Can I charge my watch from an iPhone

Charging parameters

The charger of the DVR, like the gadget itself, has its own parameters and requirements for voltage and current, respectively. If more voltage is supplied to the battery, then this leads to the combustion of the batteries and memory devices of the recorder. If the current exceeds the specified values, then the battery will gradually heat up, which will reduce its volume. And lower voltage and amperage will simply not charge the battery. The charger for the DVR and the phone have the same connectors and voltage output, so drivers are wondering if the DVR can be charged by charging the phone. In most cases, this can be done, and not only from a telephone charger. You can charge in the following ways:

  • via a USB cable from a PC;
  • using a car adapter through a cigarette lighter;
  • mains charger;
  • via USB radio.

Charging the dash cam with phone charging, what you need to know

A video recorder is a mandatory attribute of a modern car. It is indispensable in the event of an emergency, because its presence helps to defend the correctness in a disputable situation. A video recorder with a battery records what is happening around the clock, charging occurs when the engine is running. But, if the driver spends little time in the car, for example, just to get to work and back, then the energy received with the ignition on will not be enough to fully charge the DVR battery. Additional power supply required. Therefore, car owners are interested in whether it is possible to connect the DVR to a charger. Detailed information is indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions for a specific model, but in general it depends on the type of battery and its parameters.

Battery types

There are 2 types of batteries used: Li-Ion in cheaper models and Li-po in more expensive DVRs. Both types will last a long time with proper handling and knowledge of their features:

  • Li-Ion. the most common in the trim levels of older models. Lithium batteries for video recorders are practical, equipped with a charge controller, so they can be constantly connected to a power source. Sensitive to high and low temperatures, the recommended operating mode is from 0 to 30 degrees. Such batteries for video recorders quickly fail and require replacement after operation at sub-zero temperatures. Advantage. lower cost in comparison with Li-polymer.
  • Li-po. has a smaller size and weight, improved Li-on technology. Working temperature from 20 to 40 degrees. To increase the service life of the lithium polymer battery, it is worth removing the recorder when there are deviations from the specified range. The disadvantage is the tangible cost.

Terms of use for telephone charging

Most often, it is the phone charger that is at hand, so we will consider the basic recommendations when connecting via a telephone cord (it is also relevant for other charging methods):

  • The current must be constant, without voltage surges and surges, especially when charging through a cigarette lighter.
  • Using a charger with a voltage of 5V (no more than 1A), exceeding the indicators lead to overheating, “swelling” of the battery, and smaller ones are not enough for filling. Many smartphones have a charger with a current strength of 2A, it is better not to connect a DVR to it. the battery will overheat.
  • In the car, it is better to use the adapter that came with the device, especially if the DVR is still under warranty. In the event of a breakdown, the use of non-original components is the basis for refusal of warranty repair.

Summing up, we come to the conclusion that it is possible to connect the DVR to a telephone charge if the voltage and amperes are the same, otherwise we risk significantly reducing the battery life and the recorder.

How to charge Apple Watch from iPhone?

Connect the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable or the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock to the appropriate USB power adapter. Plug the adapter into an electrical outlet. The charging cable can also be connected to the USB port. Wait for Apple Watch to charge.

Can Apple Watch wirelessly charge?

Apple Watch charges using the QI wireless charging standard, which is supported by many modern smartphones, including the iPhone 8 / X. To select a charger specifically for Apple Watch, you should look for compatibility with the watch in the device specifications.

How to see iPhone charge on Apple Watch?

The main way to check the charge on Apple Watch on the smartwatch itself

  • Go to the “Control Center” by swiping up.
  • The charge level will be displayed immediately on the screen.
  • If you click on the battery percentage, the current charge of the Airpods will be displayed.

Can Samsung be charged with iPad charger?

Yes, you can. The compatibility of a smartphone and charging does not depend at all on whether it was produced by the same company as the smartphone itself. And if your phone supports wireless charging, then the manufacturer himself ordered it to be charged from devices of other companies.

Which iPhone can be charged wirelessly?

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are equipped with a wireless charger that makes refilling your mobile device quick and easy. The new iPhones have a glass back. This allows the bundle to work from a special coil in the device and the same in a wireless charging station.

Can Apple Watch be charged overnight?

You can use your iPhone while it is charging. But this will significantly increase the filling time of the battery. Better to recharge it to 80%, turn it off and use it up to 40%.

How to charge the battery on the tablet if the socket is broken?

Here are instructions on how to charge the tablet if the charging socket is broken:

  • Remove the battery from the case.
  • Prepare the Frog.
  • Open it and place the battery so that its contacts are connected to the terminals on the cover.
  • Close the cover and fix the battery in it.
  • Plug the device into a power outlet.

What to do if the phone charging jack does not work?

What to do if your phone / tablet won’t charge?

  • Check that the cord and the charging unit are in good condition. The advice is banal, but often they are the problem.
  • Clean the charging connector from dust. Often, dirt accumulates in the Lightning socket (iPhone and iPad) or micro USB (Android phones), due to which there is no lanyard contact and the phone does not charge.

How to charge Apple Watch from iPhone?

To charge your Apple Watch, do the following. Handle your Apple Watch and the accessories you use with care, and always remove your watch before charging. Connect the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable or the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock to the appropriate USB power adapter.

How can you charge an iPhone without a charger?

Of course, it’s best to repair the damaged cable and use it normally, at least until you replace it. To charge your iPhone without a charger. more precisely, without an electrical outlet or computer. you can use a wind generator or fruit batteries.

How to know if the iPhone is charging?

You will recognize that the iPhone is charging by the lightning bolt icon. it will be displayed next to the battery icon in the upper right corner. In the locked state, that charging has successfully “gone”, you will be informed by the illuminated screen backlight and a large battery emblem that appears in the middle of the display.

Is it possible to charge the phone by charging from a laptop?

Very convenient. if you buy a new smartphone or tablet, you can charge it with an old charger. The only difference is in voltage and amperage, but more on that later. Even through the Micro USB → USB adapter, you can easily charge the device from a laptop without any problems.

Can I charge my iPhone with another adapter??

Yes, you can. The compatibility of a smartphone and charging does not depend at all on whether it was produced by the same company as the smartphone itself. And if your phone supports wireless charging, then the manufacturer himself ordered it to be charged from devices of other companies.

How to distinguish an original from a fake MacBook charging?

The MagSafe connector can be checked by plugging it into a MacBook and pulling it slightly towards you. if the metal parts of this part somehow move together or dock crookedly, then this is a fake. Pay attention to the quality of metal processing: sharp edges, burrs or glue residues.

Can MacBook Pro be charged by charging from Macbook Air?

It is perfectly safe to use your MacBook Pro charger with your MacBook Air. However, it is likely that the MBP will charge at a slower rate, such as charging an iPad via USB or a 5W wall adapter.

What is the name of the charger for the MacBook?

MagSafe. Power Connector for Apple Laptops.

Can Air Pro be charged?

To a direct question whether it is possible to charge a Macbook AIR by charging from a PRO, here are the answers literally: Yes, you can use a higher wattage w / no damage.

Can Android be charged by charging from an iPhone?

Yes, you heard right. with one cable you can charge both an iPhone or iPad, as well as an Android smartphone or tablet.

How wireless charging works

Before we start charging Samsung smartwatches, let’s figure out how this function works. Samsung’s latest flagships are capable of charging other compatible devices. With the Note10 and S10 series, you can reanimate a friend’s same phone, power two smartphones at the same time from the same outlet, or power your Galaxy Watch. This is possible due to the presence of a unique wireless power supply unit installed in the device case.

Samsung’s reverse wireless charging is called PowerShare. The innovative technology has been awaited for a long time, since it allows you to get rid of bulky external drives and wires, but not everything is so rosy. It is clear that the capacity of a standard battery will not be enough to fully charge another mobile device. The maximum that is available to users is to share a little energy with another Galaxy, since when the “donor” function is activated, it not only transfers the charge, but also actively loses it.

The most optimal option, which the developers have counted on so far, is to recharge small devices, for example, quickly discharging smart watches, wireless headphones or cases.

How to charge your Samsung Galaxy watch from your phone

How to charge Samsung Galaxy watch from phone if your smartphone has wireless charging function? This is easy enough if you follow the instructions exactly.

charge, watch, iphone

How to charge your Samsung Galaxy Watch from your phone

Before charging your Galaxy Watch with your smartphone, you should carefully read the instructions for your phone. On different models, PowerShare reversible units are located in different places, so in order not to look for the right site, it is better to immediately refer to the accompanying documents from the manufacturer.

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After specifying the location of the charging unit, we get to work:

  • Open the shutter and look for the Wireless PowerShare icon on the notification bar. Click on it to make it active.
  • After that we turn the smartphone upside down, and on top of the PowerShare unit (in most models it is located in the center of the case) we install the Smart-watch.
  • We are waiting for the devices to find each other. the smartphone should vibrate slightly, signaling a successful connection. Lift up the screen while holding the Galaxy Watch in place and tap under the information window “Ok”.

After the watch has enough power, turn off Power the Galaxy. The method is also suitable for recharging other equipment: it is very convenient to fill the batteries of several phones during the night from one charger. The screens of compatible models will show the percentage of the battery replenished, so you can always assess the situation and turn them off when optimal indicators are reached.

The function is useful not only for those who objectively do not have enough sockets to power all available smart equipment. PowerShare is useful for people who regularly go on business trips, as well as travelers. To fill the batteries of mobile accessories, it is enough to have a charger for the Galaxy, and then “distribute” energy from it to the rest.

Using minimum brightness

It’s worth noting that the bright dials on watches like the Apple Watch Series 4, like animated ones, draw a lot of energy. Therefore, it is better to choose a monochrome dial by default, where, in addition to black, there will be no additional colors.

Adjusting the brightness of the text in your watch will help you save even more battery power. This is manually adjusted via the Watch app. Further:

  • tab “My watch”;
  • line “Brightness and size of the text”;
  • use the slider to select the required parameters.

By the way, in Apple watches, the screen brightness changes itself depending on the ambient light.

Remove animation

The animated watch face takes the lion’s share of the battery from Apple’s device. This is especially noticeable if you do not use other functions. It is logical that by turning off the animation, you can significantly extend the battery life.

  • open the Apple Watch application on the iPhone and select the line with the name of the watch;
  • click on “Basic”. “Universal Access”;
  • stretch the movement slider to a minimum.

You can initially put the dial without animation, but this is a matter of taste. Many users find it difficult to resist the cute dancing Mickey Mouse on the screen, and therefore the animated dial is still popular.

How to properly charge your Apple Watch and keep it running: top 3 tips

There are times when there is no way to quickly recharge the “apple” watch, and completely turning off the gadget is clearly not an option. In this case, a selection of tips for extending the autonomy of Apple’s smart watch will come to the rescue. It is worth remembering them, and it is better to try them right away, so that, if necessary, the process goes on “automatic”.

How and when to charge your smart Apple watch?

The watch must be connected to the charger as soon as the battery charge reaches 10%. The screen will tell you how often to charge your Apple Watch by showing a red lightning bolt at a minimum power.
Having reached the charging block, the first step is to remove the watch from your hand. Operating and safety regulations do not allow charging the chronometer directly on the user. At these points, the manufacturer himself makes a special Accent.

Many people are interested in how you can charge your Apple Watch? There are 3 ways:

  • Using the docking station. the device is good as a stationary charger for the home.
  • Signature Apple Watch cable with magnet. included with watch.

The simplest and most convenient is a magnetic tablet. This accessory is compact, fits in a bag and will be there at any moment. The cable of the device is plugged into a power outlet (it is also possible to a USB-connector of a laptop, PC, power bank), and the other side “sticks” to the clock. As soon as the user applies the magnet to the back of the case, a green “lightning” appears on the screen, signaling the start of the charging process.

Important: the manufacturer recommends using only branded gadgets to charge the Apple Watch. Some owners try to replace them with Chinese counterparts, but in this case, the watch either does not charge at all, or there are software glitches.

How long does Apple Watch charge?

Those who already own Apple’s smart chronometer have long noticed that charging rates are dependent on battery health. So, if the battery is completely discharged, it charges very quickly, approximately 1% in 60 seconds. But as soon as the battery is charged to 80%, the rate of energy replenishment drops three times and the remaining volume is charged for 40 minutes. On average, a charge from 0% to 100% takes about 2 hours.

Eco-mode: work and activation

The function saves battery power, but limits the use of many options, for example, it prevents the clock from syncing with the iPhone. That is, the gadget only acts as an ordinary clock. it shows the time. To view it, press the button on the side of the case.

The chronometer itself suggests using eco-mode when the charge reaches 10%. If the user does not confirm the action, the watch automatically switches to battery saving, starting from 9%.
An Apple Watch owner can turn on / off eco-mode earlier, at any stage of work.

How to charge Apple Watch: 6 tips and tricks for charging smartwatches

An Apple smart watch is a compact computer that is always “at hand”, or rather, on your hand. The status chronometer is crammed with an abundance of functions, but in order for all this to work properly, you need to monitor the battery level of the watch and periodically replenish the loss of its energy.

There is a lithium-ion battery under the Apple Watch case, which is charged using a special magnet. A magnetized “pill” is applied to the back of the chronometer, thus feeding the battery. Everything seems simple, but there are certain nuances that are not known to every user. How to properly charge Apple Watch, monitor the battery level and extend the autonomy of the watch, is described later in the article.

How much charge is left in the battery: how to check

Apple Watch (for example, Series 3) has not been recharged for a long time and is it time to find out the remaining energy in the battery? This is done in an elementary way. You just need to lift the “curtain” up on the watch dial. The control panel will appear, where the battery charge is indicated. Figures are given as a percentage.
Also, rummaging through the menu of the device, you can find a dial, where, together with the time, the battery energy will be shown. Convenient: just glance at the display to control the charge.

Features of branded Apple Watch

As always, as soon as some popular premium gadget goes out into the world, scammers immediately begin to “clone” it. So it happened with Apple’s wrist accessories. Therefore, it is important to understand the features of the watch in order to know exactly how to distinguish the original Apple Watch from a cheap or not very fake. Below are the distinctive features of the original watch.

How to distinguish an original Apple Watch from a fake: a comparison by 10 parameters

Smart watches from Apple cost a lot, but users are not wasting money in vain, because in return they get multifunctional, high-quality and reliable accessories. The same cannot be said about fakes. That’s where it’s a waste of finance. How not to fall for the tricks of scammers?

Smartwatches have several proprietary features that will help customers 100% authenticate their Apple Watch. What to look for first of all: the box, the appearance of the chronometer, the presence / absence of connectors, the appearance of the OS, something else? We figure out how to distinguish the original Apple Watch from the Chinese or any other fake.

Special hardened body

What the manufacturer says about the process of making smart watches, for example, Apple Watch Series 6 GPS:

  • the future shell is pressed at the beginning of production;
  • then it is thermally treated;
  • at the end. polished with a diamond suspension for a perfectly smooth surface.

According to the brand, it takes several days to create each chronometer case. In addition, Apple releases the current Smart-watch models in a durable case made of aluminum and steel. Moisture and dust protection of the shell is provided. For example, with Apple Watch Nike Series 6 GPS 40mm you can swim.

The counterfeiters, of course, don’t have the impressive manufacturing capabilities of Apple, so the copies are flimsy, rather heavy, with no hint of dust or splash resistance.

Check design and extra parts

The original watch has a touchscreen display, a rectangular case with rounded corners and edges, as well as a button and a branded Digital Crown wheel on the right side. In the latest, Apple Watch Series 4, slight clicks are felt when scrolling the wheel. In this device Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band, these clicks are.

On the left are the holes for the microphone and speaker. On the back of the chronometer there are “marks” for connecting a magnetic charge.

We emphasize once again: connectors and slots for SIM cards, memory cards in the original Apple Watch of any series are absent!

The design is laconic, neat. There are no sharp protrusions and unnecessary details here. How else is a fake different from a branded gadget? It can be large bezels on the sides of the screen, and an overly small display. In addition, counterfeits are larger, thicker and therefore heavier than the original.

No inputs for SIM cards, memory cards

Apple smartwatches do not have holes for inserting a memory card. Also, there is no place for a SIM card in the accessories. These features are rigorously supported in all Apple Watch series: from the first to the fourth.

Copies, on the other hand, are designed so that they can be used without being tied to a smart. Therefore, counterfeit devices often have a SIM card slot and even a place to install a memory card.

For information: Apple Watch can also be used without a smartphone, but the full functionality will only be revealed when working in pairs: iPhone smart watch.

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View installed OS

The final touch of verification is to turn on Apple Watch and check the operating system. Originals only work on watchOS (like this MTEY2FS / A).

Manufacturers of copies, instead of proprietary operating systems, most often use an adapted version of Android or unknown firmware in fakes. In addition to low-quality translation, there are many other bugs in fake OS: it is impossible to change the theme of the dial, there is no Siri assistant, there are no useful Apple branded applications, etc.

Finally, one more way to check the original Apple Watch. This time we use the serial number of the watch. What do we have to do:

  • Go to the chronometer settings.
  • Open the “General” section, then “About this device”.
  • Find Serial Number (Letters Numbers).
  • Go to the official website of the brand.
  • Go to the section with checking the eligibility for service and support.
  • Enter IMEI in the appropriate box.
  • Enter the verification code and press Enter.

If the system displays information about the model. everything is ok, the original is in front of the user. If an error appears. fake.

There are no connectors

Apple Watch is ultra-modern gadgets that do not use connectors for connecting to a smartphone, connecting accessories or recharging. Connect wirelessly to iPhone, Bluetooth headphones and charger.

Therefore, the surest way to distinguish a fake from an original Apple Watch is to check the case for any connectors. If they are not there, there is a chance that the buyer is in front of the original, and if suddenly there is a 100% replica.

What chargers can be used to charge an iPhone? Simple rules!

Hello everyone! In the comments I am often asked: “I have a USB charger from Samsung, Acer, Sony, etc. or a PowerBank from some company. can all of this be used to charge an iPhone? Will there be any harm to the battery or the device itself? Or do you need to rush headlong for the original adapter, lay out a large amount (at the time of this writing. about 1,500 rubles) for a “native” power supply from Apple and charge only to them? “.

Agree, the question is quite relevant (especially since the end of 2020, when Apple removed the charger from the package of all iPhone models).

Therefore, let’s try to figure it out. is it necessary to pay extra (which never is) money? Or is it possible to do without all those “Original Made in Apple” official accessories? One two Three. go!

Important note! The entire article is an exclusively personal experience of the author, his friends, many acquaintances and strangers. The information in no way pretends to become official data and demonstrate the maximum accuracy in judgments. Again, personal experience and nothing more. But it can be useful too, right? 🙂

  • The wire.
  • USB AC adapter.

Of course, if you have a cable and a power supply from Apple, then it is better to use them for charging. everything is certified, thought out, there are special controllers inside, etc. This means that the iPhone will receive energy exactly as the manufacturer wants.

And if there are no accessories from Apple and you don’t want to buy them? Is it allowed to charge by others? Now let’s try to get to the bottom of the truth!

The wire

The case when saving is definitely not worth it. Basically, this is the most important part that is involved in the charging process of your iPhone.

Apple is so clever in certifying wires for its devices that even Chinese craftsmen still cannot properly forge these cables.

To be more precise, they do it, but not for long. As a rule, after one or two iOS updates, the iPhone refuses to accept charging and “pleases” the owner with the inscription “the accessory is not certified”. How many similar wires have I seen. absolutely all of them stop working after some (very short) time.

And of course, the use of fakes negatively affects the battery of the device. since they do not have any special controllers and chips for properly charging the iPhone.

Conclusion: The cable must be used only original or certified by Apple (the packaging will have the Made For iPhone mark).

Power adapter

But here there is much more room for imagination. A standard 5W iPhone charger costs about one and a half thousand rubles and, admittedly, this is by no means small money.

By the way, one more thing should be admitted. this is a big redneck from Apple 🙂

Is it possible to replace it with something else? In my opinion, yes:

  • If you really want a branded accessory from Apple, then the iPad adapter will cost you almost the same amount. Apple officially allows it to be used with the iPhone. And the gadget will charge faster.
  • If you have no desire to spend money, and at home there is a power supply from any other well-known manufacturer, then you can safely use it to charge your iPhone.

Why? Yes, because any self-respecting company monitors the quality of its accessories and I do not think that the power supply unit from the same conventional Samsung is seriously different from the “native Apple”.

For four years now I have been alternately using three adapters: from an iPad, an Asus tablet (1.5 A), a Samsung phone (1 A). And a year ago, a Xiaomi external battery was added to all this. Are you having problems with your iPhone battery? Not.

Conclusion: “Apple” charger or not. is not so important. The main thing is that it is of high quality.

But what about the voltage, current and “that’s all”?

The original and certified wire, as well as the charging controller in the iPhone itself, simply won’t let the phone take more than it needs.

The most important thing is not to use very cheap adapters from unknown manufacturers at a price of “100 pieces per kilogram”. As the money saved can be a big nuisance in the future.

Instead of an afterword or to summarize: the iPhone can be charged with any (with some minor reservations) USB chargers. The most important thing is to use an original cable or certified (Made For iPhone) by Apple. And then everything will be “OK”.

Again, the entire article is solely the author’s personal reasoning. Do you agree with his opinion? Or do you have any other experience? Tell us in the comments, very interesting!

iPhone Won’t Charge? Check your Lightning cable

I bought a Chinese Lightning for 100 rubles in a stall, but the iPhone refused to charge? Before buying, be sure to look at the packaging, if you take proven Belkin or Griffin certified products, then everything is ok. But when the box does not say “made for iPod, iPhone, iPad”, then you can fly with the cable.

No need to replace the battery

A modern battery has a service life of about 1000 cycles, which is about 3 years of work. So you would rather change your old phone for a new one, because you are just tired of it, than start really suffering from a dead battery. Unless, of course, you killed her with Chinese wires and rootless power bank.

How to charge iPhone

IPhone cannot be charged incorrectly, it can be charged quickly or slowly. What does it depend on? From a specific smartphone and power supply.

To prevent iPhone from burning

Achtung! Don’t charge your iPhone while in bed. Just imagine: you are stupid at the screen, you fall asleep, the phone falls on the bed or under the pillow, under the blanket, and the FIRE overheats. Do not do that.

AirPower wireless charger won’t charge old Apple Watch.

In 2018, Apple plans to release the AirPower wireless charger, which is currently under development. Its main feature is the ability to charge several devices at once. These may include new iPhones, Airpods and Apple Watch. Can AirPower charge any Apple Watch? No, it cannot.

All Apple Watch models come with support for inductive charging, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. According to Apple documents, only the new Apple Watch Series 3 will be able to charge using AirPower. It turns out that if you really want all your Apple devices to be charged from one wireless charge, you will have to update your smartphone, smartwatch, and even headphones or at least their case.

Apple’s new devices work with the Qi wireless charging standard. This means they can all be charged from any wireless charging device that uses this technology. Apple, in turn, is finalizing the ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices at once. After the release of AirPower, the company plans to share the technology with other charger manufacturers.

Charging the battery during use

You can use the device while charging, just charging will take a little longer.

Can I charge my iPhone with a watch charger?

Did you ask if you can charge iPhone with iPad charger? Which adapter should I choose, can I use the phone while it is plugged into an outlet? I’ll tell you everything now.

Charging for the iPad helps. But not always.

Minute statistics: iPhone 5s consumes 1A, iPhone 5 takes the same. Connecting them to an iPad power supply is useless. But the iPhone 6 and 6s eat 2.1A, it makes sense to connect the unit from the iPad. Let’s check.

We take two iPhone 6s, connect a standard 1A charger to one, and connect a 2.1A iPad unit to the second. In 10 minutes, the first one was charged by 4%, and the second by 10%, profit! To speed up charging, use airplane mode, the difference is small, but the method still helps.

The strength of the current decides

When buying yourself a multiport charger, pay attention not only to the amperage, but also to the support for Quick Charge, this will greatly speed up the process. This cool theme doesn’t work for iPhone, but if you have a Galaxy S6, then feel like a king.

The same principle applies to the Power Bank: it is better to take a charger that produces a current of 2A. You won’t kill a smartphone from it, but you can always charge your tablet. Whereas with an external 1A battery, such a situation is, in principle, not possible.

What is iPad?

One of the most popular Apple gadgets. iPad.

Lightweight and convenient tablet provides uninterrupted access to the World Wide Web and successfully performs the basic functions of a personal computer.

Undoubtedly, it will not be able to completely replace a PC or laptop: the need for recharging and a small amount of memory will not allow it to work autonomously for days. Due to the specific operating system, it is not possible to install programs on the tablet that require certain software.

Among the main differences from conventional tablets are:

  • Excellent battery for longer battery life.
  • High sensitivity touch screen.
  • A responsive operating system.
  • Easy installation of programs.
  • A closed file system that prevents developers from changing it like the Linux OS.
  • Lack of built-in USB ports.
  • Lack of a standard Adobe Flash player.
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Pros of the solution

Smartphone owners note that it is easy to charge the iPhone by charging it from the iPad. Genuine accessories and devices are perfectly matched to each other, and there are simply no problems with connection.

The main advantage of this method of charging an iPhone from another “apple” charger is time saving. The charger supplied as standard with iPhone has a maximum output of one amp. On the charge from the iPad. two amperes. Thus, the time to fully charge the battery will be cut in half.

Also, if you charge your iPhone with an iPad charger, you don’t have to carry multiple chargers with you. This plus will be appreciated by those who need to constantly carry a smartphone, tablet and laptop with them. There are several cables in the bag, which are always confused.

However, is it possible to charge the iPad by charging the iPhone, since it is a more powerful device? Of course it is possible, but it is worth noting that then the time to fully charge the battery will increase significantly.

Smartphone owners do not need to worry about a more powerful iPad charger damaging their iPhone. The maximum current specified in the application does not play a big role, since smartphones have built-in controllers that do not allow more power to be passed than the gadget requires.

Is it possible to charge an iPhone by charging from an iPad: useful tips

Technology has long become an integral part of the everyday life of almost everyone. Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and so on. Young companies succeed, but those that were the pillars of yesteryear disappear.

But among all the “apple” company stands out. Apple. “Yabloko” has long been a mark of quality, and the products, although not cheap, are distinguished by the latest developments and elegant style.

The wide variety of gadgets has led owners to wonder if a standard tablet and smartphone charger can be used. But first, a little information about the legendary company.

Information from official sources

Undoubtedly, only the manufacturer will give the most complete information about whether it is possible to charge an iPhone by charging from an iPad.

Support on the official website said that iPads usually come with a USB charger. The same adapter works great for iPhone and iPod.

Apple employees have not added anything about the cons of this kind of charging.


But are there any disadvantages to this charging method? Users did not notice any special deviations in the battery life of phones or tablets.

Most of the information on how to charge an iPhone and not damage the battery’s properties comes from the fact that almost all modern smartphones do not have batteries that last. The owners are trying in every way to keep them.

So, there was information that if you charge the phone with charging from a tablet, then in a year the smartphone’s battery will become almost unusable. However, they forget to mention that, one way or another, most of the owners of “Apple” smartphones change batteries in a year.

Can you Charge Your Iphone 11 Pro Max Wirelessly using the Apple watch Series 5 Charger?

Thus, there are no significant disadvantages from such charging.

A Brief History of Apple

You can write several rather voluminous treatises about the history of Apple and still miss something important.

The corporation was founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple has become one of the most famous manufacturers of software, laptops, tablets, phones, personal computers, audio players, etc.

The main center of the company is located in Cupertino, California.

Apple’s annual market capitalization has been the highest in the world for several years. The founders of the company created such practical and aesthetically pleasing devices that a kind of consumer cult was built around Yabloko.

Until 2007, the name of the company included the word Computer. This was because for the first thirty years Apple focused on developing personal computers and suitable software. However, over time, Yabloko began to devote more time to more mobile devices: iPhones, iPads and iPods.

How the iPhone differs from the smartphone?

If everything is clear with tablets, then how does the iPhone differ from thousands of other smartphones?

The owners of “apple” smartphones note that the main advantage of the iPhone is the operating system. Unlike Android, which updates are installed on phones of any brand, iOS is designed specifically for Apple. Thus, accidental “lags” of the system are practically excluded.

Dangerous chargers

The HP Chromebook 11 is the first laptop to use a Micro USB connector for charging. Most laptops require more power and cannot be charged this way.

But this laptop was also taken off the market due to reports of overheating of the charger, which could cause a fire. HP representative advised customers who purchased HP Chromebook 11 not to use the original chargers that came with the device.

You can continue to use your laptop by charging it using one of the micro-USB chargers approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (US Standards and Certification Company), such as from a tablet or smartphone.

You will easily recognize chargers tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc they have the logo “UL Listed”.

This means that the charger has been tested for safety, will not cause a fire or shock you. But in some cases, even proven chargers can cause trouble, namely, when the device’s battery is faulty. So a non-original cheap charger and an equally cheap, non-certified battery can also cause a fire.

Can I use any charger for any gadget?

Each device: tablet, smartphone, e-book or laptop comes with its own chargers. At least that was until recently. Nowadays, most modern smartphones and tablets have a Micro USB connector and this is becoming the standard. Against this background, the question arises: is it possible to charge all your gadgets through one charger??

Despite the fact that over time more and more chargers are produced according to a single standard, several types of chargers are still widespread:

  • Laptops. Unfortunately, there is still no single standard for charging laptops and netbooks. There is no universal connector, which means that each device needs an individual charger.
  • 8-pin lightning connectors for Apple gadgets. Since 2012, Apple has standardized the 8-pin connector, and now all devices released after this year: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Nano, can be connected using a charger certified and developed by Apple.

8-pin Lightning connector

Older Apple devices have a 30-pin connector, and for those who have them, Apple releases lightning → 30 pin adapters.

  • Micro USB chargers. All new smartphones, including Android and Windows Phone devices, come with a standard micro USB connector, so there is no need to select individual chargers for them, as for old mobile phones. To comply with this standard, Apple offers Lightning connectors → Micro USB adapters.

Can any Micro USB device be charged from any Micro USB charger?

In theory, each Micro USB charger can be plugged into a device with such a connector, which means that it can be used for any device at all, be it a smartphone, tablet or even a laptop. Very convenient. if you buy a new smartphone or tablet, you can charge it with an old charger. The only difference is in voltage and amperage, but more on that later.

Even through the Micro USB → USB adapter, you can easily charge the device from a laptop without any problems.

Voltage and current

All USB connectors are rated for 5V. This means that you can safely connect the charger to the device via micro USB.

The strength of the current is another matter. To charge the device faster, chargers increase the amperage, which is measured in amperes (A). The chargers that come with Android tablets are rated for higher amperage than those for Android smartphones. For example, a charger for a tablet is rated at 2A, while a charger for a smartphone is only rated for 1A.

If you connect a charger from a smartphone to a tablet, the tablet will charge very slowly because there is not enough current to charge it normally. If you try to charge your smartphone through a tablet charger, nothing bad will happen, and your smartphone will not explode and light up.

Most likely, the smartphone will not take the maximum possible number of amperes that the charger provides, so everything will be fine. Maybe the smartphone will only charge a little faster.

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