Camera Not Working On Windows 10 Laptop

Windows 10 webcam not working?

There are several things that are more frustrating than when Windows 10’s camera stops working properly. Whether you have a built-in webcam on Microsoft Surface devices, for example, or on separate hardware, there are tons of tips and tricks you can use to fix it.

Cause of webcam errors in Windows 10

A webcam that doesn’t work on a Windows 10 computer, tablet or laptop is usually the result of faulty or outdated drivers.

Another reason. Incorrect settings in the Windows 10 operating system or associated webcam software that can disable or hide the webcam.

How to fix Windows 10 webcam

Disconnect it and reconnect it. If your webcam connects to your Windows 10 device via USB, this is a quick way to fix it.

Turning off and then turning on the webcam will reset it. A reset can also force your Windows 10 device to detect the camera after connecting it.

Try plugging it into a second USB port. If your Windows 10 device does NOT recognize your USB webcam at all, try a different port.

Reboot your computer. It’s a trick as old as time, but it works. Restarting your Windows 10 computer, laptop, or tablet can often fix many problems, including a broken webcam.

Disconnect and restart. Try a combination of the previous two solutions. Disconnect the USB webcam, restart your computer, and then reconnect the webcam.

Check for Windows updates. Updating Windows 10 can fix any issues, as well as download firmware and driver updates that can improve the performance of your webcam.

Check the camera body. The webcam may be broken and in need of repair. If no signs of damage are visible, the next best way to check is to see if it is broken. Connect it to a second compatible computer or laptop. If this doesn’t work on another device, you will have an answer by itself.

Check the app you are using with your webcam. The webcam may be working, but the app is causing problems. The easiest way to check this. Try using the camera in another Windows 10 app such as Skype, Instagram, or Camera. If the problem is with the app, you may need to GRANT access to the camera in the app settings.

Check your privacy settings. On Windows 10, you need to GRANT apps access to your webcam before they can detect it and use it. Go to Settings Privacy Camera and enable “Allow apps to access your camera”.

Check your webcam software settings. Some webcams come with software that controls device settings. The Lenovo Settings app, for example, has a privacy mode setting that turns off the internet completely. Camera.

Check the Bluetooth connection if you are using a wireless webcam. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in Windows 10 so your device can find it. This can be done by opening Windows 10 Action Center and clicking the Bluetooth tile.

Check if the camera is disabled in Windows 10 Device Manager. To re-enable it, open Device Manager and click the arrow to the left of the cameras to display all of your webcams. If the camera icon itself has a small arrow icon, it means that it is disabled. You can enable it again by Right Clicking on it and Selecting “Enable”.

Disable and enable your webcam in Device Manager. This can sometimes cause Windows 10 to notice the device. Find the camera in Device Manager, just like in the previous step. Right click on the camera name and select Disable. Then right click again and select “Enable”. Don’t click “Delete”.

Update your webcam driver. Device drivers keep working as expected and updates are often required to be compatible with the latest versions of Windows. To check for a new driver for your webcam, find it again in Device Manager, Right click it, select Update Driver Software Search automatically for driver software update.

Rollback the driver to the previous version. Occasionally, a new version of a driver will negatively affect the device. To rollback, locate the camera in Device Manager, Right-click it and select Properties Driver Rollback Driver Yes.

Restart Windows 10 after the process completes.

Check Windows 10 compatibility. Some webcams were created for older versions of Windows and may not be compatible with Windows 10 desktops, tablets, or laptops. One way to check this is. Take a look at the packaging or manuals that came with your camera.

Checking antivirus settings

Most antiviruses have a feature that protects the user from being monitored by a webcam. It allows or blocks access to the video device for certain scripts and programs. However, this function may have problems. For example, antivirus may suddenly disable the camera for the standard Camera application or Skype utility by Outsiders, considering them a threat. In the Skype messenger, in this case, a message usually appears stating that it cannot connect to webcams and that you need to close the utility that is currently using it.

Skype” unable to start video broadcasting because the camera is open in another program

To make sure that the problem is not at all in the antivirus, Disable the camera protection functions in it for the time being. The option name and section location differ depending on the type of antivirus. Let’s look at the instructions using the Avast program as an example:

  • Antiviruses usually work in the background to be always on the alert and, if necessary, block the threat. This means that you can open it through the Windows tray (the right edge of the taskbar with date, time and other icons). Click on the upward arrow and click on the Avast icon on the small panel. Find the Avast icon in the Windows tray, and then click on it
  • Click on the “privacy” tab with the fingerprint icon. In the blue menu, select the “Webcam Protection” block. In the “privacy” tab, open the “Webcam protection” section
  • We click on the green switch to deactivate the option, and try to open the “webcam” in third-party junk or in the standard “Camera” program. Click once on the switches to disable the protection option for a while

How to turn on the webcam on a Windows 10 laptop and what to do if it doesn’t work

All laptops are equipped with a built-in webcam. Users can use it as a tool for video chats in various messengers, for example, Skype. In Windows 10 there is a special standard application “Camera”, which allows you to quickly launch it on a laptop as on a phone, to take an instant photo or video. Today we will consider how to enable and configure the camera in the application of the same name, as well as how to GRANT certain programs access to it. In addition, we will list effective ways to troubleshoot the “webcam”.

Launching an Application from the Start Menu

Calling the Camera application is quite simple: it is in the list of utilities in the system’s Start menu. Follow a little instruction:

  • Click on the window-shaped button in the lower left corner of the screen. It’s the leftmost icon on the taskbar. This menu is also called by a special key on which the same icon is drawn. Finding it is easy: it is next to the space. Click on the “Start” button with a window-shaped icon to launch the menu of the same name
  • In the menu, you can simply scroll through the list of services and applications for the letter “K”. If you don’t want to scroll through the list, press the letter “A”. Click on the letter “A” to open the table with the rest of the available letters
  • In the appeared table with letters from two alphabets, select the Russian “K” with the left mouse button. Select the Russian letter “K” in the table
  • A small list will open with applications starting with this letter. Find “Camera” in it and left-click on it. Click on the “Camera” item in the list of applications on the letter “K”
  • On the PC display, you should immediately see yourself.
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How to turn on the camera on a Windows 10 laptop

You can activate the laptop’s webcam to take pictures at the current time, for this, the classic “Camera” application is launched. If you want to use it in other utilities, give them access to it in Windows settings. Consider how to do both.

How to set up a webcam on a laptop

You can change the webcam settings in the classic Camera application window. We will tell you what settings are available in this junk step by step:

  • Launch the “Camera” program using the instructions from the first section of this article. In the application window, there is a photo timer at the top (an alarm clock icon). The arrow next to it allows you to switch from automatic to professional shooting mode. The case has two round buttons to switch between taking photos and videos.
    In the application “Camera” you can select a mode (photo or video), as well as enable the ability to manually set all the settings
  • To get to the settings, click on the icon in the form of a gear, which is located in the upper right corner of the application window under the icon to close.
  • In the first drop-down menu, you can select the action that will be performed after pressing the camera button and holding it. Three options are available: single shot, whole series of photos, or video recording. Set the action to be performed after pressing and holding the camera button
  • In the next menu, you can flip the image that you see in the application window. If necessary, set the angle to which you want to return the image
  • The “Photos” section provides options for image aspect ratio and framing grid. Choose a grid type depending on what kind of survey you want to use. It will be easier to apply this or that method with it. Set the framing grid to match the shooting method you want to apply
  • The Burst option enabled allows you to take multiple photos until you press the camera button again.
  • In the “Video” block, you can select the recording quality (depending on the maximum parameter offered by the camera itself), as well as configure the anti-flicker option. In the Video Recording menu, set the quality of your future media content
  • In the “Related options” section, you can change the path to the folders where photos and videos will be saved. In the section of related parameters, you can choose the location of the files with the taken photo and video
  • In addition, you can enable the use of your computer’s location. The characteristics of the photo or video will indicate where they were taken. Allow the Camera app to show your current location

What to do if the camera doesn’t work

Users of the Windows operating system sometimes fail to launch the classic “Camera” utility. In this case, in the window, as a rule, a message appears stating that it is NOT possible to find the camera or turn it on. Each error has its own code. Updating or rolling back video device drivers fixes most problems.

Troubleshooting Code 0xA00F4246

After starting the “Camera” utility, a black window may open with a notification that the “webcam”” fails. In this case, the system will ask you to check if new versions of drivers are available, and update the latest ones if they are available. The error code in this case is 0xA00F4246. It occurs both with built-in devices and with removable (external) devices that are connected separately.

Error 0xA00F4246 may occur when launching the Camera application

If you encounter this problem, most likely, your camera will not work in other utilities that require it, for example, in Skype. Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to fix the problem by simply updating the drivers. The way out of the situation is a small procedure for editing the registry in the Windows system application:

  • Start Registry Editor. It’s quite simple to do this: press the Win and R keys and in the small window spell the word regedit. After that, immediately click on OK or Enter, so that the system will execute the specified command. Enter the regedit command in the window that appears
  • In a small Windows system window, Confirm permission Registry Editor makes changes to the computer.
  • A list of several branches will appear on the left pane of the window. Choose the third one. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Run it with a double click and open the SOFTWARE folder. Open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch on the left, and in it the SOFTWARE folder
  • Go to the Microsoft folder and then to Windows Media Foundation. Open the Windows Media Foundation section in the Microsoft folder
  • In the last folder, right-click on the Platform block and in the small menu, point to the “Create” item. In the following list, select “DWORD Value”. Click on the “New” button and select “DWORD Parameter”
  • Use EnableFrameServerMode as the name of the created parameter. Name the created entry EnableFrameServerMode
  • Open it by double-clicking the left mouse button. In the window that appears, set the created parameter to 0. To save the changes, click OK. Put the value 0 in the appropriate box of the window
  • Close the editor window, Disable all open applications and restart the PC.
  • When the device starts up, check if the problem with the Camera Utility is resolved.

Power on with special keys

Many laptop computers have special keys that allow you to activate the webcam (open a window where you will see yourself). They are different for each manufacturer’s model. Turning on is due to a combination of two buttons, the first of which is always Fn. The aforementioned key is added to it: usually it has an icon in the form of a camera, so the keyboard should be carefully examined. For Lenovo laptops, there are two combinations: Fn F5 and Fn Esc.

Fn V combination also works for many laptops.

Press the Fn V key combination to launch the camera on your device and take a photo

Older laptop models have a separate button, which is usually located next to Power (the power key). In this case, you only need to click on it, Fn in this case No need.

Click on the Web button next to the power button to open your built-in webcam window

Updating or Installing a Driver

The most common cause of camera problems is late driver updates. How to update, we will describe in the instructions:

  • Launch “Device Manager” in any of the ways described in the section “How to disable the webcam on a laptop with Windows 10”.
  • Find the “Cameras” object in the list and open it with a double click. Right-click on the term with the required equipment and select the “Update driver” option from the list. You can also launch the update by clicking on the “Properties” item. a new small window will appear, in the second tab of which you need to click on the “Update driver” button. Click on the “Update Driver” button in the “Properties” window
  • In the next window, click on the link for automatic search. Click on the link “Automatic search for updated drivers”
  • We are waiting for the process to complete. It will take a little time. We are waiting for the search for available drivers on the network to complete
  • As a result, the system will either find, download and install an available update, or notify you that all the latest drivers are already installed on your device. The system may display a message that the current drivers are already installed
  • You can also manually search for updates on your computer to make sure that the driver does not exactly need an update. To do this, instead of automatically searching in the start window, select “Search for drivers on this computer”. Click on “Select a driver from the list of available PCs” again. Click on the link below “Select a driver from the list available on the computer”
  • If you have a disk or other drive with your camera drivers, click on the “Have Disk” link.
    Click on the “Next” button to start searching for drivers or on the “Have Disk” button if you have a disc with camera drivers
  • Wait for the procedure to complete. As a result, a message will appear stating that the system has successfully installed the drivers. Now you can close all windows, restart your computer and try to start the camera again. Click on the “Close” button after the system has successfully completed the driver update
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Troubleshoot hardware

The diagnostic tool will scan your device for many different problems and, if any, Windows 10 will try to fix them automatically. Microsoft has cut a tool with Windows 10 “Troubleshoot device and hardware issues”. This tool can be launched using a special utility from Microsoft at the link.

Webcam drivers

If you have previously connected an external webcam to a laptop, then the old version of the driver may interfere with the work of the main one. It may also be an outdated driver that needs to be updated. Let’s check.

Press the WinR keyboard shortcut and enter devmgmt.Msc to open the device manager. First of all, click on the “View” tab at the top and set the value “Show hidden devices”. Next, find and expand the column “Imaging devices”, and if there are lighted drivers (hidden) in this column, then they need to be removed and the laptop rebooted.

Also, right click on the camera driver and select “Update driver”. If the update did NOT solve the problem, then select “Delete device” and restart your laptop.

If the laptop camera still does not work, download and install laptop webcam drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Toshiba
  • Acer

Some sites may ask you to enter a service tag or serial number to find drivers for your laptop model. You can find this information on the bottom of the laptop as a sticker. If the sticker is damaged, you can find out using PowerShell. Run PowerShell as administrator and type:

  • Get-WmiObject win32_BIOS

Camera not working on Windows 10 laptop

For many users, a laptop is an indispensable means of telecommunications, as it is mobile and can be taken with you wherever you go. The great advantage of the laptop. This is a built-in webcam that is used in programs such as Skype, Zoom or services like Youtube, Twitch. Many users experience problems with the laptop’s built-in webcam, this also applies to users who use an external USB webcam on desktop computers.

Windows 10 has its own application “Camera”, which may NOT work and give various errors. Some laptop manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus or Acer, Provide their own special software for the webcam to work properly, Which will show a dark screen and a crossed-out webcam on startup. Let’s see what to do and how to fix when the webcam does not work on a laptop with Windows 10 and in applications from the manufacturer.

Why webcam doesn’t work on Windows 10 laptop

  • On some laptops, the webcam can be disabled using a key combination.
  • Laptop manufacturer’s camera apps have the ability to disable the webcam.
  • Windows 10 privacy settings prevent cameras from being used.
  • Third party antivirus may block webcam connection.
  • Incompatible drivers.

Application from the manufacturer

An example will be shown on a Lenovo laptop. The company has renamed the application and it is now called Lenovo Vantage, instead of Lenovo Settings. We launch it, if you have it installed, click on “My device parameters” “Display and camera” and below in paragraph “Privacy Mode” turn off.

Check your antivirus

If you are using a third-party antivirus, it is likely that it denies access to the camera for privacy reasons. Try to search the antivirus settings for access to the camera. If you do not find it, then the best solution would be to disable the antivirus for a while or remove.

Camera stopped working after Windows 10 update

The long-standing Anniversary Update touched on the built-in and external webcams. It is possible that after the second updated, this situation will not happen again. Microsoft has confirmed the issue and rolled out a workaround. You must understand that this solution was for the long-standing Anniversary Update, but as mentioned above, the problem may recur.

Click WinR and type regedit to open the Registry Editor. In the registry, go along the path:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ WOW6432Node \ Microsoft \ Windows Media Foundation \ Platform
  • Right-click on an empty field and select “Create a” “DWORD parameter (32 bits)”.
  • Name the new parameter EnableFrameServerMode.
  • Double click on it and set the value to 0.

Privacy settings

Windows 10 offers a privacy setting, and if access is denied, then no app or hardware can access the webcam. Discover “Options” “Confidentiality” “Camera” case turn on “Allow apps to access the camera“, if disabled. Scroll down and check the parameter “Allow desktop apps to access camera”, is it on.

If the webcam on the laptop does not work when using programs such as Skype, then in the list below you need to make sure that this program has access. Also, it can be classic programs like Lenovo Settings.

Turn on the camera using the keyboard

In many laptops, the camera is turned off and on using the dedicated buttons on the keyboard. It can be either a key combination or a separate button. Pay attention to the picture below, you will see the camera icon on the V button. To turn on the webcam on the laptop, you need to press FnV. The camera icon can also be located in the F1-F12 row, and you will need to press FnF10. Also, it can be a separate remote button on the side of the laptop case or on the keyboard itself.

camera, working, windows, laptop

A new type of fraud Silent calls: what is the danger of the silent 0xa00f4292

With error 0xa00f4292, when the windows 10 camera does not work, the situation is a little different, in contrast to past errors. It is accompanied by a brief description of Photo Capture Start Time Out or Start time out.

The principle of action for solving the problem, as in the method. For graphics card only:

  • Try updating through the Update Center;
  • If it did not work, then download through the manufacturer’s website and complete the installation;
  • Or install the old version;
  • May also help “clean install”. Complete removal of the driver and reinstallation (preferably from the manufacturer’s website).

Method Privacy Options

Another prerequisite why the windows 10 camera does not start is. Confidentiality parameters, namely their incorrect setting. In the settings you can restrict the access of any applications to the equipment
How to solve this problem:

  • Open Windows 10 Settings and go to Privacy Settings;
  • Then, the tab “Camera”. Allow access for all settings and applications.

Enabling THESE settings can help with the problem when the WEB camera is not working in Windows 10. Next, consider the error codes that occur when using the webcam.

Method Install / Reinstall Driver

The most popular reason why windows 10 camera does not work. This is an outdated or unsupported driver. This error can occur both after installing a major update and when using automatic driver update programs.

The driver responds to the correct operation of the camera; if it does not work properly (old or incompatible version), the device will stop responding and work. Sometimes, some versions may conflict with new updates (due to compatibility issues and second, known only to the developers of problems).

To update, follow these steps:

  • First, open Device Manager. Press the WinX key combination or right-click on the Start button and select the application we need.
  • The desired device will be in the camera or multimedia tab of the device.
  • Let’s try to update the driver first. Right click on the device we need and select “Update driver”.
  • Then start automatic search. The updated Windows center is scanned, where hardware manufacturers also post the latest software versions.

If the search did NOT give any results and the camera still does not turn on on a windows 10 laptop, let’s try to find and install the driver ourselves:

  • If you have a USB webcam. Find your device model on the case. For this model, you can find the driver on the manufacturer’s website.
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Logitech C210 Official Site

  • If it is built-in (in a laptop or candy bar), then the drivers will need to be downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website according to the device model.

Swift Laptop Software Page 1

But if, you have updated all the drivers, and windows 10 does not see the camera on the laptop, try installing the previous drivers. This method is relevant if the problem appeared after installing a Windows 10 update:

  • Click on the update driver button in the task manager;
  • Search for drivers;
  • Then, select the driver from the list of available ones;
  • A list of available drivers will appear. Try to install each and check after that the device is working.

If installing the driver does not help, the camera still does not work on a windows 10 laptop, you need to try other methods.

Error codes

The error code describes a specific system problem. It is easier to determine (or find on the Internet) the cause of the occurrence. In some cases, when the computer does not see the windows 10 camera. It is better to have an error code to make it easier to solve.

Recovering a file deleted by Windows 10 Defender as saving a drowning man is the work of the drowning man himself

The error when the camera is not working on a Windows 10 laptop is quite rare. Webcams or built-in cameras on laptops and tablets rarely break down or have system errors. But if this happens, then in this case. There are several ways to solve this problem. In this article, we will explain why the camera does not work on Windows 10 and how to fix this problem.

Before proceeding with the analysis and solution of the problem, let’s make sure that the computer does not see the windows 10 WEB camera, not because of connection problems:

  • Make sure the device is connected correctly, try using other connectors;
  • If possible, check its operation on another PC (if it is a USB webcam)
  • Check the cable. Does it have strong bends and cuts (sometimes even bite marks if there are pets).

If the external examination and connection check did NOT reveal any damage or breakdown, then we proceed to ways to solve the problem, why the web camera does not work on windows 10.


Error 0xa00f4244 windows 10 camera not working occurs due to device connection problems. The error is accompanied by a short description. No Cameras Are Attached, which means that no devices are found or attached to a device.

To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the device is connected to your computer. Try plugging into other USB ports.
  • In the device manager, the device must be turned on (if the icon has a down arrow, then the device is turned off).
  • Update the driver from the ways.

This is a fairly common mistake, but it can be solved just as easily.

Camera not working on Windows 10 laptop Checking drivers

When you update the G7 or G8 in Windows 10, the hardware drivers are installed automatically. However, the system often installs the wrong drivers, which leads to the fact that the WEB-camera does not turn on. You can fix the problem through the device manager, installed the appropriate software.

  • Right click on the Start menu, open Device Manager.
  • Expand the “Imaging Devices” section. Find the laptop webcam and double click on it to open properties.
  • Go to the Driver tab and make sure the device is turned on. This is indicated by the presence of the “Disable” button.

If instead of “Disable” it says “Enable”, click on the button to start the camera. Windows 7 and other OS versions the operation is similar.

If you see an exclamation mark next to the camera in Device Manager, then you need to reinstall the drivers to fix the problem. It is recommended to download suitable software from the official website of the laptop manufacturer. Let’s see the order using the example of an HP laptop:

  • Go to the HP website. Hover over the “Support” item and select the “Programs and drivers” section.
  • Specify laptop model to find suitable software.
  • Select driver language and operating system version.
  • Wait until the list of drivers is formed. Open the section “Multimedia” and download the software, which is needed for the normal operation of the camera. You will recognize it by its name or description. cam, camera, web cam.

If there is camera software for Windows 10, download the drivers for Windows 8 or 7. Run the downloaded file to install the drivers, and then restart the laptop.

Turn on the camera

Try restarting your laptop first. this is the standard recommendation for any problem. If it does not help, then Make sure that the required module is enabled at all. Perhaps the camera on your laptop is not working because you accidentally turned it off. On older models there are separate physical buttons on the body, which allow you to control the operation of the webcam.

If there are similar buttons, Examine the laptop keyboard. On ASUS and Acer devices, the “V” key in combination with Fn is responsible for turning on the camera.

If you have a Lenovo laptop, pay attention to the ESC key. You see a camera on it. press Esc in combination with Fn to launch the module.

The keys on different laptop models may differ, so it is better to take the instruction manual and carefully read the section that talks about the webcam.

Working with the camera app

Some laptops have dedicated camera applications that set shooting and other settings. Lenovo laptops have EasyCapture, HP has HP Camera, ASUS has Life Frame Utility, etc. Such programs may also have an option to turn on / off the camera.

If the camera does not work in a specific program, then you should check the settings of this application. Let’s see how to check a webcam in Skype:

  • Start Skype. Expand the “Tools” menu and go to “Settings”.
  • Click the Video Settings tab. Select the webcam that you have connected.

If the camera does not work, then you should see if the module is enabled in the device manager and if the necessary software is installed in the system.

Troubleshoot laptop webcam problems

The built-in webcam on a laptop usually does not require additional configuration. But sometimes users are faced with the fact that the camera, which yesterday allowed active communication in Skype, does not turn on today. What could be the cause of the malfunction and how to fix it yourself?

Hardware faults

Unfortunately, the camera may NOT work Not only due to software glitch. Sometimes a physical malfunction becomes a prerequisite for a problem: for example, damage to the loop or the camera module itself.

It is difficult to fix such problems yourself. If the problem is with the cable, you will have to disassemble the laptop, which requires some skill. Therefore, if the software methods for correcting the error DO NOT help, and the webcam does not work, Contact the service center.