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EasyLife HTC One M8 Protective Case

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Most mobile phones nowadays come in a sturdier build construction now, but still, a lot of people want to protect their mobile phones. Mobile phones are packed with features, but they are still in need of protection.

The HTC One M8 is a great mobile phone, but it also does not come cheap. To protect this mobile phone, you need to have a protective case that not only does its job of, well, protecting the case, but it also has to be low-profile and it also should not add heft to the phone.

The EasyLife HTC One M8 Protective Case is one of the thinnest protective cases for the HTC One M8. But, don’t let the slim form factor fool you; it does a pretty good job of protecting the mobile phone.

Before I yap on and on about this protective case, here are its benefits:

  • Special flip design, high-end, elegant; the thinnest, lightest all-protective HTC ONE M8 case ever made, total protection from water, snow, dirt and drops, screen-less technology, perfect clarity and complete access to all ports and controls
  • Easy to create waterproof seal – just insert phone and press the two sides together (instructions included), Access to key functions like volume, charging, etc
  • Submersible to over 6.6 ft deep and survives drop impacts from over 6.6 ft high. Comes with Full 3 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty and Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • Front and back lenses enables high-quality photos and videos through the case,built-in scratch protector delivers complete touchscreen protection
  • Package includes: waterproof case, headphone adapter, user manual

The EasyLife HTC One M8 Protective Case only comes with one color and that is black. Still, it provides a very good aesthetic appeal to the phone. It is not bulky as compared to any other protective case on the market.

This protective case for the HTC One M8 gives amazing protection for the mobile phone. It not only protects it from shocks and impacts, but it also protects the phone from water and dust.

The EasyLife HTC One M8 Protective Case comes in a flip design and the screen is also covered with a screen protector. Furthermore, the EasyLife company boasts of an effective dust protection that even the most minute dust cannot get in the case.

This protective case is able to absorb shocks from up to 6.6ft distance. This is probably the most common drop distance if anyone drops their mobile phones by accident.

Also, the EasyLife HTC One M8 Protective Case have carefully placed cutouts so that the important ports of the mobile phone will not be obstructed.

One notable feature of the EasyLife HTC One M8 Protective Case that is not present in most protective cases is that you can actually carry the phone with you even when you are swimming. That’s right, the EasyLife HTC One M8 Protective Case offers a 6.6ft water protection for your phone. Never worry about water getting in because this protective case does a pretty good job of keeping the water out of the inside of the case.

If you want to give your HTC One M8 some good protection, the EasyLife HTC One M8 Protective Case is a good choice.