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Can Turn On Keyboard Backlight On Laptop

Lifting the ban

The keyboard on a laptop can be disabled intentionally. To make sure that comments are prohibited, check the Group Policy Editor:

  • Open “Start”, launch the “Run” menu. Register “gpedit.Msc” and click “OK”.
  • Navigate through the Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / Device Installation / Device Installation Restrictions.
  • Open the option “Prevent device installation”.
  • Click Show and make sure there is no data inside. The ban itself must have a “Disable” charter.

If you checked all the software methods, but did not understand how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop, then pay attention to the physical condition of the laptop.

Driver check

The built-in keyboard does not require the installation of special software, but if the device is entered does not respond, you should see how it is defined in the device manager:

  • Set the “Large icons” mode in the control panel. Open the “Keyboard” section.
  • Go to the Hardware tab. Make sure the “Status” line says the device is working properly.
  • Click on “Properties” and Make sure that the hardware is also detected correctly in the device manager.

You can try installing a utility for working with hot keys on your laptop (downloaded from the laptop manufacturer’s website). Perhaps the absence of such a utility prevents unlocking the buttons using a combination with the Fn key.


Judging by the forums, most often the spontaneous shutdown of the keyboard occurs after a little cleaning. Wipe the laptop with a cloth. the buttons stopped working. If the cloth was not wet and liquid did not get inside the case, then this problem can be eliminated quickly enough. Most likely, you accidentally pressed a keyboard shortcut that disables the built-in input device.

Some laptops use a combination of the Fn function button and one of the F1-F12 keys. for example, FnF1. to turn the keyboard on / off. To understand which key you need, take a close look at the icons. Look for a lock button, if you press it together with Fn, the keyboard will be locked.

If you need to turn on only the block with the numbers of the case, press Num Lock or the combination of FnNum Lock. If these combinations DO NOT help, look for the correct combination in the instructions for the laptop.

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Enabling laptop keyboard

If you accidentally blocked the built-in device or the buttons stopped responding as a result of an error, then to fix the problem you need to know how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop.

Hardware failure

If water gets on the keyboard, or the laptop was subjected to mechanical stress, you should contact the service. But you can try to independently determine the extent of damage to the laptop. See if the USB ports, network cable connector, and touchpad are working. If these components are also inactive, then the prerequisite for the problem is the failure of the south bridge of the motherboard.

If one keyboard does not work, try to disassemble the laptop yourself (provided that the warranty has already expired) and check the flex cable. Before opening the case, it is recommended that you read the disassembly guide for your model to avoid damaging fragile components.

On many laptops, the keyboard is held in place by recessed latches. You can move them away with a screwdriver. You should start from the left edge. Lift the edge of the keyboard with a screwdriver, pry the canvas with a needle, or gently pull the Esc key.

In this way, release the entire upper part of the keyboard so that it becomes possible to pull the canvas out of the case. You will see that the input device is connected to the motherboard with a ribbon cable. To remove it, you need to return the frame (there may be a different type of attachment, read the manual for your model).

Clean the contacts, and then reinstall the ribbon cable, securing it securely with the latch. If the keyboard or ribbon cable is damaged, you can replace it yourself.

Rules for turning on the backlight on the keyboard

Basically in laptops, the Fn button and one of the F1-F12 function keys are responsible for this function, depending on the manufacturer and model of the device. To understand which one, you can take a closer look at the drawings on the keys. However, remember that each keyboard shortcut is responsible for a specific function (sleep mode, mute, etc.). To undo the actions performed, click again on this combination of buttons.

Consider Methods for Turning On the Backlight on Laptops Some Manufacturers.

  • Lenovo (Z500p): Fn “space”.
  • MSI (GE60, MSI GE70). Separate key located above the keyboard.
  • Asus: Fn F3.
  • HP: Fn F5 or F12.
  • Macbook and Microsoft. The default is “automatic”. To configure using Boot Camp Control Panel.
  • Apple. System Preferences Keyboard.
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Attention! If you find that the laptop has a button with a corresponding pattern, but the backlight does not turn on, then the following problems are possible:

  • Lack of driver. This problem can occur when reinstalling the operating system. To do this, go to the laptop manufacturer’s website and download the Corresponding driver.
  • Disable in BIOS:
  • Go to the device BIOS. Before turning on the laptop, press Fn (F2. F12, depending on the model).
  • In the configuration, select “System Configuration”.
  • Open the “Action Keys Mode” parameter.
  • A special window will open. If it contains the value “Enable”, then everything is fine, otherwise change to this expression.
  • Save BIOS settings either F10 or Using “Save Changes Exit”.

How to change the color of the keyboard backlight

Most laptops have single color diodes. In this case, you will NOT be able to switch the hue. Their spectrum is formed on the basis of RGB (red, green and blue) lamps.

However, if you are the owner of a model that has a shade control function, then consider options on how to do this.

Option 1 (for multicolor). As you already understood, the color is based on RGB lamps. To switch to the desired color, for example, in Asus, the Asus Aura program is built in. In addition, it allows you to change the saturation and brightness of the lamps.

Steel Series Engine. Suitable for all modern laptops. The main part of the program settings is designed for gaming mice (to increase acceleration and sensitivity). For keyboards limited to a panel for adjusting color and brightness.

Option 2 (for monochrome). If the single color backlight is NOT useful, then you can change the LED lamps. To do this, you must disassemble the keyboard. Next on the board, change the Single-color lamps to LEDs of the required color. At the same time, given that the dimensions of the lamps must match.

Option 3 (for monochrome). This method does not require buying colored LEDs. Disassemble the keyboard. Glue translucent paper of the desired colors on the board. At your request, you can make a single color, for example, blue or depending on the groups of buttons. As a result, the light will pass through the stickers and glow with its color, creating a muted saturated backlight.

How to turn on the backlight on the keyboard

The backlight makes it easier to work with the device at night or in low light during the day. It is especially necessary for those who have NOT yet learned touch typing.

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You can find out if your device has this function by looking at the book with instructions for the user, or search the Internet for information about the model of your computer or laptop.

How to switch keyboard backlight

If you think that the backlight is bad for the battery, then you can safely turn it off. There are several ways to do this:

  • Take advantage of the hotkeys that I used to enable.
  • In the settings of the program that I used to change the color (Reviewed program).
  • Press the dedicated button to turn off (exists on some models).

The main advantages of this option:

  • The brightness changes depending on the ambient light, depending on the special sensor. When it is shaded, the function automatically turns on.
  • Set the time interval. After the last keystroke, after a preset interval, the lamps turn off automatically. Allows you to save laptop power, for example, when reading or watching a video.

Is there a difference between turning on the backlight on the keyboard of a laptop and a computer

The structure of the laptop keyboard is slightly different from the computer layout of the buttons and the absence of an additional panel.

But when you enable the color of the buttons, there is a significant difference. As in laptops, the same situation is observed here with laptop models and manufacturers.

Since the keyboard is connected to a PC, changing it with a backlight is NOT difficult, unlike a laptop. You can also select components for PCs from different manufacturers, depending on the power and price category, or for what purpose by purchasing a computer. And also manufacturers offer modern touch panels with a large selection for customization.

turn, keyboard, backlight, laptop

The backlight is a very useful function for those who like to work at night. You can diversify the same type of lighting with different colors at your discretion.

The backlight consumes energy, thus, the battery power decreases much faster. However, there are many more advantages of the function. In addition, lamps save energy. Therefore, you can enjoy the comfort. Make the most of your device.