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A Stripe Appeared On The Laptop Screen

A vertical bar appears on the monitor. Who is the culprit of the breakdown?

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A vertical stripe appears on the monitor. A common problem. It can be provoked by various reasons, which can be detected by carrying out some manipulations. It is worth considering the color of the stripe, which can be black, white or colored.

Vertical red bar on the monitor screen

There are users who complain that distortions appear periodically on the screen. If you are interested in why vertical red stripes appear on the monitor, then you should know that often the whole point is in poor contact of the matrix cable. Rarely, a problem can be triggered by combustion of elements. Areas of rectangular shape, consisting of vertical stripes, are a signal of dustiness or damage to the cable connectors. Other reasons: there was a detachment of the track on the control board, or the video controller cable or VGA wire is damaged.

Why do vertical stripes appear on the monitor screen??

To get a picture on the display, you need a graphics chip, which is placed separately on the video card or integrated into the central processor. Information from it is transmitted through a loop to the screen, and the motherboard controls the system. Based on this, we can identify the reasons why vertical stripes appear on the monitor:

  • Rarely is the problem with the motherboard malfunctioning as this part is virtually NOT prone to damage. The board fails more often due to existing defects, after short circuits, power surges and other problems. In addition, it should be noted that when the motherboard breaks down, only stripes rarely appear, since other failures are also observed.
  • If vertical stripes appear on the monitor, then often the reason lies in the video card, the breakdowns of which are associated with degradation of the chip crystal due to overheating.
  • To transfer images in laptops, a ribbon or cable is used that is connected to the motherboard and to the display. If this part is pinched or damaged, streaks appear on the monitor.
  • The most common cause concerns matrix malfunctions. It should be borne in mind that the screen on a laptop is very fragile and if you close the device inaccurately, you can damage the matrix.
  • Rarely, but stripes may appear on the monitor due to drivers, so the first thing to do when stripes appear is to reinstall the “firewood”.

Vertical white stripe on the monitor

White, like any other color of the stripes, often indicates problems in the operation of the matrix. If, with a slight pressure or other influences on this part, the interference disappears and reappears, then this indicates the need to replace the part, since it has already failed. When vertical stripes appear on the computer monitor screen, which are barely noticeable and flicker, then this may be due to a malfunction of the VGA wire or power strip supplying the monitor.

Vertical blue stripes on the monitor

Many users, after a long game, when the equipment overheats or the video card is worn out, notice that vertical blue stripes have appeared on the monitor screen. In this case, if the warranty remains, then the video card should be replaced. There is one more reason that vertical blue or blue stripes appeared. Possible damage to one of the contacts of the matrix cable or delamination of the video processor solder balls from the BGA substrate due to overheating.

Yellow vertical stripe on the monitor

To determine the cause of the failure, you need to do some manipulation. If a vertical stripe appears on the LCD monitor, then disconnect it from the system unit and connect to the network. If the band has disappeared, there is a problem with the video card, so it is necessary to check the cooling system and install new drivers. If the streaks remain, then the defect is most likely related to the display. When a vertical stripe of yellow or a second shade appears on the monitor, you should see if there are swollen capacitors on the video card and replace them.

Vertical pink stripe on the monitor

In most cases, colored stripes on the screen are associated with a breakdown of the monitor matrix. This can happen as a result of failures in the power supply system, falls, shocks and other similar influences or wear of parts. If a vertical stripe appears on the monitor, which is painted in pink or purple, then this more often than usual indicates a malfunction of the scaler. The appearance of such a defect can also be observed on new monitors, but it’s all a factory defect.

Vertical stripes appear on the monitor. what to do?

Actions when stripes are detected will be directly related to the premise that provoked the failure:

  • First, let’s see how to remove the vertical stripe on the monitor if the video card is faulty. First, check the quality of the cooling system, for example, run a special program that determines the temperature. Let’s disassemble the computer and remove the accumulated dust and change the thermal paste. For Laptops Use a stand with extra fans.
  • If the problem appeared due to a faulty motherboard or cable, then it is better not to conduct experiments and DO NOT try to fix the breakdown on your own, so as not to aggravate the situation, so you took the monitor or computer for diagnostics to a service center.

PC Drivers

Often there are situations when various stripes of different colors and sizes appear on the laptop screen. Many immediately go to the service center for the technician to fix the laptop. But is it always right?

Often a prerequisite for the appearance of stripes on the monitor of your personal computer (laptop) is incorrectly installed drivers or their absence at all. An outdated version of the software may also be the source of the problem. Everything is clear enough here: you need to reinstall the drivers. It is required to select a version in which the problem on the screen disappears. How to do it? Only “by typing”. Please note: you need to download laptop drivers from the official website of the manufacturer of your model. You can install them using various programs, but it’s better not to risk it and do everything according to the rules.

Sometimes a laptop comes with a disc with all the necessary drivers. If you have one, you can of course use it, but remember that the content on it is NOT updated. But it’s worth a try, because the problem may be simply a failure of the laptop drivers. If you have already tried all the updates, the problem is most likely in other nodes of the device.

Computer and laptop: diagnosing the cause

Many people know that it is easier to determine the cause of a particular breakdown on a personal computer than on a laptop. This is directly related to the fact that a laptop is one solid construction, and a computer has separate elements, which can hardly be called a minus. But at the same time, laptops are much more popular due to their compactness. And therefore they break more often. One of the most annoying laptop problems is the appearance of stripes on the screen. This is especially unpleasant when you handle a laptop very carefully, but here is such an absurd situation. Today we will analyze all the ways to solve such a problem and figure out what to do if there are stripes on the screen on a laptop.

Matrix loop

If multi-colored stripes appear on the laptop screen, most likely the problem is in the laptop matrix cable. It is important to note that the stripes do not affect the operation of the computer itself, just a little annoying. There is only one way to get rid of them. by replacing the loop. It is almost impossible to do this on your own (there is a high probability that you will only aggravate everything), so it is better to turn to professionals who will do everything at the highest level. Laptop repair is not the best business for the layman. In this case, you can ruin not only the laptop, but also your nerves, as well as waste a lot of time.

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Check everything again. When the laptop screen is tilted, stripes should appear on the other side of the screen. If this happens, then the problem is precisely in the PC matrix loop.


To narrow the search for the problem, it is recommended to do an independent laptop diagnosis at home. Observe all points listed below.

  • Connect an external monitor to your laptop to check if the video card is to blame for the stripes, and if everything is fine with it. If the image on the monitor connection matches the image on the laptop screen, the problem is probably not with the video card. If there are problems on the second screen, but on the laptop the situation is the same, everything is fine with the video card, the problem is something else.
  • If the first situation did not suit you, and you did NOT identify the problem, we can proceed to check number two. You need to test the matrix by pressing or bending. If, when you click on a specific place where, for example, a white stripe on the laptop screen appears, the image changes slightly, most likely the problem is in the matrix or a cable directly connected to the PC screen.
  • Does the image change when you close / open the laptop? The problem lies in the loop (poor-quality contact or broken tracks).

How it all begins

Most often, one small strip of some color appears on the laptop screen. The laptop owner does NOT pay attention to this, but it should not be left to chance. In the first days, a maximum of three stripes appear on the screen (green, red or blue), but within a week, horizontal or vertical stripes begin to “multiply” very actively. And only then the user realizes that something is wrong. Some people manage to fix this for a few minutes by pressing on the matrix of the laptop screen (exactly where the stripes were). After a couple of minutes, the problem returns, and there are simply options for solving it.

Monitor ripples

A ripple of one color or another across the laptop display proves that the problem is indeed with the cable. But in order to be fully convinced of this, it will be necessary to carry out diagnostics again. If everything is in perfect order on the external monitor, the problem is definitely a malfunction of the loop or the matrix of the personal computer. You should contact a repair professional to replace the necessary parts to keep the laptop running.

It is often possible to encounter a problem when a person not so long ago took his laptop from repair, where he took it, so that the masters would fix the cable or matrix, but after a while it charged again on the monitor.

This, in turn, is due to poor-quality contact between the motherboard and the video adapter of your laptop. In such a situation, the chip should be rebowed or the motherboard should be completely or partially replaced (you need to consult about this with the master you are contacting for help). Do you have a stripe on your laptop screen? What to do, you don’t know? Nothing helps? Continue reading the article. you will definitely find the cause of the stripes on the monitor and you can solve this problem!

On the laptop the stripes on the screen, what to do?

Recently, a lot of complaints have been received about the appearance of various stripes on the laptop screen. What is the reason for this phenomenon, how to avoid it, what to do if stripes appear on the laptop screen? The answers to all these questions and many others can be found in the article.

Multicolored stripes on laptop display

What should I do if vertical stripes appear all over the screen? You will now find out the answer to this question. Often the stripes are red and blue, over time they become much larger (increase in width and length). Multi-colored stripes on the screen are ways to change their color to another. white. If you are NOT sure what the problem is, it is better to conduct an independent diagnosis, which is described in detail a little above. If, when you connect an external monitor, stripes also appear on it, the problem is with the video card. Laptop models are divided into two types: one in which the video adapter is installed in the motherboard, and also one in which the video chip is a separate module of a personal computer.

In most cases, only replacing the video card can help to solve such a problem, but it is better to contact the specialists so that they try to fix it. It will cost several times cheaper.

Multicolored lines

The appearance of lines, which chaotically move across the monitor and constantly change their colors, proves the fact that the problem lies in the breakage of the loop. A little higher we have already discussed this problem, however, as you understand, there are already quite a few “modifications” in this so common trouble. In what cases does the problem lie in the matrix loop?

  • You turned off your laptop, there were no stripes, and the next morning you turn it on again, but stripes have already appeared. This is a symptom of a problem with the matrix or cable.
  • The monitor Not only flickers and changes colors, but also becomes negative (the image on the screen is sometimes presented as negative). This is already an extreme stage of a breakdown of a personal computer loop or its matrix.
  • There is an image only on one half of the screen, while the other is simply empty. Matrix problem worth fixing before the monitor turns off completely.
  • Inoperative laptop backlighting indicates that in the near future it is necessary to replace the matrix module. inverter.

The main reasons for the appearance of stripes on the laptop screen and computer monitor

Among the main reasons for the appearance of horizontal or vertical color, white or black stripes on the monitor are:

  • Problems with the video card, video chip (overheating, hardware malfunctions). as a rule, in this case, it is clear that the reason is not in the display itself (if before that you had to see problems with the loop or matrix, it will most likely be clear), moreover, in a safe mode, low resolution and in BIOS, the image may remain normal (but not always). The appearance of stripes in this case often has the form of artifacts, strange elements of the image and text in different places, or stripes (often colored) arranged in a certain system evenly across the entire screen, examples will be given below. In this situation, most often there is a horizontal distribution of artifacts or stripes: even if the stripes themselves are vertical, but we see them evenly distributed horizontally across the entire screen, apparently something with the video card (but the second option is also possible).
  • Problems with the laptop matrix cable or the computer monitor cable (or connector). Outwardly, it may look both in the previous case and in the next version. Sometimes the screen can be “painted” in some color. When opening and closing the laptop lid, or when physically impacting the monitor cable, the appearance of stripes or artifacts may change. In the case of a laptop flex cable, there may also be image drops on a large area of ​​the screen: it turns white or black, or there is a single vertical stripe of some color.
  • Damage to the laptop matrix or monitor screen. Usually it looks either as a set of multi-colored vertical stripes in any one area of ​​the screen (may, in turn, consist of horizontal ones), sometimes. as single vertical stripes, and a variant of black spots on the image is also possible (often have a horizontal orientation). In case of serious damage to the matrix, there may be more interesting patterns, combinations of vertical and horizontal lines.

Examples of stripes on computer and laptop monitor screens and related reasons

And now examples of such stripes on the screens and an indication of the specific problem that caused them, so that you have the opportunity to guess what is the prerequisite in your case.

In the pictures below, the reason is most likely in the video card.

The following 3 options can indicate both problems with the video card and problems with the screen cable on the laptop or the cable on the PC (or connectors on the video card and monitor).

Below. 3 options with a high probability of reporting problems with the matrix cable on a laptop or problems in connecting a computer monitor.

Finally, damage to the matrix itself due to impact, punching or other physical damage may look like this. The picture may vary greatly depending on the location and severity of the damage.

Stripes on the screen of a PC or laptop monitor. reasons and what to do

If stripes or artifacts appear on the computer monitor screen, or the same happens on a laptop screen, horizontal or vertical, white, red, green or blue. you are not alone in your problem, it is very common. Unfortunately, most often this requires repair, but not always.

Further, what may be a prerequisite for stripes appear on the laptop screen or a similar problem occurs on the computer monitor, a photo with examples of such stripes and what by their appearance can be said about the source of the problem and the corresponding solution methods.

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Note: if stripes or artifacts appear in only one program, then most often the problem lies in how this program interacts with the video card or with the latter’s drivers. For example, if strange stripes began to appear in the Google Chrome browser, it is usually enough to disable hardware acceleration in the browser, for some second programs, for example, video players, this may also be relevant.

What to do to fix the problem with stripes on the screen

For most cases, such as damage to the cable, hardware malfunctions of the video card or damage to the screen matrix, you will have to apply for equipment repair or change it, but sometimes options are possible:

  • If you suspect a problem with the video card, and you have a desktop computer that has a separate integrated video output, and the integrated video card is turned on, try connecting a monitor to this output.
  • If connectivity and speech problems are suspected, again, in the PC, you can try other cables, inputs on the monitor and outputs on the video card.
  • A laptop with a broken matrix or a damaged cable can usually be connected to an external monitor or to a TV (see How to connect a laptop to a TV).
  • If you are NOT sure if the problem is in the computer monitor or the computer itself (its video card), try connecting the monitor to a laptop, second computer, game console and see if the problem persists.

A common recommendation is to update or rollback video card drivers. You can try to do this, but it helps in very rare cases and only for the first scenario: when we assume problems with the Video chip.

I hope that some of the information provided will help you figure out exactly what the problem is in your case and take the Appropriate action to solve it.

Diagnosing problems

The main task is to correctly determine the reason for the problem with the transmission of the image and the color reproduction of the screen. But it is worth noting that a complete diagnosis of the reasons for the appearance of stripes on the screen is possible only in the SC on special equipment. But the initial determination of the cause can greatly facilitate the solution of the problem and such diagnostics can be performed at home.

How to check the matrix for performance?

In order to check the matrix of the screen at home, you need to deform it a little.

  • Try to push the screen as neatly as possible in the place where the image is most distorted.
  • Then try to bend the screen a little horizontally.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the colors, contrast and brightness of the stripes depending on your impact on the screen.
  • If changes are present, then the problems are hidden either in the loop or in the matrix.

Repair of the loop

Recently, most often problems associated with the cable are found in older laptop models. Because the new models use stronger, updated and adapted loops. This is the trap that finding a new cable for an outdated laptop model will be quite difficult, but possible. But there is one thing, but: Before you go in search of a new cable, be sure to rewrite the matrix model of your device. But still, if you are lucky and you have found the one and only. You are lucky, but if not, then you can take the risk of trying to fix the damage yourself. For repairs, we need: electronics skills (basics), a soldering iron, solder, rosin, a tester and an MGTF mounting wire. To ring the train, we will have to get to the ends on both sides.

What to do next?

And the repair plan is quite simple (it is better, of course, to contact the service center if you do not have the skills to work with a soldering iron):

  • Ringing the train.
  • Find a break (if any).
  • In the place where the break occurred, soldering a duplicate wire parallel to it.

If the break was not found, then the problem lies in more expensive components.

Using an additional monitor

To do this, we need a VGA cable to connect the laptop to the monitor.

As a result, we will get one of two results:

  • On add. The monitor image will be clear (no noise, ripples and colored stripes)
  • The image will NOT change, everything will be the same as on the screen of your device.

With the first option, we see that the video card is functioning normally, there are no failures, and then the solution to the problem must be sought in the matrix or in the loop. In the second case, we see that there are problems in the operation of the board and the video card. In any case, repair is indispensable.

Problem solving

When to replace the matrix?

  • If, while working with a parallel-connected monitor, if during the deformation of the matrix, pressing the surface inward, you change such parameters as color rendition of stripes, disappearance and reappearance.
  • Stripes appear at all stages of loading your device.
  • Ripples appeared, a wide white stripe. (In the horizontal or vertical axis, it doesn’t matter)
  • A negative image appears or the color scale has changed, for example: blue is replaced by yellow.

Everyone understands that the flex cable is very flexible because the laptop screen can change its original position (move).

So, in order to make sure that the loop is working / malfunctioning, we need to slowly open and close the lid, while observing the changes in the monitor’s operation. If any, the source of the stripes on the screen is the loop.

System board repair

The motherboard is NOT a simple thing and may NOT fail completely. As a result of overheating of SEPARATE sections, the microchip or the bus (responsible for the exchange of data with the video card) may burn out. It is very important not to forget in the PCMCIA slot (the slot is where the video card is installed), whether there are scorched or oxidized contacts there. But even if the contacts have fallen out, you cannot do without repair. The ideal solution to this problem would be a number of the following actions:

  • Diagnostics (if opal or oxidation is confirmed).
  • Soldering the chip or cleaning the contacts.

But the kind of complex repair with a burnt board will NOT pay off and it will be easier to replace the part with a new one.

Reasons for the appearance of stripes

  • Overheating of the video card. If you have been diagnosed that your screen begins to ripple with stripes due to overheating of the video card. Improving the cooling system of your laptop will solve your problem. For example: a stand with coolers, cleaning an old cooling system, or completely replacing it with a more powerful one.
  • Complete failure of the video card. Most often, the main reason is also that in the first situation, overheating, less often laptops with a hardware failure come across. In this situation, the stripes either appear when the operating system starts up. Or your device refuses to work at all. But it is worth noting the fact that with this type of breakdown, wide white stripes appear on the screen and they can be both horizontal and vertical. But no one is immune from color stains on the screen. It is not so difficult to solve this problem. Repair or upgrade of the video card will help, but in a laptop it is not so easy to replace the card on your own, and if you DO NOT have these skills, then it is better to give it to a service center.
  • Failure of the system board. The situation is the same as with a broken video card. Stripes only. colored.
  • Failure of the loop. Here is the motherboard to the laptop matrix, a cable runs through which the signal goes to the screen. The reasons for the breakdown can be very different. For example: poor contact in the connection between the board and the cable, burnout, fracture, cracks can cause malfunctioning of the screen and color rendering to the laptop matrix, which is why stripes appear.
  • Damage to the matrix, failure. This shelf is critical and hopeless, the solution is equal to a complete replacement of the matrix. Rare exceptions are cases when reinstalling or updating video drivers helps, but it is not worth hoping for, such a case may fall one in a million.

We remove the horizontal stripes on the monitor screen, which appeared suddenly. How? I tell

Good day, dear readers and subscribers of my blog! I, Rostislav, recommend the article for a full reading in order to solve my problems in this topic. A computer is a complex device where all the elements are subtly interconnected. NOT high-quality operation of one of the nodes can lead to equipment defects. In order for the equipment to serve for a long time, it is necessary not only to take care of it, but also to carry out diagnostics. This will allow timely identification of the malfunction. NOT every user will be able to do this on their own. Today I will tell you what to do if horizontal stripes appear on the monitor screen, how to remove it will be described below. It is NOT rare that the problem is caused by a technical breakdown, but it is encouraging by the fact that there is usually nothing critical in this, which means that it will cope on its own quite realistically.

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Service employees often talk about the fact that most of the breakdowns are solved by checking or replacing the connection wires. It was said above that you need to check how the video card is connected. However, it will hurt to consider loops that connect other components. What is the verification? We eliminate dust, check the reliability and correct connections, inspect the wires for black dots, bends and fractures. For many years of using technology, many users DO NOT look inside their system unit and DO NOT suspect what anarchy reigns there. A lot of wires entangled with each other, covered with dust, and sometimes cobwebs. All of this will naturally affect the work. To make it easier for myself in the future, I recommend that after purchasing, inspect the system unit, switch the wires and try to lay them as evenly as possible. In the future, this will help to avoid breakdowns.

While switching wires and checking connections It will not be superfluous to inspect the motherboard. There are many elements on it and an unprepared user will hardly find a problem himself. But it is quite possible to notice minor defects. It is about Burnt Resistors. These are small protruding parts. Most often they are in the shape of a cylinder, they can be of a variety of colors. black, green, red. A burnt out transistor will be black and with traces of carbon deposits. The second sign of its failure is swelling. You shouldn’t change them yourself, but this is a sign that it’s time to take the PC to the service center.

Why stripes appear

A monitor is a means for displaying images on a screen. It is closely related to various computer components. Sometimes multi-colored stripes are the result of a driver malfunction or a failure due to a virus. But software problems are rarely the root cause. Most often, the reason lies in the incorrect connection of the PC nodes or the negative impact of one of them on the other.

Before starting diagnostics, it is worth checking what kind of defects on the screen. If the picture is simply warped or colors are inverted, then the likely cause is in the driver. Updating it is a simple task. It is best to download the latest version from the manufacturer’s website. In the case when the screen is divided into stripes or disintegrates into pixels, then the reason is clearly in the hardware, and not in the software. Not all users know what to do in this case. There are many exceptions to the graphics card, but that may not be the question. Loose wires, overheating, dust are all possible sources of streaking. Therefore, first of all, I recommend disconnecting the computer from the network and starting sequential diagnostics of each element.

Video card

The second node, which is responsible for displaying the image on the screen, is the video card. It processes the incoming data and forms a picture. Like any device, it can burn out or deteriorate. In addition, it is susceptible to heat, clogging and other unpleasant phenomena. Diagnostics of a video card consists in cleaning it from dust, checking the cooler’s operation, and lubricating it if necessary. It is also important to check the integrity of the connection wires. Often the reason lies in them. A system unit accidentally hit with a foot, wires coming out of the connector. that’s the image distortion.

If this does not help, all the wires are intact, the Card does not heat up and is NOT dirty, then we repeat the previous point. He removes the video card and again we go to visit another. The video card is working. So we are looking for the problem further.

Checking the monitor matrix

I mentioned above that the appearance of stripes is often the result of a hardware failure. But sometimes the nuances lie in the setting. First you should try to reset the monitor settings to factory settings. This is very easy to do. On the body of the device there are buttons that allow you to change the gamma, brightness, contrast. There is always a factory reset button among them. With its help, the monitor returns to factory settings.

To understand the correct operation of the monitor itself It will not be superfluous to check the integrity of the matrix and the presence of hidden factory defects. Sellers often use this trick to sell services to clients. It all sounds tricky and complicated, but in fact it’s done easily.

There are several ways:

  • Using a special program;
  • Video launch;
  • Microsoft Tools.

Option 1. download special software to a USB flash drive and run it on a PC. There are a lot of programs, they take up little space, and they are quite easy to use.

Popular utilities include:

  • Nokia monitor test;
  • Eizo monitortest;
  • Passmark monitortest.

These tools will allow you not only to identify the broken pixel, but also to check the matrix for color transition, contrast. In general, the check consists in driving the device to fill with one color. The dead pixel will be highlighted in a different color. Special gradation images help you determine if colors are displayed correctly.

Option 2. go to youtube and enter the query “matrix test” into the search. The principle is similar, only you don’t need to download anything. We just start the video, Expand it to full screen, remove all unnecessary elements and look carefully.

Option 3. in the OS settings there are special items that allow you to customize your desktop. Among other things, you can choose a background here. The verification process boils down to removing all elements from the desktop, the taskbar and consistently filling it with one color. In other words, this is a variation of the first option, you just have to dig a little in the settings. I do not recommend using this method, because it is the longest. Suitable if there is no Internet and Special utilities.

For those who all decide to turn to this method, the sequence of actions is below:

  • Personalization. Options.
  • Background. Solid Color. Complementary Color.
  • You need to choose alternately white, gray, black, green, red, blue colors. It is on them that the pixels are noticeable.
  • Go back to the Personalization menu and go to the Taskbar.
  • Select “Automatically hide the panel on the desktop”. Now she will hide off the screen on her own. To put it back in place, just move the cursor down.
  • The last point. Right click on the table and go to the “View” item. At the bottom we mark “display desktop icons”.
  • After performing THESE actions, nothing will remain on the desktop except for the selected color. The action must be repeated for each of the above colors.


Why might the monitor deteriorate? often this is a physical effect. a shock, increased moisture, sunlight hitting the matrix. Sometimes a power surge or network noise can damage the device. I recommend all users to connect the monitor to the mains through a surge protector. This is a good defense. There is a nuance here. Sometimes an extension cord is used instead of a surge protector. When connecting different devices to it, noise may occur, which cause image distortion. In this case, we check the monitor by connecting it to the network separately. If this does not help, then we refer it to another. This is the easiest way to eliminate damage to your monitor and start checking the rest of your computer.

Setting up

If the stripes on the screen are faint, and they more likely resemble Incorrect display of colors, you can try to fix it by adjusting. There are a number of special programs that allow you to achieve the most accurate color display.

  • Adobe Gamma. As the name suggests, this is the brainchild of a well-known company, giving the world Photoshop. Once the utilities were part of the main software, but later they were undeservedly removed, since they were created for CRT monitors. People who work with photography and images in general believe that it is quite applicable to modern devices. over, it is one of the best.
  • Power Strip. The utility is good because it works with a whole list of video cards and gives you access to many settings. In it you can adjust Not only the color, but the clock frequency of the monitor and other important parameters.

The appearance of stripes on the screen is not a reason to buy a new monitor, video card or system unit. You can often fix a defect yourself, and I hope this article will help you do it.

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