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Can I Change Components In A Laptop

Turn off the backlight

To turn off the backlight on your ASUS laptop keyboard, you must press the same button that turns it on. But there are also exceptions. The functionality of the buttons depends on the vehicle model. In some cases, switching on and off is carried out by different buttons or their combinations. Therefore, experts recommend carefully studying the documentation.

Here are some possible options for how to change the color:

  • Press Fn and Spacebar, Fn-F4 or Fn.Space at the same time;
  • Some models have a separate button for adjustment, which has a specific designation;
  • If the backlight has several modes, then press Fn or another button responsible for this function several times.

Under the condition of normal operation of the equipment, the lighting is automatically turned on and off when it is started and turned off. If this does not happen, then it is necessary to find out the possible reason for the deviation. It could be missing or installing the wrong software. Damage to contacts is also possible. In any case, under such conditions, the backlight of the laptop keyboard will not work correctly.

Driver installation

Often, as a result of replacing the operating system, certain functions are disrupted. To decide how to turn on the keyboard backlight on your HP laptop, you need to check for the correct driver. After changing the system, it may NOT function or work incorrectly. The only solution is to install the correct driver.

To solve such a problem, how to make a backlight on a laptop keyboard, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Enter the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment in the “Service” section;
  • Go to “Support”;
  • In the column enter the exact model of the technique;
  • In the list that appears, select the appropriate name;
  • Go to the section containing the junk and drivers for the selected model;
  • Indicate the version of the operating system and carefully study its categories;
  • Find ATK version in the provided list of files and download;
  • Open the downloaded file and install (select setup.Exe)
  • After installing the program, restart the equipment and check the switching on and off of the light.

If the installation of the program did not work, then it must be removed. After that, install the old version of the drivers. Also, to solve the problem, special programs are used, which independently analyze the equipment and the operating system, after which they find suitable files and download them. Solving the question of how to turn on the keyboard backlight on an ASUS laptop becomes trivial.

Turn on the backlight

To deal with how to turn on the keyboard backlight on an Asus laptop, you need to find out if there is such a function at all on this model. Older or inexpensive models may not have it.

Therefore, there is no need to decide how to turn on the backlight on an economy class laptop. You can establish the presence of such a function in several ways:

  • Carefully study the technical characteristics of the device;
  • Study the available information on the Internet, accurately indicated the model;
  • Examine all the signs on the keyboard (sometimes the highlighting has a specific designation, which makes it easy to adjust the glow)
  • Examine the buttons (if they have a translucent base, then with a high probability the panel is equipped with LEDs).

The lighting icon can be located anywhere on the computer panel. It can be one of the buttons F1 to F12. It is designated as the sun. Also, such a special button is located in the bottom row near “Ctrl”.

The exact placement of the key depends on the laptop model. In the first case, you can set the desired button by experiment. To do this, alternately press F1-12 together with Fn. In this case, the last button can independently be responsible for highlighting.

If, as a result of pressing, there was a change in glow, then at some point you can completely turn off the backlight. The main thing is to remember the combination that led to the change. Some models have several glow modes, and even the ability to change color. Therefore, the check is better carried out in the Eclipse room. This will make it possible to easily change any parameters in the work of the backlight, if any.

Turn the keyboard backlight on and off on a laptop

Manufacturers Provide consumers with a large selection of components for computers, which differ in their functionality. You will NOT surprise anyone with a glowing keyboard. This function is present both in separate equipment and in built-in devices.

In the latter case, this can be seen on an Acer laptop. The function is very easy to use. The backlit keyboard on the laptop allows you to use the equipment in a room with insufficient lighting. If necessary, you can change the level of glow or turn it off completely. But, for this you need to carefully study the issue.

How to change the backlight color

Modern models are equipped with RGB LEDs, which makes it possible to change the backlight color if necessary. This allows you to make work with equipment more convenient and comfortable, to reduce eye strain. To change the color of the keyboard backlight, you need to have a special program. It has a multifunctional menu. With the help of Steel Series Engine, they change the glow of the LEDs to any color.

If the laptop has simple LEDs, which are highlighted in only one color, then this program is useless. To solve the problem of how to turn on the keyboard backlight on an ASUS laptop in a different color, use the Cardinal methods:

  • If the color of the LEDs is annoying, and there is no way to change it using the program, then the only option is to disassemble the keyboard and change them. The choice of lamps must be approached very carefully. They should NOT irritate the eyes and at the same time fully perform their functions.
  • A good option would be gluing transparent paper of different colors. For this, the keyboard backlight on an asus laptop is disassembled. Then the paper is glued in several colors. As a result of this combination, you can get an original and beautiful glow.
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How to make keyboard backlight on MCI laptop if there is no such function? This task can be solved with the help of an external lamp, which is connected to a USB port. Unfortunately, this option has several disadvantages:

  • Strong luminescence of the external light leads to the creation of Reflections, which reduces the visibility of worn-out buttons;
  • The lack of a free entrance to connect the luminaire leads to the impossibility of using an external lighting device;
  • The use of single LEDs at several points will not provide normal illumination of the work surface.

If it is possible to replace the motherboard on the laptop keyboard, then it is better to use this option, since it is more effective. Replacement of any parts and elements is best done in a service center.

The presence of LEDs is a useful function, as it makes it possible to use the equipment without problems in a room with insufficient lighting. But, if the buttons are overwritten, then the highlighting will only interfere. Therefore, it is better to turn it off. The function should work properly, which will make it possible to easily manage it, and turn on and off the keyboard backlight on the laptop.

How to get an old percent out of a laptop and install a new one

Disassembly instructions can often be found on the Internet for “HP Pavilion disassembly”, “Asus A52j service manual”, “Acer Aspire One disassembly”, etc. The model, of course, should be specified. useful results are usually given by English-language queries.

When choosing a thermal paste, focus on its thermal conductivity: the higher it is, the better. It is undesirable to use pastes with thermal conductivity less than 3 W / (m deg).

The popularly beloved KPT-8 for laptops Does not fit! Its thermal conductivity is only 0.6-1 W / (m deg).

Is it possible?

  • Using Device Manager, determine the processor model.
  • Open the model specification on the manufacturer’s website and determine the type of its case (socket).

This example shows a removable AMD percent, which can be easily changed to another (not surprising, because it is desktop).

And here’s another one. mobile non-removable:

He, of course, can also be replaced, but only in service centers with special equipment. Such central banks are changed exclusively in the event of a malfunction.

What in THESE designations indicates the removable / non-removable processor? The letters in the name of the body type. Any combination of the abbreviation “BGA” (ball grid array) means that the chip is not removable. Its contacts are an array of balls, with which it is soldered to the board.

The names of Intel removable processors are usually called PGA (pin grid array). Their contacts are an array of “pins” or legs, which are inserted into the connector (socket).

In AMD products, everything is ambiguous. Determining the removability of the central bank at a glance at the name of the case will not work. So, the cases of mobile processors FT3, FP4 are non-removable, and S1, FS1, AM2 are removable. Information about them can be found on the Internet.

In addition to “Uncle Google”, programs can find out the type of socket of your “pebble”. Below are screenshots of HWiNFO 32/64 utilities. CPU-Z and Aida64.

They will also bring final clarity to the issue of “upgradeability” of the laptop, if the percent is produced in different types of cases, such as Intel Core i3-2310M.

Finding a compatible model

  • Socket. PPGA988.
  • Codename. Sandy Bridge.
  • TDP (Intel calls this parameter “design power”). 35 W.

It turns out that the Central Bank of the Sandy Bridge line in the PPGA988 package (other names G2 or rPGA988B) with TDP up to 35 W inclusive is suitable for replacement.

Let’s refer to the summary table of mobile processors on the notebook-center.Ru website and select models with suitable parameters:

  • Intel Core i5-2540M
  • Intel Core i7-2620M
  • Intel Core i5-2520M
  • Intel Core i5-2450M, etc.

All of them can replace our Core i3-2310M.

The table does not list socket types. To find out, just open the model page by clicking on her name.

By the way, according to the same table, you can assess the feasibility of replacement by looking at the benchmark results, which are given in the last five columns. Or refer to the website. Where are detailed comparisons of different CPUs.

What parameters determine compatibility

  • Body type (socket). Naturally, it should be the same in both the old and the new model.
  • Kernel codename. It must also match, otherwise the platform chipset will NOT be able to interact with the processor. Interchangeability of central banks with different code names within the same microarchitecture (for example, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge) is sometimes possible, but rather as an exception, not a rule. If you want to conduct such an experiment, take an interest in the experience of other users.
  • Thermal power (TDP). The new CPU should be the same as the old one, or lower. The above is impossible, since the cooling system will NOT be able to provide the necessary heat dissipation. The laptop will still slow down, only now due to overheating. And very likely to fail quickly.

To find out these parameters will also help the website of the manufacturer of the central bank or utility, in which I mentioned above.

The second youth of an iron friend: how to replace a processor on a laptop

Let’s start with the most important part of a computer. the central processor. Today we will talk about how to replace the processor on a laptop of any brand. Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, MSI, etc., productive.

What is described below is done at your own risk. If your computer is under warranty, you will lose it

  • Disconnect all power supplies from the laptop.
  • According to the instructions, dismantle the body parts that cover the cooling system. On some laptops, it is enough to remove the covers of one compartment, on the second. the entire bottom, on the third. the bottom and keyboard, the fourth require almost complete disassembly.
  • Remove the cooling system. first the fan, then the radiator. Please note: near the screws, which the latter is attached to the board, there are numbers. It is in this order (1-2-3-4) that they must be screwed in to ensure uniform clamping of the crystal and NOT damage it. Unscrewing, respectively, is performed in the reverse order (4-3-2-1). If there are numbers, start unscrewing the screws from either end and go from one to the second diagonally or in a zigzag.
  • When the screws in the cooling system are of different lengths and thicknesses, remember their locations. If confused, the consequences can be very dire. A screw screwed into an unsuitable hole in width can fall out over time and cause a short circuit. In order not to be mistaken, do this: Draw a diagram of the location of the screws on a sheet of paper and, as we unscrew it, Stick them into the places of the diagram where they are in reality.
  • After unscrewing all the screws and disconnecting the fan, grab the heatsink in the area of ​​the heat sink (the metal platform that adjoins the chip) and lift it vertically up. Try NOT to put too much effort. If you feel resistance (it can be created by too viscous or dried thermal paste), carefully move the radiator horizontally.
  • Remains of thermal paste and sometimes thermal pads stick to the lower surface of the heat sink (this purple “garbage” in the photo below). The processor is covered with paste, and the gaskets provide heat dissipation to neighboring nodes. bridges, a video chip, and very hot elements of power circuits. The remains of the paste must be removed (for this you have prepared a napkin), the pads can be reused if they retained elasticity.
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It is impossible to replace thermal pads with thermal paste!

You may know that thermal pads conduct heat slightly worse than paste. So why NOT replace the first with the second? Unfortunately, this is not done. The gaskets save the day when the crystal surfaces are NOT in contact with the heat sink. Laptops are too cramped to provide each chip with an individual heat sink, so manufacturers often install one heatsink in them with a common heat sink. But the chips, you guessed it, have different heights. The paste is applied to the highest (processor) and the rest protect the Thermal spacers.

  • So, you removed the radiator and got to the goal. Now you need to dismantle the processor. On one side of its attachment there is a cross-cut screw. Place a flathead screwdriver in it and twist until the microlift pushes the processor up. After that, pry and pull it out.
  • Apply a thin layer of thermal paste to the new CPU and place in the socket. Pay attention to the key. a small triangle on one of the corners of the processor, near which there are no one or two contacts. It should line up with the same label on the juice. However, you will not be able to insert the Central Bank incorrectly if you do not apply Significant force to it. The “stone” should fit into the nest without the slightest difficulty. To fix it in the connector Turn the screw in the opposite direction.
  • Reinstall the cooling system radiator. After that screw and connect the fan, and Finish the rest of the laptop assembly.

Be sure to replace all protective pads if you removed them during dismantling.!

Only after making sure that you have no “extra” parts left and everything is in place, Connect the power supply and press the Power button. If the replacement was successful, the laptop will come to life and an image will appear on the screen. However, the second result does not have to be, otherwise you made a mistake somewhere. If the computer does not turn on at all or starts to make noise, but the screen remains black, make sure that the replacement is correct and try again from the beginning. I’m sure you will succeed.

Step by step replacement instructions

Before buying a video card, you need to determine which model the motherboard will support. This can be done using the already mentioned Everest program:

    Download and run this program. A window will open in front of you, where on the left there will be a large list of actions. Select the “Windows Video” tab.

After clicking, the program will show detailed information about the video card installed on the laptop and all the components interconnected with it.

After determining the model of the installed video card:

  • Unplug your laptop. Disconnect all wires.
  • Place the laptop in a horizontal position on a flat surface. Remove the battery.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the back of the laptop. We put the screws in a container so as not to lose.

Study the diagram of the structure of the laptop, using the instructions. If you have one at hand, first find a cooler (fan). It is an element of the cooling system along with a radiator and heat pipes, which go to the processor and video card to cool them.

Remove the cooling system to get to the video card. Unscrew the screws from the fan, then proceed to removing the heatsinks of the processor and video card. The fasteners in each pad are numbered. Unscrew them in the reverse order, i.e. 4-3-2-1.

Disconnect the fan power plug. Remove the cooler.

  • Gently grasp the heat-dissipating pad, and holding the heat pipes, remove the part.
  • Take the video card by the edge, lift and pull it towards you to remove it from the slot.
  • Install the new card into the protective cover. Apply thermal paste to the video chip in a thin layer no more than 1 mm thick (no thicker).

  • Install the fan, Connect the plug.
  • Wipe the heat-dissipating pads with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol to remove old dried thermal grease.
  • Is it possible to replace the graphics card on a laptop?

    To determine whether it is possible to replace a video card on a laptop, you first need to find out its type. It can be integrated or discrete.

    Installing an external video card

    There are two ways to install an external video card: using a docking station or an internal mPCI-E connector.

    Installing drivers

    Before starting the replacement, you need to remove the drivers from the previous video card. For this:

      Open the start menu. We are interested in the search string.

    Enter in the search box “Device Manager” and click on the search result twice.

    change, components, laptop

    In the window that appears, select the item “Video adapters”.

    Click on the triangle at the beginning of this line. You will see your video card in the dropdown list. Right-click on the name of your video card to open the context menu. Click the button “Delete device” and than “OK”.

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    If this timeline is available in the context menu, then double-click on an available video adapter with the left mouse button to call its properties.

    In the window that appears, select the tab “Driver”. Click on “Delete” at the bottom of the window.

    Or “Delete device”, then tick the box next to “Remove driver programs.” And end the action.

    A new video card usually comes with a driver disc. In this case:

    • Insert the disc into the drive.
    • Read the information and click “Install driver”.
    • At the end of the installation, you need to restart the laptop, after which it will be ready for use.

    If the kit contains a disc with drivers, you need to download them yourself. For this:

    • Enter the name of the video card in the search bar of the browser and add the phrase “download driver”.
    • Select the official website of the video card manufacturer (or any other trustworthy software distribution site), and proceed to download the required driver.

    Internal mPCI-E connector

    All laptops have an integrated Wi-Fi modem connected to mimi PCL-Express. If the video card is connected via the internal mPCI-E connector, then the connection to the wireless network will have to be replaced with a wired one by connecting the cable from the router to the laptop.

    A special adapter EXP GDC is required for connection. You can purchase it on the Aliexpress marketplace.

      Turn off the laptop, and unplug it too. Remove the battery.

    Remove the back cover of the laptop using a screwdriver.

    Disconnect the WI-FI module board. First, unscrew the screw that holds the board.

    Next, remove the terminals (two wires), and then remove the board from the connector.

    Take the cable that comes with the EXP GDC (it has mPCI-E and HDMI plugs at the ends). Plug this cable into the appropriate connectors.

  • Install the graphics card into the slot on the EXP GDC.
  • Use the second wire from the kit as an additional power supply for the video card. It has a 6-pin connector on one side and a double. 6 and 62 (i.e. 8-pin) connector on the other.
  • The end with the 6-pin connector plug into the Corresponding connector on the EXP GDC, and the other end (6 or 8-pin) plug into the video card.

    Connect the power supply included in the kit. It has an 8-pin connector.

    Insert the power supply plug into the desired socket on the EXP GDC, and its plug into the socket.

    Connect the laptop battery and use the video card.

    Discrete graphics card

    It is a stand-alone equipment. It looks like a separate chip, which is soldered to the motherboard. Easy to replace. You need to use the same model as originally installed, but only with a new version.

    In what cases it is impossible to change the video card?

    The video card cannot be changed in two cases:

    • If the video card is discrete. It is soldered to the motherboard. It is very difficult to remove it. This operation requires a lot of time and skills in soldering microprocessor technology, so it is best to seek help from a specialist.
    • If the cooling capacity is low. Initially, the laptop is focused on specific loads, which are calculated based on the characteristics of the components installed inside.

    Why replace?

    Replacing a video card is needed in two cases:

    • Incorrect operation of the device. Most often this happens due to a malfunction of the video card processor and severe overheating, which causes the fan to fail.
    • Low power. Power does not allow working comfortably with modern software products. Most often, the replacement is made by game lovers. Modern games have high system requirements, the main one of which is the new video card.

    How to change the graphics card on a laptop?

    To successfully replace a video card, you need not only to remove the old component and install a new one, but also to remove and install the drivers.

    Checking laptop hard drive

    You can use HD Tune Pro to test your laptop hard drive. If the disk is faulty, then the scan will find damaged blocks (Damaget blocks).

    Large number of bad blocks found on laptop hard drive

    When replacing the hard drive, it makes sense to install a larger drive. In a specific case, the 320 GB WD (Western Digital) disk was replaced with a 500 GB Hitachi disk.

    Attention! Before installing a new disk on your laptop, check it for errors. Be sure to check hard drives if they are packed only in an antistatic bag.

    Hitachi hard drive is packed in anti-static bag only

    Install the hard drive only if there is not a single damaged block.

    No Bad Blocks to Hard Drive

    Checking the Hitachi hard drive using HD Tune Pro showed that there were no bad blocks on it. Now, with a clear conscience, you can start replacing the hard drive.

    How to remove a hard drive from a laptop

    Let’s describe the process of removing a hard drive from a Lenovo B550 laptop. All we need is a curly screwdriver (“under the cross”).

    Disconnect the laptop from the power supply and take out the battery.

    Unscrew the lid covering the hard drive compartment on the bottom of the laptop.

    Unscrew the lid covering the hard drive compartment on the bottom of the laptop

    Slide the hard drive in the direction of the arrow (away from the connector).

    Slide the hard drive in the direction of the arrow (away from the connector)

    After the hard drive is disconnected from the connector, you can remove it from the bay.

    After the hard drive is disconnected from the connector, you can remove it from the bay

    How to change (remove) a hard drive on a laptop

    Today we will talk about how to change (remove) a hard drive on a laptop. Because laptops are shipped much more frequently than desktop computers, this has a negative impact on the longevity of notebook hard drives. Before changing the hard drive on a laptop, you need to make sure that it is really faulty.

    Installing a new HDD on a laptop

    Actually, the installation of a new hard drive is performed in the reverse order. The main thing is not forgotten Unscrew the metal frame from the old HDD and screw it onto the new one.

    Before installation, a new hard drive must be placed in a metal frame (pictured on the left)

    If you have any questions when replacing a hard drive on a laptop, ask them in the comments.

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