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Can I charge my laptop via USB

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How to charge a laptop without charging?

The main advantage of a laptop over a stationary computer is the ability to take it with you and use it anywhere. But unfortunately, modern batteries cannot allow to actively work with the device for more than 2-9 hours. Therefore, in some cases, users may wonder how to charge a laptop without charging using alternative methods.

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Previously, we considered the situation, how to charge the battery without connecting it to a laptop. But in that case, the charging process took place with access to the power supply network. In the same article, we will analyze the situation when there is no access to a regular electrical outlet.

Using portable power generators

  • Solar panels;
  • Mini wind generators;
  • Fuel generators;
  • Muscle generators.

All such devices, as a result of converting energy of various types, accumulate a charge, and then, using an inverter and one of the suitable adapters included in the kit, supply the required voltage to a laptop or other gadget.

How to charge a laptop via USB

Today, most often for charging laptops, special power adapters are used, which in most cases are individual for each model. But imagine how convenient it would be if the laptop could be charged using a standard USB cable, as is now done with most smartphones. For this reason, a considerable number of users are interested in how to charge a laptop via USB. We will analyze this question below.

What are USB ports?

The USB port is an indispensable part of absolutely all modern gadgets, including laptops. It is primarily intended for data transmission, and in some low-power devices it is used for charging. For the first time, the USB connector began to be introduced into technology in 1994 and over the entire period of its existence it has undergone many changes.

Is it possible to charge a laptop via USB?

Laptops have become an integral part of the modern world and have almost completely replaced bulky desktop computers. The popularity of THESE gadgets is not surprising, because they retain all the potential of an average computer, but at the same time they are small in size and mobility. However, it is mobility, or rather, attachment to a power source that is the main negative feature.

Still, how to charge your laptop via USB?

From the above, we can conclude that charging via USB will work only if your laptop is equipped with a USB 3.1 (USB Type-C) interface.

If you are in doubt whether your laptop has a new USB 3.1 interface, then you can get accurate information from the technical data sheet of the device, as well as on the Internet. In the latter case, simply enter the name of your laptop and the word “specifications” into the search engine.

To find out how to charge a laptop without a power adapter using alternative methods, read this article.

How to charge a laptop through a laptop?

Today the laptop is a great replacement for the bulky personal computer. A mobile device equipped with a battery can be used where there is no network. True, its charge lasts, as a rule, for one and a half to two hours. Then the laptop will have to be charged. But what if there is a socket or charger nearby, and you need to work on your laptop right now? In such cases, users are interested in how to charge a laptop, for example, through a laptop, and what alternative methods exist.

3 methods to charge your laptop without a charger

There are 3 main ways that you can charge the device in conditions when there is no access to the power supply. Let’s consider each of them.

Besides being able to be used as a charging port, Type-C has the following advantages:

  • Symmetrical design means you can forget about situations where USB is plugged in the wrong way.
  • Small dimensions of only 8.4×2.6 mm.

Despite all the positive qualities, for some reason most manufacturers are in no hurry to introduce this convenient port into modern models. If you have NOT found a USB Type-C port on your laptop, capable of working as a power connector, you should not be upset, because enterprising people have already released the Corresponding adapters. Although they are quite expensive, they are the only option for charging a laptop using USB.

Car cigarette lighter

Another good way to charge your laptop without charging is to use the cigarette lighter in the car. To do this, you will need to purchase a special inverter adapter. for the charger plug, universal or with a suitable plug.

It is worth considering right away: the cigarette lighter is NOT capable of providing high charging power, which means that the user will have to wait one and a half to two times longer for the battery to replenish. As in the first case, it is not recommended to charge the laptop and work on it at the same time.

Universal charger

If you have an original charger with you, but there is an outlet in the reach, a universal charger will help out. a power supply, to which several “attachments”.plugs are attached.

As in the previous case, the laptop owner needs to clarify in advance whether the charger is suitable for his model. and if so, feel free to use it. The main advantage of universal charging over portable batteries is the ability to simultaneously charge the car and work on it.

How not to charge?

The attempts described above to charge the laptop, and not using the original charger, are ineffective, but also harmless. Things will be much worse if the owner of the device, relying on vague advice from the Internet, tries to:

  • Charges the battery directly from the wall outlet
  • Remove the battery and charge it from the mains or a second portable power source;
  • Use homemade adapters, plugs and so on.

All these options, with extensive experience and the necessary equipment, including all the same transformers, are feasible. however, they can in no way be attributed to simple and affordable ordinary users. As a result of such experiments, if the owner is lucky, nothing will happen. and if there is a little less luck, the most insignificant problem will be that the screen on the laptop does not work.


Another universal connector designed by Intel and supports charging power up to 40 watts. To charge the battery with it, the user will need to find the Corresponding cord and “power” his device from the second one. equipped with the same outlet and having a sufficient charge.

That’s all. there are no second ways to charge a laptop without original charging, without exposing it to the line. The user always needs to remember about safety. it is better to wait a few hours or even days than, as a result of unreasonable actions, to think about where to find money to repair expensive electronics or purchase a new device.

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How to charge a laptop without a charger?

If the keyboard on the laptop does not work or one of the USB connectors is broken, you will not be able to use the functionality of the device in full, and not by visiting the Repair Shop or not using your own engineering skills. Another thing is a suddenly discharged battery: just find an outlet and connect a charger. But a laptop charger is not always at hand; what to do in this situation. let’s try to figure it out.

USB 3.1

As already mentioned, it will NOT work to charge a laptop using a standard USB connector. But the ports of the new standard, designated as USB 3.1 or Type-C, give such an opportunity: they operate at power up to 100 watts and conduct current in both directions. both from the device and to it.

Unfortunately, not all laptop models support this standard yet; the representatives of the “new generation” include:

  • Acer Aspire 5 A515-52G;
  • Asus VivoBook Pro 15 N580GD;
  • HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0000;
  • Lenovo Ideapad 330 17;
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13 “(2018) and others.

All that the owner of such a device needs is to purchase a cable of the same standard, connect it to the donor device, and connect the other end to the USB 3.1 connector. charging will start automatically.

Using a portable battery

As already mentioned, it will NOT work to charge a laptop from a simple power bank. not the contacts and current parameters. A user who has already faced the problem of the absence at the most inopportune moment of the original charging should purchase a special battery. more powerful, larger and, of course, more expensive.

When purchasing, pay special attention to the plug supplied with the battery: it must match the connector of the laptop. You can clarify compatibility with the seller or in the accompanying documentation; even better. find a battery with a universal set of input contacts.

Then the user only has to find his own version and connect the portable charger to the laptop’s power port. It is better to leave the device alone while replenishing the battery. not every battery is capable of providing high-quality charging and the ability to work at the same time.

No matter how it turns out to charge?

But before moving on to working methods, and, unfortunately, there are not so many of them, you need to talk a little about useless, completely NOT worth wasting time. The first of them. attempts to charge a laptop left without charging through a standard USB connector.

The owner, sadly realizing that when a phone, player or other portable device is connected through the port, not only data transfer, but also recharging is carried out, can conclude: why not try in the opposite direction?

It would seem that this is NOT more difficult than making wireless charging with your own hands, just connect a Charged smartphone or portable battery to the connector and wait a little. In fact, charging a laptop in this way will not work for two main reasons:

  • Unidirectional stream transmission. in accordance with the accepted standards, USB ports of generations 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are intended for recharging from the carrier, and not vice versa;
  • Too low voltage. even if the first limitation was removed (it is basically possible to do this), 5 volts used to connect portable devices and, accordingly, 2.5-4.5 watts are clearly not enough to power a laptop, which requires about 15-20 volts and from 40 watts.

Without using a transformer, which for a user who wants only to quickly and correctly charge a laptop left without a charger, it will not work to solve the problem. which means that you need to finally remove your smartphone from the USB port and try any of the methods described below.

The second non-working option is the use of incompatible charging from a laptop of another model or a second manufacturer. After all, it’s not worth telling that companies use different power supply standards and external attributes in their chargers (even within the same line). plugs.

In the best case, a user who dares to test it in practice will see that the laptop battery is NOT charging; at worst. it will ruin the battery, I will supply it with a current that is NOT suitable for voltage and power.

Be that as it may, before using someone else’s charging, it is worth looking at what voltage, current and power it provides (The corresponding data is located on the “box” in the center of the cord in the Output section), and compare with the recommended manufacturer. they are easy find it, turned the laptop over and found the factory sticker on the case.

We use Autoinverter

Many car owners and at the same time laptop users have faced the problem of lack of standard battery charge when actively using the computer on the road. In this case, the ideal solution to the problem is a special car converter that converts the base voltage of the vehicle.

It is worth making a reservation here that you can use such a device both with a standard power adapter, and without it. However, given that in your case most likely there is a charger at all, an additional USB adapter will be required.

    Connect your car inverter according to the instructions supplied with this car gadget.

Use a USB adapter to connect the laptop to the Corresponding connector on the inverter.

As in the early case of Power Bank, the type of USB port used has a significant impact on the charging process.

In addition to the above, it is quite possible to purchase a car power adapter for your laptop and charge your computer with it through the cigarette lighter. However, such power supplies are usually supported by a limited number of laptop models.

This method, as you can see, is rather additional and is suitable as a solution in isolated cases.

Using USB ports

As you know, today there is a fairly large number of possibilities. Standard USB ports are available on literally any laptop. These additional features rightfully include charging the battery without using the original charger.

You can find out about the presence of such an input by reading the technical specification from the computer, which describes all the available ports. Usually the required socket is named USB 3.1 (Type-C).

So, how to charge a laptop without charging via USB:

    Get a dedicated external power supply that allows you to plug in a USB adapter.

Also connect the prepared USB cable to the power adapter and laptop.

Ask the device from the high voltage network and wait for the charging process to complete.

Of course, thanks to this approach to replenishing energy in batteries, you can use all the capabilities of laptops without any visible restrictions.

How to charge a laptop without a charger

Charges battery without laptop

This method of charging a laptop consists in disconnecting the battery itself from the laptop and, by using some tools, replenish the energy supply. In this case, you may still need a laptop power adapter, which, however, it is quite possible to replace it with any other one that meets the requirements of the technical specification.

Please note that as part of our detailed instructions for this method, we also considered replacing the battery with a new component. Based on the topic of this article, these notes may well turn out to be useful, since by replacing the old discharged battery with a charged new one, it is possible to restore the laptop to full performance.

Charges laptop without charger

In view of the fact that the steps to charge a laptop without a power adapter require direct intervention in the laptop, it is important to make a note regarding the automatic solution of problems with turning on the device without using a battery and charger. Thus, after careful study of the instructions, you can not only replenish the battery energy, but also make the laptop work without a built-in power source.

Among other things, you should understand some additional aspects related to possible computer malfunctions and directly related to the premise of the need for this kind of charging. Going deeper into the essence of what has been said, before following the recommendations from the instructions, be sure to make sure that the laptop is in good working order.

Be extremely careful when performing any actions that were NOT originally provided by the manufacturer! In general, even after strict implementation of the recommendations, we cannot guarantee that the device will be charged to the normal level. over, complications may well occur, for example, in the form of a short circuit and burnout of the internal components of the laptop power supply.

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We use direct connection

By analogy with the first method, this method is extremely radical and is intended for users who, at least, had experience with the topic or other electrical devices. Despite this, of course, even a beginner can cope with the required tasks, however, if the slightest doubt arises, it is better to go directly to the next section of the article.

Moving on to the essence of the direct connection method, it is important to make a reservation on the paucity of existing methods. As a result, whichever of the charging options you choose, you face certain requirements, in general, equivalent to buying a new charger.

Having decided on the priorities, you will need to prepare in advance a couple of small wires with copper soft cores and any sufficiently powerful external block of questions, the voltage from which, at least, should be equivalent to a standard adapter. Here, Note that if there is a lack of voltage, the charge will still flow to the battery, but not completely.

To avoid problems, work with the laptop turned off and the power adapter unplugged. It is also advisable to remove the battery, Until the transmission channel of electricity to the laptop is established.

    In modern realities, any laptop or ultrabook is equipped with a round-shaped charging plug socket.

To take advantage of this, you need to connect the prepared wires to the input pins on the laptop.

  • Regardless of the type of laptop, the polarity in the contacts is as follows:
  • Center. “”;
  • Edge. “-“.
  • One way or another, your goal is to fix the wire on the middle segment of the charging socket by any means.

  • With the negative pole, you need to do the same, but in this case, the wire should only contact the side metal frame.
  • Additionally, make sure that the contacts do not cross each other, for example, by using a multimeter.
  • Having finished connecting the wiring, you can tackle the power supply depending on its value.

      If you use the selected power adapter and need it in the future in its entirety, you will need to perform the same steps as described above, but in relation to the plug itself.

    In our case, the round output of the adapter is taken into account, since in other cases the connection can cause many difficulties.

    As with the socket, it is required to connect the wire assigned by the plus to the middle of the plug.

    The negative phase must intersect with the outer bezel of the power supply output.

    In addition to what has been described, you can do a little differently.

      Remove the original output from the adapter and clean the wires.

    Holding the resulting contacts in line with the correct polarity.

    Be sure to insulate the connection points to avoid possible short circuits.

  • Next, you need to power the power supply from the high-voltage network and make sure that the created charging circuit works stably.
  • On this, in fact, you can finish with the method, since after following the recommendations, all that remains is to install the battery and wait for it to be fully loaded.

    We use an external battery

    This method, unlike others, allows you to charge your laptop not only at home, but also in any other place. What’s more, you still DO NOT need a standard laptop charge.

      In order to use this method, you need to purchase a special external battery, the power and cost of which depends on your requirements.

    The dimensions of such a battery can also vary significantly and depend on the same criteria.

  • The battery itself is charged through a special power adapter from the high-voltage network.
  • Please note that the external battery, called Power Bank, is designed to recharge not only laptops, but also other portable gadgets. Depending on the type of battery you purchased, you can charge multiple devices at once.

      Connect a special USB adapter to a pre-charged Power Bank.

  • Do exactly the same with any convenient USB port on your laptop.
  • Here is the functionality of the port used depends on the speed and stability of the process of recharging the laptop battery.
  • Using this approach, especially if you have multiple drives, you can increase the standard limit of the laptop battery to the level of the standard power adapter.

    We use an electric generator

    In modern realities, many users resort to using gadgets such as solar panels or any other portable generators in order to charge their personal devices. This attitude towards such types of charging is quite justified, since the battery is often replenished quickly enough.

    The main negative feature of such gadgets is their dependence on certain weather phenomena, which makes it somewhat difficult to use at home.

    When the device is with you, use the appropriate adapter to connect the power generator to the charging socket of the laptop.

    Usually the required set of adapters is supplied with the gadget.

    After connecting, make sure that the source works without any problems.

  • For some amount of time after the start, energy will gradually transfer to the base laptop battery.
  • Such generators are capable of maintaining voltage in themselves, being a kind of Power Bank. That is, for example, you can leave a solar battery in the open air and soon it will be able to power all your devices.

    This completes the instructions.

    Regardless of the method you choose to charge the battery, you can replenish the battery’s energy reserve. And although all methods are quite equivalent, in the absence of the necessary parts and known to be much more profitable, it will still be more profitable to get a new power adapter.

    How to charge a laptop battery without a charger

    Not all manufacturers are in a hurry to include USB Type-C in new models of their gadgets, and, in general, sometimes a charger may NOT be at hand. This often happens when traveling, or when the electricity in the house is turned off. For such cases, it will be useful to purchase an external battery. This portable device will extend the operating time of your PC by several hours, depending on its power, and all kinds of adapters included in the kit will make it possible to recharge other equipment as well. There is one drawback. extra dimensions.

    If you travel a lot in a car and want to use a laptop without the need to regularly monitor the charge, then you need to bring a portable inverter with you. There are sockets in the car, but this device will allow you to connect your laptop to the vehicle’s battery. Just do not forget to take into account that to enable charging, it is necessary that the car is running.

    Solar panels are a good solution for picnic lovers. Such a device allows the energy received from the sun’s rays to be converted into electricity. This is no longer an innovation, and it will not be a problem to get a suitable model. The obvious disadvantage of solar panels is stable recharging only in good clear weather. But nothing prevents you from fully charging the battery while it is sunny and using it in bad weather.

    Is it possible to charge a laptop via USB

    The USB port is an interface for connecting peripheral devices to a computer. Developed in the early nineties, it became widespread and became the mainstream in digital technology. Its main advantage is the high compatibility of equipment of different generations. Now computers are installed either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 (USB 3.1). Both of THESE connectors are NOT designed to charge the device from the mains: their bandwidth is only 4.5 watts. The charge will not be enough such power, at least 30 W is required.

    Articles How to charge a laptop without a charger Powering a laptop from a cigarette lighter Download video from

    How to charge

    Ideas like charging a laptop from USB and how to charge a laptop from a computer seemed very promising, and the developers were faced with the task of implementing them. So a new type of adapter appeared. USB Type-C. It has the ability to pass a charge of up to 100 watts, which is quite enough for charging the batteries of low-power netbooks and for full-fledged computers. over, you cannot charge not only the device, but also another gadget from it. The dimensions of the new adapter are surprisingly small: 8.4×2.6 mm, which is much smaller than its predecessors, and the design is symmetrical.

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    How to charge a laptop via USB

    Several years ago this question could be answered unequivocally. This possibility is not provided by the protocol specifications. In 2015, the situation changed. Apple released the first laptop capable of charging via USB. Macbook with a 12-inch screen had only one universal port for connecting peripherals and recharging.

    The new USB type C standard made it possible to realize this. After the first wave of criticism, other electronics manufacturers appreciated the versatility of the solution and released models with similar characteristics.

    How to determine the purpose of a USB type C port

    The easiest way to correctly identify the port assignments is to study the notebook documentation. Any manufacturer always provides their list and functionality. External marking approved by the international consortium USB-IF, but not always applied correctly or in full.

    If there are multiple Type C ports, the charging port should have the standard logo in a dark rectangular frame. The left side of the frame is convex and the right side is concave.

    On the right side, a rectangle is additionally applied without one long line facing outward from the logo. The specification provides that for USB 3.1 Gen 2, the letter and number Super Speed ​​Plus (SS and 10) designations are additionally applied.

    For simplicity, manufacturers sometimes apply a stylized image of an electrical plug or battery next to the charging port. Some models are equipped with a power connection indicator light, it can also determine the main purpose of the connector.

    Which laptops won’t charge via USB

    So, the presence of a USB-C port on a laptop does NOT guarantee the possibility of charging it with a low Power Delivery profile. Let’s consider their parameters in more detail:

    • Voltage 5V, current up to 2A, power up to 10W;
    • Voltage 5-12V, current up to 1.5-2, power up to 18W;
    • Voltage 5-12V, current up to 1.5-3, power up to 36 W;
    • Voltage 12-20V, current up to 3A, power up to 60W;
    • Voltage 12-20V, current 4.75-5, power up to 100 W.

    To provide a laptop battery charge, at least a third PD profile is required, which is capable of providing the required power and current.

    Is it possible to charge a laptop via a USB port

    Initially, the USB standard was developed to simplify the connection of external devices. The question of supplying power through it was far from the first place. The initial specifications provided for a current of 0.15 A and a power of 0.75 W at a nominal voltage of 5 V. This was enough to ensure the operation of a mouse or keyboard, but no more.

    The second generation specifications increased the transmitted current to 0.5 A. This was already enough to power external hard drives. USB 3.0 provided a standard current of 0.9 A with the ability to amplify up to 1.5 A. This is the current strength that is enough to charge a mobile phone.

    Thus, to the introduction of the USB-C standard, it was not about supplying power to the computer, but about the ability to power external devices. In other words, you cannot charge a laptop through a regular port.

    Which laptops can be charged via USB

    Based on the above, it becomes clear that it is possible to charge a laptop using USB only if it is equipped with a Type C connector. However, everything is not so simple here either. The main task of the USB interface is still to provide peripheral connectivity and high data transfer rates. Power delivery capability is governed by a separate Power Delivery specification. This is one of the alternative capabilities protocols embedded in the Type C connector.

    To ensure compatibility, the new standard supports five different energy profiles. When connecting any external device, the minimum is used by default, with a current strength of up to 2 A and a nominal voltage of 5V. By exchanging data in accordance with the Power Delivery specifications, the source and the receiver will know if the higher voltage is supported. If the answer is yes, the profile is changed to the maximum possible for the connected device.

    Consequences when connecting charging via normal USB

    Such an error will NOT cause harmful consequences if the “native” power supply unit and certified cable supplied with the laptop were used. The protection provided by the Power Delivery protocol will work and the USB-C port will refuse to accept external power NOT intended for it.

    Is it possible to charge a laptop with a phone charger?

    How to charge a laptop using your phone

    Phones with a USB Type C port can be used to power the laptop. The laptop must also have a USB Type C port. The procedure is very simple and straightforward. Just plug the cord into the USB port of your phone and laptop.

    Is it possible to charge the phone with a charge with a lower amperage?

    Remember! It is not recommended to charge the battery by charging with a low current (less power than the manufacturer supplies), since in this case it will take a long time to charge, heat up during the process, it may swell or significantly reduce its service life.

    How to charge an iPhone from a laptop?

    It is often required to charge the iPhone on the go, such as using a laptop. In theory, it is enough to connect the smartphone to the laptop via a USB cable and charging will begin. Charging occurs when the laptop is active.

    Is it possible to charge a laptop from 12 volts?

    16 volts. These laptops can be powered directly from 12 volts (auto battery), just remember to remove the internal battery. If you want to charge a laptop, then a resistor or a light bulb is charged through.

    What is USB Type C for??

    So what are these connectors and what are they for? Simply put, USB Type-C is the same USB, only more modern. Its main advantages include high data transfer rate, the ability to transmit a video signal, and a symmetrical design that allows you to insert the plug either side.

    Can HP laptop be charged via USB Type C?

    No comments. You can only charge if there is a thunderbolt icon next to the port. a lightning in a box.

    What is USB 3.1 Type C?

    All of you have probably heard of USB Type-C. First, let’s be clear: USB Type-C is the name of the connector and cable. And USB 3.1 or USB 2.0 are standards that describe all the key characteristics of data transfer and power supply of related nodes.

    How to charge your phone using a laptop?

    Charges the phone via laptop

    • Using a USB cable Connect the mobile device to the laptop connector.
    • Then on the laptop, select a mobile device, open the explorer window.
    • When the battery finishes charging, disconnect the USB cable.
    • Keep in mind that it will take longer to charge the phone from a laptop than from a standard network charger.
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