Button Not Working On Laptop Keyboard

BIOS setup

If the FnNum Lock combination or other combinations on the keyboard DOES NOT enable the Function button, try making it work through the BIOS.

  • Reboot your laptop. When turned on, press Delete (Esc, F2. depends on the motherboard model and BIOS version).
  • Go to the “System Configuration” tab. Turn on the “Action Keys Mode”.

To enable an option, step on it using the arrows on your keyboard and press Enter. Select “Enabled”.

Enabling Fn

Most often, you don’t need to enable the Fn key on a laptop, as it works by default. However, on some laptop models, to activate the Function button, you must press the FnNumLock combination, after which other hotkey combinations will become available.

Instead of FnNum Lock, you can use the FnEsc combination (if a small lock is drawn on the Esc key) or the special FnLock button.

Enabling the FN button on a laptop

The Fn button on a laptop, in combination with other keys, allows you to quickly perform some actions: change the screen brightness, turn on / off wireless modules, etc. Therefore, if Fn does not work on your laptop keyboard, then it must be turned on. This can be done in several ways, including changing BIOS settings, as well as installing drivers and Special utilities.

Installing the software

If the laptop has an unlicensed system, you allowed Windows to install the drivers on its own, or you used the Driver Pack, then try downloading and installing software for hotkeys from the official website of the laptop manufacturer. Let’s see what needs to be done using the example of an ASUS laptop.

  • Go to the ASUS website, find the page for your laptop model. Go to the “Support” section to Access the software and instructions.
  • Select your operating system version. Pay attention to the bit depth, it is important when installing drivers. First, select the version that is installed now.
  • Find a utility that mentions HotKey in its name.

For ASUS, these are ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities. For Sony laptops Vaio Control Center and Sony Shared Library applications developed, Samsung will run Easy Display Manager and Toshiba will run Hotkey Utility.

If the laptop has Windows 10 and it has drivers for the Fn button, then select Windows 8 with the appropriate bit and download the software for the previous version of the system. After installing the drivers, the function key should work.

If there is nothing on the official website, try using the universal utility Magic Keyboard. It fits almost all laptop computers. But the priority should be “native” software.

Keyboard test

If you spill liquid on the keyboard, or if it was subjected to mechanical shock from being dropped or bumped, the Fn button may NOT work due to physical damage. In principle, you can diagnose and try to fix the problem at home. Each button on the laptop keyboard sits in a separate slot. Using a small screwdriver, you can gently remove the button, clean the socket and put the key back in place.

Button Not Working On Laptop Keyboard

However, you need to be careful with mechanical intervention. If you are worried about damaging the keyboard, contact the service center. But before taking the laptop to the specialists, be sure to check all the software ways to enable the Function button, because it would be foolish to go to the service only after you forgot to unlock the Fn key with some SIMple combination, which is written in the laptop operating instructions.

If the laptop keyboard was flooded

If, as a result of negligence, the keyboard of the device was flooded, it is important to quickly de-energize the device, remove the battery and clean and dry, having previously disconnected the input device. If you neglect cleaning, then over time, some of the tracks can rot, as a result of which you will have to make rather difficult repairs. one or several buttons may SIMply stop working.

Consider how to disassemble the laptop for cleaning in the above case:

  • De-energize it and remove the battery.
  • Dismantle the data input device, for which:
  • From above with a thin screwdriver, move the extreme latch and lift its edge; slightly lifting the edge of the input device, press with a screwdriver on the next latch along the way, Do the same with all the others (there should be five or six latches in total)
  • After all latches are disengaged along with the input device, carefully lift the latter and disconnect the ribbon cable that connects it to the system board.
  • After dismantling, you can start removing the keys themselves. Please note, when disconnecting the cable, it is necessary to hold the latter only by the plastic connector. It is strictly forbidden to do this by holding the conductors, since in this case there is a great risk of damaging any contact. Also, when assembling a laptop after cleaning, you can accidentally fold the cable or even connect it upside down. In all THESE cases, the laptop will NOT work normally.

Check for obvious reasons that might be causing the problem

But before you start disassembling and cleaning the keyboard, first make sure that the reason why a few buttons stopped working, and not due to your carelessness or other obvious things. For example, if the laptop does NOT respond to pressing numbers, make sure you DO NOT accidentally hit the Num Lock, which is responsible for disabling this unit. Some laptop models support a combination of Fn and Num Lock.

Sometimes accessory problems can be software-related. For example, the driver responsible for its functioning may be damaged due to the influence of a virus. The first step in this case is to scan the system with a regular anti-virus, or it can be one of the specialized utilities, for example, the free Virus Removal Tool from Kaspersky Lab. Then reinstall the required drivers.

Recovering the tracks on the keyboard board

In the case of faulty tracks, the device will have to be disassembled completely. It will be necessary to repeat all the described actions, and then dismantle the elevators. They are shown in the photo below.

With the last action, difficulties do not have to arise, since they are removed quite SIMply, especially from the stationary side.

After all the elevators have been removed from the data input device, it will be possible to dismantle a part of the data input device from the aluminum substrate.

The polyethylene board with tracks is also removed. On older laptops, you will also need to dismantle the plastic edging. Before this, it is advisable to heat the part with an ordinary hair dryer. Subsequently, at the assembly stage, to fix the plastic and restore the fasteners, you can use ordinary superglue.

Next, we will work with a polyLenovo board, on which the tracks are drawn. The problem is that the track board includes two plates, so to start repairing these layers you also need to Disconnect:

  • Usually they are connected in several places by spot gluing, so if some places coincide with the tracks, then when trying to disconnect, they can also break. Proceed gently, heating the bonding place with a hairdryer, and then separate the layers from each other with a clerical knife.
  • If in some place you find the remnants of a spilled liquid or other stains, once again Rinse and dry the disassembled device thoroughly.
  • Inspect the tracks carefully for damage. Usually, all defects are visible just upon close examination, but you can also work as a tester and “ring out” suspicious areas.
  • After detecting defective tracks, due to which some elements of the input device did not work, they need to be redrawn. For this, it is not necessary to use special fluids and materials. an ordinary car kit for repairing rear window heating threads is also suitable.

New paths are drawn directly on top of the rotten ones, but the entire area before that will need to be thoroughly cleaned of dirt. After the renewed track has dried, it will definitely need to “ring”. The polyethylene part can be collected NOT earlier than an hour and a half after carrying out the described actions.
Further, the repaired layer is laid on an aluminum substrate, and on top. a part with spring-loaded elements. You can check its performance right now by connecting it to a PC and opening, for example, a regular notepad. If everything works fine, continue collecting the device, and not forgetting to disconnect the laptop before.

Dismantle the buttons and clean the keyboard

To remove the key, rather than damaging the device, you usually need to press it slightly at the top, and pry it at the bottom with a thin screwdriver. It all depends on the laptop model. The buttons are attached here to latches to the so-called N. Elevator.

The number of mounts can be from three to four. In the first case, only one connection will be mobile. upper or lower, in the latter. both connections will be mobile. We are primarily interested in the fixed connection of the elevator. It is from this side that you will need to pry it off if you want to safely snap it off. Most often, fixed connections are located at the bottom. Then just pull the tool up.

After dismantling all the buttons, you can proceed directly to cleaning. You can work with SIMple wet wipes. You can also use various cleaning fluids, with the exception of aggressive ones. acetone, etc., which can easily damage the circuit. After removing all contaminants Reassemble the device. this must be done in reverse order.

There will also NOT be any particular difficulties with the installation:

  • Lower the key pad onto the center spring;
  • Push it straight down to click.

This procedure is then repeated with each of the buttons.

The device will start working normally if accumulated debris was the cause of the malfunction. Otherwise, a defective board track could be a likely prerequisite. You can also repair them yourself if the damage is not very extensive.

Restoring laptop buttons

A common reason some laptop buttons stop working is due to damaged paths on the device’s keyboard board or a significant amount of debris accumulating. Below we will tell you what to do in this case. how to disassemble the laptop for cleaning, restore damaged tracks and eliminate others, including Software reasons why the above malfunction may occur.

Temporarily replacing the physical keyboard

To get the opportunity to download an antivirus program on the Web and perform some other elementary operations on a laptop without a physical keyboard, you can use a virtual one. You can activate it through “Start”:

  • In this menu, select the Accessibility section;
  • Click on the line “On-screen keyboard”.

To enter the desired characters, just click on them with the mouse. Starting with the eighth version of Windows, instead of the standard Screen one, you can use a special touchscreen gadget for a laptop or tablet. It works without a touch screen. clicks are also made with a mouse.

Activation takes place as follows:

  • Clicking the mouse to open the context menu of the taskbar (bottom bar of the screen)
  • Select “Properties” from the menu;
  • In the properties of the taskbar, open the “Toolbar”;
  • Check the box “Touch keyboard” and click “Apply”.

Entering any characters with the mouse can then be done after calling the touch analog from the system tray.

Now that at least the virtual keyboard is working, you can download the necessary drivers from the manufacturer’s website and remove the faulty driver in the device manager. If you are having difficulty finding the program you need, you can download one of the free so-called Driverpacks with a huge database of fresh drivers. You can use products such as DriverPack Solution or Slim Drivers. they will carry out all the necessary updates automatically.

How to disable the sleep button on the keyboard

For many users, the presence of a button or sleep key, on the contrary, interferes. Each of us during work can accidentally press it, which is very annoying.

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You can remove the sleep button in Windows 8 and 10 operating systems in the same way as you activate it in the Power Options section of the control panel. In the “Action of the power buttons” select the item “No action required”.

What is the sleep button on a laptop for?

Sleep mode allows you to spend a few seconds on loading the operating system and programs when you turn it on, and also in it the laptop is energy saving.

Users who would like to constantly use this mode ask themselves the question of where the sleep button on the laptop is.?

Unlike many standard functions, this one has a separate key on the keyboard. Each manufacturer decides for himself where this button should be located on the laptop case.

For example, in many Asus devices, it is next to the power button. And on some HP laptops, turning on the sleep button is possible with the Fn F1 key combination (less often F7). On Apple devices, there is no such key at all, many other manufacturers adhere to the same solution, because you can turn on sleep mode without additional buttons or keys.

Any laptop can be put into sleep mode without Special buttons on the device case using the operating system.

  • In order for the laptop to go into sleep mode in Windows 8 and 10 operating systems after pressing the “Power” button or closing the lid, you need to go to the “Control Panel” and in the “System and Security” section find the item “Power / Power and Sleep Mode”.
  • In the “Power Supply” window, select the “Balanced / Sleep” item and go to the settings, where you can choose how long after inactivity the laptop will go into sleep mode.
  • Below, in the item “Change advanced settings / Related parameters”, you can configure the activation of the mode by pressing the Power button or closing the lid.

“alt =” “

Why does the sleep button on a laptop not work?

Many users, no matter what they do, no matter what manipulations they perform, they cannot activate the function. The hibernation function is often not found in the Start menu or in the power settings.

Why is the sleep button not active? The reason is the driver, and in this case we are talking about the adapter driver. Ordinary users, unlike gamers or people working with graphics, do not pay attention to which driver they have installed. Everything works, you can watch. it means that everything is fine!

Start Device Manager. If in the “adapters” item you see “Basic adapter”, it means that the SIMplest, universal driver is installed on your laptop, which is capable of providing only basic functions of the graphics chip.

You can download the native driver through the “Update Driver” function. The driver could come with a laptop on removable media. The sleep function may also be unavailable when you press the Fn F1 keys. The reason is the same. the lack of the required driver.

Download the required driver from the official website of your device manufacturer or find it on the media that came with the kit.

The lack of native drivers for the card can cause another hibernation problem. This often leads to the fact that the laptop SIMply cannot wake up from sleep mode and unload the desktop from the hard disk memory. The problem is solved only by completely turning off the power by pressing the Power button.

Some buttons on my laptop keyboard do not work

Damage to the keyboard for a personal computer is, of course, unpleasant, but not critical for the entire device. The keyboard is replaceable. As for a laptop, this number will not work with it. In case of damage to the keyboard, you need to either make or purchase a new one.

The keyboard on the laptop does not work partially

The situation when not the whole keyboard stops working, but some keys are not so common. Most likely, these are Foreign Objects. The presence of bits of food or liquid between the buttons explains why part of the keyboard on a laptop does not work. Even if the user has the habit of chewing at the monitor, over time, dust gets packed between the buttons. You can disassemble and clean it yourself, or you can take it to the technical support center.

Why buttons on laptop keyboard don’t work

The reasons for such a breakdown may be different. Here are the main ones:

  • A defective device is the SIMplest reason. Now it is quite rare, but it still has a place to be. It appears immediately after purchasing the device. One or two buttons may NOT work, rarely. completely. It is recommended that you return such a laptop back to where you brought.
  • System error. the operating system installed on the device does not cope with the load. Despite the fact that the computer industry has been developing for a long time, computers are still unstable. An error can occur due to hardware imperfection or due to the activity of viruses. Signs of such an ailment. the entire keyboard turns off, perhaps not only her. Restarting and subsequent cleaning of the computer will help to cope with the trouble.
  • Damage to chips or board is a more complex problem. It affects the physical shell of the device. To find out if this is the case, you should check the operation of the charger input, USB input and touch panel. If they DO NOT show signs of life, then you need to go to the technical assistance service. Perhaps the microcircuit will be partially damaged, which explains why half of the keyboard on a laptop does not work.
  • Loop Damage. Communication issues between the hardware and the monitor. This reason is manifested by a sharp disconnection of the keyboard, but the correct operation of the second parts of the laptop. You can try to open the laptop yourself and fix the cable.

ATTENTION. If you have NEVER had to disassemble electronic devices. tablets, laptops, computer system units. and you are NOT sure that you can do everything correctly, then it is not recommended to experiment with your laptop. It is better to PROVIDE the specialist with the opportunity to deal with the trouble.

  • Lack of drivers is a rare cause. In most situations, the keyboard on a laptop does not require additional software. This problem is solved by removing old drivers and installing new ones.

SIMple ways to solve the problem

The keyboard has its own lock. It is possible that the user has accidentally locked their keys. Depending on the modification of the device, in order to unlock the buttons, you must hold down FnNumLock, FNPause, FnWin or a special button with a lock icon, if any. If the buttons start working after that, then the problem was solved.

Alternatively, you can try cleaning the keys with a brush, or use a special vacuum cleaner designed for keyboards. Such an event will help get rid of the problem if the laptop is forgotten with dust and the signal from the keys to the system does not pass.

Fixing a physical crash

This course of action involves disassembling the laptop and correcting the physiological cause of the failure. If you are not able to disassemble and properly assemble the electronic device, you better do not risk it and contact a specialist. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Turn off the laptop completely and remove the battery. The battery is usually located at the bottom of the device, near the fold of the monitor. The laptop at this moment should NOT be connected to the mains, and, in general, it is advisable to remove all additional devices from it.
  • Open the top plate latches with a SIMple screwdriver, needle, blade, or any other narrow object. The latches are located along the edges of the pad with buttons, you can find them pretty quickly. If there are latches, then you should pay attention to the instructions that came with the laptop. perhaps it says how to open the laptop.
  • It is not necessary to immediately pull on the plate with the buttons. it is attached to everything else with a loop, and sudden movements can damage it. The plate must be carefully lifted and, taking hold of the plastic part of the cable, disconnect it from the rest of the laptop. If noticeable damage is found on the loop, it must be replaced (most likely, the problem is in it). It is categorically not recommended to touch the loop with wires. only plastic.
  • The plate covers the microcontroller. This is a special tool that transmits the signal from the buttons to the PC reader. If dust or moisture is visible on it, then these factors must be eliminated. they can serve as a prerequisite for poor laptop performance. It is not difficult to recognize the microcontroller. this is the part on which the loop was attached. If there is any damage on this part visible to the naked eye, it must be replaced.
  • After that, you need to disconnect each key separately (with the same thin object that was used to open the laptop), and then clean the surface of the plate. If the buttons are damaged, it is better to replace them. buy spare.
  • After complete cleaning, you need to repeat all the steps for disassembling the laptop keyboard in the reverse order and check the operation of the buttons. If this does not help, then it is better to use the technical support of specialists.

What to do if some buttons on your laptop keyboard do not work

The answer is SIMple. try to fix the breakdown on your own or take it to a service so that the specialists “cure” the computer there. Below will be presented options for self-repair.

Fixing a software glitch

SIMple methods Didn’t help, so you need to try to solve the problem at the program level. Improper operation of a program or driver can affect the response of several buttons or the entire keyboard. Contradicting steps to check and correct:

  • It will start the laptop and press F8 when the first window appears. It is not always this key that invokes the boot menu; different keys may be used in different versions of operating systems. If F8 does not work, then you should try to press other F. The result should be the window “Additional boot options”.
  • Using the arrows or additional navigation buttons in the screen (rare laptop models are supplied with them), select “Safe Mode” or “Start in Safe Mode”. This will allow you to start the system without using drivers.
  • It remains to check the performance of each key on the laptop, regardless of which of them worked before, and which comments. It is enough to use the online service for checking keyboard buttons. To find it, just enter “Key-test” in the search engine and select the first link that comes across. In such services, each pressed key is displayed, which will help you easily check the health of each button.
  • If in safe mode the buttons show proper operation, then the fault really lies in the system. In this case, you need to step further down the list. If some of them do not work, or are unstable, then the software shell has nothing to do with it.
  • You can try updating the drivers to fix system problems. I started the system as usual, in the “Search” menu “Start” enter “Device Manager”. If the required letters on the keyboard do not work, then you can try to enter a SIMilar query in the browser search engine, and it will correct the errors, then copy the corrected version (CtrlC by default) and paste it into the search field (CtrlV). Or just copy the necessary letters from any text on the Internet and use them.
  • Select the desired service from the found items.
  • A window will open in which you should select the “Keyboards” item and, having selected one of the positions, right-click. A list will drop down where the user will find the item “Update drivers” useful. After that, the question about the search for drivers will pop up, where you need to select “Search for drivers on the network”.
  • These steps must be repeated for each position, if there are several. Some keyboards have multiple names, but this rarely happens.
  • If the system decides that new drivers are not required, then uninstall the old and load new software. This can be done in the same place, in the device manager, by selecting “Delete” in the drop-down list.
  • After that, the automatic installation of drivers on the keyboard should begin. If it doesn’t, turn off your laptop and turn it back on. The system will detect a new device without drivers and try to install them.
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Updating drivers is also possible using a variety of programs that independently detect all software in the system that needs updating. If, after reinstalling the drivers, the problem with the keys not working is still not resolved, then the problem is not in the software area.

How to do without some buttons

If you cannot solve the problem with Multiple keys that are not working, you will have to use what you have for some time. Options for missing letters:

  • Create a text document and copy the necessary letters from the Internet there, and copy them from there as needed.
  • Use automatic word correction in Microsoft Word or online resources.
  • Download virtual keyboard, or find one online.

In any case, the absence of Some keys does not yet put an end to the entire laptop. In most situations, the problem can be solved or adapted.

Reasons why the Fn key does not work on a laptop

First, about the main reasons why Fn on a laptop keyboard may NOT function. As a rule, the problem is encountered after installing Windows (or reinstalling), but not always. the same situation can arise after turning off programs to startup or after some BIOS settings (UEFI).

In the vast majority of cases, the situation with a non-working Fn is caused by the following reasons

  • There are no specific drivers and software from the laptop manufacturer for the function keys to work. especially if you reinstalled Windows and then used the driver pack to install the drivers. It is also possible that there are drivers, for example, only for Windows 7, but you installed Windows 10 (Possible solutions will be described in the section on troubleshooting).
  • The Fn key requires the manufacturer’s utility process to be running, but this program has been removed from Windows startup.
  • Fn key behavior has been changed in the BIOS (UEFI) of the laptop. some laptops allow the Fn settings to be changed in the BIOS, they may also change when the BIOS is reset.

Most often, point 1 is a prerequisite, but then we will consider all the options for each of the above brands of laptops and Possible scenarios for fixing the problem.

Fn key on Asus laptop

For the operation of the Fn key on Asus laptops, a set of software and drivers ATKPackage is responsible. ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities, available for download on the official Asus website. At the same time, in addition to the installed components, the hcontrol.Exe utility should be in startup (added to startup automatically when installing ATKPackage).

How to download Fn key and function key drivers for Asus laptop

  • Search on the Internet (Google recommend), enter “your_laptop_model support”. usually the first result is the official download page for drivers for your model on asus.com
  • Select the required OS. If the required version of Windows is not presented in the list, select the closest one that is available, it is very important that the bitness (32 or 64 bit) matches the version of Windows that you have installed, see How to find out the bitness of Windows (article in Windows 10 but will work for previous OS versions as well).
  • Optional, but may increase the likelihood of step 4 being successful. download and install drivers from the “Chipset” section.
  • In the ATK section download ATKPackage and install it.

After that, you may need to restart the laptop and, if everything went well, you will see that the Fn key on your laptop is working. If something went wrong, below is a section on typical problems when fixing broken function keys.

The Fn key on Sony Vaio laptops

Despite the fact that the Sony Vaio laptop is no longer available, there are a lot of questions about installing drivers on them, including to enable the Fn key, this is due to the fact that very often the drivers from the official website refuse to be installed even on the same OS, with which the laptop came with after reinstalling it, and even more so on Windows 10 or 8.1.

For the Fn key to work on Sony, usually (some may not be available for a specific model) the following three components are required from the official website:

  • Sony Firmware Extension Parser Driver
  • Sony Shared Library
  • Sony Notebook Utilities
  • Sometimes. Vaio Event Service.

You can download them from the Official page https://www.Sony.ru/support/ru/series/prd-comp-vaio-nb (or you can find it by request “your_model_naptop” support in any search engine, if your model doesn’t have it turned out). On the official Russian website:

  • Select your laptop model
  • Select your operating system on the “Software and Downloads” tab. Despite the fact that Windows 10 and 8 may be present in the lists, sometimes the necessary drivers are available only if you select the OS with which the laptop originally came.
  • Download the required software.

But further problems may arise. not always Sony Vaio drivers want to be installed. There is a separate article on this topic: How to install drivers on Sony Vaio Notebook.

Fn key not working on laptop. what to do?

Most laptops have a separate Fn key, which, in combination with the keys in the top row of the keyboard (F1. F12), usually performs laptop-specific actions (turning Wi-Fi on and off, changing screen brightness, etc.), or, conversely, without it pressings work these actions, and pressing. the functions of the F1-F12 keys. A common problem for laptop owners, especially after updating the system or manually installing Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, is that the Fn key does not work.

In this manual, in detail about the common reasons why the Fn key may NOT work, as well as ways to fix this situation in Windows for common brands of laptops. Asus, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell and, most interestingly, Sony Vaio (if you some other brand, you can ask a question in the comments, I think I can help). Also useful: Wi-Fi not working on laptop.

  • The main reasons why the Fn key does not work
  • Asus
  • HP
  • Acer
  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • Sony Vaio
  • Possible problems and how to solve them


Different sets of Fn key software are available for different Lenovo notebook models and generations. In my opinion, the easiest way, if the Fn key on Lenovo does not work, is as follows: enter “Your_Laptop_model support” in the search engine, go to the official support page (usually the first one in the search results), in the “Top Downloads” section, click “View all »(View all) and check what from the list below is available for download and installation on your laptop for the required version of Windows.

  • Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), 8 (64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit). http://support.Lenovo.com / ru / en / downloads / ds031814 (only for supported laptops, list at the bottom of the specified page).
  • Lenovo Energy Management (Power Management). For most modern laptops
  • Lenovo OnScreen Display Utility
  • Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) Driver
  • If only combinations FnF5, FnF7 do not work, try additionally installing official Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers from Lenovo website.

Additional information: on some Lenovo laptops, the FnEsc combination switches the mode of the Fn key, this option is also present in the BIOS. the HotKey Mode item in the Configuration section. ThinkPad notebooks may also have a BIOS option “Fn and Ctrl Key Swap” that swaps the Fn and Ctrl keys.

Function keys on Dell Inspiron, Latitude, XPS, and other laptops typically require the following sets of drivers and applications:

  • Dell QuickSet Application
  • Dell Power Manager Lite Application
  • Dell Foundation Services. Application
  • Dell Function Keys. For Certain Older Dell Laptops Shipped with Windows XP and Vista.

You can find the drivers that are required for your laptop as follows:

  • In the support section of the Dell website http://www.Dell.com/support/home/ru/ru/ specify your laptop model (you can use automatic detection or through the “View Products”).
  • Select “Drivers and Downloads”, if necessary Change OS version.
  • Download the applications you want and install them on your computer.

Please note that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth keys may require original wireless drivers from Dell for proper operation.

Additional information: in BIOS (UEFI) on Dell laptops, in the Advanced section, there may be an item Function Keys Behavior, which changes how the Fn key works. enables multimedia functions or the actions of the Fn-F12 keys. Also, the Dell Fn key settings can be in the standard Windows Mobility Center.

HP Laptops

For the full operation of the Fn key and the associated function keys in the top row on HP Pavilion and second HP notebooks, the following components are required from the official website

  • HP Software Framework, HP On-Screen Display, and HP Quick Launch from Software Solutions.
  • HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Support Tools from Utility. Tools.

At the same time, for a specific model, some of the above items may be missing.

To download the necessary software for an HP laptop, search the Internet for “Your_Laptop_model support”. usually the first result is the Official page on support.Hp.com for your laptop model, where in the “Software and drivers” section, just click “Go”. and then select the version of the operating system (if yours is in the list, choose the closest one in chronology, the bit depth must be the same) and load the necessary drivers.

Additionally: in the BIOS on HP notebooks, there may be an item to change the behavior of the Fn key. Located in the “System Configuration” section, the Action Keys Mode item. if Disabled, then the function keys only work with Fn pressed, if Enabled, then without pressing (but to use F1-F12, you need to press Fn).

If the Fn key does not work on an Acer laptop, then usually it is enough to select your laptop model on the official support site https://www.Acer.com/ac/ru/RU/content/support (in the “Select a device” section, you can specify the model manually without serial number) and indicate the operating system (if your version is not in the list, download drivers from the closest one that is installed on the laptop).

In the download list, in the “Application” section, download the Launch Manager program and install it on your laptop (in some cases, you will also need the chipset driver from the same page).

If the program has already been installed, but the Fn key still does not work, Make sure Launch Manager is NOT disabled in Windows startup, and also try to install Acer Power Manager from the official website.

Possible problems and solutions when installing software and drivers for the Fn key

some typical problems that may arise when installing the components necessary for the operation of the laptop function keys:

  • The driver is not installed, because it writes that the OS version is not supported (for example, if it is only for Windows 7, but you need Fn keys in Windows 10). try unpacking the exe-installer using the Universal Extractor program, and inside the unpacked folder find it yourself drivers to install them manually, or a separate installer rather than performing system version checks.
  • Despite the installation of all the components, the Fn key still does not work. check if the BIOS has options related to the operation of the Fn key, HotKey. Try to install the official chipset and power management drivers from the manufacturer’s website.
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Hope the instruction helps. If there is, and additional information is required, you can ask a question in the comments, only please indicate the exact model of the laptop and the version of the installed operating system.

Unlock the Windows button on your keyboard

Some keyboards have a special key that blocks the Windows button. If your keyboard has such a key and it is enabled, then it is a prerequisite that the Windows button on the keyboard is not working. Press the lock key to unlock the Windows button.

Try the keyboard on another computer (external keyboard only)

If you are using a desktop PC, connect your keyboard to a second computer and check if the Windows button on it works. If the button does not work on another computer, it is most likely physically damaged. You may need to replace it with a new button.

Turn on the Windows button

It is possible that the Windows button is SIMply disabled, which is why it does not work. Follow these steps to enable the Windows button using Registry Editor. Follow each step carefully, because an incorrect change in the registry can lead to serious problems.

  • Click the “Start” button and type “regedit” in the search box. Then choose regedit from the pop-up menu. The Registry Editor Dialog Box appears on the computer screen.
  • Go to the folder HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control.
  • In the “Control” folder, find and click “Keyboard Layout”. In the right pane Right click on the Scancode Map and select Uninstall. Then click “Yes” to confirm the deletion. (If you do not have the Scancode Map file in the right pane, this means that this method is not suitable for your situation. Skip to the next.)
  • Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Windows button on keyboard does not work

The Windows button on your keyboard gives you quick access to the Start menu. If at some point the Windows button stopped working, you can use our tips below to fix the problem.

Before solving the problem with the Windows button, make sure that the Start menu opens by left-clicking on it. If the Start menu does not open, then the problem is not with the Windows button. You should look for another instruction. the “Start” menu does not open.

Now let’s see why the Windows button on the keyboard does not work, and how to fix this problem.

Update your keyboard drivers

Also, the problem with the Windows button on the keyboard not working can be caused by the wrong keyboard drivers. Usually, you don’t need to manually install keyboard drivers unless you have an expensive gaming keyboard. In this case, you need to go to the manufacturer’s official website and download the drivers.

Users who use conventional keyboards should do the following:

  • If you are using a PC then just unplug your keyboard and plug it back in. Windows operating system will automatically install keyboard drivers.
  • If you are using a laptop, follow these steps to update your drivers through Device Manager.
  • Right click on “Start” and select “Device Manager”.
  • Expand the Keyboards category, and Right click on the keyboard device, then select Update Drivers.
  • Select “Search Automatically” then Windows will automatically install new drivers.
  • Reboot your computer.

These 4 Easy Ways Should Help When the Windows Button on Your Keyboard Doesn’t Work.

What to do if the wireless keyboard does not work

1. Check the batteries. You may have inserted the batteries into the keyboard incorrectly, or they may have become unusable. If the keyboard is powered by the built-in battery, make sure it is charged.

2. Refresh the wireless connection. To do this, turn off the keyboard and the receiver, if any, using the power buttons. Then disconnect it from your computer. Turn off other wireless devices if nearby. Connect the receiver to the computer again. Turn on the receiver first and then the keyboard.

If the computer’s built-in Bluetooth module is used for communication, make sure it is turned on and in discoverable mode.

The procedure for connecting wireless keyboards may differ depending on the model of your device. Just in case, check the Official Instructions in the documentation or on the manufacturer’s website.

3. If you have Windows, reinstall the keyboard driver and check the system for viruses. Read more about this in the paragraph in wired keyboards.

Why the keyboard doesn’t work and how to fix it

Doesn’t cross the keyboard until you do a few SIMple things.

There are many reasons why the keyboard may NOT work. The most popular of them are: incorrect connection, discharged batteries, software failure, spilled liquid and, finally, breakdown of internal computer components or the keyboard itself.

If the latter option is a reason to repair or replace the keyboard, then the rest of the problems can most often be solved on your own. Let’s see what you can do.

What to do if the wired keyboard does not work

1. If your keyboard has a power button, make sure it is turned on.

2. Disconnect all other USB devices from the computer and try connecting the keyboard through different ports. Make sure you insert the cable all the way.

3. If you are using Windows, reinstall the keyboard driver in Device Manager. To get into it, go with the mouse to the “Start” → “Settings” → “Bluetooth and other devices” → “Device Manager”. In the list that opens, find your keyboard, right-click on it and select “Remove device”. After restarting the computer, the keyboard driver will be installed automatically.

4. Windows user It also does not hurt to check the system for malware. To do this, scan it with an antivirus. If not installed, download it from the Internet using a spare physical or On-screen keyboard.

General recommendations

If the keyboard gets wet, dry it before trying to connect to the computer. If soup or other liquid that could clog the keys gets on the keys, clean the device.

If only the block with additional number keys does not work, press Num Lock on the keyboard (or Fn Num Lock for some laptops). Perhaps earlier you accidentally touched this key, and it turns on and off the numbers. Sometimes it happens.

If all the keys do not work, then first restart your computer. If this helps, then the problem is a banal software failure. If unsuccessful, proceed to further instructions.

What to do if laptop keyboard (built-in) doesn’t work

1. Make sure the laptop battery is not depleted. Sometimes, even if the laptop turns on, the keys may NOT work when the battery is low. Just in case, connect your laptop to the mains.

2. If you have Windows, reinstall the keyboard driver and check the system for viruses. Life hackers wrote more about this in the paragraph in wired keyboards.

Why keys on a laptop don’t work

When the keys do not work on a packard bell, acer, asus, toshiba, Lenovo, Samsumg, or HP laptop. Compaq the situation is not very pleasant.

Usually the first thing that comes to mind is to take it to a service center. But don’t be in a hurry. There are many things you can fix yourself.

It is very bad when some function keys on a laptop do not work (packard bell, acer, asus, toshiba, Lenovo, Samsumg HP. Compaq) due to faulty tracks.

You can draw them yourself, only this work is delicate and not everyone can do it.

In almost every laptop (modern), the keyboard (keys) can be disassembled and see what’s what.

At the same time, disassembling the laptop is not completely worth it, the keys can be removed one by one. A good way to remove the keys, my son prompted me (2 years old). with a fly swatter.

After hitting the keyboard, six keys jumped out of their sockets on their own, and remained completely intact. Only this method I would NOT advise to use.

Some keys WILL NOT work if they are dusty. In this case, you need to clean it. You can try to blow (without removing) with a strong pressure of air, but usually this does not help. you will have to remove.

Typically, the keys on a laptop consist of three parts: a pad, an elevator and a spring element and latches are connected.

If they can be easily lifted with a thin screwdriver, they can be removed. After that, clean the platform and install it back. There is a difficulty in this. available to everyone, you can not be afraid.

The situation is much worse if the keys were flooded with liquid that damaged the tracks. most will have to send their laptop for repair.

If one or several buttons do not work, with the impossibility of self-restoring their functionality, then their functions can be assigned to the second, which are practically not used. Yes, it’s inconvenient, but you can use it for a while.

Remember, if some keys on a laptop do not work, then any of them, you can assign absolutely any function yourself.

This can be done manually by changing the case (it’s so difficult and NOT everyone can do it) or using a SIMpler method downloaded a special program AutoHotkey.

This program is NOT the only one, but if it exists, then the second will not be needed. On the right side are the keys, which are used very rarely, and most do not pay attention to them at all.

Assign the missing functions to them, apply stickers from the designation (so as not to be mistaken) and use it, Until you decide what to do with the keyboard in the future.

  • By the way, there are also online services and special programs with which you can check (test) the keyboard for errors. You can download the program or use online resources RIGHT HERE.

Also note that keyboards are not expensive, one might say, they cost a penny, and you can easily connect an external keyboard to a laptop or netbook, and not just change it. It’s just that it’s inconvenient to take it with you.

When the keys on the laptop do not work, there is another way to solve the problem. to use the virtual.

To call the virtual keyboard, click “start” (Windows logo. At the bottom left), then at the bottom find and click “all programs”, scroll to the bottom of the menu and select “standard”, then go down even lower and click “accessibility”

After that, find the virtual keyboard and launch. there will be no difficulties. For those who write little (only in Yandex or Google), this option can be used even on an ongoing basis.

Anyway, now you know what to do when keys don’t work on a packard bell, acer, asus, toshiba, Lenovo, Samsumg or HP laptop. Compaq.


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