Battletoads Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Back in the day, the arcade is where people usually hang out to unwind, relax and have a few games.

A lot of arcade games have been quite interesting, such as the Battletoads. In this article, we are going to talk about the Battletoads Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Originally created for the Arcade, the Battletoads were ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and it became quite popular ever since. In fact, it became so addictive that it gained the top 40 Nintendo games of all time according to IGN.

So what is this game all about? This game is a platform beat ‘em up game showcasing none other than the battle toads themselves. The game was created as a countermeasure for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which has also gained massive popularity at the time.

The story of the Battletoads Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System revolves around the three battletoads, Rash, Pimple, and Zits (you’ve probably guessed by now that the names actually imply common skin problems).

They were assigned to escort Princess Angelica to her home planet. One of the battletoads, Pimple, decided to go on a leisurely trip with the princess before going back to her home planet.

Unfortunately, during the course of their leisurely trip, Pimple and the Princess were ambushed by the enemy’s ship called the “Gargantua”. Both the princess and Pimple were abducted and were sent to the Gargantua, but fortunately, Pimple was able to send a distress signal to the other battletoads.

Upon receiving the distress signal, Zits and Rash quickly went to the Gargantua’s location to rescue the both of them.

The game has a total of 13 levels and you’re going to control either Zits or Rash (or both since this is a 2-player game). After finishing a level, Professor T. Bird will brief the battletoads of where to go next.

During the course of the 13 game level, the battletoads will have to fight the Dark Queen’s henchmen. These are Robo Manus, Major Slaughter, and Big Blag. Upon defeating all three of them, you will fight the nefarious evil Dark Queen herself. She sits on top of the Dark Tower which happens to be the game’s final level.

Upon defeating the Dark Queen, she will retreat to the outer space “to recoup her losses”.

The Battletoads Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, as I’ve mentioned earlier, is a platform beat ‘em up game where you will control either Zits or Rash. Each character will have 3 lives and you can replenish it by picking up health regenerating items scattered throughout the game.

Zits and Rash are able to climb different platforms if need be. If you’re not out beating the crap out of the enemies, you are either racing or killing bad guys through a racing/vehicular based combat.

This is what made the Battletoads Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System enjoyable; it offers a lot of ways for you to enjoy the game.

If you want to dust out old NES games or if you want to play NES games that are worth your time, the Battletoads Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the best games for the system.

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