Can the stickers be removed from the laptop

How to reinstall Windows 10 on a laptop if there is no key sticker?

The laptop was purchased with the system already installed, it became necessary to reinstall, but there is no sticker with the key. How to be?

Make a return to the original settings, which is equivalent to reinstalling the OS: indows-10 /
The key is sewn into UEFI by the laptop manufacturer, when the required OS edition is installed, it will be picked up by the system itself. If you wish, you can get it special. Programs.

The key must be hardcoded into the BIOS. So bet, skipping key entry. As soon as there is access to the network, the system is activated automatically.

You can pull out the key from the BIOS to try

From the hidden section, there is a ready-made image, no keys are needed
ps there are programs such as produkey through them the key can be viewed

The key can be pulled out by programs.
2. Activation is tied to a microsoft account (if any) If you reinstall and log in from the same account, you do not need to enter anything.
3. Or even forget about it and grunt.

Why a key when there are activators,
for example, with this yesterday I activated my 10 point

Put the same version and he will take it from the BIOS. Or you can then activate
2 ways to find out the key ws-10.html ndows.html

Install vl / retail / oem version. it will pick up the key from the BIOS itself. In principle, you can activate the usual one with this key, with a little handicraft (Google and how to view the key from the BIOS)

In this case, you can reinstall only on the same version that was at the time of purchase, the other does not activate.

For a normal and trouble-free installation of Windows, you need:

1_Download original Windows ISO with Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool or via TechBench by WZT (download original Windows). After installation, activate the Re-Loader Activator and there will be no problems with activation, but if there is no legal key.

2_Program AnyBurn 4re73QbjEq write the downloaded ISO image to a flash drive with a capacity of at least 6Gb with the NTFS file system or to a DVD disc.

3_Turn on the PC and at boot, immediately press the F2 button, go to the BIOS menu. In the BOOT section, enable autoload from USB or DVD-ROM. Another autorun menu can be called by pressing the F8 or F12 buttons when starting the OS (Fn if one button does not work). If there was Windows XP and you want to install Windows 7 and higher, then in the Configuration section you MUST switch from IDE to SATA (aka AHCI), otherwise Windows will not be installed.

4_Downloading Acronis Disk Director Zxv73PpdQ9 and write the ISO image to a flash drive with the FAT32 file system or CD.

5_Launch Acronis Disk Director from startup and completely delete all partitions. We create a new volume. We format it in NTFS, and then divide it into 2 partitions C and D. System partition C (do 40 gigs is enough for you) must be marked as “Active”.

6_Now you can insert a Windows flash drive and start installation. Only after the first reboot, you need to go into the BIOS again and switch autoload from USB to HDD, otherwise the installation process will start over again. If from a disk, then at startup you need to quickly press the F8 button. Good luck!

How to remove a sticker and a sticky layer of glue from it (example of removing stickers from plastic (laptop case))

Good day!

Not all stickers on the body of devices are beautiful and useful (and over time, when the corners begin to flake off, many of them do not look very good.). And it’s not always easy to remove them, especially if these are manufacturer’s stock stickers planted on sticky glue.

Below in the post I gave a simple “home” way to get rid of such “sticky things” easily and cleanly (). Nothing special is needed in the process of work (everything is in an ordinary household).

Note: I do not recommend removing stickers from new equipment, clothing. If you want to exchange it and return the funds, questions may arise (as for warranty repairs, as far as I know, the stickers do not affect this (except for those that protect the manufacturer’s seals)).

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Example of removing a sticker from plastic

a couple of important points

First, turn off the device and unplug it from the power supply! Still, in the removal process, we need some kind of cleaning liquid. and you never know.

Secondly, I advise you not to remove stickers with codes and passwords for registrations / activations (serial numbers of components). As a last resort, it is better to re-glue them to a part of the body that is not visible.

Thirdly, as I said above, do not remove stickers from new devices (there will be unnecessary questions for a possible return)!

An example of stickers that we will remove (a typical plastic laptop case)

I warn you right away, be careful when working and do not allow liquid and glue particles to get inside the device (for example, through ventilation holes, keyboard, etc.).

decal removal process

Next, we need an ordinary bank plastic card (you can take a calendar). She is always at hand, and it is difficult for her to scratch the body (various blades and knives are dangerous, there will be scratches!).

What you need to do: gently pry off one of the corners and try to “crawl” under the sticker This is usually not very difficult to do (if there is a free open space around the sticker).

Pry off the sticker with a plastic card

After that, carefully and slowly (so that a piece does not come off), you need to remove all the stickers that began to interfere with you.

As you can see in the photo below only sticky glue (film) remained in place of the stickers, which is not always so easy to remove.

Traces of sticky glue left after removing stickers

what can you take to clean sticky glue from plastic

Here, of course, who is in what is much, but for ordinary plastic, I would recommend dwelling on the following:

  • ethyl alcohol (in my opinion the best solution. And in the first-aid kit, probably, many should have );
  • nail polish remover (just look that there is no acetone in it, otherwise you can damage the case!);
  • White Spirit.

Be careful with other liquids, because on the plastic case, they can leave an unpleasant trace (sediment).

As a cloth: a piece of flannel cloth, bandage, cotton wool will come off.

A piece of flannel cloth and ethyl alcohol

Then moisten a soft cloth with alcohol (for example) and wipe the surface with glue residues. It is advisable to “brush off” the glue purposefully in one of the sides, slightly pressing the cloth.

You should notice that this sticky glue will start to “roll” into the pellets and easily come off the case.

The glue starts to roll up and comes off the plastic.

In just a minute or two, it is possible to remove all traces of the glue. See in the photo below. absolutely no trace of the stickers left, as if they never existed!

Note: the piece of cloth that was used to remove the glue is highly desirable to dispose of immediately! When the alcohol dries up, there will be sticky areas with pieces of glue on it (I don’t really want the fabric to stick to something like that.).

what can be advised in more complex cases

In some cases, the above recommendations do not allow you to get rid of all the glue particles (which can be not only ugly, but also interfere if your hands often come into contact with this place).

There are several other ways to remove glue residues:

    try heating the glue area with a regular hair dryer. This should be done at low modes (and not for a long time 20-30 seconds), so as not to overheat the parts inside the device (Caution!);

  • heated glue will become more fluid and it will be easier to remove it with a regular plastic card (or a cloth);
  • as another option: you can try to glue the scotch tape in place of the glue residues. the glue sticks to the adhesive tape, and can be easily removed along with the scotch tape.
  • some users note that they managed to get rid of the stickers using vegetable oil.
  • Is it possible to tear off the sticker from the glass of the sunglasses??

    Are these your first glasses? 🙂 Or did you go with a sticker before? Rip off, don’t be afraid.

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    I’m stripping everything off. because it pisses me off. Even from the inside. otherwise the scruff of the neck scratches.

    Quick Tips #1: Remove Laptop’s Stickers

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