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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

HCG which means Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy, and it sustains the baby’s development in the mother’s womb. It is the hormone that is detected during a pregnancy test and is highly attributed to the morning sickness and fatigue experienced by pregnant women during the early stages of the first trimester. HCG has in the past been used to treat infertility in both men and women and to correct development of testes in young boys who may have complications in their reproductive organs development.

HCG Injections and Diet Side Effects

HCG diet, which comprises of very low calories intake and daily HCG injections has been said to cause weight loss. With the fad that has filled the internet on weight loss remedies that are simple and easy to use without the much-dreaded workout, people are rushing in all directions for these remedies. They then proceed to use those remedies without caring much on the side effects or health risks they expose themselves to. HCG diet requires very low calories intake of 500-800 per day which can have severe side effects if not closely monitored by a medical doctor. Although consuming HCG through oral drops, pills and sprays has not recorded serious side effects, HCG injections can cause serious side effects.

Some of the side effects that can be caused by HCG hormone are headaches, restlessness, leg clamps, blood clots, depression among others. You may also experience water retention, swelling and breast enlargement and tenderness just like a pregnant woman. HCG diet, on the other hand, encourages starving your body of the required amount of nutrients for the day to day normal functions. This starvation could lead to constipation, nausea, fatigue and diarrhea; hair thinning and loss may also be experienced as well. Other ailments caused by HCG diet like gallstones may even require surgery to treat them.

hcg-transformOne of the biggest concerns on HCG injections and diets is the fact that they have not been approved by the concerned bodies as weight loss or obesity treatment. HCG is known to treat infertility and not weight or obesity-related complications. Using HCG for medical or cosmetic purposes concerning weight, is not recommended at all especially without the prescription of a doctor. It is also good to note that acquiring HCG over the counter and using it without a doctor’s prescription is illegal.

In conclusion, it is good to note that HCG diet and injections can never give you permanent weight loss, and as soon as you resume your normal diet you will gain all the lost weight and some more. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and men suffering from prostate cancer should not use HCG treatment.

HCG Drops

Friday, September 19th, 2014

The actual contemporary society these days happens to be preoccupied along with losing weight. There is low-cost food that can be found and it is extremely unhealthy.  hcg-weight-lossNevertheless this is not everything – our own standards of living have much less physical demands. Manual labor is something that is prevented by means of a wide range of individuals along with the arrival of computers. Technological innovation happens to be definitely one of the finest element of the globe but it’s in addition accountable for making the health of most of the people worse. Aiming to shed bodyweight quick and effortless? You should use HCG drops to do this. We should take a look at a number of advantages regarding HCG drops.

There are many motives for which you might be unable to start out working out. Dropping fat is a probability without even doing exercises in case you utilize HCG drops. HCG frees fat deposits into the physique which is after that accustomed to generate power. You can expect equivalent outcomes when you use HCG to final results you can get by working out every day. In addition, the actual diet regime will present your body with exclusively 500 calories each day. Weight loss will end up actually faster this way.

You need to comprehend that the particular weight-loss happens to be fast. There is certainly much more than one HCG diet that will certainly permit you to get rid of the quantity of fat you wish. HCG diet can require exclusively 2 weeks. Throughout this specific period of time you’ll have the ability to lose approximately 20 or so lbs. The lengthiest takes ninety days and may enable you to get rid of approximately ninety lbs. of extra fat. You won’t uncover results like these outside of the HCG diet community.

The particular five-hundred calorie diet program includes a list of accepted foods. Veggies and fruits are the main facets of diet. Zero glucose with no starches come in your daily diet. By means of making use of this specific diet plan you’ll discover all the details around foods which are healthful. After concluding the actual diet plan you will nearly certainly understand precisely how powerful healthy foods happen to be and definitely will continue to keep eating all of them.

The health benefits regarding losing weight happen to be myriad. Weight loss has been shown to reduce the particular effects of type two diabetes in those who have been clinically diagnosed, sometimes even getting rid of these completely. It’s simpler to breath after losing weight as well. Additionally, your blood glucose levels will in most cases become stable as well as your threat for heart disease will be substantially lowered. Let alone you’ll feel and look superb.

In case you are using HCG, then these are solely some of benefits you will get. If you happen to be curious about trying the diet plan for yourself, or just want more info, then talk to your physician concerning the added advantages linked to the particular HCG diet.

After getting the HCG drops you will be on the way to lose weight naturally. Be sure you keep correct HCG diet process to be able to generate the most outcomes. By not following the actual diet plan carefully, you will not shed weight.