Can I Add RAM To Laptop

Macbook Pro 15 “

The 2012 15-inch MacBook Pro is the last to offer access to and expand RAM. The model is equipped with a removable back cover that hides the slot we need.

Apple hasn’t always been this greedy


Yes, before, many laptops with an apple on the lid could be upgraded at home. I took a set of screwdrivers, unscrewed a few screws and add / change memory for health.

Here is a list of MacBook models that you can replace RAM sticks yourself.

? Which MacBooks can change RAM

Apple technology has always cost more than competitors. If in the segment of smartphones Samsung is matched to a similar price category, then in the laptop market the main competitors are cheaper than MacBook.

In addition, Apple computers are completely devoid of the upgrade option. Of course, this is done for marketing purposes. I bought a laptop, used it for a year or two, if there was no longer enough RAM or storage space. go ahead for a new MacBook.

It turns out that you need to think over the usage scenarios in advance, take off the ground and overpay for custom versions. And here the upgrade price looks unreasonable.

So that no one would even think about doing the upgrade on their own, Apple packed laptops in thin cases and placed memory and storage directly on the motherboard.

You can fight the lack of memory using flash drives, memory cards, external disks or clouds, but you can’t increase the “RAM”.

2006 Macbook

The earliest MacBook models in black and white plastic cases allowed swappable RAM.

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Macbook Pro 13 “

“Trinashka” from 2012 is also the last model in its class with the usual removable RAM.

You can read about which memory modules are suitable for each specific model of MacBook Pro, how to get to the brackets and what is the maximum amount supported by the computer on the Apple website.

Newer models have RAM modules soldered on the motherboard, replacing them is a complex technological process, which will NOT be taken in the vast majority of service centers.

You cannot replace RAM modules with:

  • All MacBook Pro with Retina displays;
  • All MacBook Air
  • All MacBook models.

Macbook Pro 17 “

In all models with a 17-inch display, you can replace the RAM modules. The last such model came out at the end of 2011, and even it was equipped with a removable back cover and the usual slot for RAM strips.

How to find out the year of manufacture of your MacBook

To do this, go to the Apple () About This Mac menu. After the name of the model, the year of its release will be indicated. detailed information can be obtained using the model identifier.

In the About This Mac window, click System Report. In the Hardware section, the second line will be the model ID. You can determine h by identifier on this page.

Increase RAM on a laptop

The need to increase the amount of RAM on a laptop sooner or later comes to many users. Over time, laptops become obsolete, applications and games appear that require more RAM for their work.

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In order to understand how to add RAM to a laptop, you first need to answer the question of whether this can be done. After all, there are laptop models in which the RAM is soldered directly on the board and there are simply no slots for RAM.

Difficulty disassembling a laptop

The following issue is also relevant on some laptops from 2015 onwards. To complicate the process of upgrading a laptop and increase the number of customers in official service centers, more and more modern laptop models are made difficult to disassemble.

That is, in order to trivially get to the RAM or hard drive, you need to disassemble, if not the entire laptop, then half exactly!

Lack of memory slots

This problem is relevant for some cheap laptops, starting from 2016. In pursuit of cheaper prices, manufacturers solder a specific amount of RAM (usually 2 or 4 GB) directly on the motherboard, while absorbing the connectors from the board physically, just like the opportunity to increase its volume in the future.

Operational directly to the mat. Laptop motherboard without the possibility of increasing

Lack of free memory slots

This problem is very common. It might turn out like this. That all of the available RAM slots are already occupied and to increase the memory you will have to remove the existing memory module and replace it with a larger module. For some, this may not be a problem, but from the point of view of financial expediency, it does not look very attractive.

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Lack of free slots for RAM

Can I add RAM to my laptop?

To understand this issue, you first need to accurately determine the laptop model. After that, you need to search the Internet for information on increasing the RAM on a specific model. It is possible that this is simply impossible.

Possible difficulties when increasing the RAM in a laptop:

  • Lack of slots for memory;
  • Lack of free slots for memory;
  • Difficulty disassembling a laptop.

What else needs to be considered?

If all of the above problems did not affect you (your laptop has free slots for memory and it is not difficult to understand it, or you are able to independently disassemble and assemble the laptop), then you need to find out which memory is already installed and supported in order to exclude incompatibility with motherboard.

Next, we disassemble the laptop and insert the memory into the connectors, observing the location of the key. (Holes on pins).

Removing the cover for installing memory in a laptop

We insert the memory strip into the connector and push it to the bottom with a click

To remove the memory, we spread the metal latches to the sides