body of the headset itself.

The third way to find out the serial number is to look at it on the back of the box (near the barcode). The location of the serial differs depending on the version of the wireless headset.

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There is another resource on the net that is useful to you. In the form at, you must also enter the series number and you will find out if the device is a real product.

Alternative site for checking Airpods for originality

Or is it just another fake from Chinese craftsmen. When you check, the site will respond with a form with information.

Your Airpods data when checked

How to Check the Warranty on a Apple Product

In which you will find the model, color, and other specifications. If you see such a shape, it will mean that you are a happy owner of real Airpods.

It is possible that this site may be bribed by Chinese manufacturers in the future. And after a while, it will provide data even for fake copies. Therefore, it is preferable to check the originality of the devices on the Apple website. He will give you one hundred percent guarantee and confidence in the information provided.

Checking Airpods by Serial Number

Don’t think Apple is unaware of counterfeits. over, they have created a special page on the Internet where you can check your device for originality. And also determine if anyone has used it before you. It is located at This form requires you to enter the serial number of the device, which fake Airpods often do not have.

It is by the serial unique code that the system will be able to recognize the headphones that were released by Apple. After that, detailed information and other privileges on the company’s website will become available to you. But in order to check the headphones for originality, you need a serial number.

So, let’s see how to get it in different ways:

  • Pick up the Airpods case and open the lid. On the inside you will find the information you need. A code will be indicated here, which must be written out in a notebook or directly into the verification form on the site;

Serial number of the original device
If you have already used cool headphones and connected them to your smartphone, you can get the series data directly in the mobile device itself. To do this, open the settings in the iPhone. Select the “General” section and find the item “About this device” in it. Next, select the name of your purchase. Airpods. And in the next window you can find out the serial number of Airpods in order to take it to check for originality;

Checking Airpods Serial Number via Mobile Device
And the last option. find the desired code on the packaging from the headphones. This option is also suitable for those who have not yet had time to print the device. But he has a desire to clarify its authenticity. In the new version of Airpods, the “serial” is located on each earphone. over, it is different for everyone. In this case, you can enter them in the form one by one.

Serial code on Airpods packaging

Checking Airpods for authenticity according to the information on the box.

We return to the information on the right side of the end of the box.

The second line is the standard phrase for all Apple devices. Designed by Apple in California Made in China. The Chinese copy will at best say. Made in China.

On the third line, we see the model numbers of the right earphone, left earphone and charging case.
Model A2032 A2031 A1938. These models must also be written on the box. These model numbers indicate that:

Airpods (2nd generation, 2019) with Wireless Charging Case contains:

Airpods (2nd generation, 2019) with Charging Case contains:

  • A2032. right earphone with H1 processor
  • A2031. left headphone with H1 processor
  • A1602. charging case

Airpods Bundle (1st generation) contains:

If all this information is present on the packaging and matches the above numbers, but you think that fake Airpods were put in the original box, then let’s unpack and check each earphone and case separately.

Other differences between headphones and fakes

Even if these features are soon adopted by Chinese masters, the signs of the original are not yet finished. Pay attention to the diode and its glow colors. Real Airpods have red, green, orange, and white lights. In fakes, as a rule, white is absent. When connecting original headphones with a serial code, the device immediately recognizes them and offers to connect. And you have to connect the Chinese ones like a regular Bluetooth device.

When you try to listen to music and put headphones in your ears, you will hear the signature sound. He notifies that the device is ready for use. If you do the same with “fake” ones, you can often hear a woman’s voice. Try now to test your Airpods for originality with a unique serial number. You may also have been the victim of scammers claiming to be a genuine Apple product.

When buying popular headphones, especially from a brand like Apple, there is a risk of encountering a fake. And in order to purchase a really high-quality product, you need to know the signs of real Airpods: how to check for originality by the serial number, what to look for during an external examination, what should and should not sound.

Connect Airpods to iPhone.

Bring the airpods to the bluetooth enabled iPhone and open the case. A welcome window should appear on the iphone screen almost immediately.

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If nothing happens, check if Bluetooth is turned on, and then press the button on the back of the case and hold it for a couple of seconds. This time everything should work out. But it so happens that even after that, the headphones did not connect to the iphone. Then go to settings. bluetooth, see if there are Airpods among the devices and click connect. The Chinese copy in the Bluetooth settings will be defined as a character set. If the connection was more difficult than just opening the case, then let’s do one more check.

5 ways how to distinguish original from fake Airpods

Apple recently refreshed its Airpods lineup with better specs, but left the design of the device and the box unchanged. Therefore, the question of how to distinguish real Apple Airpods 2 from a Chinese copy will be relevant for a long time. Recently we wrote how to distinguish the original Airpods 2 from the 1st generation model, today we will tell you how to distinguish them from a fake.

Headphones themselves

And of course, how else can you recognize a fake if not by checking the headphones themselves. They must be assembled tightly, without gaps, like a monolithic structure. There should be no extraneous inscriptions, references to HTP or third-party companies. only the letters R and L to define the right and left ear, respectively.

Examine the speaker mesh. it is made from neatly woven metal strands. The use of fabric or cheap foam rubber, clearly asymmetrical nets are all signs of a fake.

Make sure there are no separate buttons on the headphones for turning on or communicating with the audio source.

Also, check how quickly your smartphone finds them. With original Airpods, communication is established almost instantly (after all, Apple’s proprietary chip is very good), but with fakes you can spend a lot of time before the iPhone somehow sees them.

Pay attention to additional elements necessary for correct operation. for example, sensors to determine if the earpiece is in the ear.

Copies usually have nothing but a lone speaker.

Charging case dimensions

On the left is a fake, on the right is the original

Apple won the Airpods Innovation Award for a reason. The smallest wireless and technologically advanced accessory on the market.

Each earphone: 16.5 x 18.0 x 40.5mm
Charging case: 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5mm

This is a small piece of art. Not that fakes, which are larger in all planes by a couple of millimeters for sure. They are seriously huge.

Checking the originality of headphones on the Apple website

The case is small. go to the above address and enter the serial number in the form for verification.

    Enter the received code in the empty line;

Enter the serial number of the headphones in the blank line of the form
Below is a block to confirm that you are not a robot. You need to enter captcha. the symbols that are shown in the picture;

Captcha input to check Airpods for originality

  • Click the “Continue” button. If you have any problems with the captcha, under the form, click “Update code”. You can use the voice prompt of the code for those who have poor vision. For this, the button is also located under the form;
  • On the next page, you should see items with green checkmarks. They assure us that we are eligible for support. This will confirm that this model, according to the entered serial number of Airpods, is original.
  • Signs of originality of Airpods

    You will also be able to see the expiration date of the earphones warranty. Apple‘s official website is not the only resource that allows you to determine the originality of devices from this company.

    Headphones themselves

    The copy is much larger than the original. The case itself is almost twice as large, and the headphones are so much larger than the original Airpods that Chinese plastics simply cannot fit into my ears.

    The case of the original headphones has a pleasant springy opening-closing mechanism, while the copy of the case closes with a kind of latch, which looks, sounds and feels very cheap (but what did I expect for 1,500 rubles ?!).

    The photos show the original on the left and a copy on the right.


    A copy of either iFans or Afans is called. At least these two inscriptions are present on the box. Apparently, the Chinese have not decided on the final name, so they decided to use both.

    The shape of the headphones themselves and the case

    On the left is a fake, on the right is the original

    The original headphone case is slightly rounded on the sides and flows smoothly from the front to the back. Fake is often rectangular rather than oval. Or it has rounded sidewalls, but in front and behind it itself is as flat as possible.

    The Airpods themselves, the Chinese have learned to copy almost flawlessly. The only external difference is their size.


    Inside the box with the original Airpods there is a short instruction manual, the headphones themselves in a translucent film and a Lightning cable for charging the case.

    There is no short guide book inside the box with a copy, but there are some inscriptions in Chinese glued to the bottom of the box. Perhaps these are characteristics, or perhaps thanks from the manufacturer for spending money on this horror. And the blue ugly film is not Apple-style at all.

    The headphones themselves are not on a dense cardboard base, but in some kind of chemical incomprehensible contraption that can be found in a stall on the Chinese market. The charging cord is present, it even looks like a Lightning, but it’s not Lightning at all, of course, but a cheap, low-quality Chinese something.

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    Other differences between headphones and fakes

    Even if these features are soon adopted by Chinese masters, the signs of the original are not yet finished. Pay attention to the diode and its glow colors. Real Airpods have red, green, orange, and white lights. In fakes, as a rule, white is absent. When connecting original headphones with a serial code, the device immediately recognizes them and offers to connect. And you have to connect the Chinese ones like a regular Bluetooth device.

    When you try to listen to music and put headphones in your ears, you will hear the signature sound. He notifies that the device is ready for use. If you do the same with “fake” ones, you can often hear a woman’s voice. Try now to test your Airpods for originality with a unique serial number. You may also have been the victim of scammers claiming to be a genuine Apple product.

    Quite often, our customers, interested in buying Airpods headphones, ask the question: “Do you definitely have a copy?”.

    Of course, this question hurts us to the core, we just want to take a bundle on a stick and go into the sunset, like Tom from the cartoon, but we don’t hang our nose!

    But seriously, we do not sell any copies. Only original Apple Airpods with an official one-year warranty.

    Before purchasing your headphones, we always advise you to check the serial number on the Apple website:

    If they are defined as Airpods. in front of you is the original, if the site gives an error. in front of you is something else.

    And in order to dispel all the remaining doubts of our customers, we purchased these, God forgive me, fake Airpods and in this article we will compare the “formidable competitor” with an excellent headset from Apple.

    How to check the serial number of Apple headphones?

    Apple, like other world famous brands, is not immune from the appearance of counterfeits of its products on the market. But Apple has made sure that the counterfeit can be distinguished from the original product. The serial number of your Airpods will help you pinpoint their originality. We will tell you how to check the authenticity of a gadget in this article.

    Checking Airpods by Serial Number

    Airpods are wireless Bluetooth headphones. You can check your Apple headphones by the serial number. Its unique code is indicated on each earbud.

    The number is located on the inside of the case cover. Checking the number will help determine not only the originality of the earpods, but also the generation of the model. Branded Airpods are supported by all iOS devices above version 10.

    Checking on the official website

    To determine the authenticity of Airpods headphones, you must enter their numbers in the form on the official website at: You also need to punch the number in order to get access to additional information on the company’s technical support website.

    Also, the presence of a unique number entitles you to additional AppleCare service. Each earphone has its own unique code, you need to enter numbers separated by commas. The earbuds can be used separately and independently of each other. After entering the serial number, you will need to enter the characters from the picture. This is a routine check that you are not a robot.

    After clicking the “Continue” button, a page will open with a list of services to which the owners of the original product have the right to use. Green check marks opposite the list items are confirmation of the originality of the purchased model.

    Chipmunk nl 1 more resource to check by serial number

    You can also check the authenticity of Apple headphones at To confirm originality, you must enter the serial number. In response, the online service will issue a form with complete information about your device. The form will indicate color, model, release date and other characteristics. But since this service is not owned by Apple, it is still better to check the website of the company itself.

    How to tell a good copy?

    Often, a clever forgery is difficult to distinguish from the original. But there are still some signs:

    • Packaging. On the very packaging of counterfeits, there are often no corresponding Apple inscriptions. But this is only the 1st stage of verification.
    • Headphone case. Check for the Apple logo under the cover on the front of the case. Also on the front side there is a button for connecting the gadget to a smartphone.
    • Diode color. Real Airpods have 4 glow colors: white, orange, green, red. White is often absent from fakes.
    • Connection. Your smartphone will immediately recognize the original headset and identify it as Airpods, and not as some kind of Bluetooth device.
    • Welcome sound. When you turn on this earphone, a branded welcome signal is played. In the fake you will be greeted by a female voice.

    By the presence of all of these external signs or one of them, you will be able to distinguish an original product from a fake. But even if you did not find their presence, still check the headphones by the serial number.

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