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Acer Laptop Which Is Better To Choose


The best processor will be the one that has:
1. Maximum clock frequency
2. Maximum number of cores
3. Maximum cache size

The processor clock speed is the number of clock cycles performed in one second. In fact, this is the unit of measurement of the “speed” of the processor’s execution of calculations. Since it is impossible to infinitely increase the clock frequency (and today, even in top-end notebook models, it can be only 2400 MHz), performance is increased in other ways.

The use of multi-core processors allows computations to be performed in parallel threads, which increases the overall system performance. Such processors consist of several cores, each of which is a complete processor. The most common platforms are with two cores, but their number may be more.

For fast operation, the processor does not have enough RAM alone, which is accessed through an intermediate controller. For this there is a cache. ultra-fast memory for temporary storage of frequently requested data. The cache is located directly on the processor die for ultra-fast data transfers. However, the larger the cache size, the more expensive the processor costs to the manufacturer, so engineers are always looking for the optimal balance between cost and volume.


The hard drive is the main external storage device of the computer and is located inside the case. It is characterized by the type and amount of memory. The most widespread are classic HDDs (Hard disc drives), but manufacturers are gradually expanding the use of SSD drives (Solid state disc) in their products, which are more expensive, but also faster. Hard drive capacities in modern laptops range from 120GB to 1TB.

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What to choose: laptop or desktop computer?

The range of computer equipment today is greater than ever. A common question when choosing a PC is: laptop or desktop? Consider the benefits of these two types of computers.

The main advantage of a laptop is its portability. The user is NOT tied to a specific workplace, with a laptop, you can comfortably move between home and office, at a conference or on vacation. At the same time, the laptop includes many familiar peripheral and communication devices, be it a webcam or Bluetooth, and also operates autonomously from a battery for about 2-9 hours, depending on the device model.

Of course, there is something to be said about the disadvantages. Performance, functionality, attractiveness, reliability. all these characteristics are limited by the compact size of the laptop case. Today, many devices weigh less than two kilograms and are 2-3 centimeters thick, and ultrabooks are even less. The cooling system is experiencing heavy loads in laptops, which can effectively remove only a certain amount of thermal energy, which especially significantly limits the parameters of the video card. Therefore, notebooks, by definition, cannot compete on equal terms with desktop PCs in terms of performance, but it is more than enough for everyday tasks. One often hears the opinion that laptops are unreliable devices. This is partly true, but it is not so much connected with the unreliability of SEPARATE laptop components, but with more severe operating conditions. Desktop PCs, unlike laptops, are rarely moved from place to place, they are not dropped from the table, they are not subjected to other physical influences, while many laptops have to perceive a variety of positions every day.

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Laptop selection procedure

The lineup of each manufacturer includes devices of a different class, and as a result, a price range. To begin with, you need to decide for what tasks a laptop is purchased, what technical characteristics are required from it, what price range it should correspond to, and what type it should be: budget, gaming, working, universal. After the Model of Interest is defined, you can proceed to the second stage. the choice of configuration.

Each model has many different modifications. they differ in processors, video cards, hard disk capacity and RAM, the color may differ. Residents of the United States are even provided with a service on the manufacturer’s website for self-assembly of the laptop configuration. It remains for us to be content with what the equipment sellers have brought. However, since a laptop is a system of many components, after the purchase, you can independently expand the capabilities of the computer, for example, by purchasing a larger RAM bar. Below we will take a closer look at what hardware components the laptop consists of.

Laptop (laptop, from the English. Laptop). a mobile personal computer, organized according to the principle of “all in one”. A laptop is characterized by several key features that distinguish it favorably from an ordinary personal computer: it is compact in size, work without additional external devices, autonomous operation from a battery, no difficulties during transportation.

Any laptop is a high-tech system made up of many components. The laptop should be viewed as a system, not a complete device. In this article we will try to figure out what components a portable computer consists of, what parameters they are characterized by and how to choose a laptop for yourself.


A laptop case is usually a metal frame to which all internal and external components are attached. Also recently, with the filing of Apple, manufacturers began to spread the practice of creating Unibody-cases made of a single piece of metal (less often polycarbonate). The Unibody case type has no seams, has a thin profile, but it is more expensive to create, so it is usually used in expensive models.

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When choosing a case, attention should be paid to the material and its quality. Expensive models made of aluminum or metal alloys heat up less during operation, have less weight and greater strength (wear resistance) in comparison with plastic panels. The thickness of the material is NOT the last thing. When releasing budget models, manufacturers save on everything in order to reduce the price of the device as much as possible, so squeaks, deflections, panel backlash are allowed in them.

Depending on the material used, the neatness of the laptop during operation depends. Glossy and lacquered panels made of plastic and metal do NOT have the most pleasant property. high soiling, fingerprints remain on their surface, spoiling the appearance of the device. Conversely, embossed metal and grainy matte plastic panels hide prints, scratches, scuffs.

Optical drive

Despite the ever-growing popularity of flash drives and external hard drives, manufacturers DO NOT stop installing such a device as an optical drive on all models of their laptops, with the exception of ultrabooks and netbooks. CD and DVD disks have already experienced the peak of their popularity, however, they are supplied with software, including from which the operating system is most often installed, so having a drive will only be a plus when choosing a laptop.

Laptop design and hardware components


Random access memory (RAM) is SO-DIMM type modules. To install the “RAM strip”, it is usually enough to open the bottom cover of the laptop, without having to completely disassemble it. It is very rare to find models in which the RAM is built into the motherboard, in which case it will NOT be possible to replace it. Laptops, as a rule, have two slots for installing OP modules, netbooks. one. Therefore, it will not be difficult to increase the amount of memory after buying a laptop, if it seems almost.

Acer Extensa 15 EX215-51

A professional device at an affordable price, which is easy and convenient to work with.

Presentable Acer Extensa 15 EX215-51, equipped with a security lock slot, providing powerful and useful options for every user.

The device is equipped with a dual-core processor, has an excellent screen with a matte finish and is characterized by high performance.

Work has never been so comfortable.


  • Screen diagonal. 13.3 “;
  • Working surface resolution. 1366 × 768/1920 × 1080;
  • The amount of RAM. 4. 12 GB;
  • Anti-reflective coating. yes;
  • Dimensions (LxWxT). 36.3×24.7×1.9 cm;
  • Weight. 1.9 kg.


  • Excellent visibility from any angle;
  • Excellent protective anti-reflective coating;
  • Long warranty period;
  • Acceptable price tag;
  • The device does not require special maintenance.


  • Easily contaminated housing;
  • The device is difficult to open;
  • Large power supply.
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The best models in terms of price and quality ratio

Rating of TOP-5 best models in terms of price and quality ratio.

The best game models

When deciding to purchase a functional and stylish laptop from the Taiwanese company Acer, you need to remember the following points:

  • Before you start choosing a device, you should decide for what purposes it will be needed.
    Whether it will be a laptop for study and work, playing video games or conveniently viewing content;
  • Pay special attention to the diagonal and resolution of the screen, and make sure you have an anti-reflective coating.
    It will be much more comfortable to work with such a device;
  • Important indicators are the amount of RAM, the power of the electronics, the size and weight of the equipment, its design.

Acer ASPIRE 3 A317-51

A sophisticated model with a lot of advantages, ideal for both beginners and experienced users.

Suitable for office and home use with rich functionality in a robust housing.

The laptop is as simple and easy to use as possible, which will greatly simplify work tasks and help you deal with documents and all kinds of files much faster.


  • Screen diagonal. 17.3 “;
  • Working surface resolution. 1600 × 900/1920 × 1080;
  • The amount of RAM. 4. 8 GB;
  • Anti-reflective coating. yes;
  • Dimensions (LxWxT). 41.9×28.9×2.4 cm;
  • Weight. 2.7. 2.8 kg.


  • Effective cooling of the apparatus;
  • Presentable appearance;
  • Clear menu and good design;
  • High quality sound;
  • Presence of an accurate and responsive touch panel.


  • Equipment dimensions;
  • Quite a lot of weight;
  • The case is not protected against moisture ingress.

Rating of TOP 10 Acer laptops. How to choose a good model?

In today’s world, a good laptop is a must-have technology. Successful models are in the Acer line.

It is quite difficult to surprise with portable electronics today, but the Taiwanese company Acer succeeded.

For many years, the developer has been producing high-quality laptops at an affordable price, equipping the equipment with all the options necessary for comfortable work.

In the model line, each customer will find the best option for himself, because the manufacturer offers not only classic devices, but also transformer laptops, as well as gaming devices.

Popular models

To date, the most famous Taiwanese brand has released many decent and interesting laptop models with high technical performance.

Features of Acer laptops

  • High level of performance;
  • Excellent ergonomics and easy-to-use keyboard;
  • Quiet and long-lasting trouble-free operation;
  • Excellent autonomy;
  • Good visibility from any angle;
  • The presence of a capacious internal storage;
  • Anti-reflective screen;
  • Business design, compactness and light weight;
  • Premium quality materials and reliable build;
  • Long warranty period and reasonable price.