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Asus Laptop Black Screen When Turned On

Laptop freezes when turned on

What does it look like? The laptop does not turn on, but there are signs of starting a piece of software.

For example, a dark screen with a blinking cursor, or stuck on the splash screen at startup.

In this case, problems are likely:

  • Hard drive crash
  • Breakdown of the south bridge

In turn, a prerequisite for problems with a hard drive can be a lack of formatting, bad blocks, lack of connection, etc.

It is not so easy to establish the causes on your own and eliminate them. It is best to diagnose your laptop at a service center. Based on the identified causes of the technical problem, the specialist will offer an adequate solution.

Laptop does not turn on. Establish the cause, solve the problem

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To begin with, you should clearly define the concepts. It says that the laptop does not turn on if, in response to pressing the power button, no hardware processes are started. That is, the car, as they say, and does not show signs of life.

The indicator lights (except, perhaps, the battery indicator) are off, the cooler is not spinning, and the standard system signals are not heard when turned on, the screen does NOT respond. In this case, we can say that the technical device does not work.

Laptop won’t turn on. black screen

Rather, the machine is trying to start, as the user sees and hears the hardware.

The indicators light up, the cooler turns on, the CaspLock, NumLock buttons light up and do NOT go out. But the screen remains black, and the indicator does not start, indicating that the hard disk is working.

What could be the reasons?

  • CPU or memory problems;
  • BIOS firmware defects;
  • Breakdown of the north bridge of the laptop.

If the main symptom is a black screen, then the reason most often lies in the inverter of the laptop matrix or the breakdown of the backlight.

In this case, the medical history is important, as doctors would say. As a rule, these irregularities in the operation of the computer declare themselves long before the end of the world. flickering and uneven operation of the screen, noise, etc.

It so happens that the machine starts to turn on, but attempts are interrupted at an early stage. It is likely that there is a problem with the BIOS initialization.

In the most extreme case, a complete replacement of the laptop matrix may be required.

So why the laptop won’t turn on?

The most commonplace reason is a power failure

For example, the lack of contact of the power button or in the power supply, including in the area of ​​connectors or due to a broken cord, makes it impossible to turn on. What if the laptop does not turn on? First of all, check the reliability of the connection and the performance of the power supply.

Also, the problem can be caused by:

  • BIOS firmware defects;
  • Failure of the power supply on the motherboard
  • Short circuit in the north or south bridges.

Almost all of these hardware failures can be eliminated in the shortest possible time by specialists from the Notebook Center service center. As our experience shows, attempts at self-repair usually do not bring the desired result and can finally finish off the car.

Sometimes the laptop will not turn on on battery power, and it is the battery that can be the source of problems.

Variants of this problem:

  • The laptop does not run on an inserted battery;
  • The battery triggered a failure on the motherboard and the laptop does not work with or without a battery.

To diagnose and identify the problem in the second case, you will need special equipment.

BIOS problems

The BIOS initialization problem can be caused by various reasons:

  • Heated south bridge causing overload
  • Overheating of the processor, an important sign is shutdown after various periods of time.
  • Problem with power supply and dead battery.
  • And finally, the actual problem with the BIOS.

The fact is that the computer turns on later, that when power is supplied to the motherboard, a certain process of interaction between the hardware elements of the machine begins, the result of which is the loading of the operating system. After a full launch, the laptop goes under the control of the OS, however, in order for the operating system to start, it is necessary to trigger a set of instruction programs, which are stored directly on the motherboard microcircuits.

Accordingly, problems with the BIOS lead to the fact that a laptop dell, toshiba, acer, any other brand, a personal computer or a tablet does not turn on, since they all use the same startup principle.

Laptop does not turn on. problems with the operating system

When a laptop does not start from a software glitch, this is one of the most common problems that can arise. Often a prerequisite is the work of viruses, sometimes. accumulated failures of the operating system.

You can try to “cure” the computer, tinker with solving this problem on Cash OS.

The zero option in this case is the reinstallation of the system, which solves the accumulated problems in one fell swoop and radically.

Let’s summarize

If the laptop does not turn on and at the same time you hear sound signals (including uncharacteristic ones), unusual sounds and there is no image on the screen, then the problem lies in the hardware plane and the BIOS. Experts will help to establish the cause and correctly solve the problem.

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If there are some signs of life, that is, the download is interrupted at some stage, then the reason for the failure most likely lies in the state of the operating system or the failure of the hard disk. In this case, there may be problems with the backlighting of the screen caused by the failure of the backlight lamp or the inverter of the laptop matrix. In this case, you will need to replace elements, reinstall the operating system.

We have presented a far from complete list of possible reasons why the laptop does not turn on and does NOT start.

Meanwhile, making an accurate diagnosis is the key to successfully eliminating a hardware or software malfunction.

Try these fixes

Here are some solutions you can try if your laptop screen is black. You don’t have to try them all; just go down the list until everything works.

  • Power off your laptop
  • Try the F2, F9 and F10 keys
  • Update your graphics card driver
  • Check for viruses and malware
  • Update BIOS

Note: The screenshot below is from Windows 10 and the fixes apply to Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Fix 3: update the graphics card driver

A missing or outdated graphics driver in your laptop can cause a black screen, so you should make sure the graphics drivers in your laptop are up to date, and update one that is NOT up to date.

Note. To complete this method, you need to log into your computer. If you cannot log into your computer, boot your laptop into Safe Mode over the network, then follow the instructions below.

You can manually find the latest version of your graphics driver from the manufacturer, download and install it on your computer. This takes time and computer skills. We recommend this if you are confident in your computer skills.

If you don’t have time or patience, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running on, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about an installation error.

  • Download and Install Easy Driver.
  • Launch Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will scan your computer and find driver problems.
  • Click the Update button next to the marked graphics device to automatically download the correct driver version (you can do this with the free version), then install the driver on your computer.
    Or click “Update All” to automatically download and install the correct version of all drivers that are missing or outdated on your system (this requires the Pro version. you will be prompted to update when you click the “Update All” button).
  • After the update, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Check and see if your laptop screen is working properly.

Fix 2: try the F2, F9 and F10 keys

If you find your Acer laptop is black, you can try this:

  • Be sure to turn off your laptop and disconnect all external devices.
  • Press the power button. To turn on the laptop.
  • When you see the Acer logo or splash screen, press F2. F9. F10 and the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Select “Exit” “Yes” and press Enter.

Your laptop will start and the black screen issue should be resolved.

Fix 1: reset your laptop power

Resetting the power helps fix the Acer black screen problem and it works for many people. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off your laptop.
  • Disconnect the AC adapter cable. Hard drives. Battery and any other connected peripherals.
  • Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and release. Your laptop will boot and shutdown during this time period.
  • Put the battery back in and connect the charger. Then DO NOT connect anything else.
  • Press the power button. As usual, to turn on the laptop.

Your laptop should start fine now.

If your laptop screen is black, don’t worry. There are other solutions.

Fix 4: scan for viruses and malware

Note. To complete this method, you need to log into your computer. If you cannot log into your computer, boot your laptop into Safe Mode over the network, then follow the instructions below.

Acer laptop screen may be black if your system has been damaged by a virus or malware.

So run a virus scan all over your Windows system. Yes, it can take a while, but it’s worth it. Unfortunately, Windows Defender might NOT detect it, so it’s worth trying another antivirus program like Avira and panda.

If any malware is found, follow the instructions of the antivirus program to fix it.

Then restart your computer normally and see if it fixes the black screen issue.

Acer laptop black screen when turned on what to do

Does your Acer laptop go to black screen, sometimes the screen is black after the logo? DO NOT Worry The solutions described in this article can fix the black screen issue of your Acer laptop.

Fix 5: update BIOS

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. This is software that is stored on a small memory chip on your computer’s motherboard. BIOS is used to identify and fix hardware problems on your computer or laptop.

To update the BIOS, go to the Acer support page and find the BIOS file for your Acer laptop model. Download it to USB stick and follow Acer instructions to update BIOS.

IMPORTANT: Take extra care when updating the BIOS. If you make a mistake or an error occurs, your laptop may stop working and you could lose your data. Therefore, always back up your laptop data before updating your laptop BIOS.

So here it comes, hopefully this post comes in handy and resolves your black screen on Acer laptop. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below and we’ll see what else we can do.

Cooling system check

Make sure that the cooling system of the laptop is working correctly: the vents are NOT clogged with dust, and the thermal grease on the CPU and video card is not dry. Find the instructions for disassembling your laptop model and carefully dust it off. If you are afraid of damaging something, take the laptop to a service center to carry out a high-quality cleaning of the case from accumulated dirt.

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Reasons why the laptop beeps

The source of the muzzle is the speaker. a small element on the motherboard, the purpose of which is to generate sound signals when a malfunction is detected. By the nature of the signals, using a special table, you can diagnose the reason why the laptop does not turn on. Among the most common reasons are:

  • Keyboard malfunction (key sticking).
  • Failure of the cooling system, leading to overheating of the principal components.
  • Incorrect BIOS settings.
  • Problems with RAM, video card, or other board.
  • Power supply error.

To determine the possible reason for the appearance of the muzzle and the inability to turn on the laptop, find the table of beeps for your BIOS version. You can find out the BIOS version using any search engine for the laptop model.

When the table is in front of your eyes, you need to count the frequency and number of sound signals, and then find the corresponding value and familiarize yourself with the probable cause of the problem and how to fix it.

Reset BIOS

Resetting the BIOS to factory defaults can fix a variety of startup problems. However, you can perform this procedure yourself only if the laptop turns on, but does not load the operating system.

    Go to the BIOS by pressing the Delete key when turning on (the key to enter the BIOS is indicated on the boot start window).

Resetting the parameters, in particular, resolves the CMOS error and other problems in the BIOS, so be sure to try this method of eliminating the squeak.

The laptop beeps continuously or several times when turned on. Reasons and repairs in St. Petersburg

Let’s figure out why your laptop, when turned on (loaded), beeps continuously or makes sounds (beeps 2, 3, 5, 8 times), as well as try to fix the problems ourselves.

When turned on, the laptop emits a single beep, signaling that the device is working properly and ready to work. But sometimes users are faced with the fact that the number and frequency of Squeak repetition increases, and the laptop refuses to turn on or load the operating system.

Diagnostics FREE.
7 (812) 953-94-11, 7 (921) 984-75-12 (Kamennoostrovsky prospect, 42, Petrogradskaya)

Type of service provided Cost (rubles) Period of performance Guarantee period)
General table of for laptop repair
(Not tied to a specific model)
Troubleshooting IS FREE 15 minutes to 2 days
Rebollo or replacement Video chip (the problem is in the video card, there are images) Here are 5500. 7500 1 to 10 days Up to 90 days
Moisture has got under the cabinet (cleaning or replacing components) 1500 to 6500 2 to 7 days Up to 60 days
Replacing the keyboard (moisture got, buttons damaged) Here is 3500.6500 1 to 3 days Up to 60 days
The laptop is getting hot / overheating (replacing the thermal paste and cleaning the cooling system) 1700 1 to 5 days Up to 90 days
USB port not working (software errors) 1500 From 30 minutes to 1 day Up to 30 days
USB port does not work (repair / replacement of the south or north ports) 5000. 7500 2 to 4 days Up to 90 days
Replacing or repairing the charging connector (laptop will not charge) 2500 Here is 40 min to 2 days Up to 60 days
Replacing the hard drive (laptop won’t boot) 4500-5500 1 to 2 days Up to 90 days
Reinstall Windows / Mac OS / Drivers (laptop is buggy) 1500 1 hour to 2 days Up to 30 days
Saving information (recovery) from 1000 1 to 3 days
Please note: the table shows the general for laptop repair without reference to any model and manufacturer. details can be found in our service center staff.

Eliminate the squeak of the laptop when you turn it on yourself

Disclaimer: we are NOT responsible for your actions. This article is for informational purposes only and has NOT won the Cup you to action.

We have highlighted the main reasons for the appearance of a squeak, now let’s see how you can eliminate them. Let’s start with the keyboard. carry out an external inspection for damage or liquid ingress. A stuck key can be carefully pulled out using a thin object (in cases where the keyboard does NOT fit into a module), while a flooded or badly damaged keyboard will most likely have to be replaced. It is better to replace it in a service center on special equipment.

Problems with RAM or other modules

If, using the sound signal table, you have determined that RAM is a prerequisite for the problem, then proceed as follows:

  • Remove the cover for the RAM module or completely unscrew the back of the laptop.
  • Locate the memory module and carefully remove the latches to remove it.
  • Dust the board and insert it back at a 45 degree angle.

The same must be done with other components of the laptop: carefully disconnect them from the motherboard, clean them from dust and reinstall them. As for the power supply: if it does not work, then you will have to replace it with a new one, since repairing the adapter will cost about the same amount.

Typical causes of failure

  • Power failure, battery, charging, or mains problem. For example, if the battery is critically low, the laptop may shutdown.
  • Failure of the display, loop, backlight lamps
  • Overheating, abrupt shutdown of laptops by protection, failure of the south or north bridges. Cooler problems, clogged ventilation
  • Windows errors
  • Incorrect system and BIOS settings
  • Excessive amount of software, games, “heavy” programs, especially those infected with viruses. This causes errors in the OS.
  • RAM or CPU issue
  • Lost contact in the slots of the device modules. It turns out due to shaking, mechanical damage, dust inside the computer case
  • Liquid spills, falls, bumps and carelessness.
  • Individual malfunctions. Depends on design features, manufacturers and models (see PC manual).

What to do. the laptop turns on, but the screen is black?

The matter lies in the following reasons:

  • Have you recently switched your laptop to an external monitor with the original one turned off? Check if “dimming” is turned off by a couple of buttons.
  • “Clogging” the hard drive with unnecessary and non-working files, lack of cleaning and optimization. Clean up your Hard Drive and Registry. After removing the trash and overloading, an image will appear and the device’s performance will improve.
  • All indicators are on, judging by the sounds, ventilation is working, and loading is in progress. Display only does NOT show signs of life. Defective video card or matrix. Are there images when connecting an external monitor? Exactly. a breakdown of the video card. Few users can handle its replacement, call the workshop.
  • Problems in the monitor cable and its connectors. Check the connections and the loop itself, Reconnect.
  • Could jam the shutdown button on the screen. Happens from damage or liquid ingress. In older laptops, it is located on the front panel. It is more difficult with the newer ones, here the button is in the turning mechanism. Laptops are disassembled to repair it.
  • The backlight lamp is faulty or its inverter (transformer) burned out. In this case, there are first image distortions, along the edges of the monitor or completely. The display in such cases may be white or gray. The backlight is working, but the screen is black. a malfunction in the matrix or its connection. Unsuitable lamps are changed in workshops. Same with the transformer, yes, sometimes it needs to be restored. Inject transformer oil, etc. with a syringe. Constantly disassembling the PC. Easier and more profitable replacement.
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Black screen on laptop. what to do?

  • Battery recovery
  • Power supply repair
  • Cleaning from dust and dirt
  • Laptop makes noise
  • The battery is NOT charging
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Black screen on laptop
  • Laptop power problems
  • Why does the laptop restart itself
  • Laptop won’t turn on
  • HDMI port not working on laptop?
  • Laptop keyboard not working
  • Laptop turns off frequently?
  • The laptop heats up and shuts down
  • The laptop does not see the Wi-Fi network?
  • Laptop imaging problems

Laptop does not turn on or you see “black screen”? First, there is no need to worry and rush to see a specialist. Most often, you can fix the cause yourself. “Homemade recipes” will NOT work, then Contact the service center. Replacement of the matrix and the second complex components is done only there. Yes, and minor repairs, soldering parts, if you are NOT a radio amateur or computer technician. be sure to go to the workshop. We have everything you need to eliminate the “black screen” and other laptop breakdowns.

How to deal with problems yourself?

It is quite possible to restore the PC on your own. If the work concerns hardware settings or an uncomplicated change of modules (when they are NOT soldered). For a rough diagnosis, use the above list of the causes of the malfunction. Consider safe and effective ways to troubleshoot problems:

Connect your laptop to the network, it is probably just dead. See battery status. No effect? We inspect the connection along the circuit: outlet, charger, computer. Disconnect and stir the plugs.

Use a different monitor, does an image appear? Then you can try to fix the screen problem. View system settings, it is better to return them to basic. As a last resort (if you have the skills), try to disconnect the matrix cable, check and clean the contacts. The loop is damaged. it is useless to mount a new one. If all else fails, the matrix is ​​most likely faulty. Then you cannot avoid the help of a specialist.

PC worked long and hard? Overheating possible, let it cool well. Vents Must NOT be obstructed. Did you hear the noise of the cooler, hot air? If the ventilation is out of order, the computer turns off automatically. Parts may suffer from severe overheating, the south bridge often burns out. Replace Thermal Grease and Purchase a Cooling Pad.

Rollback or reinstallation of the OS helps (only the display does not work). In this case, errors and settings are reset. For a start, you can limit yourself to returning to a restore point (when everything was fine). DOES NOT work. reset completely (if there is ATS on a flash drive or disk).

  • Disconnecting your computer from an electrical outlet.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Press the power button for 30-60 seconds (charge reset)

Resetting BIOS to factory settings.

  • Turn on, press the Del and F2. F12 keys
  • In the menu, click on Load BIOS Setup Defaolts or Load Safe-Fail Defaolts.
  • Reboot, done.

BIOS reinstallation helps. The order is:

  • Download the installation file from the manufacturer’s website
  • You need to enter data in the support section in the model and OS so that there is no error
  • Before installation Make sure the battery is charged and the power adapter is connected. Power cut during BIOS setup kills laptops. We are waiting for the end of the process.

Inspect the installed software and games. Probably, the reason for the problems is precisely in them, remove unnecessary and problematic programs and games. It is more convenient to do this with simple utilities like Glari Utilities and CCleaner.

Removing the RAM module with cleaning the connectors helps to light the screen.

  • Disconnect the power, remove the battery
  • Next Unscrew the separate RAM cover or Remove the laptop cover
  • Take your time, bend the fasteners, take out the modules. Use a thin object, not a pointed object, if there is no tool
  • Clean slots
  • There may be additional contacts, then it is better to insert the module strip into them at an angle of 45 °
  • Further in reverse order

Clogging of connectors and ventilation occurs due to dust. The structure must be cleaned regularly, once every 1-2 years. In some modifications, the RAM may be soldered, then replacement only by the master.

Liquid spilled. Thorough drying is necessary if there is a lot of moisture Remove the cover. Only after that, perform the above manipulations. Helps cleaning connectors, reinstalling the RAM bar.

The laptop suffered serious mechanical damage (shock, fall from a height), is there a cracked case? Better to contact the service center, there may be damage to the motherboard.

For any action, you must carefully read the user manual.

Devices of different types, models, firms have design and control features. The manual may contain descriptions of rare problems inherent only to this computer. If the problem is serious, you cannot fix the breakdown. Stop there. NOT skillful intervention in equipment is more expensive than ordinary repairs in service centers.