Bluetooth Does Not Turn On Windows 10 Laptop

Second way

Our task is to remove and add this device in the “Devices and Printers” section. You can get there through the “Control Panel”, clicked on start. Or enter the corresponding name into the search term. Now just click on the device and choose “Delete”.

Now let’s add it again. There is nothing difficult, just follow the instructions that the system offers. After that, right-click on your computer and select “Bluetooth Setting”. Immediately in the first tab, select the first flag. It will help you connect the second devices to this computer without any problems. This is especially helpful when the secondary device does not see this unit.

Windows 10 cannot see Bluetooth devices: solution

With each version of Windows, Microsoft tries to solve the problems of previous OS versions and fix significant bugs and breakdowns. Therefore, if you look at the evolution of the Microsoft family, you can see real progression. But as it turned out later, not all errors and bugs were resolved. I constantly receive letters with questions. how to solve the problem if Bluetooth disappeared on my laptop with the Windows 10 operating system. Today we will defeat this demon once and for all and he will not return to you again.

First of all, let’s briefly answer the question why it might be disabled:

  • Disabled by the user or system itself;
  • Driver problem;
  • Viruses and third-party programs prevent the module from working;
  • Breakdown in the system.
  • Turning on
  • Disabling and enabling via support
  • Second way
  • device Manager

Turning on

Sometimes the Bluetooth module in Windows 10 doesn’t work because it’s just turned off. Look at the case, maybe there is a separate on or off button. You can also deactivate and activate the “Blue Tooth” using a combination of shortcuts. To do this, we find the “Bluetooth” icon on the line of letters: F1-F12. And now we SIMultaneously press the “Fn” button and this button. You can also enable it in the second way:

  • “Start”. “Options”;
  • “Devices”;
  • “Bluetooth”. put the slider in the “On” mode.

Disabling and enabling via support

  • Click “WinR” and write the command “msc”;
  • Press “Enter”;
  • Case you should see all services. It may be that the service is SIMply disabled or is disabled for some reason. for example, when the laptop is restarted, “Blue Tooth” is disabled. Find the “Bluetooth” service in the list and turn it on with the right button. Also, let’s check that it automatically turns on at system startup. Go to properties.
  • Now, as in the picture above, the word “Automatic” should be in the same paragraph. If there is another parameter. Change and click “Apply”.
  • Computer overload.

device Manager

The most common problem is driver breakage. They can also SIMply fly off due to viruses or third-party programs. I would also advise you to periodically update the device driver to correct the operation of the transmitter.

  • Winr;
  • Msc;
  • Go to the “Properties” of the module
  • And so, on the “Driver” tab, there are several buttons. First, let’s try updating the driver. You will be offered to download a new package from Microsoft servers. select this item. If a window pops up with a message that the driver does not need to be updated, then the update on the OS servers is SIMply not enough. You can try to uninstall the driver and install it in the same way.
  • The device can SIMply be turned off. then you will see an arrow on top. Right click and select “enable”.

Drivers can also be downloaded from the official website of your laptop manufacturer. There is nothing complicated comments, first we go to the office. Site. for example on ASUS. Further on the site we are looking for your laptop model. The full name can be found under the case on the label. We are looking for this laptop and go to the “Drivers” section. Find Bluetooth and download it. You can also download the driver from the website. The package will be in the “driverpack (driver sets)” section.

Through Start

  • If the previous actions did NOT enlighten the wild car, then go to “Start”.
  • We go into the parameters while pronouncing the spell.
  • Next, select the subcategories “Devices”.
  • Our Blue Tooth should be there. Right click and activate.

After enabling the function, the PC will start searching for already activated devices with which you can contact and transfer data. So don’t forget to turn on the same transmitter on the second device.

I advise, so as not to suffer in the future, go to the options and check the box next to “Display Bluetooth icon in the notification area.” After that, you can turn on and off the transmitter in the tray in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to enable Bluetooth on Windows 10: SIMple instructions

Hello! Today we will talk about the problem faced by new users of Windows 10. After updating or reinstalling from Windows 7, finding and turning on the Bluetooth adapter can be problematic, since the interface has changed slightly for 2 generations of “windows”.

Immediately, we note that not all modern laptops have a built-in bluetooth. To enable it, there is a special button on the side of the laptop or on the front panel. Sometimes it is enabled by a keyboard shortcut. For a stationary computer, there are external adapters that look like a small flash drive, but work the same.

  • Turning on
  • Buttons
  • In tray
  • Through Start
  • If the laptop or computer is not visible to the second devices
  • Power button does not work or not
  • Camera device
  • From the official site
  • Installation in DRS
  • For external Bluetooth modules
  • Enabling in BIOS

For external Bluetooth modules

If you have an external module in the form of a flash drive, then you should try to find a driver for it. If there was no disc in the kit, then just look for the manufacturer’s official website. Enter the full name of the device from the box (sometimes the name is written on the module itself). The search engine will find the office. A site from which you can download and install drivers.

NOTE! There may be a problem of driver incompatibility with Windows 10. nothing can be done about it, if possible, return this flash drive under warranty.

Power button does not work or not

If you know that you have this function, but for some reason it is not in the tray or in the devices, then most likely the problem is in the software.

  • We need to go and check for this feature in the device manager. Select “Start” with the right button and then go to this section.
  • If the device is SIMply not active and has an arrow icon, just select the right button and then “activate”.

From the official site

The surest and best way is, knowing the name of the motherboard, go to the manufacturer’s official website and download the drivers from there. In order to find out the name of the motherboard you need:

  • Press two keys SIMultaneously “Windows” and “R”. We register the name of the launched application “CMD” and press “Enter” or “OK”.
  • We enter the command very carefully on one line:

Wmic baseboard get product, Manufacturer, version, serialnumber

  • We press “Enter”.
  • Next, you will see just such a line as shown in the picture below.
  • We are interested in the name of the company (here it is ASUS) and the model (З8H67). Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s name may not be there, but we will try to find the driver by model.
  • Now we take this model (in my case it is “З8H67”) and SIMply enter it into a search in Yandex or Google.
  • The search engine will immediately find this model. Follow the link and download the complete drivers for our motherboard and Install.

If the laptop or computer is not visible to the second devices

To do this, after turning on, you need to go to the settings, for this we go to “Other Bluetooth parameters”. A window with more detailed configuration will open.

  • Allow Bluetooth devices By detecting this computer. if the checkbox is checked, then phones, smartphones and other devices will be able to connect independently and see this device in the list of available ones. If you uncheck the box, then the connection can only be made from this machine. I would tick this box, but by default it is not.
  • Notify me when a new Bluetooth device is connected. when connected, you will see a notification in the tray in the name of the device. A useful function in order to always be aware of the connection.
  • At the expense of the last point, I already wrote above, be sure to Check the box.

After changing the settings, do not forget to click “Apply”. If as a result you see a window that says: “An error occurred while saving the parameters. Bluetooth may be disabled “- this is the next chapter for troubleshooting.

Turning on

First of all, you need to check if the device is turned on. By default, the Bluetooth adapter is disabled so as not to create unnecessary interference with Wi-Fi and NOT to pollute the radio space with unnecessary waves. Let’s take a look at all the ways. how to quickly find and turn on Bluetooth on a computer with the Windows operating system (Windows) 10.

Camera device

If your eyes DO NOT see the transmitter at all, then in the “Other devices” subdirectory you will see suspicious devices with uninstalled drivers and yellow triangles. There are several types of solutions for installing firewood.

  • If your PC is connected to the Internet, then you can search for drivers on the official Microsoft services. To do this, click opposite each with the right mouse button and select properties. In the driver section, select “Update”. After that, the computer will think and start trying to install drivers from the Internet.
  • On modern gaming laptops, drivers come on a separate built-in disk. Just open your computer, there should be a section called “Drivers” or “Drivers”. We go in and run the file with the type exe. Then just install all the drivers. Or select the Bluetooth driver separately from the installer list. DO NOT mix it up and it will be called.
  • If there is such a hard disk, then try to find a disk from your motherboard, which should have been included in the kit. Just insert it into DVD or CD-rom and Install.

In tray

  • In the lower left corner, click on the triangle or the Bluetooth icon, if there is one.
  • Next, we just activate the device.
  • If you right-click, you will be able to see the section “Go to parameters”, he will be able to configure the data transfer between devices.
  • After that, you will see a list of devices to connect. Let me remind you that for some wireless speakers, headphones or other devices, this function must be enabled with a button on the device.

Through the command term

This method is more complicated, because it does not use the standard Windows 10 shell. To turn on bluetooth on a laptop:

  • First, download the DevCon program, and find out the ID of the Bluetooth module.
  • After unpacking the program, copy the devcon.Exe file to the System32 folder, which is located on the disk with the operating system in the Windows directory.
  • Call the command term by pressing the WINR key combination and entering the command “cmd” in the “execute” field.
  • In the command line, enter “devcon enable ID” ID is the Bluetooth number.

How to know if there is an adapter on a laptop?

Before starting the installation of drivers, you need to make sure that Bluetooth is available on your laptop or netbook. The presence of the Bluetooth button ensures that the adapter is installed on the computer. But it is possible that it is disabled and does not work even with drivers.

There are the following ways to determine if an adapter is present:

Bluetooth Does Not Turn On Windows 10 Laptop

Using BIOS

If your Bluetooth adapter still does not turn on, then you should go to BIOS. There are many BIOS options, but their structure is the same. In the tab “Onboard Device”. “Set” Bluetooth “” the pointer should be in the “ENABLE” position.

Where to download drivers?

I select the drivers depending on the kernel: Broadcom, Atheros and Intel. To determine the kernel Let’s use the AIDA64 program or the Device Manager by VID and PID. Using this data, you download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. The details below show how to do this.

The SIMplest option if you have installed standard programs for servicing the adapter. But if you did not have such programs, then download Driver Pack Solushion.

Important! This program will independently install and configure the drivers. Therefore, this method is completely safe and effective.!

Checking the connection

First, we check the correctness of the Bluetooth settings using a smartphone. You need to turn on the search and if you find Bluetooth, which is set up on the laptop, then, with a high probability, it is configured correctly and you can transfer files from the laptop to other devices.

, how to turn on bluetooth on a laptop

When watching this, you will learn how else you can turn on this device.

What to do if the module is not working

There are times when Bluetooth stops working even if it was functioning normally before. In this case, we check the following points to make sure it works correctly:

  • Make sure the setting is correct;
  • Make sure the adapter on the laptop is active;
  • Check that device discovery is active;
  • Make sure the required software is installed.

How to enable Bluetooth on a Windows laptop

This article will focus on the Bluetooth adapter. What is it for, how to configure and install drivers, how to enable Bluetooth on a Windows 10 laptop. But first, let’s find out what Bluetooth is. This is a special adapter for data transmission:

  • Audio files;
  • Files;
  • Second types of files.
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The module operates in two modes: receiving and transmitting files. Since this device is wireless, file transfer from computer to smartphone is performed without connecting a cable.

How to turn on bluetooth on a laptop

Even with Bluetooth enabled, there are some problems. We will consider the options for enabling Bluetooth in several ways, which, if necessary, will also allow you to disable it.

Turn on bluetooth directly on Windows 10 in laptop

Most laptops have a dedicated button that turns on bluetooth, but not all.

It can be on the front side and on the sides of the body. Therefore, carefully examine your device (there is a bluetooth icon next to the button or directly on it itself).

That’s not all. All laptops also use a keyboard shortcut to enable and disable the bluetooth adapter.

The procedure is different for different models. Find out how you can from the instructions, which can be downloaded on the manufacturer’s website, if there is no paper.

You can also find descriptions for all models here on the site in the “lessons” section. There are many articles, but at the very top there is a search, which will quickly find what you need.

Although it was written there for laptops with Windows 7, but on windows 10 bluetooth is turned on, just the same. That’s all.

If you turn on bluetooth It didn’t work ask your best friend. this is the comment below. Success.

How to enable bluetooth on Windows 10 in a laptop or computer

In most cases, when switching to windows 10, it will NOT turn on bluetooth right away.

Why? Because there is a driver. Microsoft has some at its disposal, but in most cases they are NOT compatible.

In general, bluetooth is turned on in Windows 10 in the following way. First. download and install the driver, unless of course it is not.

Second. it turns on directly on your PC, although by default (if nothing was touched) after installing the driver, it should turn on immediately.

Let’s look at all this in more detail. “beginners” from what is written above are unlikely to understand anything.

Where to download a driver to enable bluetooth on Windows 10

If you have a laptop (ASUS, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, Lenny or any other), then go to the “lessons” section. at the very top (menu).

There is a description of where to download the bluetooth driver for all laptop models.

As for the computer, this interface is usually available in computers, and if needed, it is purchased separately.

Then the driver is either installed from the adapter itself, or a disk is supplied. Install it and use it.

To see if you have a driver, open Device Manager in your Windows 10.

It can be in the network adapters section, or displayed on the main tab, as in Fig. Below.

If you do not find it either there or there, then you need to either enable it or download the driver.


Try to enter the network control center, they will call the lion to change the adapter parameters and make the settings as in the picture below.

Hello, I recently downloaded Windows 10, I had Windows 7. Windows 7, bluetooth worked for me, but not on Windows 10! Help me please! What should I do? I connected bluetooth, entered the secret code, wrote that it was connected! And not what does not work!

To connect a bluetooth mouse, you do not need a bluetooth laptop, it has its own driver. A small USB adapter should be included with the mouse. As it is “there are only drivers for 8 and 7 Windows ka for the seventh is not present.” By setting what is. If you don’t want to install, try installing in compatibility mode.

I bought a laptop and there is no Bluetooth driver on it I want to download I enter data on the ASUS x54c site, but there are only drivers for 8 and 7 Windows ka for the seventh, no help please, I need to connect a bluetooth mouse, but I can’t ((((

If it does not show the bluetooth icon what to do

Doesn’t show the bluetooth icon where? In the tray, in the device manager.?

Wireless mouse not working in Windows 10

It so happens that some devices such as a wireless mouse suddenly stop working. In this post, we will look at the causes of problems and remedies for recovering the wireless mouse.

1) The first option has run out of batteries.

2) The mouse is frozen. Turn off the mouse and turn it on again. # 128578;

3) Problem with USB receiving device (see picture). What can happen to him?

Either the USB input on your PC has broken and you just need to rearrange this receiving device to another USB input, or the USB device just burned out! It can burn for only one reason, you removed it from the entrance to the PC without first disconnecting it through a special utility.
What to do in this case? Buy a new wireless mouse. And DO NOT try to connect any other receiving device from another mouse. it will still NOT work!

4) Another option is the mouse itself broke.

5) It happens that a system message flies out containing the following text, saying that the device is NOT recognizable or the driver cannot be installed. If such a message occurs on a laptop, then the following method can help, turn off the laptop, disconnect it from the network, remove the battery and press the laptop power button for 20 seconds. This SIMple manipulation removes static electricity from the motherboard.

6) And the last option, if everything did not help, then press WINR, in the Open field enter the following command: services.Msc. Ok. In the form that opens, find the HID Device Access service. Select properties, then select Startup type. automatic. Ok. Reboot your PC.

Wireless mouse not working in Windows 10: 33 comments

Genius 2.4 GHz BlueEye wireless mouse worked fine on Win 8.1 and Win 10. After upgrading to Windows 10 version 1511, it became constantly suspended. The mouse buttons and scroll wheel work, but the mouse itself DOES NOT move. This happens unpredictably and brings not only a lot of inconvenience, but also big problems. Nothing helps, the method you described did NOT help either. Can you tell me what else you can do? I have an ultrabook-transformer Acer Intel iCore-5, 2.4 Ghz 4 Gb RAM.
When trying to troubleshoot, writes that “The USB input device is an obsolete USB device that may NOT work with USB 3.0. Connect the device to USB 2.0 ”But I even have 3.0 ports. The mouse was always at 2.0
I have been fighting this problem for 4 months, I even did rollbacks of the system. It terribly bothers me and makes me nervous. Help me please.

Vitaly, have you tried updating the drivers for your mouse? Go to the manufacturer’s website and see if there are new updates (drivers) for your usb device (mouse).

Thank you for your message. I’ve already thought about it. On the official site, my mouse is not represented at all, although it seems to be 2015. I bought it in Ozon in the fall of 2015. I also found the genius site, also kind of official, but for some reason it has a driver for my mouse dated 11/11/2014 (?). Supports WIN 8. Today I looked again, it is already written that “also supports win10”. Does the 2014 driver support win10? Take a look:
I’ll try to install, unsubscribe in the results.

What to do I click on on the mouse and it shines brightly for me, then the light goes out and then the problem disappears in Windows or in the mouse.

I ask for help in solving the issue, Windows 10. 4 months ago, there was a problem.
When the system boots, the mouse does not work, in a strange way, I can control the cursor, but I can not click, while if I am in google chrome, if I want to click on an open tab of any site, for some reason the next tab is closed. I can get rid of this problem just by pressing the controllate and call the task dispatcher, after everything is as it should be, but during operation the problem can return at any time.

Reinstalling Windows did not help. Plugged into different USB.

I installed the mouse driver, worked for 10 minutes and passed out. I already have a psychosis. Now writes “DX-L8000 is a legacy USB device that may NOT work with USB 3.0. Connect your device to USB 2.0 “.
I updated all the drivers from the Acer manufacturer’s website 3 days ago, although I did not see a USB driver there. I do not know what to do. I read somewhere that in the task manager you need to set the mouse priority from “high” to “normal”, but I did not see this mouse there at all. What do you think, Master?
Two new icons Genius logo and KYE Device Power 100% have just appeared in the taskbar. He has no idea what it is, but the mouse is working now. KYE does NOT react at all, and Genius opens a sidebar with Amazing graphics, with different skins, with mouse settings and descriptions, with help. Why do I need all this and even at startup? I’m afraid to disconnect, suddenly it will freeze again?
Master. She just hung again. Psychosis. Here are the new badges for you. Help, SOS.

Now that the mouse is frozen, the Device Power icon is gone. There does NOT seem to be enough power to the USB receiver. What does this mean?

Vitaly, the problem is not in Windows 10.
From your comments:

“The USB input device is a legacy USB device that may NOT work with USB 3.0. Connect your device to USB 2.0 “

“The DX-L8000 is a legacy USB device that may NOT work with USB 3.0. Connect your device to USB 2.0 “.

The problem seems to have become clear. Stopped USB receiving device in another port. Just judging by the system messages, your USB receiving device is in a port with USB 3.0 support (it is one on a laptop with a blue plate).

This is what USB 3.0 looks like

So the fact of the matter is that the mouse is in the USB-2.0 port and freezes. I have one 3.0 port (with a blue plate), it is on the other, uncomfortable side of the laptop. When this mouse worked fine, I put its receiver several times in USB-3.0, and it worked perfectly. Doesn’t work anywhere now.

For some reason, there is not enough “power” for your mouse.
Here is an interesting article on this topic:
I think you should Pay special attention to point 1 (BIOS), point 3 and see
the penultimate comment (from Lilia) to this article. Try, experiment.
If you write anything, we’ll figure it out.

Suggest to uninstall Intel® Management Engine, they say helps? On YouTube I saw that a guy in a SIMilar Acer laptop solved the problem. What do you think?

Of course, you can. But the mouse worked before, no one in the BIOS turned off anything. Further, a wired mouse in the same port works, but it is also buggy now: with a single click, it makes several clicks regardless of the settings.

Vitaly, it is very difficult to determine the reasons for this behavior of your mouse like this. remotely. I think if you can’t fix this problem for so long, why not take the ultrabook to a diagnostic service?

What to do I click on on the mouse and it shines brightly for me, then the light goes out and then the problem disappears in Windows or in the mouse.

Hello! The Razer Orochi mouse stopped working, everything was fine until the system error, after rebooting the mouse SIMply does not knit with the device. What are your thoughts on this matter, thanks?!

Tohiba Satellite C850D laptop. After another Windows 10 update, the wired mouse stopped working properly. It turns on and works from 1 to 10 minutes and the LED in it turns off. All! Then only turning off the laptop helps. The touchscreen continues to work.
I thought the power protection was working: we loaded all the ports with a 3g modem, an external CD. they plow without problems, but they obviously consume more than 100 mA, like a mouse. I thought the cord shortens. I tried 3 mice, everyone works on another laptop without problems, but here it is not.
DO NOT tell me what kind of update came out that will kill the work of wired mice?

Have you tried updating the mouse driver?

The sixth option helped. THANKS)))

Tell me what the problem might be and how to fix it:

Look on the back of the mouse where the red light glows, if there are any adhered villi or hairs?

I beg your pardon, Master. But do you really think that if I got to checking the computer for viruses, then I did not clean the mouse first, and did not try it on another computer, and did not try other mice.
Have you read my post at all? Or like it in the Meme: “On the Hansa, no posts are read.”

None of the article is suitable.
Thanks for the support, but not that.
Maybe you can try to understand the problem and help? I can help with truthful answers to correctly asked questions.
I beg you not to be offended by sarcasm.

I also have a laptop, and it also happens to me that the mouse itself starts to move the cursor to the upper right corner, but this moment does not bother me at all.

How can I determine exactly the reason for this behavior of your mouse?
There may be 1000 reasons.
From pirated Windows to crooked ones.
To determine the cause, you need to put experiments (experiments)!
I won’t forgive to drive into Yandex “The mouse moves by itself what to do” and see what the search engine will give you.

Let’s just say: the search engine chose to contact you.
There are two whole laptops, but the question concerns the hospital. Winda pirated, not without it, but worked for 2 years without problems. Crooked firewood also worked for 2 years without any questions.
I asked the wrong thing.

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Okay, let’s go from the opposite and the most commonplace,
antiviruses did NOT detect anything, but this is NOT an indicator that the computer is clean!

If not, then press the WinR keys
in the Open field, enter the msconfig command and on Ok,
click on “Open Task Manager”.

We look and look for suspicious records or processes first on the “Startup” tab, if nothing, then on the “Services” tab.

Dear Master!
Checking startup and services did not reveal any suspicious activity (by the way, how to determine the degree of suspicion?). In Windows startup, ovskie processes, adobovskie, antivirus and others, such as sound maintenance, networks, Saitek business. The only thing, I found an incomprehensible Logitek program (I DO NOT use Logitek in any way), deleted it. In services, the picture is about the same. Either Microsoft, Nvidea, Google, ASUStek, Adobe, or what I installed with my own hands for myself. such as Iobit, Malwarebytes, antivirus, trustmaster.
I do not have many installed programs, because the computer is designed for virtual flights, and there is no need for too much.

Comrade He expressed the opinion that the firewood from Saitek is to blame for everything. Could this be?

There will be no more answers, as I understand it.
Well, thanks for that too.

Why couldn’t it be?
There are at least two more solutions to this problem:
1) Roll back the system
2) reinstall the OS


I have a 2.4ghz wireless optical mouse.
And I have win10. I just bought it. Connected to pc-sees. But for some reason the mouse itself does not want to work. Help!

Why does bluetooth not work on a laptop

Bluetooth does not work on a laptop usually after reinstalling the operating system. Today, most people buy laptop computers without installed operating systems, and then install them on their own, so it comes out cheaper.

As a result of such actions, bluetooth refuses to work on a laptop. All this comes from the fact that the operating system is one, and there are a lot of computers and each of them needs individual drivers for bluetooth. What to do if bluetooth stops working?

Updates should be installed first. To do this, go to: Control Panel =, “Windows Update”.

on the left side “search updated”. over, this operation must be repeated several times, Until everything is established, “important and Unimportant”

If something doesn’t work out, use a free and very nice-looking bluetooth program. It is small and installs instantly.

If after THESE actions the bluetooth does not work on the laptop and further, then you need to update the drivers manually. Bluetooth does not work for me on asus immediately after installing the operating system.

I go to the ASUS support (write this in the search engine), I find there the model of my laptop, the installed operating system, and all the drivers that relate to bluetooth work, and Install them.

On some laptops, bluetooth is turned on with special buttons. I have “fn f2”. You can update bluetooth drivers through the control panel =, “Task Manager”, only in most cases this method does not help.

Write the name of your laptop in the search engine and add the support. This will take you to the manufacturer’s website. Only in this way can you find exactly the drivers that are intended for the bluetooth of your laptop.


I do not have Bluetooth on my laptop, how can I create something to have Bluetooth? And customize it?

You are just a fuck.

If the laptop has a bluetooth adapter, then nothing really. You can find out in the instructions or on the Internet read the characteristics of your laptop model.

Thank you very much 🙂 finally included!

Hello! Reinstalled VINC 7 32 on a lenovo v 580 c laptop. Drivers for bluetooth are not installed at all. Writes: “the bluetooth system did NOT detect”. Although in the control panel in the device manager, a device such as: BCM20702A0 with a question is displayed in the other devices tab. And the driver for it is also called. But it is not installed. In the Control Panel there is an individual control element. There is bluetooth and Wi-Fi to turn on and off. But when you turn on Bluetooth, its blue indicator should be displayed in the lower right corner of the desktop. It means He does not eat but does not work. Why?

There is such a problem with lenovo v580. About a year or two ago, I remember the bluetooth driver was NOT installed in any way, I tried a dozen.
In the end, I somehow managed to solve the problem, the bluetooth started working, but I just can’t remember what I did.
If I remember here I will unsubscribe.
I also want to note that there were only problems with x64. bit versions, with x32. everything went without Hitch.

I have a Samsung laptop. Previously, ok worked, but for some reason it stopped reinstalled, updated, nothing. Help!

How do I turn on the camera? =)

Reinstalled on HP Pavilion g6 Windows with native 7HB on 8.1pro, installed and updated all the firewood. He writes that the bluetooth is working fine, but he does not see a single device for connection and they do not see it. Although in the settings it is visible to everyone. It worked fine on 7ke. Tell me what he is missing?

It can write that the bluetooth is working normally, but at the same time it may not be turned on.
Log in to the control panel, go to the “Network and Sharing Center”.
Then on the left click “change adapter parameters”.
Now right-click on the bluetooth adapter. if it says turn it on, turn it on.
Next, click “properties”, go to the “bluetooth” tab and put in and in the “bluetooth parameters” check the boxes everywhere.

Hello, my model says that there is bluetooth, but when installing the driver, it says that it is not!

I have an acer aspire e1

P.S. Didn’t work on Windows 7 either

Thank you very much. Now everything is fine))

I have a Samsung NP300E5a laptop that does NOT want to accept files via bluetooth. It sends, but does not want to perceive. Even in the bluetooth menu, when setting up, no matter how you perceive this function, but only send files and that’s it. What can you tell me!

P.S. Its visibility by other devices is ticked. But it feels like he’s blocking the reception.

If directly without additional applications, then first you need to pair devices.

I lost Bluetooth on Samsunge NR-350E7C after reinstalling Windows8. SW Update downloads the correct driver from the site, but an error occurs constantly. Device Manager shows Unknown device What needs to be done for Bluetooth to work.

Not quite clear. If you cannot find the WEB-camera and bluetooth drivers for the HP dv6700 laptop, then try to search by device ID.

Good evening! Please help solve the problem with HP dv6700. He does not see bluetooth and the WEB-camera does not work. I was looking for a driver for a WEB-camera, but alas, the driver for bluetooth began to install, it was installed for 4-5 hours, but I did not install it! Will someone tell me what you can do? Or take the exit to the service center?

I can not connect to Bluetooth on the laptop, sending from the phone fails, I try to reset the HPpavilion6 computer to whom the laptop sees the phone but the failures are constant

And what phone and where do you send to the phone or from the phone, otherwise something is hard to figure out. This happens often, only the solution is NOT the same.

I have an Asus x555la laptop that does NOT want to accept files via bluetooth. It sends, but does not want to perceive. Even in the bluetooth menu, when setting up, no matter how you perceive this function, but only send files and that’s it. What can you tell me!

If not, put a checkbox in the settings in front of the line. allow devices Having found this computer (right-click on the tray icon = open parameters).

Hello, tell me the Samsung 300E4C / 300E5C / 300E7C laptop, does not see and does not find the bluetooth device, I installed different drivers, the icon is turned on in the tray, I turn on, turn off the FN button, everything is in the dispatcher, but I can’t connect with headphones. not by phone, please, who knows.

Check the box as written in the comment above yours. Then, where you enter the parameters, click add a device. Wait. I must find. Sometimes you need to do pairings. If you don’t find anything, look for a laptop on your phone. If it does not find it, then something is wrong. Then remove all the drivers that you installed, reboot the laptop and install only one “native” one. There cannot be several. I recently solved this problem. There were 2 bluetooth devices in the device manager, they conflicted with each other, as a result, nothing worked.

Thank you very much for the answer, I ticked the box, the phone did a search, but does not find, the conflict between the two bluetooth devices, but should it somehow be displayed in the dispatcher or not always ?, There are NOT any question marks or triangles with an exclamation mark in the dispatcher. try again with the drivers.Ps here is all the information from the dispatcher with AIDA64
Bluetooth radio module:
Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator 6.1.7601.17889
Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0

Device properties
Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0 Driver Description
Driver date 08/18/2015
Driver version
Qualcomm Atheros Communications Driver Provider
INF file oem10.Inf
USB Hardware ID \ VID_0CF3PID_3004REV_0001
Location Details Port_ # 0004.Hub_ # 0004

Device properties
Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator Driver Description
Driver date 06.21.2006
Driver version 6.1.7601.17889
Microsoft Driver Provider
INF file bth.Inf
INF Section BthEnum.NT

Bluetooth (Personal Area Network) devices 6.1.7600.16385
Bluetooth device (RFCOMM TDI protocol) 6.1.7600.16385

Bluetooth Virtual Devices:
Bluetooth LWFLT Device
Virtual Bluetooth Support
device properties
Bluetooth LWFLT Device Driver Description
Driver date 07/20/2011
Driver version
Atheros Communications Driver Provider
INF file oem33.Inf

Virtual Bluetooth Support Driver Description
Driver date 07/20/2011
Driver version
Atheros Communications Driver Provider
INF file oem31.Inf

Device properties
Bluetooth Audio Device Driver Description
Driver date 07/20/2011
Driver version
Atheros Communications Driver Provider
INF file oem30.Inf
Hardware ID BTHENUM \ 61118058-486c-4bb0-b4b8-ace4dcadec44_LOCALMFG0000

You seem to have stuck too much. Virtual Bluetooth adapters have appeared. The easiest option is to remove all drivers with the word. Bluetooth and download from off. The site is one and only. there can be no two adapters for yours, with the exception of old and new versions.

The point is what these virtual machines are in Aida, but the dispatcher himself does not show it.

So delete everything that is and install a new driver. I can’t say for sure what the reason is, but laptops were brought to me more than once where all the icons were displayed, everything seemed to work, but the transfer did not go. Usually after removing all drivers and installing a new one, everything started working. If you have a driver disk, install it from it. Also keep in mind that it is NOT excluded an option that I have not encountered.

Thank you very much, I will stay.

There was another problem, I deleted the drivers through the dispatcher, I reboot and Windows automatically installs the driver from the storage, I went through the command time, I executed the command to delete from the storage, everything seemed to work out, it shows NOT firewood, I update the equipment again.

Try to uninstall through: Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Programs and Features and clean the registry or the “Driver Sweeper” program

Thank you so much for your help, I still can’t remove the drivers from the autoinstall, although I saw the last advice afterwards, I decided to try to install the drivers using the program from Samsung SW update and in the distributor I saw the changes were the Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0 radio module, so Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0 HS, voila, everything turned out completely, everything is connected, thanks again, it’s nice that someone helps, on the second sites they freeze or don’t know, I will advise my friends, contact you and this site.

After reinstalling Windows 10 (was 7) bluetooth stopped working. over, the transfer goes from the laptop to the phone, but from the phone to the laptop there is, it says a failure when sending. What to do?

Please tell me why Bluetooth does not work on the Samsung 300E5C-S0M laptop: there is an icon on the taskbar, the device manager shows available: Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0 HS, but there is no Bluetooth at all in the PC settings in the wireless networks section. Could it be that drivers are installed in the system, but the Bluetooth device itself is not in the laptop? How to install it?

Your laptop has bluetooth, and the drivers may have been installed from the Microsoft update center. Then they may be, and not quite “correct”. The Samsung support site has a driver for your laptop, though only for Windows XP (it should work on the second Windows too). Try to download and install it. Then restart your laptop and see what happens.

Reinstalling Bluetooth Drivers:

Then restart your PC. At boot, the operating system will automatically detect new hardware and install the software. However, it is recommended to do this manually. Just download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website and install it.

If Bluetooth is missing on a laptop, then this may indicate a software failure. As stated above, you can reinstall the driver. But sometimes this failure is triggered by a virus. In this case, you should first run a full scan of your computer with an antivirus program. And only after that, install new software.

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Also, all of the above symptoms of malfunctions may be associated with the fact that the radio module is SIMply out of order. In this case, it is very difficult to fix the problem on your own, since you will have to disassemble the laptop and install a new one instead of the old adapter. It’s better to rely on professionals in this matter. That is, take the computer to the service. Now you know why the Bluetooth module stopped working on the laptop and how to fix this problem.

If you failed to configure the Bluetooth module using this article, then most likely the answer is located here.

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Checking and installing the driver

A driver is software that controls the operation of the hardware. This means that one of the reasons why the Bluetooth module on a laptop does not work is precisely the lack of appropriate software. Thus, if the above method did not help you or you cannot find the required hardware in the device manager at all, then this indicates that the drivers are not installed on the computer.

Typically, in this case, you will have undefined devices in the hardware manager. You can find the necessary software on the disk that comes with your laptop. If there is such a comment, then you need to visit the official website of the PC manufacturer. Each manufacturer provides support to its users by providing the latest drivers and utilities required to run. After installing the driver, the corresponding icon should appear in the system tray. If there is no Bluetooth module on the laptop, you can install it using this article.

Fixing a hardware failure

Hardware failures can occur quite often for various reasons. That is, the drivers are installed, everything works, but at one point Bluetooth just stopped working on the laptop. This means that a system failure has occurred. First try to SIMply restart your laptop. This is often enough.

If this does not help, then you should remove the old software and reinstall it. To do this, open the device manager, find your radio module and open it by double-clicking it with the left mouse button. In the window that opens, go to the “Driver” tab and click the “Remove” button.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth adapter

So, first of all, if Bluetooth does not turn on on a laptop, you should check if your radio module is disabled in the device manager. To do this, you need to open this service. To do this, press the Start R key combination on the keyboard. In the window that appears, write the command devmgmt.Msc press “Enter”.

In the window that opens, find the term “Bluetooth radio” or “Network adapters”. Open the branch and find the name of your adapter. Further, if the device is indicated by a sign in the form of a white circle with an arrow down, then this indicates that the equipment is turned off.

To activate it, you need to right-click on it and select “Enable” or “Enable”.

Why Bluetooth stopped working on laptop

Using Bluetooth technology on a laptop to transfer files has long been a daily occurrence. But sometimes problems arise. Let’s see why Bluetooth does not work on a laptop.

What to do if Bluetooth does not work on laptop:. Why Bluetooth doesn’t work on my laptop

There are many reasons why Bluetooth does not work on a laptop:

  • Drivers not installed.
  • Hardware is disabled in device manager.
  • A hardware failure has occurred.
  • Computer attacked by a virus.
  • The radio module is out of order.

Very often, a SIMilar error appears due to uninstalled software. There are also cases when the software is installed, but it does NOT match the model of your adapter or SIMply does not work correctly.

It is also worth noting that before using the radio module, it must be turned on. But if the equipment is disabled in the device manager, then you will not be able to activate it on the keyboard by pressing the corresponding button. So let’s go through all the reasons in order.

  • Why Bluetooth cannot find devices available for connection
  • How to enable Bluetooth adapter on laptop
  • Why can’t Bluetooth find available devices on a Windows 7 computer
  • Why does the Bluetooth mouse not want to work?

Bluetooth RFBUS stoit vosklicatelnij znak.I pri vozobnovlenije draivera piset sto nenuzdajetsa v obnovlenije. Noutbuk Toshiba Satellite 755.S stranici zavoda skaceval, uzstanavlival zanovo no nepomogajet.Nacok est v panele zadac no kogda hocju vkljucit to vokoske pokazivajet Bluetooth ne gatov.

I DO NOT display bluetooth at all. Lost from the system. Reinstallation of Windows did not help. Before that it was turned on all the time. Then something crackled and after auto-restart it disappeared

Bluetooth appears in the equipment on its own, and works great, then disappears and I can not find it. DELL820.Xp laptop antivirus avast

Hello. When trying to update a driver, the system always says that It does not need updating. Don’t even try to do that anymore. Just download the required driver from the Internet (preferably from the official site) and save it on your computer. Then open the hardware manager, uninstall the old driver, restart your computer. And then install new drivers. That’s all.

Hello. What crackled and where? It is possible that your Bluetooth just burned out (from overheating or from a voltage drop or for other reasons). If even reinstalling the operating system and installing new drivers does not help, then bring it in for repair or replace the Bluetooth module yourself.

Hello. I haven’t dealt with XP for a long time, and now I have a computer with that OS at hand, so I can’t help you. I can only assume that there is some problem with the drivers or you are turning it off. There may be a virus. Avast sometimes misses malware too. Sometimes some programs that have access to control BT communication can give out SIMilar problems.

Hello. I wanted to transfer files from the phone to the laptop, when I turn on Bluetooth on both devices, the phone sees the laptop, but the laptop does not see the phone. Already and all settings have been revised all inclusive. Tell me what could be?

Hello. To begin with, you can use Wi-Fi to transfer data from a phone (smartphone / tablet). the speed is higher, the connection procedure is easier. To do this, use the AirDroid program (for Android devices) or FTP-server. Here in this article you will find detailed instructions for all these programs and Wi-Fi Direct technologies. Now specifically on your Bluetooth. Is the phone discoverable? In the bluetooth settings, you need to turn on the adapter and check the box so that other devices can see it. In this case, the check mark is automatically removed after a certain period of time (about 2 minutes). If all this is done, but NK still does not see the phone, then most likely there is a problem with the drivers or the difference in protocols. Check if the laptop sees other BT devices. For example, a tablet, another laptop, another phone, or maybe a headset (you can invite friends with SIMilar devices and check everything). If he does not see anyone at all, then the problem is with the drivers. Try to remove the old drivers, then find and download new drivers on the official website of the laptop manufacturer. After removing old drivers, restart your PC and install new drivers. Restart your PC again. Remember that drivers are not all working. Even if they are installed, it is not a fact that they work and support all the necessary protocols. Here you have to experiment, try different versions of the software, and so on.

Hello. I still have this problem. 2 devices phone and laptop. When Bluetooth is turned on, they see each other, but when transferring, when the laptop transfers files to the phone, the phone receives these files, and when the phone transfers files to the back, they DO NOT reach it says that it has not been delivered. Tell me what could be?

Hello. A very common problem. First, try turning off Wi-Fi on your laptop and trying to transfer the file over Bluetooth. Often it is the working Wi-Fi network that interferes with the transfer of data via Bluetooth. You may notice that when both types of connections work at the same time, the data transfer rate slows down on both networks. Also, drivers may not work properly on the computer. Therefore, it is recommended to reinstall them. But they will not update through the device manager, namely, remove the old Bluetooth drivers and install new ones. And you need to download the drivers on the official website of the laptop manufacturer. Also remember that the choice of drivers must match the version and bitness of your operating system. In general, to transfer files between your phone and computer, I personally recommend using the AirDroid application. A very handy program. Here are two options for how to transfer files over Wi-Fi.!, One of the options is via AirDroid.

I bought a new laptop. The description of the laptop says that it has Bluetooth, but it is not in the control panel, it is in the device manager, it is in the tray (although I forcibly turned on the display of the Bluetooth icon in the tray, it is still NOT displayed), it is available in printers. In general, there is not a single mention of Bluetooth in the system. The laptop manufacturer’s website ( diagnoses the computer (using a program downloaded to the computer) and says that Bluetooth cannot be detected on the computer. The manufacturer forgot to add a Bluetooth module, i.e. He is not physically?

Hello. I bought a new phone, I wanted to upload files to it via Bluetooth from a laptop. The laptop does not see it, although it accepts files from the phone. With other phones, everything is fine, and receives and sends files. There is a pairing, the settings are also (accepts) I broke my whole head. Prompt!

Hello. To begin with, I will say that there are ways to transfer files from computer to phone (tablet) and back via Wi-Fi. Read the full article for several options. It is worth noting that the transfer rate over Wi-Fi is much higher. Speaking specifically about bluetooth communication, you need to remove the paired device (phone) from the PC and repeat the pairing. If it does not help, you will have to reinstall the bluetooth drivers on the PC. After reinstalling the drivers, you will have to pair again.

Let’s say the driver has been updated, but how can you add bluetooth headphones. How to pull out this submenu, and not the one that is perceived and sent

Hello, there is no Bluetooth radio in the device manager. What to do about it? How to install? Everything worked before. Not now! Can’t connect headphones.

Hello. You just need to turn it on. To do this, press the Fn key combination the key that has the wireless connection icon (this can be F5 or F2 depending on the laptop model).

Good afternoon! Tell PZhT what to do, the bluetooth icon has disappeared from the tray, and the device manager is gone. So the bluetooth module itself is covered?

Hello. You just need to enable it with the Fn key combination, the key on which there is a wireless connection icon (this can be F5 or F2, depending on the laptop model). If the bluetooth icon appears in the manager, but it is in the tray, then go to Control Panel-Devices and Printers-Bluetooth settings configuration and check the box next to “Show icon in the notification area”.

I can not install the driver “Ralink Motorola Bluetooth Adapter Driver.Exe” writes that the equipment is disabled but the indicator hangs and lights up in the tray ?

The laptop is 3 years old and I recently purchased a wireless mouse but ran into a problem. I tried everything (the drivers were updated / rolled back, I installed another OS), Windows says that bluetooth is on and all the rules, but in fact the laptop is not detected by the phone, it does not see the bluetooth mouse. It turns out that Windows does NOT recognize that the module itself is incorrect ?

Hello, after reinstalling windows 7 on windows 8.1, Bluetooth does not work. The power button on windows 7 worked and on windows 8.1 “Airplane mode” is turned on. There is no Bluetooth module in the device manager. “Network”. “Airplane mode” there is no Bluetooth indicator